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Love is Love



Love is love and nothing else! Does anyone really understand, what love is? Or do we picture it, through the veils of, light and dark which exist all around us.

Throughout history, we have been shrouded, in veil after veil, of light and dark. It is through these veils we interpret and express where we are right now. If you will a tainted love! Tainted love, is how we exist right now. Knowing, that we are love deep down, but unable to express the truth of who we really are.

We flow through our days of light and dark, up and down we go, on this never ending merry go round that keeps us bustling along in our mind filled lives. Occasionally the heart breaks through and we feel a pulse of the Love we are. Through these instant moments, we are propelled and transformed, on to the next level of the game. Then it starts again, the roundabout of light and dark tries to keep us busy, on the next level of control.

To get to that point where love = love, we must persevere. Listen to the small voice within and go deeper each day. Focus like an olympian and never give in, working more and more each day, to bring love out.

The tainted love, which I call light, will tempt you from the true path, just the same as the dark does. They are polar addictions, which our kind are hooked into. They are the drugs, which drive all that is not love. One may be deemed better than the other, which it is! However you will not get out of the game by working with either.

So ask yourself right now these questions.

- Are you ready to come back to love?

- Are you in a place where your heart can be opened right now?

- Can you resist the temptations of Light and dark?

If so start right now! As Love is waiting, it's waiting outside of time to remember who you really are.


On this path back to love,

Much love - Ryan

Ryan has developed simple and powerful tools that can assist on this journey home. These tools are not a therapy or a healing modality, they are just my own little way back to love, that I hope to assist others with. So If you are feeling the pull, please do take a look at my website.

More Predictions for 2017

July Edition

Below are predictions I received during the past three months from Gaia, soul of the Earth and my Guardian Angel Theo. Please be sure to take part when it asks you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD. Scientists in the future will rediscover the power of the spoken word.


Gaia, can you give me the highest probability for the summer forecast for the United States?

Yes, I will include Canada as well Tom. This will be the long "hot" summer as these are the conditions I need to help raise the levels of the oceans. Yes, that you may have guessed that Tom, but there will be periods of utter chaos you might term it as these conditions make it ripe for severe summer storms mostly in the northern half of the USA and yes, extending into Canada.

The Southern part of the USA will not be spared completely, but you will have weeks of baking in the sun. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. There will be flash floods in the northern half from the torrential downpours that suddenly arrive plus tornadoes in places that have not seen them before. August will be especially stormy in some places while others endure the heat. This is a cycle for me Tom, but it also coincides with my desire to raise the levels of the oceans 12.5 inches by the end of this year. Temperatures will reach record levels in a number of states and yes Canada too. News stories will abound by reports of the melting of the ice pack in the far northern latitudes. So take this to the bank shall we say, Tom. Take care of your pets and domestic animals as they will need much water. Farmers will need to consider harvesting earlier than normal. Keep good tract of your crops, as you normally do anyway.

Will hurricanes fire up earlier, or about the same time this year, Gaia?

Look for the early appearance of at least one hurricane, but also two or three others below hurricane level before the fall season when they typically are more numerous.


Gaia, what is the highest probability of when opioid abuse will no longer be a problem?

You and your readers, Tom, must understand there are many people-and we are specifically talking about Big Pharma executives that do not wish this problem to go away as their companies are making millions on the backs of opioid-addicted people. So, the fight is not going to be easy. Therefore, the highest probability will be a gradual reduction over the next five years and at some point in that time period there will be a breakthrough in controlling the opioids.

There has to be new leadership in Congress for laws limiting the use of opioids and that means new blood in Congress that will push for opioid restrictions that will make it harder for people to obtain multiple prescriptions. This will happen, but, again, may we mention that this can be brought about even faster if your readers say a benevolent prayer. There are many more people than you might imagine that are now saying these BPs, Tom, so don't doubt their power.

So, here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone to say OUT LOUD: "I ask any and all beings to aid and assist members of Congress to pass laws that will protect the citizens of the USA from opioid addiction, thank you!"


Gaia, will there be any major discoveries on the moon in the future such as the monolith in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey?

No, nothing so dramatic, Tom. We have already covered in the past that there is that derelict spaceship that crashed during the star wars and there is an ET base on the back side of the moon. Other than that, there will be many scientific studies that will produce interesting information about the makeup of the interior of the moon and other geological discoveries. You have much to learn even about your closest neighbor.

Why is there an ET base on the moon?

Yes, a simple explanation is that there needed to be a clearing house for all the ET societies to compare their information. As you were previously told, it is lightly manned now as those studies mostly involved information that would eventually lead or did lead to the creation of the Homo sapiens' body.


Theo, what is the highest probability of when the U.S. Government will stop legislating women's personal and medical decisions?

It will take a few more years as you can imagine, but within the next five and at most ten years great strides will begin to be seen as the pendulum we have alluded to begins to swing in that direction. And yes, it would be good for you and your readers to say a BP for this to occur faster than you can expect and hope for. These BPs as we have said countless times do have a ripple effect and do assist in helping those in legislative bodies and the courts to support women's rights.

Here is the BP to say out loud: "I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those in legislative bodies to make decisions in the best interests of women's rights for their personal and medical decisions, thank you!"

What is the highest probability of when religions will stop objecting to gays, lesbians and transgenders?

This will take longer, as you might guess, Tom. Religious doctrines that have taught this for years - yes centuries-must be changed, and that takes time. We are not saying there will not be changes, but they will be slow in coming in some parts of the word. So western societies are moving well in that direction, although there are religions in each of those countries that will still teach that homosexuals and transgenders are a sickness and it will take time to convince them that this is the Creator's wish and their souls desire to experience everything a life on Earth has to offer. Again say a BP for this change in doctrine to a more loving, inclusive view of their fellow men and women. It will again assist those that say the BP too.

Here is the BP to say out loud: "I ask any and all beings to assist the leaders in all religious faiths to change their doctrines to a more loving, inclusive view of their fellow men and women, and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"


Sandy writes: In many areas frogs are dying from a fungus, this is causing many extinctions of amphibians. Gaia, can you please explain why this is so?

Gaia, are frogs going to be staying with us?

Yes, frogs will be here always, Tom. There are and will be many lakes and streams for them to enjoy themselves, and as you slowly clean up the planet they will thrive in first cleaner water and then eventually crystal clear water free of any pollutants.

The water will someday reach that clean, even with so many billions of people?

Quite so, Tom. As we have explained before, there will slowly be fewer people to plunder the land and forests. This will not occur overnight, but is in your future-distant as it might seem today. You are learning, but the numbers of humans seem as if you will never shrink in size, but you will. Families over time will be smaller and smaller. Whole cities will be abandoned-some with the help of the rising ocean levels. Yes, you can add natural calamities to the list of ways the population will be reduced.


Gaia, how long will it be before time ceases to speed up?

Look for this in the next two years. It will have reached the maximum speed we feel humans can operate on in that time period.

So, two years and not five or ten years?

No, Tom. I understand after all this time it would seem as if time will speed up forever, but we are nearing the maximum speed at which we feel you can operate and continue to create and invent. After that, there might be small adjustments to either slow or slightly speed up, but they will not be noticeable. Yes, you could call it tweaking.


Gaia, what is the highest probability for the future relationship between the USA and Russia?

It will be tumultuous at times, as you can imagine. Their government is one that continuously tries to find ways to disrupt your government in particular, while at the same time doing the same to other European governments that they consider to be adversaries or a danger. Their leaders also still think they can regain the territory they once had as the USSR, which will never happen, but they dream of greatness.

This will continue on for a while. Yes, one of the ways they will try and thumb their noses at the USA and other nations will be the first to disclose meetings with the ET's as if they are the only ones, purporting to show their importance. They are not, but there will be great discussions and great concern as the world nations are forced to admit meeting with the ET's. Each nation will begrudgingly have to admit their meetings too and there will be quite a bit of finger pointing as each governmental official tries to blame others, or the past.

So you have aggression militarily that will have to be blocked, aggression in meddling with the affairs of other nations, and then along comes the disclosures which will embarrass the other governments. Internally they will govern with an iron fist as long as Putin has control of the government. His tenure and control will list a few more years is the highest probability.


Gaia, what is the highest probability for the relationship between the USA and the EU during the next four years?

The USA will not change its relationship with the EU as it appears on the surface. There will be much negotiation, but in the end the USA and EU will remain strong allies as it is in everyone's best interests both economically and militarily to do so. The EU will be a greater voice in the partnership, not relying on the USA as much as in the past.

What is the highest probability for the relationship between the USA and Germany over the next four years?

Again it will be in both countries' best interests to remain strong allies. There will be more common good than not, although there will be sharp differences of opinion on the refugees as an example, but a good relationship regarding the threat from Russia. Mr. Tillerson will help keep the relationship on a fairly even keel during this time period.

What is the highest probability of the relationship between Merkel and Trump during this time period?

Needless to say there will continue to be a strain there, as Ms. Merkel does not have a very good opinion of Mr. Trump. That is a given. But like any politician they will do their best to get along.

What is the highest probability of any other exits from the EU during the next four years?

At this time the probability is quite low. There will be talks of one or more of the countries withdrawing, but cooler heads will prevail, as the problems the UK will have economically will be brought out to quell the doubters.


Gaia, what is the highest probability during the next 10 years for tsunamis, earthquakes, and flooding for Hong Kong and SE Asia?

As we have repeatedly pointed out, any city existing on the coast will have great flooding issues because of the rise in ocean levels. Not only that, but with the warmer temperatures not only in the atmosphere but also in the ocean comes greater storms-typhoons as they are called in that part of the world. So there will be a migration of people from the coast into the interior as will happen around the world. I did give you warning five years ago. These storms in general will be larger and more numerous than in the past. That you can take to the bank Tom.

Gaia has previously said many times that the oceans rose two inches in 2015, eight inches in 2016, and will rise 12.5 inches this year.


Gaia, will the North Korean President be kept in check by the Chinese, and what is the probability of him being assassinated within the next five years?

Yes, the Chinese will attempt to keep him in check, but visions of grandeur will keep the North Korean President testing his rockets and his thoughts about conquering the rest of the peninsula. So, to answer your second question, the probability of him being assassinated within in the next two years is quite high-over 70 per cent at this time. The Chinese will orchestrate his removal from office. That is the highest probability at this time.

What about the joining of the North and South?

The highest probability would be within the next 10 years. It could be within the next five or six years, but that is in flux right now. Yes, you can say a BP for peace to come to North Korea and that will help things along.

Gaia, what is the probability of North Korea attacking any other country, including the United States and Hawaii, South Korea, or China?

Before that would ever happen I can assure your readers that the probability of his occurring is almost zero. The North Korean leader is using all this for propaganda purposes and to feed his large ego. As we stated before, his time as their leader is limited.

What is the probability of him being deposed by August 1 this year?

Quite high, actually. Certainly over 80% at this time.

Here is our first Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say out loud: "I ask any and all beings to bring peace to the Korean people in the most benevolent way possible, and may peace come even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"


Gaia, what is the highest probability of when genital mutilations will end?

Tom, the highest probability is that these genital mutilations will take over five years, but less than 10 to be almost non-existent. There will be great progress during this time period to stop the mutilation of young girls. It will still be practiced in some remote villages; but with the advent of electricity where there was none, they will be able to view TV and will have access to smart phones. The governments will push for education and laws to forbid the genital mutilation. This only exists in areas that are quite backward, and that is soon to change.

Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say: "I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in bringing an end to genital mutilations, and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"


Gaia, when Yellowstone volcano erupts how many soul contracts are there to transition?

Would it be 10,000, 100,000, or 1 Million or more?

Much more, Tom. This will be the start of a series of events that has not been seen on Earth before in modern times. Your next question was to ask about the Italian volcanoes and I cannot make them a separate event, as they are all part of the same as they are connected. So the true answer to your question will be that several million people will transition due to these events. And yes there will be earthquakes that will be generated at the same time. You were told in the past that the earth's population will slowly be reduced and this would be considered one of the major events. It will take all the resources of many countries to respond and there will be years of recovery.

Now I have to ask, what is the probability of this happening, as I have in the past latched onto a low probability?

Yes, and at this time the probability is over 50%. I have naturally been in touch on a constant basis with your souls, and there are a number of soul fragments that need these events. So "take it to the bank" as I've said before that this will happen. The number of souls that will actually experience these events has yet to be determined.


Gaia, how long will the mini-ice age last around Lake Superior, caused by the Yellowstone eruption?

Quite a number of years Tom. Let's see if you can receive this. It will be over 50 years, as the ice pack will be formed in stages, not all at one time, and the eventual melting will not all happen at one time but it will take literally years.

So is it more than 50 years, such as 100?

Now you are approaching the time. I know it seems quite long, but it is like stopping a train. Once it gets started in one direction it is difficult to stop the train, then have it back up. My forces are just like that train, slow to stop and then reverse. This will give the land there a chance to rest. It will take the Yellowstone volcano years to settle down and stop spewing a cloud of ash into the sky that blocks out the sun.

Will the East Coast have more winter storms and even summer storms than they do now?

Quite so, Tom. The cold air will contribute to the dynamics needed for rain and snow.

So yes to summarize the mini ice age will last much longer than you anticipate.

Is that the highest probability at this time?

Quite so. It is another in a line of "take this to the bank" as I have stated before. I have given sufficient warning, but understandably this is difficult to accept until it happens; but it will not be too long before the predictions you have in these newsletters of yours will be seen in a new light.


This had not happened as of the May 15 article deadline.

Theo, what is the probability of General Flynn being given immunity from prosecution in order to testify?

The highest probability Tom is that he will not be given immunity. His hands were in several pies shall we say.

Then what is the probability of him being indicted?

Actually quite high. Let's say over 60%. You can ask later in a few weeks to see if this climbs higher.

What is the probability of Paul Manafort being indicted?

Higher still, Tom. Over 70% at this time.


Theo, how have Jared Kushner's and Ivanka Trump's soul contracts changed with her father's election and the highest probability for their futures?

Yes, before they were born there was the smaller probability of these current circumstances, but they each are not as young a soul as her father. This was done not only for them to learn how to handle great wealth in this life, but how to be of service to others. They assist in balancing this government, albeit in a conservative manner. The pendulum, we will remind you, swings back and forth. They are going through a period of time where they too are getting the feel of government, and their learning curve is steep. Still, they will tend to keep this government grounded and not too far to the right as the gentleman from Breitbart, Steve Bannon. Moderation is the key here for all those to learn.

Regarding their probable futures, both will continue for the rest of this term and the highest probability of next term for the President and there will be good things that will come out of their influence on the President. Again, this is a steep learning curve for all those involved. As the President was quoted as saying, he did not realize how hard this job is.


I had previously received that there was a high probability of Assad leaving by this summer, but I asked for an update.

Theo, can you give me an update on Assad leaving Syria, as the probability of him leaving anytime soon seems remote?

Yes, it will be a little farther out, as there is still learning for all those he comes in contact with in any way, whether they are victims, or other world leaders. The highest probability still is this year. The Russians are working on this, but of course he resists. The handwriting is on the wall. So look for his departure this year. That is the highest probability.

What about the void that will be left? Will it prove to be even more chaotic for the country?

Not as much as is feared by those who study this country's political landscape. There will be a moderate who will emerge that all but the most radical will accept. ISIS will remain a problem, but will not be able to fill the void. Their numbers are dwindling with time as they are attacked on all fronts by multiple countries. They will not disappear, but their control over parts of Syria will greatly diminish.


Gaia, is the probability high of the Katla volcano in Iceland erupting in the next three months?

That's correct; I will soon have Katla erupting. The probability now for it to erupt in the next three months is over 90%. I need to release pressure, while melting the deep ice cover, plus it will add more land, and that in itself will displace water, while the melting of the snow will also add to the world's ocean level. When I told you before that the oceans would rise 12.5 inches, it has a great deal to do with climate change, but also an event such as this can assist in achieving that rise.


Gaia, how will religions change when they come to know the real history of the world?

There will be great changes as you can guess, Tom. Those religions that have taught that the Earth is only 6,000 years or so suddenly will have to rewrite all their books or writings on that subject. Their followers will suddenly be questioning all they have been taught in the past and there will be a great desire for more information about their history, and the history of the world.

This will be an unsettled time until more information comes forth-and of course a portion of that will come from your documentaries, as you well know. That is a major reason why you, whose soul interest is religion, will be telling these stories. You will assist these religions in coming closer together.


Gaia, what is the highest probability for the future of Larung Gar, Tibet?

Yes, they face an unfortunate set of circumstances there for the near future. The Chinese look upon the Buddhist teachings, even though they are nonviolent as some sort of threat. Therefore in the near future they will continue their actions of tearing down the houses built there. Naturally you can have your readers say a Benevolent Prayer and will make a difference I can assure you. There will be actions of other countries that will put pressure on the Chinese to leave these peace-loving people alone. They will hear this loudly. Yes, as you were thinking organizations such as Avaaz can bring this to the attention of the right people.

If everything is left as is then the people of Larung Gar will continue to suffer. Encourage everyone to say a Benevolent Prayer. You would be amazed at how many people will say this BP. There is great power as I have said before if ALL of your readers-not just a portion of them-join in. It will also help their own vibrational level by showing compassion and truly feeling it.

Keep in mind that this Benevolent Prayer (BP) must be said out loud! It becomes very powerful the more people that say this same prayer. Say, "I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and comfort of all the residents of Larung Gar, Tibet, to keep them safe and to allow them to worship peacefully in their own way, thank you!" Please share with all your friends, no matter their religion.


Theo, what is the highest probability for the future of both radio and TV broadcasting?

The way they will be delivered will be the biggest change in the upcoming years. People still enjoy to have the news, but there will be many more times when you will simply choose off a list of stories as you already can now and skip those you have no interest in. Radio will be more narrowcasted with the same announcers for multiple types of programming.


Gaia, what is the highest probability of when the Canadian housing bubble will burst?

Soon, but not immediately. You have already experienced a housing bubble collapse and for the Canadians this is coming. The highest probability would be for it to occur within the next year. I would advise those of your readers in Canada to consider unloading a property soon, or plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. These are actions that they need to request MBOs to choose the PERFECT time to sell. That should be advice to all your readers Tom, when they are contemplating selling anything of value.


Gaia, how many people that are incarcerated in the USA at the present time are innocent-1% or more?

Yes, under your present system of justice-your present laws, this total is slightly more than 1%. It is closer to 1.5% --that is over 30,000 people. That does not include those sentenced for minor offences where they should have only experienced a slap on the wrist, but instead have been sentenced to many years of incarceration. This will change within the coming five years. Better ways will be implemented to treat first offenders or those with minor crimes where there were much longer sentences meted out than there should have been. You can have your readers say a BP for those incarcerated unjustly and for all those incarcerated at this time. Send these people love and you will see changes in the judicial system too.

Here is a BP to say OUT LOUD: "I ask any and all beings to assist those unjustly incarcerated be freed, and for the present system of justice to become more benevolent, and may the results happen even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"


As most of you know, I found Theo to be more accurate as to when the Russians will disclose their continued meetings with ET's. Here is the latest update.

Theo, what is the probability of the Russian Disclosure on our Time Line by June 1?

Quite high, Tom, and if you were to slightly move the date to June 15, the probability is extremely high-in the 90 percentile range. We cannot be more precise than that at this time, as you well know humans can be unpredictable, but this is on their soul contracts and it is a simple, yet complex, matter of timing.

Theo, what is the probability of the Pleiadians landing at the Russian spaceport by October 1?

Fairly low at this time, Tom, but again if you stretch this out another one to two months-there are things that have to happen for this date to be set in stone shall we say--then the probability jumps up over 80 per cent.

So we are then speaking about the first of December?

Quite so. The Russians are used to the cold weather, so that will not bother them, and the Pleiadians have uniforms and the devices we have spoken about before to keep the temperature close to their normal body temp for them.

That really shoves everything else on over to 2018, correct?

Quite so. There are steps previously described to you that must occur before you meet Antura. You must be patient. In the meantime we will be working with the upper time lines as the Pleiadians will have started their visits several months prior to Time Line 6.


Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted "Best Self-Help Author" for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at

Birds, Bees, Flowers and Trees

I wish I could capture the intensity of loud noise right now in my garden for you to hear too!

No it isn't the sound of workmen with drills outside in the street, or even a neighbouring gardener mowing the lawn nearby. Nothing quite so normal. I'm actually being 'deafened' by the noisy quarrelling of sparrows.

As you know (I mention it often) I absolutely adore birdsong, and part of my daily morning spiritual practice is to be mindful of the sounds of the birds in my garden as I start the day. Here, as I sit writing this blog in the glorious sunshine of mid May, I'm momentarily surrounded by the same band of little garden mates, yet it isn't the slightest bit musical, harmonious or pleasing to the soul. I'm being observed by a wood pigeon in the tree who clearly agrees with me as he tries to preen himself and finds his peace disturbed.

The reason for mentioning all this is that I'm noticing the sensations within my body. Slight tension in my chest and a shallowness of breathing, clearly caused as a reaction to the disharmony. Luckily these are not human voices arguing and shouting at one another or I might find myself feeling extremely stressed and uncomfortable, repeating patterns of old in a physical response that we all experience from time to time.

Isn't it interesting how we react at the dis-harmony of arguments, even within family dynamics of the tiny sparrows? It made me think of how upset I used to be as a small child when I heard adults raising their voices at one another, never quite certain that it would be ok and calm down, or escalate into something more terrifying, something extremely unsafe. Yet as a teenager living alone in London I was much braver and by the time I became a student nurse would step in between arguing youths in the street and supplementing my meagre salary as a bar-maid have even been known to try to prevent a fight - even a pub brawl - at all costs. I'm not sure I'd do that now several decades on.

Primitive man when stimulated by fear would flee, fight, or freeze. He would run to save his skin, kill to eat or be killed in the process. Millions of years later this physical response hasn't changed much even though we are no longer threatened by the 'sabre-toothed' tiger'. Even when we don't need to run or fight for our life. the hormone Adrenalin is still stimulated by sight, smell, sound and of course the power of our thoughts.

So even if the sounds we hear are no longer relevant (like the sparrow quarrelling) it may stimulate an involuntary reaction similar to fear.

My belief is that we are inherently peace loving, that as Divine beings, carrying the essence of God within the heart of every one of us we prefer to be loving even when we react to conflict physically in our bodies and emotions. Even though we understand that this is by design.

So my question for your reflection this week is this - is our body reacting to memories, even from decades or even lifetimes ago when we hear the aggression embedded in sounds, or are we really troubled by conflict because we are simply wired for peace?

We know that all sounds are vibrations and that we each have a personal vibrational frequency that reacts and responds to other vibrations. But, are you always aware of your physical response to the sounds of disharmony? (and to what degree?)

Does it upset you?

How do you deal with that reaction?

Could you change anything by becoming more aware in the moment? (Before the sensations escalate). We are complex creatures, aren't we?

Here's a couple of things you might like to try that I've built into my own daily practice, in order to deal with being so very sensitive to things outside my control:

Every morning I call upon the Archangel Michael to protect my energies, then I place myself in an imaginary ring of bright light which I pull up around my body and over my head with the intention of protecting my self in Divine angelic energy.

I make it a daily essential to notice the beauty around me, even on the days that I do not have time to drink my first 'cuppa' in the garden. If I can't spare the time to have ten minutes listening to the birds, watching the bees and inspecting the growing flowers, on busy early-departure days I engage with the energy and beauty of the trees and hedgerows as I drive along. If I'm in a town or city I'll observe the colour of the sky, cloud formations, skylines, and the faces of those I pass in the street. There is always something / someone with beauty to engage with.

I try to remember always to bless the day ahead in advance, the people I'm going to meet and the places I need to go to. By anticipating all will be well, it usually is!

If something or someone holds aggressive tones I try to observe how it makes me feel - in that moment - and then allow the feeling to disperse as I breathe down into my body. I call upon Archangel Chamuel to fill me with love and visualise this spreading from me like a mist of pink light. (Breathe out the anxiety, breathe in the love)

None of these work unless I wish them to, believe that they will work and engage with them fully. The human mind and ego just love to be involved in concocting a drama and pointing out the reasons for failure and fear. The secret is not to become embroiled in the drama - especially when it is not your story, and let the spirit be stronger than the ego!

Ah, the sparrow family have settled, by the way, and I'm now aware of the gentle hum of a large bee on the rhododendron and the song of a robin high in the evergreen behind my office. Bliss. Calm once again restored. Peace in sparrow-land prevails!


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Spring In My Step

This week's blog comes from one of the world's most beautiful areas of natural beauty - the Lake District National Park. I'm here in Cumbria for a few days to hide away and enjoy all the things I love most about Springtime in the British countryside. Mother Nature displays her raw beauty in the wild coastal paths, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and bleak moorland passes, contrasting the gentleness and delicacy in all the lanes filled with golden daffodils (as well as all the other wonderful 'flora and fauna' ). So many favourite sights. One of the cutest, funniest and uplifting sights is the leaping, frolicking and tiny bleating sounds of new-born lambs in the lowlands as we drive through the valleys. I love to stop and watch them turn to look at me, as I'm leaning over the gate to take pictures, and hear the deep call of the mother sheep in response to her babies call. This visit I'm amused by seeing some tiny lambs in 'plastic' raincoats. I guess it must be for the tiniest and most vulnerable. What bemuses me is that for some reason we believe sheep to be fairly stupid. Yet these ewes are totally aware of the presence of a stranger. Every mother in the field stands and stares, then slowly moves her babies out of harms way, across the pen, or the field. That protective 'Mother's instinct' is demonstrated so clearly. Not so stupid.

Some of us believe that our Earth is a Divine feminine presence. The Mother of all life. Would she too not wish to protect and defend her creation? I'm only muting this point because if we believe, as I understand the Essenes certainly did, that Gaia is our Earthly Mother and that we are to protect and nurture her in return for all she provides … then why on earth do we treat her so badly?

There are so very many examples of lack of regard for our planet. (I don't need to labour the point about nuclear missile testing in the Pacific ocean, and fracking). What I'm saying is that because like you I do care I think I'll try to do one extra thing each week (or each day if possible) into showing my love for her. I'm sure everyone reading this already does everything in their power to live in an eco-friendly way because we are all trying to become more conscious, more aware of our actions.

But I pause in the misty mountains here and reflect - I feel I could be doing more. When my children were small I would (to their embarrassment) take a carrier-bag and collect litter as we walked to school. For some reason I have stopped doing this but now I think I'll start again when we walk our dog. I enjoy planting tubs and pots but I'm going to put in a few extra flowers in the garden to feed the bees, and make sure I never forget to fill up the bird feeder for the garden birds. Being just a little more consciously aware of our use of electricity and water makes so much difference too. I'm trying to encourage the grandchildren to turn off the tap when they are brushing their teeth - not just because I'm on a water meter- but because it makes sense! I am shocked by a recent report that indicates less and less people are 'bothering' to recycle as it is simply too much trouble. Oh no! That's so sad. What happened? (I actually enjoy my trips to the bottle bank. There is something therapeutic and strangely satisfying about the sound of breaking glass).

As I sit in my lodge in Cumbria looking about at the budding trees, watching chaffinches hopping about, listening to the crows circling as they build their nests I'm struck by a deep sense of emotion that I can't quite name.

The Essenes worked with the earth energies and called them angels. They honoured and worshipped the Angel of Earth as they tilled the soil, blessed the Angel of Water in gratitude as they bathed and honoured the 'never ending streams' that irrigated their crops. They gave thanks as they ate in silence and honoured all work as a blessing of joy. Life must have been so very different for the Essenes of Nazareth and in the mountains of Qumran by the Dead Sea. But I'm so sure that as I look out over the vast swathes of green fields and hillsides that many of the local farmers around have a similar relationship with their animals and land.

Those of us who love and work with the angels are not just called to heal our selves and one another, we are also here to be mindful - as a society - of the small and important ways to show our gratitude for life … for our work, our planet. Have a wonderful weekend! With love.


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Viktor Frankl, death camps and laughter yoga -
what's the connection?

"Between stimulus and response there is a space,"
wrote psychiatrist and neurologist Viktor Frankl in his unforgettable memoir of his life in a Nazi death camp, 'Man's Search for Meaning'. "In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." (Parabola magazine, April 2017)

Viktor Frankl discovered a profound place of inner freedom through his prison camp experiences. He discovered his power of choice, his power to choose how to respond to any given set of circumstances. For this reason he became a beacon and inspiration to others, both at the time and subsequently.

Yoga is about choice, choosing to undertake practices to promote reconnection, happiness, wellbeing and more. The more advanced we become with our yogic practice (whatever mode of yoga we practise), the more we recognise we need to practise it most at those times we least feel like it - because it is when we least feel like affirming life that we most need to.

This is how we develop our personal growth and inner freedom.

Laughter yoga is about choice, personal growth and inner freedom.

Although laughter yoga is based on laughter practices, when it is pursued more as a yoga practice than a laughing practice, it specifically & consciously develops our inner world. It promotes choice, personal growth and inner freedom.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space," ... Laughter yoga chooses to fill that space in a life-affirming way. This is what connects the threads in the title.

The more you develop your own laughter yoga, the more you use a daily laughter practice, the more diligently you apply yourself to this wellbeing and reconnection discipline, the more you find that you can laugh 'inside' as much as 'outside'.

You don't need to laugh out loud to be practising your laughter yoga.

I visited my dentist recently. During my treatment I laughed loudly - on the inside.

In this tiny way, I chose to fill my space between stimulus and response (how do you generally 'respond' to dental treatment?) with endorphin-releasing life-affirming silent laughter yoga.

When we choose to develop our 'growth and freedom' we can apply it everyday. At the very least, we can use it as an antidote to the modern epidemics of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and more.

Let's be wise and not wait till we have a life-threatening situation before we start our practice.

Let's choose to start now?

Viktor Frankl

Parabola magazine

Awakening the Laughing Buddha within

Prana - Breath of Life

Breathing, it's an interesting topic. To inspire means fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. It also means to breathe-in.


How's your breathing? Not really paying much attention to it?

Stop for a moment, go on, just to observe how you're breathing in this moment. Shallow? Just into the top of your lungs and quite quickly? Perhaps you have a cold, but regardless of temporary difficulties most of us - and probably 95% of the time - are hardly ever aware of this magnificent automatic life-supporting mechanism. So the chances are we haven't noticed how shallow we breathe. We may be only using about a third of our lung capacity at any given moment. And when we are stressed we breathe quickly and use even less. The emotional stress is debilitating in itself but the lack of oxygen going into our blood stream creates tired limbs and depleted organs which in turn creates physical tiredness compounding the exhaustion. So, whether you are stressed or not take a few minutes to think about breathing consciously. At the moment there is a lot of talk about the 'mindfulness' buzzword and it all starts with understanding the breath. You see we don't really pay much attention to the 'automatic' things in life, do we?

Those of you who do yoga are familiar with breathing exercises taking air down into your lower belly, into your Hara and have most likely become aware of the term prana too. Prana comes from Indian philosophy and is the sanskrit word which we call the life source. It means the cosmic, vital energy force manifest in all things, which the ancient Chinese understood and called it chi, in Japan it is ki and Egyptian ka.

Prana, is not just in the air we breathe, it is in the way we breathe it too. In ayruvedic medicine, which combines spiritual and healing as part of its methodology, prana is essential to spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health and it is also the life giving energy of the brain inspiring consciousness as well as the intellect. And the Essenes believed that it is in the moment between the 'breathing out and the breathing in' that all the answers to the great mysteries of Life are held.

Yogis understand that breath and breathing nourishes us totally and balances our central chakra system by giving complete life-giving spiritual energy to all parts of our body. By practicing yogic breathing exercises called pranayama some have taken this to extremes and live on prana alone. Breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana.

Here's an exercise for you to do now as a mindful taste of how much better we feel when we really breathe.

Sit up with your bottom pulled back into the chair so that you are balanced on your 'sitting bones' with your spine straight and head balanced. Relax your stomach and shoulders as you allow your weight to sink into the chair. Place your hands on your lower belly, and feel it expand as you take a long slow deep breath in through your nose sensing the air as it enters your nostrils. Follow the air down through your body, with a sense of gratitude, experiencing the filling of your lungs completely and feeling the movement with your hands. Hold it for a couple of seconds and then slowly release the breath (some people like to exhale through the mouth - either nose or mouth is fine, its a personal choice) until there is no more by very gently squeezing your tummy muscles to aid the exhalation. Now pause again for a second or two, mindfully conscious of the magnitude of how we do this process automatically yet amazingly by design, without giving it any thought. Then allow the breath to fill you again and hold, and repeat several times. This is the practice for breathing down into your Hara. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we have just given ourselves a small dose of good medicine. (I encourage you to develop this into a regular daily spiritual practice, if it is not something you already do).

When we are aware of the Hara, we are more centred, more grounded, more balanced. We are safer in our self, and safer to be around. By breathing calmly and deeply when we are worried, stressed, over-ought and stretched we can come back to our self with a calmer body, more energised and with a clearer mind.

You see, my point is that because it is automatic we so often forget that breathing air, and the physical support mechanism by which we are able to do that to support life, is all part of life's great mystery. Just as we forget that all around us is a magnificent mysterious network of angelic beings, spirits, guides, elementals, nature devas, and the all encompassing beneficent support mechanism called, universal mind - God. We don't have to tell ourselves to breathe to stay alive, it just happens. But perhaps we do have to remind ourselves to practice breathing more effectively for our health and wellbeing. Some of us continually ask, pray, and make demands from the angels and God for what we want for life to be 'more'. We don't really have to tell the Universe how to support us. If we believe in the wonder of Divine creation then God knows what we need to sustain life. But perhaps sometimes we might need to remind ourselves to practice living this amazing life a little more consciously, pay a little more attention to it. Perhaps try to live a little more gracefully. Hm, now there's a thought to inspire.

So ...  How's your breathing now?


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Angels of the Kabbalah

Do you ever get confused about how many archangels there are?

Someone recently asked me: "I always thought that there were seven archangels. Now I have read that in the Kabbalah it says there are ten! How does that work?"

There seems to be so many opinions on the numbers of Archangels, and the more you delve into the history of angels in all the various literature , and especially the ancient scriptures of different religions, you find groups of seven, ten, eleven and even twelve major angelic beings! Although all angels are pure energy and 'Light' we consider the Archangels to be like the 'managers' or team leaders of the angelic realms, and so there probably are many more than seven really. Let me try to unpick some of the differences for you.

The great seven archangels you will have most commonly heard of are, Michael (power), Gabriel (annunciation), Raphael (healing), Uriel (peace), Chamuel (love), Zadkiel (transformation) and Jophiel (wisdom). These are the seven I have been working with for twenty years or more, and found that I resonated with the Theosophical teachings, which is where I found the angelic relationship to Ascended Masters and the seven energetic Light Rays. I've referred to these again in my new book Seven Steps into the Angel Light. The first four appear in the Jewish and Christian Bible and the Qu'ran.

So going back to the original question, the Kabbalah - or Tree of Life - originally comes from secret Jewish practices called ' the work of the chariot' or Merkabah Mysticism, and goes back to the original recorded visions God (thousands of years ago) and the angels described by Ezekiel in the Bible. The word kabbalah means 'receiving' and refers to the spiritual knowledge gained from practicing the truths at each of the ten stages of the journey through the Kabbalah, based on the best of human (and Divine) qualities including Wisdom, Understanding Justice and the Law, Grace and Mercy, Truth and Peace.

Each of the stages of spiritual learning, or Ten Sephirah, of the Kabbalah and has an Archangel.

So, although each stage actually has a Hebrew name, I'm going to show you how they relate to ten Archangels instead. Starting at the top of the Kabbalah tree of life is Metatron, the highest ranking Archangel of all, and this represents the crown chakra. Raziel (wisdom) and Zaphkiel (understanding) are next on either side of the head at the level of the third eye, or brow chakra in your forehead. At the throat there is another sephirah known as the 'gateway to the Divine' which is 'etheric', meaning it is a spiritual gateway, not actually manifest - or real- and represents higher knowledge and the senses of sight, sound, smell and speech but does not have an angel. At the level of the heart are Samael (judgement) and Zadkiel (mercy), Michael (beauty) lies over the solar plexus (tummy) and the seat of the emotions. Raphael (glory) and Haniel (eternity) and Gabriel (foundation) form a triad around the area which corresponds to the sacral chakra (base of your spine) and Sandalphon (kingdom) represents the grounding energy of the feet and root chakra. The Archangels will help you to work through each of the 10 stages and eventually you may find the meaning of life.

(There are lots of good books and articles to help if you are interested in learning more about the Kabbalah I recommend: A Piatkus Guide 'Kabbalah' by Paul Roland, or if you like working with cards: The Angel Script, by Theolyn Cortens).




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Head Massage for Special Needs


On 8th October 1997 my life changed forever in the most remarkable way when I was blessed with my son Ollie. As I held this tiny new life in my arms, little could I have known that he wouldn't just change my life beyond all recognition but that he would grow to touch and inspire people all over the world .

Ollie is on the " high functioning" end of the autism spectrum and I knew from the start he was "different". In his first year he seemed overwhelmed by the world and all its senses. Ollie was slow to speak and right from the outset, at nursery, he was clearly just not understood. "I just don't know which box he fits into" said a teacher one day to my total amazement.

Because Ollie was tall for his age and clearly very bright, his lack of social interaction, his inability to role play or "read" people could lead to confusion, isolation and frustration.

His life raft, from very early on, became words and stories. He retreated into a world of books and poetry, filling notebooks with lists of vocabulary.

He began writing from around age 9 and his poetry would move teachers and other adults to tears. For Ollie doesn't simply write "about" things , he "becomes" them. He is a wordsmith who stirs the soul, a magical shapeshifter. Through those growing years in mainstream schools, in a mainstream world .

Here on Exmoor we have a three tier school system and throughout Ollie's time at middle school, unbeknownst to him, I'd go in every inset day (or " insect day" as Ollie called it) at the start of each academic year and I'd call a meeting with every single staff member who would be interacting with Ollie for that year, supported by the senco. Knowing teachers have no time to read and remember every individual education plan for each child, I'd talk with them all about Ollie's issues and challenges and how to deal with those, but most importantly I'd talk about Ollie's strengths, abilities and passions - how to get him engaged and on track. When Ollie was formally diagnosed at age 9, I was determined from the outset that he wouldn't be just another "label" along with all its negative connotations and limiting expectations. He was and always has been Ollie, a unique individual, with some challenges but many many strengths. Just as two people with a common cold aren't the same, nor are two people with autism. There are traits in common but every human being is a unique one. None of us should fit into boxes whatever our "label ".

In fact I didn't even tell Ollie he has Aspergers until he was 13! He is just Ollie - and I promise I wouldn't have him any other way.

Ollie thrived and was in 9 top sets including gifted and talented for English.

At 13 Ollie moved up to a vast mainstream college of 1500+ pupils . This major change (never good), along with the onset of adolescence and the mainstream "one size fits all" exam system tilted his world. In spite of being a grade A student in English at middle school, he was plunged into bottom sets without warning. I called a meeting with the head of English and was met by six stony faced teachers in a closed rank of folded arms behind desks. I fought Ollie's corner on good grounds, read his poetry out to deaf ears, the words blurring through my tears.

I begged.

I was coldly told that Ollie "couldn't" do the higher English paper because due to his autism he "couldn't infer" for reading comprehension and "couldn't" line up booklets to do multiple choice. I took it to County while Ollie cried after every lesson because of his humiliation, the noise in those classes and the constant disruption. I won funding for Ollie to be able to access the higher English papers in a different format. The funding was legally spent elsewhere and in another meeting I was finally told that Ollie "will never achieve" so his funding had been spent on children who were a safer bet.

Ollie's dreams of an English degree were also now shattered, and when I went home to tell him that night he cried like a wild animal, put his fist through a window and sobbed "I'm broken mummy .... am I disabled ?"

Ollie is not disabled, just differently abled - but he WAS broken. He spiralled to terrifying depths, became suicidal and picked up mental health issues. He developed chronic and debilitating OCD, was hearing voices and smelling things that weren't there. "Friends" dropped him like a stone, not wanting to be seen with the person not coping. I will never stop being in awe of how my boy still went to school every single day, gaining 100% attendance term after term, whilst enduring what must have been a living purgatory, his soul and spirit crushed. His strength and tenacity take my breath away.

One night I was woken at 2am by the noise of Ollie lining up cupboard doors and sobbing in the bathroom. As I rushed in he looked at me from the floor, his hands over his ears, and begged "make it stop mummy".

Something primal and instinctive moved within me and I began to massage him. The formal training I had received was far too invasive for him so together we worked, me listening, Ollie guiding, and we made the techniques much gentler, softer, nurturing and supportive. Ollie instantly calmed and miraculously slept through the night .

I began massaging him every single evening and the results were so amazing that the Senco commented on it. The voices stopped, sleep came quickly and deeply for the first time in Ollie's life, the OCD reduced and became much more manageable and Ollie moved out of his constant state of "fight or flight" and into a noticeably more relaxed and functioning state. After a month he moved from surviving - just - to thriving.

I also sent his work off to authors. To this day I have two big box files full of their personal replies, (including Michael Morpurgo who wrote to say Ollie's poetry and my letter had moved him to tears) all telling him he was a writer already and to never met teachers or exams define him. They will never know it but they saved Ollie's life.

At this time we were, as a family , going through dark times. I had broken my foot in three places and had been left alone for two weeks with four children and £50 to my name. I've never been so utterly desperate. So I called my best friend, borrowed her much larger shoes, spray tanned my bruises, stoked up on hospital painkillers and wore boot leg jeans! This friend, bless her, then drove me to every single school in my whole area for 6 weeks as I knocked on doors and worked on children with autism and on SEN registers everywhere for free every day, just to prove this therapy worked. It was uncharted territory - no one was working in this way - I was carving my own path as I went. I would collapse into bed at night and frequently cry with pain and exhaustion. But I was on a mission and was unstoppable. This had now gone beyond my own son. I knew Ollie had come to me for a reason and that we would take our journey and experiences together to help so many.

Within 6 weeks I was being paid. Within 6 months I had a burgeoning business with waiting lists . Within 9 months I had written for Autism Eye ( Dec 2012) and trained up autism and Adhd charities in Belgium as well as MIND.

Over the next 2 years I saved every penny, right down to banking £2.50 some weeks, to restore an old tearoom into my first therapy/ training centre. I run workshops for parents there, offer treatments to children who can't get on my books at schools and run courses. It's a little sanctuary of magic inside there where everyone is safe, understood, nurtured and can bloom. I provide much support to the families, not just the child, because I know the journey and no textbook can ever teach you that.

As I went along on this remarkable journey, I realised that so many children needed my nurturing , therapeutic touch ; not just those on SEN registers. So many children go through so much before they even get through the school gates in the morning. Most adults would be signed off sick yet these kids turn up day after day. There is no time in the pressurised educational system for individual nurture or support. This is why I see my work as vital in schools: a happy relaxed child is a productive, focused child and the whole classroom benefits. Our children, our future, are more than sausage meat in an exam factory.

I also realised that many of the children I was working with had such gifts and abilities yet their voices seldom got to be heard. Whenever budgets are cut in schools, SEN and therapies are hit first as if somehow these children don't matter as much or aren't as worth investing in. Just like Ollie.

So I now engage in lots of public speaking to raise awareness of these incredible kids, to get beyond the labels and misconceptions - and give them a voice. They have a right to a future and all that potential.

Today I teach and train people all over the UK and Europe, including doctors, therapists, psychologists and teachers whose schools now fund their places!

I have written a book , "Indian Head Massage For Special Needs" published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing which almost sold out after just 24 hours!

I write articles for national and international magazines such as International Therapist , as well as for doctors and autism sites in America such as Icare4autism and different

I am due to speak at an international conference in America later this year for Icare4autism and my work has been featured on radio - I pinch myself every day!

I hope this doesn't sound like boasting - it's just been the most incredible and unexpected journey .

I also do fundraising for these wonderful children and in July 2015 was given a Community Award for my work.

In the future I want to compete my second book and open more therapy centres , employing the very people I have worked with and watch grow. I'll pay them the proper wage and show the world I can put my money where my mouth is. 99% of people with autism want to work - only 15% do and that is often voluntary. Let's change that!

The best news of all however - better than any of this - is that my Ollie, the boy who would "never achieve", went on to gain 11 A-C GCSEs , 3 A-C A levels including an A* Although his dreams of English were destroyed, he is now reading a creative writing and publishing degree at his first choice university. I'm crying just writing this. In his first week there he told me "Mum , I've grown from a seed to a tree in a week".

When I wrote a short post on the business website Linkedin about Ollie gaining a university place against all the odds, it went viral, bursting through 40,000 likes and comments. I personally received over 6000 emails.

My brave and beautiful boy brought hope to people all over the world.

Every morning, before I even open my eyes, before I put on the therapist or author hats, before I'm even Giuliana, I'm Ollie's Mum. And I breathe that in deeply, so thankful that I was chosen to carry that honour and that our journey together, whilst knowing heartbreak, has also been inspirational and incredible.

Thank you for reading this.

I wish each of you courage and belief,

Giuliana Fenwick

For details of courses, the book workshops and treatments visit

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An Angel's Name

Many people ask me about the name of their guardian angels. I used to be really keen (about 20 years ago) on helping people to connect with the name of their personal angels because I felt at the time that the name was in some way essential for a good connection - but do you know … now I'm just not sure it matters.

A name is an energy, a vibration, a sound. After all, a pet doesn't know how the word looks when we write its name, or care how it is spelt does it? But it hears the sound and the vibration of authority in your voice and comes running (well if it is trained too of course!). A baby soon recognises its own name and the names of its siblings, for the same reasons. It 'feels' the vibration and energy as its name is spoken. Names are sound vibrations that carry meaning.

If it is a familiar sounding name we hear when we ask in our meditation we sometimes think it cannot possibly be the name of an angel. Why not? Because our ego gets in the way and whispers doubt into our head. So, if you feel you have 'heard' the name of your personal guardian angels when you ask them yet it doesn't seem right - because maybe it was a Sam, or a Sarah, or Fred, don't worry about it. The names are not always ethereal sounding because they contain an energy form - the word or name itself is not what we think it necessarily means.

Set a time and a place and create a sacred space for connecting to your angels and then sense in whichever way you do it best. Either through hearing, feeling, seeing an image or sensing in your own unique way, and then believe and trust that this is how your angel is presenting itself to you, and allow yourself to know that when you want to reconnect replicate that sensation from your memory and whisper "angels please come nearer to me now, and hear my heart's call".

Here's a little piece I wrote for Spirit & Destiny magazine to enable people to set a sacred space. Do this for yourself and then you can ask them for something to help you recognise their presence if you are not one of those people who 'sees' their angels (and believe me few of us are).

Welcome to my Workshop:

It's said that to bring the angels closer to us we need to create an area of our lives where they would feel a calm and harmonious energy. When we want to meditate or simply to sit and be alone to connect with the angels it is important to know that you have a really 'safe' space to do this. Here's some ideas how you can.

Creating a Sacred Space

• Choose a place where you feel most calm and peaceful.

• Clean the space, from any extra clutter and dust.

• Using either a sagebrush or incense, waft the smoke into all corners.

• Say your favourite prayer, chant or poem dedicating the space to the angelic realms and inviting the angels closer (by name if you wish).

• Place pictures or other representations of angels you feel drawn to.

• Choose your favourite crystals to enhance your angelic connection.

• Light a candle representing divine light and the element of fire.

• Put fresh flowers, or a healthy pot plant in your space (water & earth).

• Burn two drops of essential oil, such as rose, rose-geranium or lavender in water (or on cotton wool over the radiator) to fragrance the air.

• Play and enjoy some soothing music of your choice.

• Lastly, you can protect your sacred space by calling in the energy of Archangel Michael.

I hope this helps, and if you would like more of these 'Welcome to my workshop' snippets please let me know.


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It's all about the love - but why?


I got drawn into a love thread last night, love, sex, lust, desire, bliss, and it's still rattling around my consciousness. I've been in love almost all my adult life so I've known pain, grief, heartbreak, despair, lust, desire, pleasure, intimacy, surrender, ecstasy, connection. I've known the freshness of that first moment of new bloom, the rosebud of potentiality, the will it/won't it, the excitement, the speeding up of the heart, the breathlessness. I've known the abrupt intrusion of reality, the bubble bursting, that instant transition from a some-thing to a no-thing, even when the some-thing was hot connecting delight. Suddenly a new moment of awareness breaks, the picture changes, and that perfect thing is over - because as it was, it was perfect. In its moments of existence, it was a perfect expression, a perfect communication, a launch into the unknown which just happened to have a surprisingly sudden end. Yet as it was, it was perfect, a soul was touched, and maybe deep life came alive once again. It remembered.

I've known the transition from intense beginnings to the plateau of the still apparently flawless loving-known. I've seen those first cracks appear, have beaten myself up for no longer being flawless, have sailed on and off the rocks, have been smashed hard and repeatedly and ultimately obliterated. Shredded. Pulverised. Blown into a mass of tiny sobbing hurting pieces.

And I've always licked my wounds, picked myself up, and tentatively at first but with increasing focus got back up, and re-entered the fray without fear.


Because love is the journey home. Love, so many things to so many people, but it brings an aliveness like no other.


When we love, we connect. When we love, we surrender our self and for those moments, which might last fleetingly or lingeringly, something else flows through us. We connect with something larger than our self. Infinitely larger than our self.

The delusion of sex is that it's just a pleasure that passes. But it can remind us of something larger, it can prepare us for an adventure into the heart, where there's pain galore but also ecstasy and delight. And in the same way that every 'Om' is connected with every other 'Om', including the big one, when we connect with our heart, we also Connect. With or without awareness, we connect with that creative dynamic loving mysterious impulse that underlies all life. Our own small heart renews its connection with every other heart of which we are all part too.

We remember. It's the journey home.

That's why it's all about the love. For me. Love.

A Clean Slate

I woke up this morning a little different than I did yesterday. Don't ask me why, I just know something made today unique.

That which made today different didn't come to me until during my morning meditation. Something I have been taught and which I make a point of putting into practise. It starts my day right.

Meditation helps me do that, start right. But my meditation is not always about sitting in a lotus position. Most times it is not in fact. Sometimes, I just open the window and stare at the sun shining or as is usual, the grey clouds of Richmond's skyline. I spend a few minutes staring in awe of life and the beauty of creation.

Today's meditation though saw me being grateful for everything. Imagine waking up feeling the need to say thank you for just about everything you can think of, from the roof over your head up to the country that you live in.

And it didn't stop at the things we might consider "good". Because usually that's what we focus on, the good stuff, hardly are we grateful for the "bad" stuff. But this morning I was. I was grateful for all the difficult and challenging stuff I had gone through in the past months, from a recent crippling health issue to the sad end of a relationship.

You see without the "bad and difficult stuff" you could not know the "good and sweet stuff". The joy of summer comes from knowing the pain of a cold winter and vice versa. However, in reality, the good and bad are the same, just experiences from which to grow.

So sitting there, being grateful, I realised, I am alive. I have made it to another day, another month. I have a new day in front of me, a clean slate which allows me to try one more time to live life fully.

And then it occurred to me that I didn't event have the whole day, I had just the very moment I was alive. And as each moment rolled into the next, I had a clean slate each time too. From where I could live and embrace life as it happens.

And you know what I realised next?

It gets even better!

In this moment where life happens, there is no good or bad stuff, only an opportunity to breath, live and experience Life in all of this glory.

Ade Durojaiye sees himself as a student of life. His short stories are about our journey through life and how applying spirituality in our everyday moments makes that journey beautiful. Ade is the author of "You Can Open Your Eyes Now".

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Why Self-Love is the Key to Manifesting Abundance

In the personal growth arena, many experts talk about self-love. However, some fail to explain its true importance or full potential when it comes to manifesting our deepest desires in all areas of our life. So, today I thought I would take this opportunity to explain why self-love is so important and provide you with a valuable opportunity to embrace this knowledge and apply it to yourself, in order to ensure 2017 is blessed with abundance, purpose and happiness.

First of all, I believe it's important to understand about the Law of Vibration. This universal Law has scientifically proven that everything in the Universe, including you is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. So, with that in mind, I would like you to also be aware that your emotions vibrate at different frequencies too. Put simply, the more positive the emotion e.g. love, the higher the vibrational rate. The more dense or negative the emotion e.g. anger, the lower the vibrational rate.

So that covers your emotions, but what about your thoughts? Well your thoughts also have varying frequencies on a vibrational scale. Your emotions are not independent of your thoughts but an extension of them. In simple terms, you experience an emotional response to your thoughts, so therefore your thoughts influence your vibrational rate.

With these facts in mind, I would like you to consider how your sense of 'self' influences your vibrational rate in terms of how you:

• think about your 'self'

• perceive your 'self'

• outwardly talk about your 'self' to others

• inwardly talk about your 'self' to yourself

I invite you now to consider your personal thoughts and feelings about your 'self'.

• Physically - What do you see when you look in the mirror?

• Mentally - What do you think about yourself?

• Emotionally - How would you describe yourself?

• Skills - List your top 5 skills?

• What do you dislike about yourself?

• What do you like about yourself?

• How do you believe others perceive you?

Notice if you were comfortable answering the above questions or did you feel any discomfort within your body. What do you observe about your responses? were you're answers predominantly positive or negative? These types of simple exercises are important and provide valuable insights into our subconscious and uncover if we truly love ourselves unconditionally.

The thoughts and feelings that you experienced whilst thinking about the above questions, influenced your personal vibrational rate in that moment. That is because your vibrational rate is not static but alters depending on what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing. This is why it is important to embody self-love in all areas of your life, if you wish to manifest abundance, purpose and joy in all areas of your life. For example, if you do not fully love the way you look, are happy in your skin and value what you have to offer someone, then how are you going to experience an authentic, loving, respectful partnership?

If you do not acknowledge or value your skills and abilities, then how can an employer or client see your worth? On a vibrational level this is called the Law of Cause and Effect; every effect you witness or experience in your physical world has its origin in your inner or mental world. This universal Law works in unison with the Law of Attraction which operates on the basis of 'like attracts like' in energetic terms.

So how does this all relate to self-love. Well, if you experience a low sense of 'self' and low level of self-love on a subconscious and/or conscious level, then you vibrate at a corresponding frequency.

This over time, can outwardly manifest as the following experiences:

• relationships which lack connection, unconditional love, respect, are diminished of joy and harmony, confrontational and that do not acknowledge your true worth or value.

• a career which is stressful and where you are overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, feel isolated, lack passion, struggle for work-life balance and do not utilise your skills to their maximum potential.

• poor health where you consistently feel lethargic, experience illnesses, allergies and other complaints.

However, when you experience a solid sense of self, stand in your true authority and reclaim your divine power, with TRUE SELF LOVE, then manifestation magic happens!

From a place of self-love and increased vibration, you can readily manifest into your life:

• Relationships which are pure, authentic, heart felt and connected with whom you are fully appreciated, loved, cherished, valued and respected.

• A career that ignites your passion, where you are on purpose and which fully embraces and utilises your skills/ abilities, in a way that you feel appreciated, valued, respected and fulfilled.

• Health and wellbeing, so that you can fully enjoy and embrace all that life has to offer.

So, if you wish to experience abundance in ALL areas of your life, be mindful that self-love is the path to take you there.

Each and every day take small steps to increase your self-love, starting with today. Just for today ... be kinder to yourself, acknowledge your achievements no matter how small, show self-appreciation and last but not least ... love your flaws as that's what makes you YOUnique!

Helen Courtney

Self-Realisation Expert and creator of the 7 Step System 'Living the Abundant You'

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I Wasn't A Typical Anorexic - The Fight To Get Help


I never considered myself as a typical anorexic, because it didn't start in my teens. It wasn't until I was 31 that I started restricting, in order to cope with my divorce. I'd found out my husband was having an affair and he showed no remorse, no emotion, I was devastated. With two daughters aged 2 and 4, I was determined that the divorce would affect them as little as possible. So I pushed aside my own feelings and focused on them, and I restricted.

Over the next few years I struggled with anorexia and bulimia. I remember being sat by a radiator, with several layers of clothes on and a duvet wrapped around me. It was October half term and my girls were at their dad's. I was sat thinking how cold and exhausted I was, and how desperate and pathetic I must look. I didn't want my girls to see me like this.

Although terrified, I saw my GP who referred me to an Eating Disorder Counsellor for 6 sessions. I realise now that although I made all sorts of excuses about why this didn't work, I realised that I wasn't ready. Feeling downhearted that there was no one out there that could help me, I tried to beat my ED alone. And I thought I was doing fine. That's what I love/hate about ED's, the denial. Your mind will convince you that everything's fine even when you're not hardly eating anything. It's OK, I'm just not hungry, I would say to myself. But things were far from OK.

When my grandad died I binged and purged for the first time in ages, and I guess this is more difficult to deny. This binge felt like the flood gates had been opened, I was desperate for food and I again started a cycle between anorexia and bulimia. I was totally out of control. I felt like I was drowning and was desperate to keep my head above water, so I kept kicking. I had allowed myself a tiny amount of food for lunch and for dinner, but every time I tried to eat a little more, if only an apple, the guilt and hateful voices would overwhelm me and I'd binge. After a while, I just had no fight left, so I just stuck with my allowance as it felt much safer.

But family and friends urged me to seek help again, so I saw my GP and was told that I had fought it once and I could do it again. Really? How do you know this? What? Because I was eating? I couldn't believe I was being turned away and felt so alone. I thought that I had to become even thinner to be taken seriously. I felt like I was at the bottom of the deepest, darkest well with not even a chink of light shining down and I was convinced that I would be there for the rest of my life.

My friend urged me to see another GP who referred me to an Eating Disorder Specialist and when my appointment came 4 months later, I was immediately admitted to a Residential Eating Disorder Centre for 4 months. I was terrified of losing control but I also needed someone else to fight the voices in my head because I wasn't strong enough, and knowing that I couldn't binge after eating felt safer.

After I left the Centre I knew I had a choice. To carry on with my recovery or to go back.

Believe me it wasn't an easy choice and the voices in my head were still trying to drag me back but I knew deep down that it didn't make me happy. It was a very rocky road which took a few years but I can finally say that I'm recovered. Yes there are days when I get stressed and my appetite fades but I am aware of what's happening and I don't return to old behaviours and patterns.

I found a few techniques helpful during my recovery but the most effective was EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) aka Tapping. It helped me clear the emotions around my divorce and any negative beliefs that I had about myself. There were loads including I'm not good enough, I'm not attractive, I'm inferior, I'm not worthy, I have no purpose and I'm alone. These were all keeping me trapped in my ED but I got rid of them and I have no need to restrict/use food, lose weight, exercise, purge, self harm, etc. any more. I know I am worth far more than the dial on the scales and the size of jeans I wear.

So is recovery possible? Yes it can be.

Is it difficult? It's a tough road that you can take a day, a morning or an hour at a time, but less difficult the earlier you seek help.

How do I know you can recover? I don't, but if you can admit to yourself that your ED is not making you happy, that you want to try and let go and you're willing to give it your best shot, then why shouldn't you recover, you've got just as much chance as anyone else.

And just so you're in no doubt, there is no 'typical' anorexic or ED sufferer. No matter who you are, what you weigh, it is your mindset that is important and needs addressing. If you don't find the right help for you the first time, just keep going. If I can do it, so can you!


Kim Marshall 14.12.16.

Living passionately in 'interesting times'
- how does laughter yoga help?

Do you remember the old Chinese curse: 'may you live in interesting times'?


These times are with us now, so how can laughter yoga help?

I find three qualities are proving especially helpful - live passionately, take ourselves less seriously, and be more spontaneous & flexible


Live passionately

Laughter yoga uses laughter as a practice. It uses is as a yoga, to reconnect and harmonise.

It energises.

We breathe better. We oxygenate our blood. We improve our circulation. The net result is we feel energised. When we feel energised, we start to feel passionate.

Whether done as alone or with others, it works.


'Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you'. Oprah.


Passion sustains us when we encounter difficulties. It is empowering. It builds our resilience and helps us keep going when problems arise, as they always do. A regular and daily laughter practice actively boosts our ability to live passionately.

Keep doing this and you will become energised, you will experience how your passion follows your energy, and consequently you feel in better control of our life - even in 'interesting' times.


A basic practice is: breathe in, pause, smile, and in a good-natured way, chuckle as you breathe out - pause, feel.




Take ourselves less seriously

While it essential to take what we do seriously, especially nowadays, it is equally important not to take ourselves too seriously. When we take ourselves too seriously, our 'message' becomes 'heavy' rather than 'light, and so we undermine it. This is particularly jarring in laughter yoga where the aim is to promote joyfulness, connection and open-heartedness (among other qualities).

To start taking ourselves less seriously, practice laughing at yourself.

A basic practice here is to look in a mirror, remind ourselves of all our foibles, point at ourselves, and have a good-natured chuckle. Learning to laugh at ourselves is liberating for others as well as ourselves.

Let go & be more flexible

"When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?" John Maynard Keynes.


Changing our mind can be a tricky skill to master, yet it is essential if we want to be resilient, deal with stress well, and adapt properly as life changes around us. One easy way is regularly to ask ourselves 'What if?'

It is a useful exercise to imagine circumstances being different, reversed, in a different order - just to see what insights occur to us, and therefore how we might do things differently.


'Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival'
W. Edwards Deming


When we feel energised and passionate, it is easier to start imagining the previously unimaginable without feeling too threatened. When we approach this reviewing process as a game and engage with it playfully, it becomes easier to be open-minded and consider new ideas and possibilities.

A quick and easy way to become more playful is to move around playfully. We become energised when we spend a few moments being physically active, and combining this with playfulness moves us quickly into an open-minded and creative space. If you're not sure how to, think of Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks?

The value of this flexibility, in combination with passion and playfulness, is it helps us adapt more easily as life changes, which is why laughter yoga is an effective tool for contemporary living - just keep practicing.

Magical Moonlight


As I drove home late from babysitting earlier in the week I was amazed by the brilliance of the light from the mid December full moon. The journey involved twists and turns round tiny country lanes, many of which have overhanging branches from high bushes and trees, and some fairly treacherous blind bends. The lower dips in the road were filling with a swirling eery mist and as I was very tired I had to concentrate really hard. Yet it was almost as if my pathway was being illuminated by some big friendly giant holding a lantern in the starlit heavens to light my way home. An angel to guide my way. Beautiful.


I often speak about the various full or new moons, but for now I'm going to leave the astrologers to describe the meaning of this latest "Super Moon" - the benefits and attributes - because I want to ponder about its most fascinating quality the moonlight. I wonder how many photographs have been framed, song writers have 'waxed lyrical' and poetic narratives penned in an attempt to capture the magic of the moon. Her beautiful, romantic natural light, the constant changing shape, and the powerful magnetism affecting our Earth with the flow and ebb or wax and wane of this strange satellite revolving round us. Influencing the high tides with a cyclical nature which has been associated with those of women's bodies and closely related to the feminine nature within all of us.

For me, however, the most appealing and intriguing aspect of the moon is its light. Crisp clear and bright, on a clear midwinter evening is as magical as the bright summer's night as she shines among the stars with a delicate cool aura which may change colour (according to science) depending on the gases emitted from Earth. So different from the hot bright golden life enhancing light of the sun. Yet the moonlight casts shadow too. Some would say that it is in the darkest hours - or by the light of the moon - that our real or hidden self is exposed.

As we illuminate this 'sleeping' self hiding in the shadows we are able to sharpen our perceptions of the whole 'me' just as we focus our eyes in the darkness as the moon shines and shows us the way. And, because we know that moon is also associated to the Archangel Gabriel and the bringer of messages, hope and new birth we can tune in and ask for wisdom and guidance in working out whatever we find hidden in those shadows, why they have been left there, bringing them out, reflecting on them and looking at them with a new light and perhaps seeing them more clearly.

Light. We can't live without it. What is Light? - energy, vibration, the source of everything in the universe, we need it to thrive, we measure speed by it, it's a means of communication, and the medium by which we 'see' in both real and meta-physical senses. Since researching for my upcoming book (Seven Steps into the Angel Light - Autumn 2017) I've become fascinated by it. Our language expresses the importance of it in words like enlightenment and phrases such as seeing the light within a situation, or perhaps we might say we have just had a light-bulb moment when something is suddenly understood. I've purposefully used several of these phrases to illustrate my point. Yet I've learned that it is not only in our speech but through our cells that we share light. We have photons in every cell which communicate with one another - sharing their light to stay bright and healthy. Science has always been fascinated by it too, and recent experiments in Japan have shown that even in darkness our body emits a light which can now be seen by camera equipment. (This is completely different from the Kirlian photography which picks up the infra red heat from our skin) Aha, so science has now found that the 'aura' of the human body exists. Hurrrah, they've finally seen the light!

I've enjoyed the excitement of the research so much so that I've developed a new and exciting workshop dedicated to our own healing, by understanding the enigma of …. you've guessed it Light!

Image courtesy Yosh3000 Wikipedia Commons Licence - Moonlight over the sea. Location: Skogsøy, east of Mandal, Norway.



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The Soul Train™


A Weekend Healing Retreat For Individuals
Twin & Soul Mate Connections

Have Been De-Railed




You know that love that is so deep, it defies logic?

You know that love that pulls you in with its energy, its purity,
its passion, its knowing?

You know that love that comes from no-where, yet it has always been there?


You know that love that hits you so hard in the moment
that your whole world changes course?

You know that love that is intoxicating,
soulfully spellbinding and respectfully resonating?

You know that love when you become immersed,
entangled, intertwined, 'as one.?'



You barely recognise yourself and lose your focus, you can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't function, you can't breathe, and you feel its MAGIC seeping through the depths of every part of your soul

You fall in so fast and so hard that you can't turn back the other way, you know this person inside out, you know what they are feeling, what they are thinking, what they are yet to become

You awaken, a remembrance, a recognition, it reaches straight into the heart of you and you know that this person is different, special, they may not see it yet, but you do

You know their essence, you see their blocks, you dream about them, you communicate without words, without barriers, without veils of what stands in front of their soul, you just know

You adore them and their potential, you see their gifts, you honour their beauty, you know them more than they know themselves, and you feel total unconditional love for them

You are consumed with the magic, the mystery, the connection, you feel them, you hear them, you see them, you know them, you begin to imagine a life together

You feel that you have found your twin, your soul mate, the one, you are captivated in this enduring grace of connection

You have never felt like this about anyone ever in your life, to love another at this level opens doorways to your heart and stirs your soul


And then...suddenly it shifts


They trigger you, they challenge you, they push you, they pull you, they leave, you leave, they run, you run, they shut you out, you shut them out, and you don't understand why, you chase, you hope, you beg, plead, they show up, you cross paths, they turn away, you stay, you walk away, they disrespect you, you disrespect them, you question, you cry, you hurt, you abandon them, they abandon you, you abandon you!

You barely recognise yourself and lose your focus, you can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't function, you can't breathe, and you feel its PAIN seeping through the depth of every part of your soul





You separate.....You fall into a pit of despair, no-one understands, no-one feels your hurt, no-one gets it, you feel lost, left, abandoned, you feel torn, you love them, you hate them, you can't think, you can't pull yourself together

Did they feel the same? You search the depths of soul, was this real? Was this love? Was this right? Was this wrong? Who are they? Who am I?

You torture yourself by pulling yourself apart, by questioning this feeling, the separation is a grief and a searing pain that can only be described as unbearable

You don't want to be here anymore, you can't move on, you can't get over it, you ask and ask for help, for guidance, for insight, you reach out for clarity, you try to cut the cords, to break links, to push it away, to heal it, but it just won't shift
You think your crazy, your friends think your crazy, how can someone have this much of an affect upon you?

You need help and you feel that the only person who can remedy you is your twin, but they do not see you, they do not want to engage, they blame you, you blame, they run away, they do not feel your love, they are scared, you are scared, so you are left ....

You shut yourself away, then you go to the healers, the psychics, the doctors, the oracles, you read the articles, you talk to the therapists, you look at the books, you desperately search for the answers....who do you turn too?





The Soul Train is here to help...

You may never be the same after meeting your primary / twin soul and this definitely does not happen to everyone, as there are some beautiful twin souls who are together. However, if it does not work out we are here to say that there is hope, huge opportunity for growth, for understanding, for awareness, you can begin to recover and receive the many beautiful gifts these kind of relationships bring to your life....


'The re-union & separation from your soul mate or twin soul often creates an opportunity for a re-union & re-connection with yourself'

And this is the very reason why we are holding this unique retreat, to heal and help those who are struggling to get back on track, to understand and to work through all of these myriad of emotions and thoughts you experience through this process

We're The Soul Train Coaches™,
who have journeyed through our own tunnels of soul mate despair.

No, we're not a 'couple', but we do feel we have been brought together to empower your soul mate healing journey....

The next Soul Train Retreat™ boards on March 4th-5th 2017 &
the ticket office is now open below to book your space.

Coaches:- David Wetton - Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor
Lynette Fryer - Multi-dimensional Energy Field / Soul Healer, Therapist
Telephone:- +44 (0)794 1097 541 - David / +44 (0)7976 139 681 - Lynette






How do YOU prepare for an important event?


Many years ago when I had that money-making genius Dottie Walters as my leadership mentor, she talked about one of her preparation tips for her presentations. She said that in her mind's eye she always filled the room with pink light. After one of her presentations, a delegate came up to her and asked 'Did you see all that pink in the room?' In that moment, she came to appreciate how vital her mind's eye preparations were.

Unsurprisingly, part of my own preparation is smiling and laughter. In my mind's eye I always fill the scene with smiling faces and the sound of genuine, spontaneous, good-natured laughter. I picture everyone enjoying themselves and appreciating the experience. I also fill the room with light and dedicate the session to the highest good and so place the outcome in the Universe's invisible magic hands. This is probably the single most important piece of preparation I do.

After I've done that, every time, without peradventure, sooner or later I have two further experiences.


The first is I want to run away

I get a strong fear feeling in my gut with an almost overwhelming need to run away as far and as fast as possible. When I was 16 I once made myself physically ill, I developed a palpable stomach condition that meant I couldn't take part in an end-of-course team show and was bed-bound for 2 days. So I've definitely done the fear thing. Nowadays I know it as part of my preparatory phase. I still feel that fear and it always surprises me but I recognise it as my old friend and just breathe through it.


The final experience is supreme calm

It's a weird and almost unnatural feeling. It's as though I'm enclosed in cotton wool. I feel impervious to everything. I feel utterly and unshakeably still inside. It's my final phase, like a supreme one-pointed meditation, where the only thing on my radar is the imminent event.

I think this must be what I heard President Obama refer to as 'quiet time', that final stillness before you're 'on'. You've done everything you can, you've done whatever preparation you've done, and the rest is just going to happen.

I find this cycle operates whether it's a presentation for a large group, a 1-to-1 session, or even for an important matter of the heart. I experience this same complete cycle. In a funny way, it has become reassuring, a sign that I'm on track, a sign I'm prepared for the 'event'.

How do you prepare?


Never Give Up


One of the most powerful messages coming out of the USA election was, for me, from Hilary Clinton in her concession speech when she addressed her followers the morning after her defeat in the race to the White House. She said: "This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it."

Whatever your political views, and whether or not you believe the best man won America needs your Light and your prayers now. The world needs all our Light and our prayers. I, like many others had been watching the run up to the presidential election with disgust at the behaviour and some of the language of Donald Trump, and praying and asking for "the best possible outcome for the highest good". Many spiritual leaders including James Twyman, who wrote in his newsletter today that he had prayed for the same, have put out messages that we have to trust that there is indeed a higher plan at work. That something really good, and surprising, will come out as a result of this situation.

This is a message urging you to open your heart, let harsh judgements turn into blessings, do not allow disillusionment to cast shadows on your enthusiasm for life, and never ever give fear a way in. Don't let anyone suppress your passion to fight for a good cause, or to stand up for those who have no voice.

My father once told me that working with angels need not 'make you soft' … when you think of angels think of the power of the Light surrounding them that reflects power, light and love. And if ever you are scared, think big! After all there is nothing stronger or more awesome than the powerful presence of Archangel Michael.

I am calling on all you wonderful Earth Angels and Light Workers out there reading this. You all know who you are. If you have been waiting to find your purpose, this is it. Now is the time to believe in yourself as a beautiful being of powerful light, and shine it with all your might. Everything you have learned about working with the angels needs to come bubbling to the surface now as you gain confidence in saying what you know to be right, standing up for high standards of fair play, and share love and kindness in thoughts, words, and actions. Lets all put love into action and watch it spread.

I'm determined more than ever to put what I understand into practice and I hope you will share that passion too.

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Make Peace with Change

It is advised, that if you are planning to change something in your life to keep it to one major life event at a time.

For example, if you are thinking of moving home, which is a major change and stressful, it is wise to devote your energies just on this upheaval.

But life not always organised nor kind.

In my life, the year 2003, especially, was full of traumatic life changes: fleeing my marriage; moving from Cyprus to the UK with my three young children; ending up homeless with my sister and her four children; jobless, penniless; mum diagnosed with a brain tumor back in Cyprus; meeting my current partner and that's just the beginning...

Life did not calm down any time soon. There was no reprieve; no moment where I could take a breather and assimilate all the changes that I was co-creating and been confronted with.

At the time I was a smoker which I felt was something I needed for stress. Money was tight so my sister and I would share a small packet of cigarettes. We had our own demons to deal with. Looking back, it was a Godsend that we were together, even if at the time it did nothing for our relationship which has left a lasting effect.

Thoughts of Mum's ill health took a backseat. Our day to day lives were filled with getting money together to feed our large brood consisting of 7 children, aged between 2 and 12 with different needs and temperaments. At first it was an exciting adventure for them but it soon wore thin.

We survived the first year, not sure how. By now we were housed in our own homes which made things more bearable. The children were settled, for most of the time. My eldest was not happy though. The younger ones found it easier to assimilate change. They went with the flow accumulating emotions subliminally, which of course have had an impact on their well being and life choices.

By 2005, mum's condition deteriorated and I flew back to Cyprus, to be with her in her last months. I stayed strong so she would feel strong. But once she died, so did another part of my soul. There were many events where parts of my soul had been lost. But 2003 to 2005 had taken most of it.

Change is good for us, especially if we are walking away from a difficult situation and proactively creating a better one. But there has to be a period of calm to allow the past to leave with love. For this to happen there needs to be acknowledgement of what has happened.

Ongoing difficult events,can give no respite, no time to accept and let go. As with most traumatic situations it may not be feasible to stop and acknowledge what has been painful and difficult. But it is necessary, imperative even to find the time, even if it is to sit down and breathe, connecting with the present moment without running haphazardly towards the future, with yesterdays compass.

Emotions don't go away, they become stored in our body and create physical ailments from habitual behaviours and conditioned thoughts. Life carries on, we make do, we stumble along creating more of the same.

Even though I was broken, I continued to pursue activities that interested me. I studied counselling, spiritual practices and read everything I could about angels and the afterlife. This is how I dealt with loss. Loss not only of my beloved mum, but loss for the parts of myself. I searched for clarity and meaning through knowledge. Other people search for the lost parts of themselves in different ways; some self medicate through recreational drugs, drink, relationships, work, etc.

The subjects I studied of course allowed me to reflect and I became face to face with my fears and weaknesses. But it also allowed me to see my strengths. I chose to look outside of myself and share that knowledge with others.

In some way, it helped me to cope with my pain. I journalled to release worries, reflect on my life and find meaning, but somewhere I had bypassed true healing. I had side stepped my needs, believing that doing, through accumulating information and giving it away was making me strong. What I needed more was to stop for a while and call back my internal power.

I have found this to be true even more so through mentoring many clients with life limiting illnesses and depression. Unhealed emotions and loss of our power causes aches, pains, and even serious illness. I can vouche for this, having had my fair share of illnesses including breast cancer.

We find ways to cope, sometimes at the detriment of our health.

But what if this is all we can do?

What if we don't even know we are far from being whole?

We all have an amazing internal guiding voice, that knows what is best for us. This can only be heard when we stop and listen. Listen to that voice and not the monotonous drone of doom that we have become so accustomed to.

To heal we need all parts of ourselves. We need to go back to those painful places, memories to make peace and let go.

Change is constant, life happens. Sometimes without our permission.

What we can do in response is acknowledge all of it. Forgive often. And make peace with change to become whole again.
Christina is currently writing her second book. This article is based on the book. She also assists healing in others through her Write Therapy Sessions, (read details below).

See Christina's interview and makeover on The Chrissy B show

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Christina is running a 6 week writing course on Wellbeing and Self Awareness. The first one starts in November and is fully booked. If you are interested in finding out more about Christina's forthcoming courses or would like to book a place on courses in the New Year: Please get in touch for Workshop dates/information


Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...



Living in the Light


We are all attracted to light in its many forms. The sunlight, the light from a house window, bright shop-windows in a winter high street, and what about the 'lightness' in humour, and a 'light-handed' manner which we find so charming. What is the most attractive aspect of the human face? For me it is definitely the sparkle in someone's eyes. Don't we just melt as a baby's eyes light up when it giggles and coos? That light in the eyes, which is said to reflect the human soul.

As I've probably mentioned many times before, when I was a little girl one of my favourite Sunday School songs was 'Jesus wants me for a sunbeam', and I would sing it at the top of my voice. Now for almost twenty years my website has been called AngelLight, and my next book is to be called Seven Steps into the Angel's Light.

For ever and ever I have had a deep knowing that we are beings of 'Light', pure spiritual energy, having a down to earth human experience. By that I mean that we are sparks of the one Divine Light. Tiny aspects of the God-Source, the one loving and magnificent, all-knowing Creator.

Science has proven that light is the fastest moving energy in the Universe. So, for me, and many more like me, who are teaching about energy and the relationship between physical and spiritual energies I am delighted that so many more people are starting to 'get it'.

The point is that we are talking about not just the light we see by and take for granted, but Light, the Divine intelligence that is in all things. Light is in the foundation of all form in the universe, Light is life in all things, the centre of all things, and in each and every one of us. When we are living within the source of light, there can be no darkness. When we are seeing through the eyes of love, there can be no judgement, no criticism and no condemnation, we are then living in the light.

It's my passion to ignite the spark of Light within hearts which may for whatever reason have lost their shine. Like most people I've experienced my own shadows and know what heart-ache feels like. During my re-emergence from a deep 'dark night of the soul' I was lucky to find a teacher who mentored me without judgement. Two of the first books I was recommended to as I re-entered my spiritual life quest in my thirties were: Living in the Light, by Shakti Garwain, and The Awakener, by Sandy Stevenson. Both of these books certainly re-ignited the light within my soul. They spoke to my heart. Then I found more and more books, and courses, that reminded me of the beings of Light we know as angels and archangels. Now I'm teaching people how to re-connect to these energies for themselves. There are many shadows cast as our own light becomes brighter. And just like like a giant ocean wave we surf that tide of enlightenment with its many energetic sensations, and its highs and lows. But ultimately, our goal is to become pure light once again. Living a life where there is only pure love, no darkness no condemnation, no judgement.



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Why laughter yoga is good for your mental health


'I feel better'

This is the most common reply I get to the question 'how do you feel when you laugh?', and the reason is because there's magic in laughter.


When we laugh in an open and good-natured way, we are experiencing a moment of joy, of present-moment awareness, and quite possibly exuberance. In such a moment, we are enjoying our life, so we feel better.

This experience is the antidote to stress, anxiety, worry and worse. Psychologically, it builds our resilience because feeling good is an empowering experience. 'Feeling better' feeds our resourcefulness and helps us deal better with life's challenges. It improves our mental health, and gives us a more positive and optimistic outlook.

Be optimistic. It feels better. The Dalai Lama


Fortunately, optimism is a quality we can all develop. Psychologically, we need to go through a process where we challenge our non-optimistic thoughts and feelings, and based on our own experience, replace them with more realistic and accurate ones. This is proven current psychological practice and at the heart of several approaches to improving mental health.

Laughter yoga helps these processes. There is a simple laughter yoga exercise which involves smiling. In this exercise, you smile a genuine and good-natured smile for 10-15 seconds, ideally at yourself in a mirror. Doing this usually requires a psychological shift because to keep your smile genuine (ie not false and insincere), you have to you take control of your mood and put it into a good-natured state.

This is brain-training, and can be transformative.

'What I have learnt …… is being able, at any moment, to choose to enter the state of having a genuine warm smile and that this has a transformative effect on me. It is as if I have found the last piece of a jigsaw, which holds everything together, a magic key which enables me to access, without effort, those qualities that I have been 'working' towards.'


Laughter yoga is often thought of as a group activity, and it usually is. However, as with almost every other practice, it is one that can be on your own too. Learning to keep the practices going when on your own allows the benefits to deepen and grow.

'On the first day I woke up with a headache with general cold symptoms and was reluctant to start. Even though I felt ridiculous, I still smiled and by the end was genuinely laughing; it was a great start to the day ……. It's amazing how such a simple task can have a positive effect on your day. By the end of the week I did feel slightly happier and found that any task I was going to do post exercise became easier.'

So, even on our own we can use laughter yoga to improve our mental health.


However, laughter yoga is also a group activity. When we do our laughter yoga in a group, it builds connection. One of Dr Kataria's great insights at the outset of laughter yoga was that when we connect with someone else while doing laughter yoga, we become more playful and spontaneous and therefore even more good-natured.

Connection is an antidote to loneliness. Because loneliness is a major contributor to mental ill-health, the group activities of laughter yoga also help promote mental good health.

But there is much more to laughter yoga than just the psychological aspect. Laughter yoga is a mind-body / body-mind activity. It also uses physical activity and exercises to energise us, and to help us engage with our innate playfulness. The mind-body / body-mind quality helps activate the biochemical changes on several levels simultaneously, and these changes have been shown to have benefits that can last up to 24 hours. All we need do is keep topping up the benefits.


'People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend …


I myself have used laughter yoga smiling exercises for years. I use them at the start of my day, every day. The most straight-forward benefit I have noticed is that morning grumpiness has been banished. I do the exercise until I feel my mood access a good-natured state of mind, and I feel that experience through my whole body. I do this exercise particularly when tired, sleep-deprived, 'rough' or under pressure because exactly as one my clients commented, I too have 'found that any task I was going to do post exercise became easier.


Here is the exercise I do and recommend:

As early as possible in your day, smile warmly and genuinely for at least 10-15 seconds. (This takes a small amount of focus and persistence.)

Even better is to do this exercise in a mirror so you're smiling at yourself. If you find this too difficult at first, just do the simple smiling. It's the 10-15 second aspect that's important.

At the end of your day, repeat this exercise.

Before going to sleep, write down 3 things you've appreciated and/or been grateful for today.

During the week, please be on the lookout for signs that life might be going better.

These signs can be easy to miss: an unexpected feeling of comfort; feeling more relaxed in a previously stressful situation; some enjoyment; thinking differently. However small, keep alert for these indicators that life is going better, and write them down.

I hope this simple laughter yoga exercise has the same benefit on your mental health as it has on mine and thousands of others.

Please ask if you have any questions.


Your Word Power

Words are the power behind the lives we lead, they are the creative force that we use to orchestrate our projects, loves and manifestations. They can build us up to ecstatic highs and they can nurture the foundation, of who we truly are. The beauty and flow which some words can create, lift us up into the highest light energies, which exist at one end of the arc of polarity.

Words can also be our downfall, at the other end of the polarity arc. They can describe our fears, our misery and the desperate end of the human scale, in which we live. They can hold us in mental torments and fuel the lower energies, which we are desperate to be rid of. It is the silent words in our heads, that cause us the most pain and give us the largest opportunity, to change our lives.

Through our focus and power of will, we can change the words which play with us, in the game of life. Once we work out the reason, why certain words blight our lives, we can switch them into words that empower. Creating sentences of positive progression and deleting paragraphs of pain.

If you really want to shift your life, in a way that is more empowering, then you must learn how to shift frequencies of words and all of the baggage that come with them. You can start by journalling each day, writing down the common themes and the repetitions which catch your attention. Sit with the energy of these findings and see where the root is? Once you can find the root, the energy of the word can be shifted into a higher frequency. Some of these roots will be easy to shift and others will be multi rooted and take the will of a saint.

Daily, the constant force of love within you, shows you everything you need within that day! It whispers to you, with your chance meetings, work encounters and relationships. These whispers are subtle, but they are constant! Do you notice them? Do you take enough time in your day to notice whats really going on? Your head (mental) energy will be the one thats telling you to ignore them, that its a figment of your imagination.

Then if these whispers go unnoticed for periods of time, the love within you stops whispering and it starts to talk louder to you. Your life starts to become more intense, illness and mental torments can increase and you just cant work out what is happening. Your head energy is still telling you the same old story, carry on regardless and just stay in the same old energy!

The last defence of your love, is activated only in extreme circumstances. It is when love starts to shout! It is the most unpleasant experience possible and something major will happen to jolt and shift you back onto the path which you chose to follow. This is when all of the love whispers and love shouts have fell on deaf ears! So there is only one thing left for it. These are the most painful experiences to go through. I have experienced all three and I'd definitely go for the whispers!

Some people will say that you were meant to go through this, or meant to go through that, which may well be true. Love though will always give you the options before hand to choose the experience which best fits your path and reason for being here. The wisdom comes in hearing the whispers at the first opportunity.

All that you need to do is focus, focus, focus and open your heart!


Much love - Ryan

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"Thank you, bring me more"

Siri Barker

"Thank you, bring me more" a quote from Alcazar. Alcazar is a guide for the Stargate and is assisting with the shifting of consciousness on the planet. The Stargate is a sacred geometric structure which was channeled by Prageet Harris in 1989.

Alcazar has been sharing this phrase in the past 2 years on gratitude and how this simple phrase 'Thank you, bring me more' can assist us in feeling and being in gratitude. Even in moments of feeling lack, we can be grateful. He says that when we go to the supermarket and get bread and milk, and are given change from the shopping we sometimes feel a lack. He suggests instead that we celebrate and say 'Thank you, bring me more'. This essentially means, thank you, bring me more money.

When we experience a beautiful hug from a friend, "Thank you, bring me more" meaning bring me more hugs like this.

When we experience a special sunset, "Thank you, bring me more", meaning bring me more sunsets. This is so exciting and fun. When I receive money from a client, I say "Thank you, bring me more"….bring me more clients to assist. When I have learnt a new insight about myself, I say "Thank you, bring me more…insights into my life!" It really assists us in focusing on feeling and being grateful in the moment.
Try it! It certainly has helped us focus on being in gratitude and out of lack.

Alcazar shared how important it is to raise our vibration and this is a quick and easy tool to do just that!

If you would like join us for any of our Stargate Experience events, in Birmingham 14 & 15th October, London 21 & 22nd October and Ewell (Surrey) on 29th October, please check out our website,


Soul Soothing, on the Water

This blog comes with all the magic and power from one of Mother Earth's most glorious healing elements, water. Water is the source of all life. It feeds us, soothe us, heals us, bathes us, quenches our thirst, keeps our bodies in working order and without it we cannot survive. In the same way our soul starves without nurture and sustenance too.

Water also attracts one of life's great pleasures too - Boating. I'm away enjoying a few days on the canals in a narrowboat, to nurture my soul. But although we choose the quieter places to sail along away from the towns and built up canal systems we're never lonely. This is a very social and friendly way of getting about as everyone who passes nods, waves or gives a little advice about the locks (or pubs) on the way upstream. And, even if we don't see another boat, we are definitely not on our own.

Water has a unique and beautiful life system that intrigues and entertains (from both sides) even the most cynical of observers. We have been watched nonchalantly as we gently chugged along the quiet leafy waterways by herons, cattle, sheep and horses. We've spotted 3 kingfishers (on different days) swooping, been heckled by swans for something to eat, woken by a honking flock of geese as they set off to relocate in the early hours, and this morning as I was writing at 5am a little moorhen trotted around at the back of the boat then landed on the window cil to look in (though he squeaked and flew off as soon as he saw me looking back at him!). One of the mesmerising features of the canal banks is the array of wonderful reeds and bullrushes which bow in the wash of our boat as we sail past. On this particular canal trip we've noticed loads of gorgeous water-lily pads too, though sadly no matter how hard I look I can't find any frog choruses sitting croaking a serenade.

Whether you choose water or land, it is just so good to go deep into the countryside and be simple for a while. For a week every year we have no tv (no signal), no emails (no signal) and no smart phone (you've guessed it, there's no signal). I get terribly frustrated from time to time but remind myself that I'm here just to 'be me' If only even for a couple of days. On a canal boat I can be away and connect to the earth as I moor up by fields and trees. Even with a sound spiritual practice life can become way too hectic at times. Here I can quieten myself with the soothing blessing of the moving water. I can become calmer again. I can ground my frazzled energy and open my soul to the sounds that whisper to me from deep within. Mother nature strengthens my connection once again.

To go back to being truly at one with nature is deeply uplifting, whether our feet are standing firmly on a boat as we sail along the waterways, or in the grass on the banks, hearing the air in the trees and looking at the sky. With the bright stars, and the beauty of a new moon, the amazing cloudscapes that bring messages and delight as we gaze their way balances our energy. It brings us back to centre. There are no religious connotations yet it is a deeply sacred and spiritual experience. Every thing in the earth is in us, every cell in our body is created from the same chemical components as those which make up as the earth herself. Water flows within us and our emotions flow within. Sometimes we need to go there, with gratitude, to remember to stop and feel it!



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3 profound benefits of laughter yoga

I love describing things in the simplest way possible, and the benefits of laughter yoga can be described in 3 ways:

You feel better

You are better

You do better.


You feel better. 'I feel better' is the most common reply I get when I ask people how they feel when they laugh.

'Feeling better' is at the heart of our human experience. It is perhaps the most important quality we can experience because when we feel 'better', life is 'better'.

Feeling better, in a life-affirming and constructive way, can be achieved even in difficult circumstances. There are many stories of people who managed to laugh and feel better even in life-threatening ones.

'Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit' (Bernard Williams).

Laughter yoga practices activate resilience by giving us the means to improve our mood and activate our zest for life at any moment we choose.

'Vedant has really taken what you said on board and now everyone at our hospice is doing their 15 second smiles morning and evening.

The patients respond really well to such a simple device - it is lovely to see the effect it has.'


You are better. The list of health benefits gets longer every day. These benefits are physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

In their simplest form, the benefits occur because laughter yoga is a pain-relieving and energising practice. Its wholesome, life-affirming qualities energise us if only because we have more oxygen in our system, and well oxygenated blood is a life-enhancer. The overall cardiovascular benefits underpin our ability to be healthy on many other levels.

'Laughter is internal jogging' (Norman Cousins)

Our tolerance threshold for physical pain increases as a result of laughter yoga and laughter generally. This benefit spills over to emotional and psychological pain. We benefit because we communicate and connect better with others, and when we replace isolation & loneliness with connection we experience a healthier, happier and longer life.

'The smiling practice technique you teach has transformed my life and I rarely walk around with a growly face these days.'

We can all learn to laugh more, and we become measurably better.


You do better. Laughter yoga is a mindfulness activity, and consequently we experience the benefits of mindfulness even though we've accessed it in a different way. Among the many benefits of mindfulness, and hence laughter yoga, are the ability to prioritise better, think more clearly & calmly, experience less exhaustion and greater job satisfaction.

An additional benefit laughter yoga brings to our activities is energy.

'Thank you for your contribution to our team meeting. Our goal to encompass stress relief, team building and fun was certainly achieved.'

Because of its core cardiovascular benefits, coupled with the mood enhancement, we have more energy to bring to our activities. This energising aspect inspires and enables us to do better.


'By the end of the week I did feel slightly happier and found that any task I was going to do post exercise became easier. I was able to write up lecture notes quicker and found it helped clear my mind and thus, improved my cognitive ability.'

Whether practiced alone or with a group, these are some of the benefits of laughter yoga.

If you have enjoyed this blog, please share it by visiting joe's website and blog here. Thank you.

Laughter yoga - a force for mindfulness and peace


There is a huna saying: there are no limits. This is certainly true for laughter yoga.
When you get into the heart of laughter yoga, two qualities you find are mindfulness and peace. By practicing laughter as a yoga, by taking your awareness inside and feeling the inner changes brought about by your laughter practice, you become present and peaceful.

There are many other qualities you might experience too, for example

- energised,
- healthy,
- empowered.

You might have to navigate your way through some inner turbulence, but after the outward expression of your laughter yoga, there is the potential to feel still, aware, and peaceful.

Because laughter is a universal language, laughter yoga is potentially universal.
It is also cross-cultural, and accessible to every culture and group.

One recent example is from a Women's Group from a recovery organisation. In their 20 years they had never allowed a man into their group room.

They were stressed, dealing with a lot of pressure, and wanted additional skills to help them cope better, build resilience and find a sense of inner calm.

After they approached me thinking I was a woman (Jo not Joe), their organiser asked them if they were happy having a male presence in their group, and they replied 'yes'.

Besides feeling honoured I also felt extremely alert to any nuances, and so the session was geared to ensure they 'owned' it and felt good about themselves. It started very gently as they eased themselves into playful light-heartedness, and then they really took to it.

It worked, they loved it, and they want more.

Another example is with a Pakistani Women's Group. The same principles of gentleness, flexibility and respect applied. It was important to find the edges of their willingness so they could stay engaged and take part fully. Once we did this, everybody relaxed into it, encouraged each other, and felt great by the end of a short session.

On the face of it, both these sessions were difficult if not impossible but by finding a way of making the laughter yoga exercises relevant and appropriate to each specific group, they were able fully to take it on board.

One group became quite rampant, the other became more quietly jolly, but both of them felt energised, 'alive', calm and peaceful by the end.
How do we do this? The keys to this are

- gentleness,

- flexibility and
- respect.


I call this approach nls: natural laughter skills because it is based on

- moving

- breathing
- smiling


It builds gentleness, flexibility and respect into the heart of laughter yoga, and helps it realise its potential for mindfulness and peace.

Whether you are an organisation, team, group or an individual, there are no limits.
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Mother Nature's Kitchen


The fat balls hanging from the bird feeder in my garden are never ending source of amusement and fascination. On this beautiful Saturday morning as I write, sitting here in the garden, the to-ings and fro-ings of these well-loved little birds inspired me to think about how all life has a natural hierarchy. A pecking order, perhaps, to the onlooker, but as I sit quietly and observe more intently I can see that this natural order of things works well.

The noisy young Starlings beautiful and be-speckled, frighten off the smaller birds with their squawking and clicking, as they vie for position at the top of the feeder. They peck eagerly and almost furiously with their long sharp beaks piercing through the fat to the seeds, spilling crumbling food to the ground in chunks. A mother Thrush, one of our favourite song birds, quietly picks up the food in her beak and hops over to two hungry babies waiting with mouths open sitting among my flower pots. Even smaller crumbs are gathered by the little Sparrows. As I sit quietly and watch I can see one of them feeding her baby fledgling who is hiding in the shady branches of our fig tree. In Mother Nature's kitchen, nothing is wasted.

How do these comings and goings of the common garden bird inspire spiritual learning? Because in life too, if we are aware and reflective, nothing is wasted.

Like everyone else I have my emotional ups and downs. I can be hurt by careless actions. (I'm probably also guilty of unintentionally hurting other people too). But there are ways of shifting the energy, changing what seems like an untenable situation into a positive outcome.

A couple of week's ago I wrote about the amazing, powerful transformational energy of Zadkiel and the Violet Flame. But all the angels and Archangels, as well as the Ascended Masters, are always there, waiting in the wings to fly in and assist. They are not 'somewhere else', sitting in some heavenly waiting room waiting to be called - they are right here, right now, energetically enmeshed in our universe. Cosmic energies that we can tap right into with our minds and hearts.

Everything we do has a karmic effect, so when we are struggling, there is a message within the situation of cause and effect for us to learn from. Are we experiencing the outcome of previous dealings with another in some way? Pay attention to the details of how you are feeling in every experience as whatever direction you take, either sends or brings energy of the same kind. There are signs that become so obvious we can no longer deny their existence. The lesson is there. Perhaps we are being shown that it is time to change our own way of thinking, or maybe to let go of someone whose toxic behaviour is damaging. In most areas of our lives a 'hiccup' within a relationship is simply a call to be more loving in some way. Even if it is to stand up for what we believe to be right in a gentler manner.

Archangel Michael energy is available to cut ties with those who hurt us. He's the warrior, the 'Big guy' who swoops in with his armour and sword. But unlike the brutes he is there to protect us from his power and strength is always fair and just. Even if to those who don't understand the hidden workings of the Heavenly realms, some situations are hard to comprehend and may seem like pretty harsh tactics.

Archangel Uriel, equally warrior-like, and controlling power behind millions of hosts of angels, comes along in the middle of a messy situation and asks us to ground our energies and connect with an inner peace. He the oil upon troubled water.

Archangel Raphael is the one to call in order to heal, as you know, but by surrounding yourself and any difficult situation in his bright green light you can also heal a rift or a difficult breakdown in a relationship as well.

There will always be 'bullies'. Those people who push others around, caring nothing about trampling on hurt feelings, reckless in their pursuit of self-gratification. There will always be people known as 'emotional vampires' who zone in and drain our energy - whether intentionally or otherwise. But my point here is that in every situation is an opportunity for positive outcomes; for spiritual growth and understanding.

There is always a hidden benefit, and there is always, always something to be gained and something to be grateful for.

Have a wonderful day!

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Grief is not healed in a certain time frame.
The heart does not work that way

2016 has been a year where we have been constantly reminded of how fragile life is, with many of our famous celebrities leaving our planet; David Bowie and Prince to name a few.

Even though many of us have not known the celebrities personally, somehow a death in the public eye, is a powerful reminder of our own mortality, of how the only guarantee in life is death. If they, the beautiful, powerful, talented can die, then what hope have we mere mortals?

Each death triggers our personal losses. We are catapulted heart first through another layer of grief. There was I thinking that I had healed from losing my mum, eleven years ago, but I suddenly find myself affected by the death of a stranger.

Last month, was another such reminder of how life is so precious and short. My beloved cat of ten years, just dropped dead. There was no warning, no illness to prepare for that ill fated moment. No accident or malpractice. He just died, stopped breathing. In a moment he was here full of life and then lay lifeless, just a body encased in fur. He was gone yet in our mind he was still here. Our mind could not compute what had happened. Our heart broken wide open yet again, triggering the reality of loss, of impermanence.

An elderly neighbour passed away last month too. We attended his funeral. I didn't know him, I know his wife. But I cried as the family spoke of him at the service. I cried as they carried his coffin. I cried as I hugged his wife. Who was I crying for? Who was I grieving?

I meet many elderly people at my part-time job at the post office. We know each other by first names. I look forward to interacting with them even for a minute or two, before I serve the next customer. I do worry about them as they struggle to put their money away and hide their pin number.

I have my favorites; The couple who work as a team, the husband putting in the pin number, whilst the wife just looks on. She always asks for the same amount - £35.00 please, she says and he moves her out of the way, perching his glasses on his nose, hunching over the card machine. One day last month the old lady came with a younger lady. She seemed perplexed with the process asking for £40.00 which I found odd as she always asked for the same amount. I mentioned that she usually had her husband to help. The old lady said that she lost her husband. My mind did not compute, I asked, 'What do you mean?'

'Oh he keeled over in the garden and died last week.' she said matter of factly. But I could not comprehend this in that moment. Heart open wide again...

All week I thought about the old man. Again I was reminded of how fragile life is. How it doesn't matter who you are; animal or human being, strong or week, young or old, life gives way to death. It doesn't make sense, it is not supposed to make sense. It doesn't matter how much time passes, the mind can never make peace with grief. Only the heart can. But it is not the same as how we understand peace to be.

The heart remembers with a different energy. It is neither good nor bad. It has no beginning nor end. It is unlimited.

That is probably why we feel so deeply at loss and bereavement as it passes the space of no time. We get lost in this never ending black hole of no time, if we do not allow ourselves space to heal. If death and loss of any kind, whether it is loss of a relationship, health, abode or identity, it has a sense of finality. Change is thrust upon us whether we are ready or not. We have to endure the pain, in order to come through to the otherside of it. How we grieve is important, how long is irrelevant as it changes in itself. For instance do we ever stop grieving the loss of our youth? We may accept our wrinkles and the way our bodies move slower and feel different but there is no set duration on the longing to that time of no time. Where the world may have had its problems but time was on our side.

The same with good health. When we have it we may take it for granted, we feel invincible and gorge unconsciously on anything we fancy. But when ill health strikes we grieve for that vitality and vigor.

Each time our heart is open wide we have the opportunity to heal a loss. We can dip in with our frightened, fragile mind and find some acceptance and peace. Or we can prolong the pain by fighting the inevitability of death and endings. The destination is the same, it is our choice how we journey through it.

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Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

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Help! I'm feeling overwhelmed' - insights from Laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is not some quirky insubstantial time-filling activity. Laughter yoga helps real people with real life. The insights in nls: natural laughter skills provide a robust practical framework for navigating us through a crisis.

Winston Churchill commented 'If you're going through hell, keep going'.

To help do this, here are 7 core nls: natural laughter skills steps.
  • just hang in there

  • keep breathing

  • set tiny wellness targets ('for the next 5 minutes I'll relax, breathe & smile')
  • within yourself, allow the possibility of change ('resistance is futile' … and it has the potential to turn pain into suffering?)
  • Make a point for 5 minutes at a time, once or thrice a day, appreciating really 'tiny' normally insignificant things - fingernails, the fact that bones mend, the texture of your skin, the colour of your walls etc)
  • Remember that with all you know and all you already do, clarity is on its way. You just have a bit of turbulence to get through
  • The universe never puts more on our plate than we can handle


This framework is even more effective when these steps are done with a smile. The act of intentional willing smiling relaxes our psyche and opens us to the possibility of change. With practice, the act of intentional willing smiling generates a palpable internal sensation, a warmth, softening and gentleness we can feel. This quality
makes it easier
  • to endure the painful moment
  • reduces inner resistance
  • and facilitates inner change.
All that you need do with this intentional willing smiling practice is keep practicing, as in 'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within'.

As John F Kennedy remarked 'The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining', and the more we integrate this smiling practice into our daily life, the better we are able to deal with life's inevitable turbulence. We are developing our resilience, and using as many of our own resources as possible - physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual.

Do these steps really help?
Here is a recent comment 'I feel anyone going through change and feeling overwhelmed will benefit from the wisdom of these words. I read them every day and they ground and encourage me, as well as reassuring me that I am doing enough.'

Just keep practicing your intentional willing smiling.

Friends are Angels too



Every year at the Summer Gathering of our group of New Essenes I'm reminded of the importance of friendship.

We all roll up in varying shapes and sizes, with our smiles and warm hugs and as we get older we bring our many aches and pains too. Healing is offered to everyone - on various levels - and as we are nearly all therapists of one kind or another many leave feeling so much better than they arrived. But it is due to far more than receiving a 'treatment' or two. Some of us have joined together every year for over twenty years. We only see one another once or maybe twice for those who come along to the AGM in Spring and possibly don't really know the ins and outs of the mundane aspects of our lives. Yet we 'know' one another at a deeper soul level than can be described in words. There is such love shared between us.

How does this love manifest? By acceptance, nurturing, humour and understanding. When we greet one another our eyes shine and the warmth in each hug is deeply nourishing. It is the love, and the friendship that heals.

There is so much to be gained from the energy of group meditation, exercising on the lawn doing Tai Chi or sitting and eating together at round tables and sharing our wisdom and deepest spiritual experiences. But the most important is the laughter. Laughter touches every part of us, doesn't it? The tonic of a good belly laugh, the sharing of a silly comment, the banter between friends. Why does it make us feel good? It feeds the soul.

So often I talk about my dream to set up little 'star-groups' of support and friendship between like-minded people. At all my workshops I invite people to get in touch with one another for sharing their spiritual experiences and supporting one another over a phone call, or even online. It is hard for people to find the time to keep it going.

We all have incredibly busy lives and most have full-time jobs or families who make demands on our time. But friendship needs care and time too. It doesn't have to be often. Real friendship can last over time and space. I sometimes don't see old friends for years, yet when we meet it is as though it was only yesterday. It is because of the depth and quality of sharing, that these friendships are heartfelt.

Friendship can be fleeting, like the people we meet and have fun with on holiday. It may be for the duration of a job, or a three year college course. Or it can be for a life time, like some of my Essene friends of almost twenty years. Some of us have friends who are still there from schooldays, that have been maintained since childhood. People who know every detail of your life and been there during all the important developments, and changes. Like all the relationships in our lives friends will inevitably come and go. Those who touch our heart will stay there, even when they have moved on. I still love the friends I no longer see and send blessings to them regularly, hoping that all is well in their world, wherever they are.

To have a good friend we have to be a good friend. Sharing is a mutual gift, requires giving and taking in equal measure, and effort from both sides. Friends are like angels, we should honour them, value them, trying never to take them for granted. In our hearts and on many levels, whether in this world or the next, these important friendships will always be there.

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Effortless laughter

It's a vibe thing

When you yourself feel it, you transmit it, effortlessly.

The knack is to feel it, genuinely & authentically, in your core.

'It', of course, is good-natured warmth. 'It' is also joyfulness.

It is also acceptance, the acceptance of our inner dark and light, of our sorrows as well as our joys. It is the ability to cry as well as laugh.

'It' takes practice. The practice is endless, but it gets better. Life becomes more joyful.


Is this a good reason to practice?

Laughter yoga is wonderful for this. There is a great practice, of laughing at oneself. The practice of being able to laugh through, at & with our 'story' is very profound. It is liberating because it puts us increasingly at ease with life and all it brings - the downs as well as the ups.

You practice laughing no matter what you're feeling.

It is the equivalent of keeping breathing, no matter what you're feeling. Just keep breathing.

After all, isn't a laugh just a type of out-breath?

When we have learnt to laugh like this, people sense it. It allows them to laugh more easily, effortlessly even. This inner freedom, the freedom referred to by Marianne Williamson in her memorable 'Our deepest fear' quote, gives others permission to feel more expansively too. When this is done in a space that allows and encourages good-natured connection, whether in a laughter yoga/wellness session or in fact any other session, effortless natural spontaneous laughter often occurs.

It usually occurs.

In fact, it almost invariably occurs.

If you run any kind of 'laughter' sessions, this is a very good skill to learn.

As a personal practice, it is extremely liberating.

It is another one of these 'simple but not easy' practices, and like all such practices, it is potentially life-changing in a good way.

The underlying reason for this effortless laughter involves being present and experiencing the joy that simply being alive can offer. When we are able to relax into the 'now', it is usually a joyful experience, and in this state, good-natured laughter easily and naturally bubbles up.

This applies as much as a personal practice as a group skill.

Are these good reasons to learn it?

Useful links include:

group laughter skills (webinar)
group laughter skills (course)
personal practice (book)

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Walk and smile. Smile and walk

In his sadly brief life, Kierkegaard said 'Above all, do not lose your desire to walk'.

(His full quote is below)

I like to walk and smile. In fact I have a mantra: 'Walk, Breathe, Smile'.

Three significant factors that the increasing amount of research into lifelong brain health (and ageing better) shows is first, how we can keep learning all our lives, and secondly, how we can learn new practices by repetition, how hugely we all benefit from walking.

The power and effectiveness of smiling comes up time and again. Almost any set of happier living tips nowadays includes smiling because it is such an easy and immediate way of improving our mood. What is not always appreciated or mentioned is that we can use smiling as a practice.

We can all learn to smile more. We can teach ourselves.

There are enormous benefits from walking more. If we are motivated enough to walk, we can introduce the smiling practice too. They are great practices to combine.

I've written about smiling practices in previous blogs. Basically, you soften your facial muscles (which incidentally makes you much more attractive and produces instant beautification).

As you deepen your own practice, be alert for the feeling of the smile. Move your awareness away from your eyes, mouth and face and focus instead on the inner quality of your smile. Focus in your chest and heart.


Time and again I take clients through this awareness process so they become aware of the vibrational quality of their smile. They become aware this emits a welcoming quality.

In trainings and workshops, it is fun and revealing how easily we pick up on invisible signals. We all sense mood more readily than we sometimes realise.

Walking is an excellent opportunity to practice this. Walking, and especially connecting with nature, is a general feelgood activity in its own right and experience has shown me repeatedly that it can be very easy to add a smiling practice into it.

Among other things, it makes the walk even more enjoyable. This combination adds to Kierkegaard's list of benefits.

'Walk, Breathe, Smile'.

I hope you've fund this interesting and/or helpful. If so, I very much appreciate all shares.

Also, all comments are welcome.

Thank you.

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Cultivate experiences for a positive life


Cultivate (definitions from the Oxford dictionaries)

Break up (soil) in preparation for sowing or planting:
Try to acquire or develop (a quality or skill):
Try to improve or develop (one's mind).

My step-daughter is flying to the Canary Islands today, with some friends. I told her to try and make the most of it and not take fall outs and disagreements with the other girls to heart, as time is precious.

Easier said than done, I know, but it is from my own observations that I wish I had not spent so much time being upset or angry with my lot…yes, most of those times these emotions were the only ones I was able to deal with, or to be exact, were the only emotions I was habitually accustomed to. I had become very comfortable in my discomfort and I was unaware that there were other ways to be.

Hindsight is amazing and is an excellent way of using that understanding to move forward. If used as just another way to beat up yourself it is neither useful nor healthy.

On waking this morning, from my dream-fuelled, power-surged (hot flushed) sleep, I had the thought pop in my mind that maybe we could cultivate a positive mind-set from experiences we have had in the past. In other words, instead of thinking about an unpleasant or traumatic period as all bad we can look for the positives in that time frame too.

Of course, these unpleasant experiences need to be given the respect and time they require to be told; felt; acknowledged and validated. But more importantly, they must be accepted as part of you in some way. If we do not, we are cutting huge chunks of our lives out, which is sad …

I had the sudden realisation that big parts of my life which have been traumatic and unpleasant, involved also some of the happiest parts of my life. Somehow my mind had decided to erase the majority of those years out so that I could get on with life. It was a survival technique.

What is becoming more apparent though, in my experience and in my continuous learning, is that nothing ever goes away until it is brought into the light to be healed, let go of, integrated and accepted as having been part of your life. When we cut off a part of our lives, we cut off our life force.

We have bits of our energy still in those fragments of ourselves where our mind decides it is not needed because it is too painful.

Some years ago, I met up with my eldest son in a church in Sunderland. We hadn't seen each other for a long while as he lives in Cyprus. He was on a 'pilgrimage' of sorts with his spiritual group and was staying for the day in the UK before jetting off to other lands.

It was an emotional, happy time seeing my son and I felt privileged to get a glimpse of his 'world'. We sat listening to a local Historian give a talk about the history of the Celts and Christianity, she talked about the gift of prophecy. It was all very interesting but to be honest I was more interested in being there with my son.

When the talk was over we made our way towards the exit of the church. I felt someone pull me back and as I looked up, it was the lady who had been giving the talk. She looked into my eyes and apologised for the intrusion asking me if I was a writer. I thought it was an odd question, and I responded by saying that I do write.

She then continued to tell me she had a message for me. She said she had the gift of prophecy and she could see me digging through the soil looking for something important. She said that in the past I had been stopped from finding it but now it was time to unearth it and write about it.

I thanked her quite startled at this message and also for her persistence. As she followed me out of the church, she told me there was an urgency to the message and that it was time.

I was quite excited about this, but my family didn't share my enthusiasm. Nothing new there I thought, but it re-sparked my desire to find it, whatever it was.

With this image of me digging or undigging, the word cultivate came to mind. As the definition states, it is the breaking up of soil for sowing or planting. It is also trying to develop a quality or skill and also trying to improve or develop one's mind.

It is a process, and as with all processes it needs time and attention. If we take our past experiences and cultivate them we may unearth some positive nugget which may help us live a more positive life.

As the great philosopher Socrates said,

'The unexamined life is not worth living'.


Christina is currently planning workshops based on the idea of
'Cultivating our experiences to live a positive life'.

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Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Christina is currently setting up a writing group in Quinton, Birmingham every Wednesday evening. She is also organising regular Cafe Meetups in Birmingham with writing tips and hot drink included, on Saturday mornings. Get in touch by email.

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Remember And Restore Every Piece of Your Soul

Have you ever heard someone say to you that they felt 'in pieces', were 'torn apart', or 'fell to bits' after en emotionally charged situation, or confrontation? Perhaps you've even felt or described yourself as being 'all over the place' or that your thoughts were 'scattered' when under pressure. It is not always easy to climb out of that kind of stressful situation is it? In my view the worst kind of remedy is to fake a smile and carry on as if nothing has happened. We have certainly all heard the stern instruction from an authority figure to 'pull yourself together'. It's certainly what we Britons are famous for!

However, I have a slightly different take on this interesting position, of our multi faceted beings. Today as I take all my birthday cards down from the shelf and enjoy so many different greetings inside. I'm reflecting on just how everyone sees us as someone they know and yet how many pieces we divide ourselves into … quite voluntarily!

Smiling, I remember back to my young years as a bit of a 'wild-child' playing outdoors alone, even now in my head most of the time I'm simply 'Me, myself and I' (To quote from Joan Armatrading). But, scarily I realise that I am also: a wife, daughter, step-daughter, daughter-in-law, mum, step-mum, mother-in-law, nan, child-minder, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, niece, friend, and even best-friend - and all these roles are just in my private life. Goodness knows how many different parts make up the professional side of me too. No wonder I sometimes feel I'm being pulled in all directions. (Chuckling, I'm certain some of you will nod in recognition).

Now consider the theory that places have memories too. Could it be that we actually leave a little bit of ourselves all over the world in the energetic memories of all the places we have visited? Especially if we have fallen in love, even with the place itself, and become emotionally attached. "I left my heart in San Francisco" - sang Frank Sinatra - Did he?

So, from a spiritual perspective then, it isn't difficult to see how important it would to be grounded and whole. On a daily basis, through breathing and meditation practice, we can settle back into our body, become aware of who we are, surround ourselves in Divine Light, and re-connect.

How about a little bit of personal soul retrieval, are we giving away parts of our soul too? Over all the many lifetimes, let's face it, we have all been different things to different people. Then, in this life, we have again been most of the above (or in the masculine version of the same with father, son, husband, granddad, grandson etc.) If I think about my workshops and how much energy I willingly share with so many people, I can be exhausted by the end of a weekend. Add to this all the tiny pieces that are left with each passing relationship, and those parts of us which are taken without us realising, can you begin to imagine how scattered we truly are, if we are not careful?

Here's a little exercise that someone close to me once suggested after a particularly tricky week with family demands and life-work balance: Try sitting quietly, breathing slowly, and relaxing into a safe space within. Now say out loud:

"I call back all parts of my soul to return to me from the past, the present and into the future. I call all aspects of my soul back to me which I have given away, or which have been taken without my knowledge".

Then, breathing steadily, imagine that you are surrounded by pure white light. Place a further ring of gold light all around you. Give thanks to yourself for all that you are, and thank God and the angels for assisting you in this process.

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Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. It can also be described as the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential. It is a state that combines health and happiness, as well as an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a more successful and rewarding life. (Success here is not defined as acquiring large amounts of financial wealth - rather, it is defined as being in balance in all areas of your life).

Let's just look at the opening sentence again, specifically 'healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit'. Those few words can be also be taken to read 'heal thy balance of the mind, body and spirit'.

As human beings we spend a lot of our life more as human doings. We are forever 'doing' -something; whether it be working, playing, socially interacting - with another individual or a group. We are constantly 'on the go' - working towards this, working towards that - always in pursuit; forever chasing that which eludes us. And it eludes us simply because we are always 'chasing after it'. What is this it?

People often use the phrase "I'll be alright when I get there", or, "I'm getting there" only to find they are getting nowhere. Maybe that´s because they are now here! Right here in the here and now - only they cannot see it!

By always 'doing' and not spending time just 'being' we get out of balance. When we get out of balance we begin to feel unwell, we get aches and pains, we become ill, we struggle on, life becomes a chore instead of a joy. Feeling well and feeling good is our birthright, but we give it up and only a few reclaim it. We give up that feeling of wellness as though we do not deserve it. But we do, you do! So how do we reclaim it? How do we get the balance back in our lives?

To achieve a state of wellness one has to work on its determinants. This in my view means developing a better understanding of the concept of health - the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Get these in balance and other determinants such as family, wealth, healthy practices, the environment, social support and leisure seem to fall into place with much more ease.

In other words 'heal thy mind, body and spirit'. How?

Being out of balance will result in 'pain' in some way shape or form - maybe it is physical , maybe it is emotional, perhaps it is both, either way a good starting point would be to gain some element of control over this pain without the need or use of drugs. Over use of pain relieving drugs causes havoc on the physical body, especially on the internal organs.

Once your pain is eradicated or at least, is under your control, your mind is freer and able to concentrate more, your physical body becomes easier to move and your spirit is lightened.

The way to achieve this is to recognise as the quote below suggests, that our thoughts are an integral part of our wellbeing, our wellness.

"The concept of total wellness recognises that our every thought, word, and behaviour affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually." Greg Anderson

Every thought we have impacts upon us at a cellular level. This means that every thought affects us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Basically, what that means is that you can think yourself well or you can think yourself ill! How powerful is that?
Can you imagine the impact this would have on people's lives if only they realised how powerful their thoughts are?

Who needs help to change their thinking?


Author Bio

Passionate about helping others to live their best life, I work with individuals and groups either face to face or online. I also work with solo-preneurs to enable them to reach their business goals.

Working online and using the latest technology enables me to help people from all over the globe. This is borne out by some of the Success Stories on my website at

People often ask me what I do for a living and I have always found this hard to explain. I guess for now I will have to go with the phrase; "I am a life changer. I help people to positively change their lives in order to be where they want to be in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To the best that they can be and to live their best life!!"

I remain dedicated to continual growth and self-development in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and the needs of my personal clients.

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Laughter wellness: what is it and why does it work?

At last.

'Now we are 8', 8 years into the Great Recession, one ever-pressing question is: what works? The harder the times, the more pressing this question.

Three of the threads proving their effectiveness are:

Mindfulness: present-moment awareness, encouraging emotionally intelligent and self-responsible behaviour

Positive Psychology: the impact of positivity on emotions, happiness and effectiveness

Wellness: overturns stress, anxiety & depression, and promotes connection and resilience.



In the 'Wellness' picture, the role of 'laughter wellness' has its place because it is upbeat & energising, simple & effective, and fast.

It combines wellness activities with enjoyment. The result is calmness, connection and resilience which manifests in happier productivity.

BNP (Banque National de Paris), among others, used 'zest for life' recently.
We moved around the space, walked at different tempos, internalised & isolated ourselves, communicated & connected with each other, and kept expanding our awareness - all in a framework of good-natured exploration.

Apprehensive, heady, pressured individuals turned up and surprised, relaxed, energised & connected individuals left.

The surprise was because of how little we did and how well it worked. We moved, we breathed, we kept expanding our connection. We all felt well, no matter how we were feeling at the start of the session.

The moral? Laughter yoga in the form of 'Laughter wellness' has the magic combination of simplicity, enjoyment and effectiveness.

It works.

Time to take laughter wellness seriously?

Shifting Sands

Have you ever had a dream where you were running on the spot, trying to get away from someone, or something, and try as you might your legs were like lead. Do you recall using all your strength as you tried to move your legs yet were unable to move - getting nowhere? Perhaps you've experienced calling out in a dream, shouting a warning yet unheard, or screaming out for help but there was no-one there? Awful aren't they, these dreaded nightmares which we now label 'anxiety dreams' ?


The reason I ask is that so often we feel as if we are talking to the wind. When we feel literally 'unheard', we might as well be invisible. This isn't a healthy state of mind and consequently we may be left feeling very vulnerable, insignificant and develop low self esteem. When, and if, our requests or suggestions, instructions or even demands are simply not heard by those we direct them to then perhaps its time we reviewed the way we communicate. If life mirrors our actions back to us so that we can make the necessary adjustments for growth, then isn't this obvious? Not necessarily! Sometimes lessons are learned very slowly.

When my children were young my mother lived in Oregon, USA. I decided that before they were both too old for child fares on the transatlantic flights I ought to take them to see their grandma and experience America (or at least part of it) for themselves. We flew in to San Francisco and traveled by car north and upwards through gold-mining towns, then giant Redwoods, then along the coast of California and along to the rugged coastline of Oregon. What an adventure for a nine and eleven year old!

The reason I'm sharing this story is because at one point my mother suggested we see the shifting sand dunes and let the children see how fast the dunes travel in the high winds. As you watch with your own eyes the dunes travel along as the sand blows, completely altering the landscape as it disappears into the headlands of the Oregon coast. Having been cooped up in a small car with three adults for hours they were delighted and raced off into the sand. I watched carefully to keep my eyes on them as they ran and rolled up and down the dunes, traveling further into the distance until suddenly to my horror they were completely out of ear-shot. As I shouted and yelled out to them, all I could hear was my own voice in the wind echoing back to me. The sands certainly shift, and in no time at all they were completely out of sight and I knew it was pointless following, and running after them - they still wouldn't hear my voice in the wind. Even though I had given them instructions not to go too far, in their excitement and needing a release of energy, they literally got carried away. Although I could hear their voices blowing back to me, they certainly couldn't hear mine. That felt like a nightmare, a real life anxiety dream. Yet I had to remain calm, and practice my belief in trust.

I took a deep breath, prayed that they would run to a high mound and spot us standing waving at them to return to the car. My mother started to panic, but I hoped and trusted that my adventurous pair would realise just how far they had gone and turn round and come back. Which they did.

Looking back to experiences I had with my children I can easily relate it to how we are in our spiritual life. Whether it's our Higher Self, or God and the angels we pray to, we make a request, (or demand), meditate peacefully to gain wisdom and insights, or indeed physically call for help when things go awry, and then we still rush along in our own 'little world' forgetting any words of wisdom or guidance we may have received. Can you imagine our magnificent, patient and loving angels watching as we go rushing off course, headlong and oblivious of the danger? Remember the phrase: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" ? Hm, makes you think - doesn't it?

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The Language of Love


My kitchen fitter asked 'What do you do for a living?" I replied 'I am a self-realisation and relationship coach.' 'Well maybe you could help me and my wife' he said. In my experience, many people keep their relationship challenges private, so that their family and circle of friends believe that they have the ideal relationship/ marriage. Somehow anything short of perfect for some people is a failure. I should know, as I was one of those people.

In my first marriage to Robert, I didn't want to admit to myself or anyone else that my relationship was failing, that I felt miserable and was experiencing panic attacks as a result of my growing anxiety. However, I knew that nothing would change if we didn't change, so I voiced my concerns to my husband. Reluctantly, he engaged with a relationship counsellor and so I was hopeful that we could somehow repair our broken marriage.

The counsellor informed us about a concept by Dr Gary Chapman called Love Languages® and asked us both to go home and partake in an online test. We did as instructed and took the profile results with us to our next session. It soon became apparent that for the duration of our relationship, I had been meeting Robert's needs and primary love language - acts of service. The house was clean, his washing and ironing done and dinner on the table each night when he got home. However, what also became evident, was that Robert had not been meeting mine. You see my primary love language is affirmation, which basically means that words effect me on an emotional level. Positive words uplift me greatly whilst negative words wound me deeply. That moment, in that small therapy room in Worcester, was my eureka moment! I now realised why our marriage wasn't working. The counsellor asked Robert if he could find ways to meet my primary love language, by choosing different words to communicate to me and be positive in what he says. Sadly, he couldn't do this and the marriage eventually came to an end.

That moment in our relationship was a crossroads. An opportunity for us to take the same path and build our relationship together or go our separate ways. Some choose to walk the path together, but that option wasn't right for us. Too much water had passed under the bridge. This doesn't have to be the case for everyone though. Since my time in that therapy room as a client, I have re-trained and pleased that I can now help others who struggle in their relationship or in their quest to find a soulmate. Relationships form the basis of our society and yet looking back over my lifetime, I can't remember ever being formally taught about relationships at school, college or at work. As children, I think that we are expected to learn these fundamental skills in the classroom and playground or by observing family.

Dr Chapman refers to the metaphor "inside every child is an 'emotional tank' waiting to be filled with love". Every adult was once a child and still has an inner child that needs love, regardless of age. We may have entered adulthood with an empty, partially filled or full 'love tank' and that will depict our decisions when it comes to the relationships we choose. Could this be a contributory factor to relationship breakdowns and the current high rate of divorce I wonder? Surely, it makes sense for our government to review this and invest money into relationship coaching and programs, so that people can objectively look at their personal 'love tank', in order to make better educated decisions on life, marriage and family.

Love is essential to our emotional health, as well as to the road of self-realisation. So why do we understand so little about it and its dynamics in our relationships? People often state that they love someone, a family pet, an object such as car or item of clothing, or even a particular food. To me, that illustrates that we feel different degrees of love. Today, I would like us to focus on the love we have for other human beings and particular how we communicate that love. Since starting my coaching business, I have helped many clients overcome their frustrations when it comes to love and relationships. One of the tools I use in my practice, is Dr Chapman's Love Language® profiling, so that my clients can understand their primary love language and gain insight into what they need to feel loved and what fills their personal 'love tank'. I invite you to do the same.


What is a Love Language®?

A persons love language is the way in which he/she speaks and understands emotional love.


What are the 5 Love Languages®?

Dr Gary Chapman is a Marriage Counsellor and leader of marriage enrichment seminars. He discovered that there are five emotional love languages, each with varying dialects depending upon a person's imagination. Dr Chapman is the author of 'The 5 Love Languages - The Secret to Love That Lasts'. With over thirty years experience in marriage counselling, he discovered that we communicate via five love languages and that in most cases each person in a relationship will have differing emotional love languages. However, this doesn't mean that they are incompatible. For example, if a persons primary spoken language is English, it wouldn't mean that they are incompatible with someone who's primary spoken language is Spanish.

Chapman believes that the secret to a long-lasting relationship is understanding and learning to speak our spouse's primary love language. If people take the time and make the effort to do this, then they will be successful communicators of love.


Why you should understand your own Love Language ®?

According to many experts, love plays as central role in life and psychologists believe that the need to feel loved is a primary human emotional need. I believe its important that we understand our primary love language in order to understand ourselves and our love needs better. Knowing your Love Language is powerful but understanding how it works in your relationships can truly change your life.

Once I discovered my primary love language, I became conscious of why I felt unloved in my marriage, why some friendships made me feel taken for granted and why I felt a failure at work. My husband, some of my friends and my boss weren't talking my primary love language. This, along with my personal belief system, past emotional wounds and patterns of behaviour, directly impacted upon my self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief. By understanding my primary love language, I now have a clear understanding of myself and have been able to effectively communicate this to the people who are most important to me. I have also been able to transfer this into all relationships, including that with my children.


Empowerment Exercise - Love Language Profile

The Love Language® Profile provides you with a personal analysis of your preferred emotional communication, what this means to you and how you can use it to connect to loved ones or when finding love. It consists of thirty paired statements, so that you can select the statement which best captures the essence of what is most meaningful to you.


• Allow yourself 10-15 minutes at a time and in a place where you won't be disturbed.
• Drink a glass of water to ensure that you are fully hydrated.
• Sit at your PC, tablet or Mac. Note: A smartphone isn't ideal for this sort of test.
• Complete a few minutes of simple focussed breathing to aid relaxation and to help you ground.
• Please take your time on the test and do not rush.

The Profile Test:

• Click 'Discover Your Love Language'.
• You will be asked if the test is for you or your child. Select 'Myself' option.
• You will be asked if you are in a relationship or single. Select appropriate option.
• You will then enter the 'Getting Started' screen.
• Complete the 'Your Information' section.
• Click 'Start'
• Read each statement and each answer. Then select the first and most appropriate answer which comes to mind, as this will come from your intuition.
• Complete all 30 statements
• You will be provided with 5 Love Languages, each with a score. The highest scoring language is your primary Love Language.


So by now, you will know your primary love language and what fills your 'love tank'. If you would like to discuss what this means or how you can use this information in your relationship, then please give me a call on 07725 470392 to discuss in more detail. I am confident that by understanding your love language, you will be able to seek out what makes you feel loved and appreciated and fill up your love tank.
I wish you love, joy and happiness in your relationships.

By Helen Courtney

Self-Realisation expert at Evolving You
Author of The Silent Sufferer -
M: 07725 470392


You can change your hair


You can change your hair, the colour of your nails, even the colour of your eyes with coloured lenses. You can change your job, your spouse or partner, you can even change where you live, including your country of residence.

However, until you change your thinking and associated behaviour you will never reach your full potential as a human being. You will never become the best version of you, you could possibly be. You will not live the life of your dreams.

You can change all that you want on the outside; until you change what's on the inside however nothing changes. If nothing changes then nothing changes ...
The same fears will haunt you.

The same fears will keep you stuck.

The same fears will continue to control your life until they become your absolute reality.

Inner change is hard, it is painful, it involves stepping into the unknown. At times the journey is hard, however it is always worth it in the end.

Taking responsibility to change is a huge step. Responsibility is a huge step. Yet when you take responsibility for who you are and where you are at in life, and the part you have played in getting there, then change becomes inevitable. Embracing that change can, and does literally change your life.

Taking responsibility in all areas of your life means taking back your personal power. It is then easier to invoke change. You become the director in the movie of your life and not just 'an extra' or an actor. Reclaiming your personal power allows you to co-create your life and manifest your dreams. I do not mean the dreams you have whilst you are asleep, it is the dreams that you have whilst you are awake that give you your purpose, and propel you out of bed each day and keep you taking action to make your dreams come true.

When you choose responsibility and choose to change and are willing to face your fears and take the action necessary, then you can have, be and do whatever you want in life if you so desire. To do this from a heart based perspective (with love) rather than from a fear based perspective (ego), enhances your true potential even more.

Taking responsibility enhances one energetically. Energy is everything, we are energy beings. Taking responsibility means using our energy in a positive and healing way. Just imagine the impact that this has on your life and the lives of others!

Taking responsibility is also about self-care and self-care is the best health care in the world! Promoting your own wellness ripples across all areas of life, personally and in business.

Taking ownership of your thoughts, feelings and ultimately your life, enables you to live your best life which is no more that you actually deserve!

Now is the only time we really have, being present in the now enables you to enjoy the beauty of life and increases your awareness that change is the only constant in life. Everything changes.

Do you believe that the life you have and are living right now is your best life? Have you changed all that you can on the outside and still feel that something is missing? Perhaps it is time to change on the inside.

Are you ready to change, to accept responsibility and reclaim your personal power?

If the movie of your life is currently going nowhere, become the director of that movie, and create a new ending.

How do you want to be remembered?

Author Bio

As an experienced Personal Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach I have two passions in life - one is food and the other is to enable others to be the best that they can be and to live their best life!

I work with individuals and groups either face to face or online, I also work with solo-preneurs to enable them to reach their business goals.

Working online and using the latest technology enables me to help people from all over the globe. This is borne out by some of the Success Stories on the following website at

People often ask me what I do for a living and I have always found this hard to explain. I guess for now I will have to go with the phrase; "I am a life changer. I help people to positively change their lives in order to be where they want to be in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To the best that they can be and to live their best life!!"

I remain dedicated to continual growth and self-development in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and the needs of my personal clients.

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Lunar Eclipse 23-3-16 - Increasing receptivity

As we enter the energies of the Full moon/lunar eclipse, we start the engagement process, of the second part of this eclipse series, which was initiated on the solar eclipse a few weeks ago. It has been an intense few weeks, with many miasmic energies colliding. In order to release karma, soul aspects and cleanse more of the shadow, from our over all light quota, held within our auric field.

This Lunar Eclipse - Is all about incresing our receptive self. How we receive from others? How we take on other peoples stuff? How we love ourselves? and how we receive new downloads and light codes from our own star gate?

That star gate lives within the heart, it resides in the place of purity that exists within every soul on the planet. The sacred place of being that is accessed when we reach a certain frequency, or vibrational level to hold ourselves and our cells steady. Total responsibility of self is required to access this place within. It has been called many things during the history of our planet. The Zero Point, Holy of holies, The infinite self to name but a few.

So the questions which will factor in how much you are ready to receive are:
what AM I ready to receive? How worthy do I feel? How much love am I ready to hold? Have I cleared my vehicle enough? Is my focus on my heart solid and unwavering?

It's going to be different for all of us, as we are all unique and at different stages in the remembering process. This eclipse and easter period will bring revelation to many and light codes that have not been seen on this planet, for thousands of years. The shadows are finally starting to clear and the darkness can't hide any more.

Every day more corruption, lies and false programming are being released. Although this looks incredibly ugly as it plays out. We should be greatful that it's out in the open and that we can steer clear of it, or dissolve it when it crosses our path. This is a new chance, to orientate your universe in a direction that brings more joy, love and soul felt satisfaction.

Over this Easter period let the lower self die, give thanks for the experience that was had and then look forward to your new lighter self. Three words that will be in play over the easter period are Miracles, Magic and Manifestation. Helping you to open up the light that is within!

Are you brave enough to open the Seal and Let Love out?

Much love - Ryan

""Empowering energetic tools, words & sessions, for souls who are ready to transform back, into their natural Love filled self."

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- lessons in letting go of control



For the past month I have been looking forward to my son coming to the U.K from Cyprus. He has been living there for the past year, something I initially found hard to accept but in time became used to, especially as he seemed happier.

After finishing his National service in January 2016, I didn't hesitate in arranging for him to visit us for a while. We decided to keep it a secret from my daughter. It is her 18th in a few days' time. I found a flight which would mean he would be here just in time to celebrate her big day.

I kept the secret, with difficulty as I am not very good with containing my emotions, whether sad or happy. Whenever anyone would ask me when George will be coming I would say, soon hopefully or change the subject.

The big day came last week. I made an excuse to my partner that I was going to a talk and needed to use his sat nav. He offered to put in the post code (maybe he suspected) but I convinced him I could manage.

I was at my part time job, counting the hours away. He would be checking in at 14:30 pm Cyprus time, two hours ahead of UK time.

I was so excited George was coming, the last time I saw him was in June 2015 when I went to Cyprus to see him before he was conscripted into the army. In five hours I would have one of my boys' home, (My eldest is in Cyprus too).

'Mum they won't let me board!', read the text.


This was not happening. He had all the right documents from the army. The system was not updated so at check in, his name popped up. He was swiftly taken aside by immigration and the police came, checked his documents and told him all was well. By then the flight had left.

I was devastated. It was now 2.45 pm UK time, I was still at work, serving customers, putting on a smile, whilst my heart was in bits and my mind reeling.

The following few days were filled with calls, tweets, emails to the Cyprus Government, army, police the Cyprus airport, anybody who would listen to my distress. To no avail, everyone was passing the blame. I had lost the ticket and my son was not here.

'Things happen for a reason, mum!' George said reassuringly to me over the phone.

Really?! The only reason I could see was the incompetence of the Cyprus officials. I was not in the mood to see the bigger picture at the moment.

After accepting begrudgingly that I was not going to be remunerated for the loss of my ticket, I decided to book him another one-way ticket to the UK, as his return was still open.

I calmed down a little after that, even though I was another 200 euro out of pocket. At least my son would be here. I was anxious that his name may still be on the stop list so I called the officials the morning of his flight, to make sure that all was ok.

Before work that morning I pulled up the booking. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the name of the booking was not the same as his passport.


The words, 'everything happens for a reason', kept replaying in my head. What could be the reason for this to be happening? To change the name would mean paying £100.00. The only reason I could think of was losing money and for more delays.

Thankfully, the customer services were understanding of my plight and changed the name free of charge. I could breathe again. So I proceeded to check the booking one last time and again to my fright, they had corrected it wrongly.

Nerves frazzled, I was really beginning to think that maybe George was not supposed to come for whatever the reason. But I wanted him here. Forty minutes waiting on the line to change the name, again, I went to work feeling dejected instead of happy and excited.

The ticket was booked and all seemed ok, finally. But I could not understand why all the delays and set-backs.

We picked up my son last night, thankfully he is well and here. We nearly didn't make it in time as I came down with a tummy upset so didn't leave home until the plane landed. We arrived just as he was coming out.

'Everything happens for a reason!',

Hmm! Maybe it does. But for now I have no idea what the reason could be. All I know is that we are not in control of everything, even when we have done everything from our part, there are so many other variables.

Maybe, this was a lesson about releasing the need to be in control. Maybe, it was about money and not being bound by the worries of having it or not.

Was it none of the above; all of them or something different?

Maybe we are not meant to understand everything and releasing the need to understand, in relation to being in control is a big lesson.

For the time being I am happy my son is here. I plan…ok not plan, I am just going to enjoy being with him and my family to celebrate not only my daughter's 18th, but life whatever curve balls it throws!

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Christina is currently setting up a writing group in Quinton, Birmingham every Wednesday evening. She is also organising regular Cafe Meetups in Birmingham with writing tips and hot drink included, on Saturday mornings. Get in touch by email.

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Enjoy the Unen


A testing time is approaching for many of us. How can we best get through it?
Besides the relax/breathe/smile techniques, here are 3 you might not have used much before, if at all.


Commit to enjoying. Before you leave your bed in the morning, affirm to yourself you're going to have a good day, no matter what. At the very least, you start your day on the front foot, not the back. Your smiling practices help but beyond that, make a non-negotiable resolve to yourself that you're going to have a good day. Do whatever you need to set that intention but give it the same kind of determination an Olympic gold-medalist would.

Sacred space. At interval during the day, take time out for yourself. Joseph Campbell referred to this sacred space as perhaps the most important personal practice we have. It allows us to re-centre ourselves, which is vital when we feel under pressure. Leave the room, be somewhere else, but see it and use it as a safety valve.

Imagine light. A successful no-nonsense self-made business-woman I knew was aware of the importance of working in a subtle as well as practical way. Before any presentation she'd do a visualization in which she'd fill the room with her favourite colour, which happened to be pink. One time someone came up to her after her presentation and commented 'did you notice how everything looked a bit pink?'



Even if you just use this as a mental rehearsal exercise, it is surprisingly powerful.
It is also extremely easy to do as it only takes a second or so - longer if you like, but not necessarily.

It also works well in team settings and with meetings, by the way, because the net result is you build your resilience.


I guarantee if you use these tips your enjoyment increases.


You are also likely to find pleasure replaces dread, you become more relaxed and happier, and you connect better than you thought likely, or even possible.

You won't be the first to have these experiences from using these tips.

Happy enjoyment.

Finding Your Roots

During a telephone conference call with some of my students I was describing the importance of working with Archangel Gabriel and the root chakra. Although Gabriel is not the angelic guardian purported take care of our 'root' there is a strong and valuable connection. Not only because we need to anchor ourselves deep into our body before opening ourselves to the power and light of this angel in meditation, but also because the stronger the root itself the stronger and more stable our personal growth.

As you will already know it is Archangel Gabriel who arrives on the scene at the beginning of a new age. The angel of Annunciation, of death and re-birth, of ends and new beginnings, she brings brightness, great joy and hope, lights the way forward and whispers messages of encouragement and creative wisdom in our ears. She sows seeds and instigates change. Most of us have heard of this angel because it is Gabriel who makes a huge presence at the birth (and conception) of some of our great leaders and works of spiritual significance. As you know it was Gabriel who announced the coming of the birth of Jesus, told of John the Baptist's birth and dictated the Qu'ran to Mohammed.

We may not all be great leaders, but when we decide to notice the changes in our own life, and feel guided to live with more awareness and consciousness it is often because we too are being guided by angels. Spiritual messengers who whisper, nudge and leave signs for us to notice their presence. All this to help us become the authentic being we set out to be.

Lots of us know about the chakras. We know the word comes from India, and in Sanskrit means 'wheel'. Mystics and medicine men were able (and still are) to see the flow of energy spinning like a vortex (hence the name 'wheel'). These are situated at certain areas running up the front and back of our physical bodies, on our hands and the soles of our feet. Not everyone can see this movement of energy with the naked eye, but healers are often able to feel the energy - or lack of - at these points.

When we are concentrating on our spiritual development we sometimes get persuaded to focus on our upper chakras from the heart upwards. Of course we need to fully open our heart, work on our throat, feel safe to tune in to our 'third eye' and then understand the divine connection with our crown and God, whatever that means for you. But, and here comes the point I'm making here, unless we have strengthened and worked through all the lower chakras in the lower half of our bodies we become totally out of balance.

The beginning, the root, is hugely important in spiritual development. 'Our' roots are immensely significant in determining how, why, where, and when we embark on any spiritual journey. If Gabriel does indeed arrive in our lives to light the way forward, then surely it is vitally important to gain an understanding into how we got to where we are now.
Working with our root chakra energy enables us to understand and work out more clearly who we are, and how we arrived at this place. After all, if we are ever lost, we cannot choose the right direction until we establish our whereabouts first. We need some kind of map.

Take a look at your own feet, legs and hips. Are you fully comfortable? Are you happy with the direction you are following, the path you walk? Are there any issues from childhood (up to the age 7) that perhaps you haven't quite dealt with, or indeed healed? Are you happy with and made peace with your ancestry, your parents? And, in particular, did your mother enjoy her pregnancy with you, were you conceived in love, and did you have an easy birth? This all has a significant affect on your root. Maybe its time to take a closer look? Send back loving gratitude to those happy days and thank your wonderful self for the joys of childhood. Maybe for some of us it also includes some release work, some healing or forgiveness too perhaps?

In my work with people through the seven steps of spiritual growth towards empowerment and enlightenment it has become clearer and clearer that we all want to enhance our spiritual connection as quickly as possible. But for me the best way, by far, with the knowledge that there are in fact no short cuts, is to start at the very beginning.


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Earth Empowerment


In the midst of these intense energies 2016 is delivering to us, many of you are struggling to cope with the amount of internal shifts that are happening. It's like the current belt of energy the Earth is going through, has pushed us into warp speed.
Its in this warp speed that we sometimes get lost, confused and spin around, feeling like we are not completing anything and are stuck in spin cycle. The fact of the matter is we a completing huge amounts, but the volume of it makes us feel the exact opposite.

This is where your deeper Earth connection can come in and assist in many ways. The Earth connection you have been building through all of your releasing, death and rebirth cycles, has built up to be something quite incredible. However you need to really tap into this energy and work with it every day as it does take a little getting used to.

Breath with this energy and allow your crystalline Earth connection to fill you up, allow it to nourish and support every cell within you. The regeneration process has begun and Mother Earth is now ready to assist you in ways that were not available before. The Earth frequencies have opened up more and more to us, as we shed more and more layers of density. This will continue to be the case, the more we let go of, the younger, more vibrant and soul filled we become.

Working daily with this energetic can bring incredible changes to your life and en-vigour-ate your soul. Many of the star beings whom have never felt part of Earth will begin to once again feel the energy of home as we continue to lighten the load.

New DNA & RNA will be activated and old defunct DNA will be released. All you have to do now is will it to be so! That is if your at the stage in the process of accepting yourself as a creator, the commander and chief of your ship!

Diamond Light - Ryan


"Empowering energetic tools, words & sessions, for souls who are ready to transform back, into their natural Love filled self."


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Love In The 5th Dimension


We all know that there are many different kinds of love. There is romantic love, the love between parent and child, the love between siblings, the love between friends, the love between pet owner and pet, and many other kinds of love. However, when we speak of love in the 5th dimension, we are not limited to these kinds of love.

Fifth dimensional love includes all of these kinds of love, and it also extends beyond the confines of 3rd dimension love to include other types of love.

For example, once one reaches fifth dimension consciousness, they automatically begin to feel love towards everyone. They begin to see themselves in everyone, and they feel a close connection to everyone. They cannot harm anyone nor anything, and they do not even think of harming others. They genuinely care about others. They, in other words, are heart centered.

Fifth dimensional love also extends beyond humanity to the animal, insect, and plant kingdoms and beyond. A person who reaches fifth dimension consciousness begins to feel a connection with mother nature and all of its creatures and feels as if they are one with the animal kingdom. The person may even begin to feel as though animals possess a human soul and human characteristics. This 5th dimensional love also leads one to respect and to feel compassion for the animal, insect, and plant kingdoms. Genuinely caring about mother Earth and all of her occupants is of great importance and becomes a part of the 5thdimension human's permanent behavior and becomes a permanent personality characteristic. It becomes a part of who the person is at their very core.

Once a person reaches fifth dimension consciousness, they feel so much joy and enthusiasm that they love their life. They love living, and they love life in general.
This love for everyone and the love that one feels for life uplifts and inspires the individual to the point that they want to spread their love and light into the world by encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting humanity.

Imagine what the world would be like if all of humanity were to exist at a 5th dimension state of heart centered love consciousness. Since everyone would genuinely love everyone else, and everyone would genuinely care, there would be no separation, no hurting one another, no crime, no wars, no "conqueror mentality", no competition, no greed nor hoarding of resources, no lack of regard for destroying the environment, no lack of regard for depleting the Earth of its natural resources, and the list goes on and on.

If all of humanity were operating at a 5th dimension state of heart centered love consciousness, we would all feel peace within, and external peace would exist throughout the world, there would be unity and collaboration, and the Earth and all of its inhabitants would be well cared for, and abundance would exist for all. Yes, what a wonderful world it would be!

In the end, all that matters is love. If enough of us care, humanity can transcend the negativity of the third dimension Earth and ascend to the heart centered, utopian "Heaven on Earth" of the 5th dimension and beyond. We can make it if we want it enough, and we can make it if we try!

About the Author:
Trish LeSage is a best selling author of books on metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension to higher consciousness, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four books: "Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond"; "Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology"; "Traveling To Parallel Universes"; and "How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness".

More information about her work is available on her website at


What's in a story?


Stories. We read them, we tell them, we share them. We write them, we co-create and create them. We observe them or we are in them. We live them. Sometimes we live them over and over again. Stories make up our journey called life.

Every person we meet has a story to share, whether they are family, friends, lovers, clients or strangers. Stories have been around since the beginning of time as we know it and possibly before.

Stories change and develop quite often each time they are told and depends on who is telling the story. Some are embellished to impress; some are toned down to avoid distress. They are all open to interpretation by the story teller and the reader or listener.

Some stories are real and some are not. How easy is it to tell the difference? How easy is it to determine absolute truth within a true story?

Imagine a detached building on fire. Outside at each corner of the building is a reporter, each interviewing a survivor of this inferno. Four stories emerge each saying how many are trapped inside and how the fire started. The stories differ albeit slightly. Which one is the absolute truth?

In the worlds of politics and religion there are many stories and versions of stories ... again how do we determine the absolute truth? Can we ever? Is truth the same for everyone? Or is it down to perception, evaluation and beliefs? We all interpret things differently and have differing beliefs and values. This is what is fascinating about human beings. How different would the world be if everyone saw the world through the same eyes, perceived everything with the same thoughts, beliefs and values? Maybe it would be OK if everyone was seeing things in the same loving, caring and positive way ... What if they were not? We will never know for we are all different, and we do see and perceive things differently. This is when making judgements can often be wrong. How do we know the full story behind the observed behaviour or acted out story we are judging?

I am reminded of a story I read many years ago and have read several times since……

A man boards a subway train with his two children. He looks unkempt - he is unshaven, slovenly and looks as though he has slept in his clothes. He has large dark circles under his eyes and his hands are trembling. He sits with his head in his hands.

The children have unruly uncombed hair, dirty crumpled clothes and are running up and down the carriageway, making copious amounts of noise arguing and fighting with each other.

Their father does nothing. He just sits there with his head in his hands. Oblivious.

The well-dressed business man sitting opposite him is getting agitated. The children are getting on his nerves ... Increasingly so. Eventually he shouts across to the dishevelled man ...

"Oi! Can't you do something about controlling your kids? What's the matter with you? Their behaviour is appalling!!!"

The dishevelled man looks up with red eyes piercing the dark circles and silent tears rolling down his cheeks. He looks into the business man's eyes and says ….

"I'm sorry. We have been at the hospital for the last 48 hours, we haven't eaten and we haven't slept. You see, their mother died just a few hours ago. It was all very sudden and tragic. We have never experienced anything like this before and this is their way of dealing with it. This is mine. So I guess no I cannot control then or do anything right now. I don't know how to stop their hurt."

The business man did not know what to say or where to look.

One thing is for sure, what he witnessed and how he reacted, impacted upon him in some way that day ...

Stories are powerful, especially our life stories. And because they are our stories we can re-run them in our minds in full technicolour. The good ones ... and the bad ones.

Constantly replaying the bad stories resulting in the same ending causes distress and keep us stuck. Stuck in a mental quagmire - sinking into the quicksand of despair. The only way forward is to end that chapter in our book of life.

This year, 2016, is a year 9 in the world of numerology. Nine years are all about endings.

Many people underwent a lot of change last year on a personal or business level or even both. This year is the year to put an end to certain chapters of our lives so we can turn the page in our book of life and begin a new chapter, or even a new story. We get to choose.

What are you going to choose to do? Do you need to finish a chapter in your life? Do you need to stop re-reading or re-living the stories/movies of your past? Remember, our life's stories are exactly that…….ours. Because of that we get to edit them, change them or even re-write them.

One thing for sure is that we have yet to write or script our future life. The power to do so is within.

If we do not like the story we have thus far created and have been living - we get to change it, the way it develops and the way it ends.

You were born an awesome being. You have awesomeness within you regardless of your story so far. Step into that awesomeness, re-claim your personal power and change or write a new story. The future and the type of future you create is up to you. It is your life ... your story.

Author Bio

As an experienced Personal Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach I have two passions in life - one is food and the other is to enable others to be the best that they can be and to live their best life!

I work with individuals and groups either face to face or online, I also work with solo-preneurs to enable them to reach their business goals.

Working online and using the latest technology enables me to help people from all over the globe. This is borne out by some of the Success Stories on the following website at

People often ask me what I do for a living and I have always found this hard to explain. I guess for now I will have to go with the phrase; "I am a life changer. I help people to positively change their lives in order to be where they want to be in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To the best that they can be and to live their best life!!"

I remain dedicated to continual growth and self-development in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and the needs of my personal clients.

How may I help you?


The Dating Game for parents


I am writing this article from my hotel room in Barcelona whilst enjoying my 'mother and son date weekend.' Yes, you read that right! We have regular date nights, but this is our first real weekend away together. You see, my son is fourteen years old and my time with him is extremely precious. Therefore as a parent, I am always willing to come up with and ready to discover new ideas of how we can make the most of our quality time together.

Teenage boys can often resist spending time with their family, let alone their mom, in favour of time with friends. However, I believe family time is extremely beneficial in keeping the bond between parent and child, as well as helping our children to feel loved, valued and wanted.

You see, in my opinion children need our presence rather than our presents! That statement doesn't carry an age restriction either, as my eighteen year old daughter is just as important to me now as she has always been. She is at college, has two jobs and a boyfriend and yet she still manages to fit in family time and a date night now and again with her mom. She has grown into an adult understanding the importance of making time for those we love and cherish. I believe that you get out of a relationship what you put in. If you don't make time or any effort, then you will get 'no-thing' from the relationship. However, put in time, thought and energy and you will reap the rewards of love, fun and great memories.

Oh and by the way, at the ripe age of forty, I still like my mothers presence too! Yep, we have family days out, family nights in and date nights too. It's great having quality time with my mom, feeling loved, appreciated and an important part of her life.

So ... if you are a parent I encourage you to think about having a date night with your child(ren). I am sure you can come up with lots of creative ways to spend quality time with your child, however here are some to get you started:



- Game night - play favourite board game. Looser does the washing up!
- Movie night - with or without movie snacks
- Indoor picnic - great in winter months
- Camping in the garden



- Meal
- Picnic in the Park
- Bike Ride
- Bowling
- Cinema
- Museum/Gallery
- Basketball match
- Theatre
- Football match
- Rugby match
- Camping trip


Why not choose things to do together by creating a parent/ child bucket list? This way your child will be able to get creative and will also feel included in the decision making process.

Please let me know how your parent/child dating game goes? I would love to hear your stories. Simply message me at

Article by Helen Courtney

Self-Realisation Consultant & Author of The Silent Sufferer at Evolving You
Health & Happiness Magazine - Best Healer 2015
Women Inspiring Women - Author/ Blogger Winner 2015


Why is it hard to change?

Nothing is, unless our thinking makes it so

- Shakespeare


Why is it so hard to change?

This is a question that presents itself over and over. It is said that what we resist, persists. With persistence there is a measure of resistance. This suggests that by resisting change the same situations, feelings, relationships etc, persist.

Is this the answer then, to the question?


What are we resisting to?

Questions, questions, but what I want are answers.

Is that another reason why we procrastinate on changing?

Procrastination is resistance in a way - we leave things for a later date, a better time, another time…

Are we asking too many questions, or are we not listening to the answers?

The law of attraction states, that the universe is in constant change. We are in an environment that supports change. We are either flowing with it or resisting what is. Change is happening all the time; within us and without us.

That last point - within us and without us is exactly the point. Change is a creative process. We are creative beings. The universe does not wait for us to give our permission for things to happen. Change happens with or without our permission. The only time we gave our permission was before we were incarnated on our beautiful, blue planet.

Yes, we gave our permission to be born; to experience to live in contrast and duality; to learn the difference of what is by experiencing what isn't…

There will be some 'resistance' to this thought of reasoning and that too is ok. I have only come to this understanding, or to be precise, I entertain this line of reasoning through my own exploration of life.

Life is not two dimensional. We are amazing, yes we are. Imagine in all the world there are so many people who are all different. No two people on earth look the same, act the same or are the same - even with identical twins there are slight differences.

Yet we are so similar. The angst and quest for love peace and joy is within us all. Even if we look for it in different ways.

I read once, that there are 250 ways of washing up…the desire is to have clean dishes. It doesn't really matter how the washing is done.

The process is important, more important than the result sometimes (maybe not in the case of washing up as we do need clean dishes). The point is that we may all look different, do things differently, believe in different faiths, what is fundamentally the same is our need for love, peace and joy.

There is no light without darkness and no joy without pain. We only know what we want when we are not experiencing it. We were born with the full knowledge that we are here to experience life in all its spectrum.

As we grow and become conditioned by others' beliefs and desires, our original, personal agenda becomes fuzzy. What remains is an inner feeling of entitlement to life.

Watch a baby if you are not convinced. The young burst of life does not question whether it is the middle of the night and shouldn't cry for food. Nor does the child care or worry that it may offend if he turns his nose at your food offering or choice of comfort.

The child shows her emotions whether she is sad or happy. There is no thought to upsetting the person who is receiving the emotion.

With time the child is reprimanded or not in some cases, depending on the adults surrounding the child. It makes no difference whether it is towards the child or whether the adults are showing dissatisfaction to others.

Conditioning is subliminal as well as obvious. We are electrical beings. Our energy picks up more than our five senses compute. We may see a smiling face or hear a kind word. But our neck may start to tighten or our stomach start to gurgle in discomfort. The body reacts to the energy of the person or situation.

Our emotions are also perfect indicators alerting us to the integrity of another or situation. Yet we ignore, override and put in old, practiced actions and behaviors to make our decisions in life.

Is this why we find it hard to change?

Are we overriding our natural ability to being brilliant receivers of energy signals?

We know when something feels good or bad. We comment on this with phrases and even sayings:

You can cut the atmosphere with a knife

This person makes me feel uneasy

She has a lovely aura

I digress…
I am contemplating why we find it hard to change. Yet as I have shown in my ramblings, we are constantly in the process of change. Even if it seems that we are in the same situations thinking and acting out similar scenarios in our life.

Nothing is…unless our thinking makes it so…

Shakespeare eloquently suggests that maybe it is our thinking that creates our situations.

There are so many examples and teachings pointing to this thought. And if thoughts are energy and we are electrical beings, then this does not seem so far-fetched.

What does this have to do with change and the difficulty in change?

I would like to share a repeating conversation I have with my partner. When we have difference of opinion which leads to a misunderstanding and an argument ensues, he often exclaims,

'Why can't you change?'

This of course gets my back up and I answer back rather loudly and indignantly,
'Change into what?'

Of course surrounding this question is a prevailing feeling that most of us feel,
'I am not good enough',
'I am not loveable',
'I am not accepted as I am.'

The question may innocently be asked when there is discomfort caused by another's behavior. But what it boils down to is the need to control situations and people so that we don't feel discomfort.

Even though we all know we cannot control others etc, it doesn't stop us from trying - over and over, pointing at another for our unhappiness, wanting others to change so that we can feel ok.

Intellectually understanding a concept is not the same as 'knowing'. Our body knows and acts faultlessly as an energy receiver picking up the energy of someone or situation. Yet most of the time, they cannot reach our minds as our minds are bombarded by activated thoughts that are well ingrained and well used.

Thoughts that have been lying dormant for years - all those words and phrase that have been used to reprimand disliked behavior- translate:

'Why don't you change'
'You are no good as you are'

So of course the spiritual being that you are is putting up a fight, for the spiritual part of you which is connected to love and joy, knows you are brilliant, as you are and you do not have to change.

So does this mean we can be obnoxious and difficult and not care if we upset others?

Uhmm! Well no, and yes… for it is not about you if others are upset with you, unless you are being really malicious and consciously hurting others.

How others react is more about how they feel about themselves.

This minefield of emotions and feelings being thrown around by words and actions, awaken dormant old beliefs about how you feel about yourself…

I now have a headache…

And this is exactly what it creates along with all the other aches - heart ache, joint aches etc

We must remind ourselves we are interconnected beings. We are not separate not even to the planetary movements, the moon, the oceans the weather and especially not to others' emotions.

Why is it so hard to change?

Because we are looking at it from the wrong place. Maybe, we are asking the wrong question. Maybe, all we have to do is accept that change is constant, decide that we want to be happy and be vigilant in finding ways to keep in that happy state…
There are 250 ways to wash dishes, that is creativity. Imagine what our thoughts can think to create our happiness?

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Christina is currently setting up a writing group in Quinton, Birmingham every Wednesday evening. She is also organising regular Cafe Meetups in Birmingham with writing tips and hot drink included, on Saturday mornings. Get in touch by email.

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...


"You're doing WHAT???"


Sometimes, when things are going really well, you might find yourself wondering how to turn it all around. Yes, I do mean really 'well'.

My wife, Lesley, and I had successful careers, and a comfortable lifestyle in a nice little house in the West Midlands. We travelled. We took the holiday of a lifetime in Cuba. I ogled the '50's American cars, whilst Lesley basked in the sunshine, before we both snorkelled amongst the coral.

We went camping, although we held widely different views about what this entailed… for me it's a two-man tent, and a small gas stove, whilst Lesley prefers the portable kitchen option… get the picture?

OK, so what changed?

In the cold, miserable West Midland winter of 2013, we skidded through the filthy brown afternoon slush to see our favourite psychic in Birmingham. We felt that we could both use a new perspective, and Debs is always willing to offer one when needed (she's also a fab friend). The seed of change was planted here, and quickly grew into something remarkable, as we both sat (a couple of hours later) in our local hostelry.

Let me ask you a question… Have you ever had one of those moments where you ask yourself, is this all there is? Do I really want to squander my remaining health on a future filled with billpayments and traffic jams, before finally expiring wishing I had spent less time in the office? Have you? 

So, in our local hostelry, over a very average beer, Lesley and I looked around at the nicotine-stained artex (yes, it had been that long since it was last decorated) and the large, loud guy at the bar waving his expletives around, and pretty much simultaneously asked each other, "is this all there is?"

Lesley is the free-thinker, and I've always been the cautious one. However, emboldened by my visit to Debs, and her clear reminder that tempus fugit, and middle-age is racing towards something more mature, therefore my time is now… I am pretty sure that it was me who surprised us both by saying, "no, this isn't all there is".

After a little joint-free-thinking we left, without finishing our drinks, wondering how it might feel to live in, say… Spain? As we hadn't immediately shelved this question as stupid and improbable, and we visualised ourselves enjoying a change of scenery and climate, we also wondered about providing an opportunity for others to do this too. Surely, since we sat on the M6 for hours dreaming of sunnier climes, beautiful scenery and tranquility, then other people must do something very similar? Mustn't they?

What if we did this, and shared it with like-minded people??? We became very excited.

Lesley opened her laptop and immersed herself in a world of Spanish estate agents. I drove to my day job, through the early morning snow, trying to think of a name for our project that could also become the name of our new business.

Within a few days we had agreed on 'selfconnecting' and invested in the usual social media tools to promote it, as well as beginning our heartfelt blog (check out on Wordpress for many more details of our journey) and… booking mid-February flights to have a look around, and consider whether a move to Spain was for us, or not.

As our enthusiasm grew, the bafflement of some of our friends and family grew too. "You're doing WHAT?" Some were 'polite', others slightly more direct, "you're mad, the pair of you… how will you earn a living? Why are you giving up a comfortable house and two successful careers???" Others, thankfully (we all need someone to cheer us on, too!) found what we were planning to do inspiring, cheering us on from the touchlines; pretty sure, I imagine, that our enthusiasm would fade soon, and we'd recover our wits.

Every time we were in danger of recovering our wits, we reminded each other of that cold, damp afternoon surrounded by brown-tinged artex. We'd realign ourselves with our opportunity to turn our lives around for the… well… better. Our hearts told us we were doing the right thing. We felt SO alive. I later realised that having spent the majority of my life led by my head, at the expense of my heart, perhaps I could employ both instead. If my head served my heart, rather than censored it, I could be effective AND happy.

Our February trip began a love affair. The distance infatuation begun a few weeks earlier, with ageing pictures from estate agents' websites, finally resulted in our first date with our Cave of Dreams. Our first date was (as they so often are) a nervy affair, where we kept a polite distance (primarily because our agent was unable to let us in to the property to view it!) admiring how it looked, and feeling that slightly breathless attraction.

Our second date was… frustrating! The people renting the property (against their rental agreement) had changed the locks. We stood there looking longingly at it, unable to develop our relationship. Happily, a different agent was able to set us up with a third date the following afternoon.

We were frustrated. We wandered around a very mild Spanish February, wearing t-shirts and sandals, viewing numerous purchase opportunities, including beautiful plots of land. We both felt like we had come home.

Unexpectedly, our third date was a disappointment for us both.

Finally able to get into the house (Spanish locksmiths are punctual, and efficient, we discovered) on another milestone cold, grey and gloomy afternoon, we found the house stunning, with amazing views along the beautiful Encebras valley.

By now, though, I had finally woken up to the cold reality that our dream home was beyond our budget; so, when we both fell totally in love with the house, I needed a convincing reason not to want it. I felt crushed, stammering out the excuse that the house was 'too dark' and not for me. Lesley was stunned and upset, especially as it was the only one I had shown any excitement about during our searches.

We flew back less than three hours later, both feeling gloomier than the stormy Alicante skies, and wondering whether our dreams really were simply fantasies. Was it time to recover our wits and abandon, for good, any idea of turning things around?

Back in the UK, we couldn't abandon what our hearts were telling us would bring us (and others) happiness. We pressed ahead with preparing our house for sale even without having anywhere to go to in Spain. It still didn't feel wrong… common sense told us that we were idiots, but we were 'in-the-flow' of something bigger, and resisting that flow simply felt wrong.

We adjusted our expectations.

Next, we did a day-trip (our third house-hunting trip) on my birthday in May 2013. We found a beautiful house with cave rooms, and a covered outside workshop area, as well as the most amazing view from the master bedroom balcony.

As we talked over lunch (and I drank too much birthday wine!) we had pretty much decided to make an offer. However, we took our usual 48 hours cooling-off time in the UK before making any further contact with our estate agents. We really liked this house and it was within our budget. We began to relax on the flight, as it dawned on us that we had finally made our big decision. Uncertainty melted steadily away.

A few days later, we emailed our decision to make an offer. As the email crackled its way through cyberspace, our estate agent clicked 'Send' on one of their own. Their email had a very special, and life-changing message in it. It said that the vendor of our Cave of Dreams would be likely to accept a substantially lower offer, following difficulties they were having with their current sale, which would bring it in at the top of our budget.

I remember it being a lovely, sunny UK day, and Lesley and I were in the back garden. I remember standing elegantly open-mouthed, rehearsing my impression of a goldfish (such a good look!) as Lesley read out our estate agent's email.

After six months of endless internet searching, return house-hunting trips to Spain, and listening to our hearts we had finally landed. All through this, our Cave of Dreams had been on our manifestation board (or, to be more precise, browser bookmarked). The belief that it was for us, had somehow, never really gone away. At almost the precise moment we had reluctantly given up on it, it became possible. We believe it waited for us, and as soon as it could, it met us halfway past our only barrier, the price.

This was the day we fully committed to turning it all around. Even at this point, stepping away from it all was still the strong, common-sense, option. Looking back now, two years on, we still can't recall any 'pings' of doubt on either radar.

Our offer was accepted.

Through the nerve-jangling months that followed, struggling to find a buyer for our UK house, we still felt we were doing the right thing. We worked, as normal, and holidayed (in Cuba) whilst the world continued to revolve as it always has. We endured the endless round of spick-and-spanning familiar to most people selling a house, and made another trip to Spain to complete the paperwork on our new lives.

I imagine most of you reading this will have some familiarity with the UK house sale process, and the frustrating legal inertia, and slog, accompanying it. When we finally found a buyer (lovely chap), we had to protect him by purchasing several dubious-feeling insurances (to ensure that our kite-marked double-glazing wouldn't fall out, or our 60 year-old garage wasn't likely to be the subject of a legal claim by the original builders, or something called steeple tax, or similar…) which felt like a cynical conclusion to our UK lives. And… still no exchange date…

Curiously, what finally enabled us to agree an exchange date had nothing to do with the process we were grinding through. The central concern about our physical journey was how to manage it safely for our two cats (or daughters, as they are more commonly known). Lesley's thorough research led us to choose to drive-ferry-drive them to their new home in the sun.

Finding a 'pet-friendly' cabin on a ferry brings needles and haystacks to mind. Lesley, however, had a stroke of fate, finding exactly the cabin we needed, for a crossing on October 11th, 2013. Clarity (and urgency!) emerged from the fog of our sale as we insisted on this as our totally non-negotiable exchange date.

Will it all fit in! Moving day!

We handed in our house keys forty-one and a half hours before we finally landed, exhausted but elated at 2:30am on Sunday, October 13th, 2013. The outside lights were on, the crickets were partying, and the smell of Spain welcomed us home. As I write this, we have lived here happily for just over two years.

And… following masses of work to make our Cave of Dreams the right home for selfconnecting breaks for others, we are finally launching our business. So, if you would like to know more about us, and our selfconnecting breaks, and feel that you would enjoy some 'me' time learning meditation & mindfulness, Reiki, Tarot, or working with colour therapy, check out our website at for all the details you need.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed recalling those heady days.

Love, light and laughter,
Phil & Lesley Smith

The Cave Retreat taken from the other side of the village


Laughter Yoga: time to start laughing with, not at?


There was a time not long ago when a client of mine was appalled at the possibility of yoga being taught as a stress management technique.

How times have changed.

Nowadays everyone knows about it, lots of us have tried it, and some of us use it regularly. The benefits from its breathing and stretching are so well established that it has moved from being sneered at to being welcomed.

Is this now the case with laughter yoga / yogic laughter?

As we move into an era where personal, professional and environmental wellbeing are recognized as both essential & intertwined, the answer looks increasingly 'yes'.

As with mindfulness, the benefits of yogic laughter include enhanced wellbeing ('happiness'), reduction in stress, anxiety and depression, and improved resilience.
These benefits are also attainable through positive psychology and the likes of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and as research is starting to show, through yogic laughter practices as well.

Even the Pentagon has had happiness seminars.

These benefits impact our professional life as well as our personal life. Evidence is accumulating fast to show how we think more clearly, more creatively and for longer when we are in a positive mood.

Yogic laughter practices create this positive mood instantaneously.

The environmental aspect is becoming appreciated because in this arena too, health-inducing inner practices contribute to practical effectiveness. Leading figures and pioneers like Satish Kumar of Resurgence and Sir Julian Rose of the Soil Association use these practices.


What does yogic laughter offer?

Key yogic laughter practices include:


Willingness: being prepared to explore a practice for its benefits, even if the practice initially feels unusual

The smile: both smiling and laughing change brain chemistry and improve mood & effectiveness

The power of the mind: using the power of memory and anticipation for these same benefits

Movement and posture: we change our mind by changing our posture and how we move.

As with mindfulness, yogic laughter practices can require only a little time, they are simple if not easy, and are learnable.

If happiness and good mood are recognized as valuable across a spectrum as wide as Oprah, Google and the Pentagon, I'd say we're getting there.

Time to laugh with, not at?

Resources include:

Learning yogic laughter practices

Wake Up Laughing' in Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

General information

Healing when love really hurts


Have you ever had a row with your lover, or partner, that has left you feeling weak or sick for days? The kind of argument that echoes in your head so long you don't know which way to turn?

Very few of us have escaped the pain that a rift within relationships can cause. Of course we may fall out with friends, or family, and experience differences of opinion with work colleagues which can leave us feeling miserable… but the greatest pain and deepest wounds seem to be caused by the bitter arguments and emotional battering we experience within our closest 'loving' relationships. Not only from the very serious, such as divorce, but continuing bickering over domestic issues causes problems.

Many lovely people are carrying the scars of a failed or toxic relationship. Sometimes the pain is fresh and raw, but in many cases the rift still hurts after decades. It is so important to be able to heal our emotional wounds before they become too deep.
Evidence shows that the cells within our amazing human body have a memory of their own and will hold the pain in certain areas, particularly the joints or heart and chest area. This weakens us, often to the point of debilitating physical discomfort and chronic 'dis-ease'.

So how can the angels help us with this human condition?

It could be said that all our guardian angels bring love, compassion, and healing, but when it comes to specific issues it is good to develop a regular communication with one of the great Archangels and learn to attune to the powerful energy carried by these beneficent beings.

Archangel Raphael is known as the great healer. In fact the name means "God has healed" or "the shining one who heals"; rapha in Hebrew means "healer" or 'doctor". Raphael helps with all issues of wholeness, healing, vision, and scientific discovery. He also assists with overcoming degeneration, superstition, error and blockages in abundance. Not only does he help in overcoming disease but also healing on a psychological and spiritual level such as with deep emotional wounds caused by personal relationships.

So, if you would like angelic help with this particular issue here are three ways of working with Archangel Raphael for healing your emotional wounds, and also dealing with the overall challenging situation. You can spend as long or as short a time on these exercises as you please. The more you practice them, the greater the effect.

One: Cellular Healing

Call upon the energy of Archangel Raphael, three times. (Three has a significantly powerful mystical property which, when used as a mantra or fiat - a decree or command- magnifies the intention of your prayer or request. It has been used for thousands of years in spiritual rituals.)

Imagine a beautiful green light surrounding you and filling your body with peaceful healing light. Ask the powerful energy of Archangel Raphael to cleanse away any toxic thoughts and memories that are causing you pain. Imagine the green light calming your mind as you breathe it in for a few moments, balancing your energies and repairing your cells. Say this affirmation to your self as often as you like in sets of three: "Every cell in my being works in perfect harmony".


Two: Forgiveness

Call Archangel Raphael three times and ask that his energy surround you for this exercise. Picture the person, or partner (with whom you have the issue) as happy and well. Now picture in your mind's eye a whole circle of angels surrounding that person. With Archangel Raphael by your side you enter the circle and stand facing your partner. In this safe and sacred space say to your partner: "I truly forgive you for any pain you have caused me. … And I ask you to forgive me too for any pain I might have also caused you." Thank Archangel Raphael and the angels of healing for their assistance, knowing that this powerful exercise has already begun to take effect and that it will create the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Three: Compassion

There are three elements to compassion, and these are love, kindness and patience. It is often easier to be loving, kind and patient with someone else but can be very difficult to have these qualities for our self.

Archangel Raphael wants us to heal with compassion, by reminding us how unique, beautiful and loved we really are. Remember that the angels see only the light within us, and the more we treat others and ourselves with tender loving care the brighter we shine. When we have compassion for ourselves, we can also feel the same for even those who hurt us.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you can see a tiny light forming behind your eyes. Watch as it gets brighter and brighter reminding yourself that this is your inner Divine light. Give this little light your love and admiration, just as you would any other thing of great beauty and value. Now imagine the other person in this situation, with a beautiful light shining from within. Say in your head (or out loud if no-one is listening): "The Divine light within me acknowledges and loves the Divine light within you". This way you can have compassion for the Divine light within for you and your partner without actually focusing on any negativity within the situation.

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The Power of Belief


It occurred to me today whilst pondering what to write for this months' article, that I am actually living the life of my dreams! That is to say the person I dreamed I would be! What's more I have been doing so for the last 30 years!

By the age of 5 years I knew the person I wanted to be, to grow into. I had no idea how this would happen I just knew that it would. You see I believed. I believed in me and although I didn't know it at that time ... a higher force out there too, which I now know as the Universe. It took me until I was 27 years old however to take the necessary action!

So, what is a belief? Basically it is a feeling of certainty around what something means; however, more often than not our beliefs are misinterpretations of past events.

Beliefs are extremely influential and have the power to create or the power to destroy. They can be positive or negative. Unfortunately for some people, their negative beliefs can take over their lives, stopping them from moving forward, stopping them from being the best that they can be.

Do you realise that approximately 90% of your goals and dreams have the potential to be accomplished - that is if it wasn't for limiting beliefs and the incredibly powerful feelings that go with them to fuel these beliefs?

Before we take a look at where our negative, self-defeating limiting beliefs come from, let´s just examine the POWER of belief.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and BELIEVE it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill.

What an incredibly powerful statement that is! But what does it mean?

Nobody believed that running a mile in less than four minutes was possible. Back in 1954 Roger Bannister BELIEVED he could do it - and what's more he did! The following year, 37 runners- YES 37!!! - broke the belief barrier and the year after that, 300 other runners did the same thing! You see, Roger Bannister conceived in his mind running a mile in less than four minutes, he replayed this mind video or DVD if you prefer, over and over so that he firmly believed he could do it and he did! It was his belief and achievement that spurred on other runners. It is our belief therefore, that determines how much of our potential we are able to tap into.

In fact, belief or non-belief in a thing, whatever it might be, is the determining factor as to whether you are able to accomplish a thing or not, it has nothing to do with the size or scope of the event or circumstance being considered or what country you may live in, or what your religious preference (or lack of) might be. No belief is right or wrong. It is either empowering or limiting.

It is the Power of Belief (or non-belief) which causes any condition, event, or circumstance that you experience in your life to manifest, and its outcome is only dependent on whether you believe that the thing can manifest or not.

In other words, there is absolutely nothing that can be conceived within the human mind that cannot or will not be brought into physical manifestation. A result is, and must always be manifested 100% of the time, the outcome of which is based only on the belief of the thinker.

To explain, regardless of what you may believe in, whether it be that you can or can't accomplish something, an outcome is always, 100% of the time, experienced. This experience is based on the belief that you hold with regard to its outcome.

The only way a belief can be stopped from manifesting in the physical form originally thought of by the person who first conceived the belief, is by shifting that belief from the positive to the negative, the result of which is the perceived original manifestation will not take place. Therefore, the manifestation is the experience of the opposite of the initially intended results; and is often referred to and 'perceived' as failure.

However, it cannot be considered as failure! Why? For the simple reason, (and to quote Napoleon Hill again), "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." In other words, by shifting the focus of the belief to that of a non-belief or negative belief the achievement will be just that - negative. Why? Because as previously stated there will always, always be an outcome.

It is through and due to The Power of Belief that amazing things can be achieved. What are your beliefs? For example, do you believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to? Do you believe that life is full of problems? Do you believe other people like you, or do you believe that other people don't like you?

Where do our beliefs initially come from?

Initially we start building our belief systems as children. As children, our belief systems are open and non-judgmental or non-limiting. However, as time passes and we begin to grow and we begin to experience life, our belief systems become limited and restricted, initially based on what we are taught by those we love and trust. In the beginning it is our family, later it is our peers and idols. We are taught to determine what's real. As a result, we're taught to forget what we want or desire. We are taught what's 'realistic or 'logical'. This realistic and logical training is the first step in dramatically limiting the potential that the power of belief can provide.

As we grow and time passes and we begin to build our dreams and visions of 'The Good Life', such as living in a big house, with a flash car and loads of money or being the first person to land on Mars; we are told, often repeatedly, depending on the size of our dream or vision that our desires are 'far-fetched' or 'impossible.' We are told that we need to go to school and get a 'real or proper job' and to work hard for those things that we desire. We are told in many cases that those big dreams and visions we have, are only for the 'lucky' and 'fortunate few.'

It is due to the creative power of belief that self-limiting programming then becomes our reality and provides the confirmation or evidence that what we have been taught to believe is correct. This self-limiting programming is instilled in us by those that care most about us, and in the majority of cases it is done totally with the best intention in mind. Why is that you might well ask? Quite simply, it is because of what, those that pass on these self-limiting beliefs were taught, and have come to believe to be the truth.

The result is, that our belief systems are affected and become limited, many times subconsciously, and based on these traditional teachings which we then perceive to be the truth, we in turn eventually pass these on to our own children.

For example, how many of these early teachings have you heard from well-meaning parents? ... You're a bad boy (or girl)! That was a stupid thing to do! Why can't you be more like your brother? You'll never learn! Each of these statements, however harmless they are thought to be at the time, can have a dramatic effect on the long term beliefs of small children especially during those most impressionable first years and can literally affect them for the rest of their lives!

Although there are many possible scenarios, the above examples can and often do leave a child feeling unworthy, and can stay with them for the rest of their lives unless they come to an awareness of the 'real truth' and overwrite the original 'false' programming.

There are many parents who are aware of what a negative impact the above examples can have on a child and may never use such terminology, but instead may say things like ... Being broke just runs in our family. Money is hard to come by. Don't believe it until you see it. Although each of these examples can have a huge impact on the power of belief, the last example can be especially damaging because one thing that is an undeniable fact is that you will never see any significant events in life until you first believe that they can happen!

Also many learn falsehoods from religion that can have a devastating effect on implementing the power of belief to work in a constructive manner. Such as ... It's spiritual to be poor. The less you have, the closer to God you are. Money or wealth are evil. These statements, untrue as they are, can and will affect, in a very detrimental way, the power of belief in not only in children, but adults as well!

So what advice should we giving out? Perhaps some of the best advice for what should be allowed to be formed as belief comes from Buddha ...

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." - Buddha

It is important to bear in mind that your thoughts are the beginning, or the first step in the manifestation process, and which, through consistency of thinking, help to form beliefs. For example, as a child if you were bitten by a dog you would believe that all dogs bite; from that would emerge a fear of dogs. This signifies that beliefs (and fears) can be formed as a result of past outcomes.

When words are combined with thoughts, additional energy is fed to whatever the belief may consist of and the manifestation process intensifies and becomes even stronger. Subsequently, the power of belief moves to a higher level based on the emotion that is experienced. As a result of the original thought and belief and through the unfailing and unwavering process of perfectly conceived manifestation, the process literally manifests in physical form.

So where does this perfectly conceived manifestation come from? You remember I mentioned the Universe at the beginning of this article? Well this higher force (you may use a different label such as God, Jesus, Allah, Mohammed or Buddha to name but a few), hears every word and thought you have. Whatever you think, say or believe is acted upon by this higher force to enable you to manifest your desires, (or non-desires if your thoughts are negative). This higher force coupled with the action you take brings about manifestation. Even non-action is a form of action and will bring about a result; although maybe not the one you ultimately desire ... Remember, an outcome is always, 100% of the time, experienced

So why am I writing this? Just simply to let you know that you can have, be or do whatever you want with your life and/or your business provided you at first really believe that you can!

Now that you have an understanding of the POWER of beliefs and the manifestation process, what limiting beliefs do you have? What is the core belief that is holding you back in life?

Hopefully you will not have any. If you do then perhaps now is the time to address them.

Are you living the life of your dreams?

Author Bio

As an experienced Personal Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach I have two passions in life - one is food and the other is to enable others to be the best that they can be and to live their best life!

I work with individuals and groups either face to face or online, I also work with solo-preneurs to enable them to reach their business goals.

Working online and using the latest technology enables me to help people from all over the globe. This is borne out by some of the Success Stories on the following website at

People often ask me what I do for a living and I have always found this hard to explain. I guess for now I will have to go with the phrase; "I am a life changer. I help people to positively change their lives in order to be where they want to be in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To the best that they can be and to live their best life!!"

I remain dedicated to continual growth and self-development in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and the needs of my personal clients.

How may I help you?



Start. Laughing. Now.

Just, as they say, do it.

It's good for your body, for your emotions, for your heart, for your health, for your mind, and even for world peace, as the Dalai Lama agreed with the founder of laughter yoga, Dr Kataria, recently.

Take a moment to reflect - how do you feel when you laugh? I pose this question to every group and the most common reply is 'I feel better'.

What happens when we feel better? Life improves

What's the benefit when life improves? Potentially, every aspect of our life - health, relationships, effectiveness, and more.

Can we learn to laugh more? Emphatically YES. Watch how it was done at the recent Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine event.

In its simplest form, smile on the in-breath, chuckle on the out-breath. Its benefits include mood control ie we regulate out own mood better.

By doing this we are more emotionally intelligent and resilient, that is we are more in control of our own life and less controlled by external factors like stress, anxiety and anger.

We become more effective, even in the field of activism, as I wrote in Resurgence magazine

Because we are more in control of our mood, we communicate better and have better relationships at home and with colleagues. Life becomes more joyful.
We can all learn this. Here's one way, on this next course.

Let's all have a more joyful year, for ourselves, our family & friends, our colleagues, and the world at large?


Light up and Shine even brighter in 2016!


As the sun goes down on another year, just like all the media and the rest of my colleagues, I'm reflecting back over 2015. It has been so, so very busy in my own personal world, and an incredibly powerful year for us all.

The most influential planets and stars in our universe brought major cosmic energies. During a rare solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, which had a profound effect on our energy as human/spiritual beings, many empathic souls were touched. We are informed by great spiritual teachers that these significant cosmic energies brought the opportunity closer to us all than ever before for growth to our planet, and all of humanity.

The opportunity for our personal spiritual empowerment and enlightenment. We are all being called in greater numbers to Be the Light on a grand scale. Whilst all the time it is very hard for some of us not to reason that another darker side of our world seems to be taking control. We have had, and are still experiencing the strangest of weather patterns, as well as formidable and hateful terrorist attacks, all of which has induced fear into many hearts and minds.

A Course In Miracles teaches us that we can only have fear or love, but not both at the same time. When love and joy fills our soul, then fear disappears from our heart.
When we are called to serve the Light, then angels surround us, they inspire and protect us, bring gifts of energy healing or new friends into our lives. Whether we recognise them or not they enfold us in wings of love and support. We have to learn to allow ourselves to be open to this. Strange coincidences, beautiful visions in nature like rainbows and prominent stars or sky formations catch our attention. To some this is natural beauty, to others a sign of a deep connection with all that is. No matter what is going on around us, or even in our personal world, we may always try to see the positive and feel love for others. But we can't just sit back and wait. We have to be pro-active.

As you know I spent much of 2015 travelling. As well as lots of workshops in the UK I was busy visiting places in the world such as Turkey, Iona and Costa Rica, where I shall return to teach over the next two years, as a guest facilitator or to lead a group retreat there. Now I'm also more involved in my village community too, as well as continuing with my writing and workshops far and wide. The world seems to be getting smaller and I'm always hopeful that one of these days I shall fulfil my wish of re-visiting Australia, New Zealand and USA with my work. I'm putting out feelers, and when the time is right I'm sure I'll be there.

And among all this loveable work I enjoy a wonderful involvement as much as possible with my friends, family and grandchildren, and I have lots of fun too.
Often I feel stretched, but know that whenever my senses are dulled by fatigue that the Company of Heaven replenishes and fills me with a renewed sense of purpose and drive. As the clock turns and we enter into 2016 I shall be on a mission to be the best that I can be, and to serve others and the planet as well as I am able, just like many of you.

God needs a body. There is no coincidence that YOU are here now, doing your bit to change the world.

What will you do to bring Light into your own world this New Year? How will you shine your Light in service to others, to help to illuminate the bigger picture? I know that however 'small' you consider yourself, or no matter how little you feel you are able to contribute, whatever you do it will be great. Even your loving smile brings lightness to the day.

Let us all shine from our hearts like beautiful stars. May the Light of love glow on you and through you, and bless all those who come into contact with you.

Have a wonderful bright New Year!

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+44 (0) 1223 969858


Do what makes your heart sing ...

As I sit here at my computer on Christmas Eve listening to Pentatonix singing Christmas songs, I am recalling my thoughts over the last few days, as I reflected on the year and my learnings, to share some of them with you as we embark on a New Year.

2015 has been filled with awe and wonderment as well as disappointment and soul searching, not a lot different to other years gone by, to be frank.

I started off the year writing a regular monthly column here and touched on many things close to my heart, or at least perceived to be. After several trying months, of coping with ill health, both my own and that of my lovely wife and life's journey partner Annette. And then I simply stopped writing. For that I apologise for leaving things  ... well in abeyance.

I have picked up the rhetorical pen again to share with you my learnings over this period, in the hope you can take the lessons here and apply it to your own life, if it indeed resonates with you.

I admit to being a workaholic, I love what I do and it doesn't seem like work to me ... well it didn't until I took the decision to do as encouraged by a couple of coaches I know and to pursue a different arm (or leg depending on which you prefer) of my business. You see I have a deep rooted passion to work with people who are seeking to change their lives. I help them to achieve that change and hold them to account in making progress, empowering them to feel and to lead a happier and healthier life either personally or in business. Now this change can be on many levels and includes teaching people how to view themselves and their life differently to get the results that they seek.

I also have a deep rooted passion with food! This has changed over the years to mean healthy foods and as I explored new ways of looking at food, cooking it (or not) and eating it. As a result, I was able to release and let go of over six stones in weight! I came down 8 trousers sizes and feel so much better as a result. Now this change did not occur overnight. Consequently, I have spent the best part of the year working towards helping people with weight issues, it has been my primary focus on a work front. Not only that, as pointed out to me by coaching friends, it is a huge area and people spend a lot of money trying to lose weight and therefore had the potential to be a big money earner ...

I threw myself into this area of my business wholeheartedly, had a new website built, wrote blogs, and articles and off I went, investing money, lots of time and energy with the desire to work with groups and large numbers of people to make money. And loads of it! This is the way coaching seems to have been driving forward after all, over the last 3-4 years, by those coaches in the know and purporting to be earning lots of money as a result. I wanted a piece of the action, fed up of earning 'just enough', I became hungry (no pun intended) for more financial rewards!

I followed advice and gave away lots of free information and ideas re healthy eating alternatives in various online groups I was in. The other side of my business, was ambling along. I was driven to help people shed loads of weight to change their lives!
However, I became increasingly fed up, and tense as things were not panning out as I thought they should. But I kept going. Pushing, pushing and pushing, desperate almost to help these people. Then I seemed to strike lucky; following advice I set up a group programme whereby people paid a small amount each month to get the advice and support they needed to shed their weight, I got members, I was off!

There were not many, nonetheless it was extra money coming in and was almost guaranteed, at least for a few months. I promised them that they would get the results that I had got by simply changing their eating habits ... I said they would shed weight in time for Christmas ...

By the time November came I was so fed up and despondent and this is where the lesson comes in ... You see I was not getting the results from the group members I was expecting to get. The lack of communication and enthusiasm within the group was getting to me ... it was beginning to seem that I wanted their weight losses more than they did.

I had discussed this with a few friends (non-coaches) and coaches, as I was taking money ( I am in no way talking thousands here, it really was just a bit) off people who were not getting the results I had promised them. The general opinions were along the lines of, 'well as long as you do your bit for the group just take their money and carry on. It is another stream of income.'

It was then I realised what I had allowed myself to do ... that is to say, I had got caught up in the money trap! I was also doing something that was against my beliefs and values. You see I firmly believe that people with weight issues (I mean real issues not just being a few pounds overweight) have an underlying emotional /psychological issue that needs to be addressed before they are confident enough to release and let go of their excess weight. Not many people are likely to admit to that in a group situation. I also couldn't take money just for the sake of it.

I decided upon this realisation, to refund monies paid to me at the beginning of this month (Dec 2015) and to cease this arm/leg of my business. Only one person in the group seemed genuinely sad to see it end, I feel they understood where I was coming from though from the comments they made. One person was very condemning towards me which I took on the chin, and funnily enough it was the one person I had given my time to for free throughout the year prior to forming the group and who has since 'unfriended me' and removed me from her group on a well-known social platform. This person I observed over the year was looking for that quick fix and couldn't commit to any diet or weight loss regime for more than a month, and was always quick to blame others for her eating choices.

The moral of this story is no matter what, do what makes your heart sing. I realised that with this venture I had stopped working from my usual perspective of working from my heart, it was purely for the potential of a huge financial gain.

The moment I took this decision and began closing down groups and pages connected with weight loss, I began to feel much better, physically, mentally and spiritually. The result? The other side of my business picked up considerably, ending up with December being a great month!

What I have learned from this is that people can hide in groups, they do not have to commit nor take responsibility. I also learned that I do enjoy working on a 1:1 basis as I can really get to know (and therefore help) the person I am working with. My intentions for 2016 are set and rest firmly with whatever I do to be done from my heart ...

Oh, and each person in the group was given the opportunity to work with me on a 1:1 basis. One person from the group has done just that, providing me with a 20% take up! It doesn't take much to work out the maths to establish how many peeps were in the group! For me it's not about the figures, it's about the people ... and having the joy of working with those people who really do want to commit to making the changes they profess to want to make!

Do what makes your heart sing in 2016, know that it is OK to stand on your own and do your own thing rather than be part of 'the crowd.'

In other words, keep your energy vibrations high, be connected with yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically (your body will react when you are disconnected, by way of pain or illness) and live your best life! The rewards will come and there are more rewards other than financial ones. Richness abounds in many ways. Yes, we need hard cash due to the world we have created, however sometimes it pays to redefine what is enough.

And in case you are interested, not working from the heart for me resulted in heart problems and a diagnosis of 'unstable angina', a diagnosis I no longer accept as the pain and symptoms I was experiencing have diminished drastically since being true to myself.

Author Bio

As an experienced Personal Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach I have two passions in life - one is food and the other is to enable others to be the best that they can be and to live their best life!

Fervent about a particular technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) I work with individuals and groups either face to face or online, I also work with solo-preneurs to enable them to reach their business goals.

Working online and using the latest technology enables me to help people from all over the globe. This is borne out by some of the Success Stories on the following website at

People often ask me what I do for a living and I have always found this hard to explain. I guess for now I will have to go with the phrase; "I am a life changer. I help people to positively change their lives in order to be where they want to be in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To the best that they can be and to live their best life!!"

I remain dedicated to continual growth and self-development in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and the needs of my personal clients.

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Human Design - finally your own personal instruction manual


How many times have you wished that you came with your own personal instruction manual? You could understand yourself, a significant other or be able to help your children to do well and be the best they can be. Human Design offers these sorts of insights into all of these areas and a lot more besides. Brought into form by Alan Krakower in February 1987 whilst spending some time alone in Ibiza. The system is based upon a combination of astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabala and some high level mathematics (which thankfully the computer takes care of). It was brought to the UK in 1998 by Richard Rudd from who I had my first reading. The system has been developed over the years and there are now a number of different stands to it that are increasing the wisdom and knowledge of the system.

So what is it?

Human Design gives an enormous depth of information about us at so many different levels, right down, in some cases, to the genetic levels and the inheritances we have from our parents and those of course we hand onto our own children. It uses a lot of the ancient wisdom of the I-Ching (an ancient Chinese divination tool) and is directly linked to it as the I-Ching has 64 different hexagrams (6 line pictograms), human design has 64 different gates (numbers) and the human DNA has 64 codons so hence the genetic links.

Barack Obama's chart

How can I get a chart?

The basic information I need to produce a chart for anyone apart from their name is a date, time and place of birth. Where someone does not know their time of birth if they have any clues like you were born in the dark hours, trust you to arrive in time for lunch etc. We can work around these otherwise I either dowse for a time of birth or I produce charts across the day and we work back from there to find a chart which reflect you.

What can we learn from it?

There is much we can learn from the designs we each have and how they interact with one another when we are in relatively close proximity. It can help explain our own make up and how we function and how we need to treat ourselves and this show others how to do the same. It can help explain why we are attracted to someone and how this attraction over time can end up turning to irritation and how we might start to find our way back to one another. It can be useful at looking at the people that make up families or teams at work and how they can get along with each other and how we can get the most out of everyone. It can help parents with their children and help them understand who they have given birth to and how they can learn from one another. It can help them get the best for their children and how to help and support them in the early years of their lives. Imagine being able to work with a young baby just as they need to be worked with, what a start in life that would be. Finally it is a great tool to help you support someone who may not be able to communicate with you be they young or old.

David Cameron's Chart

You will be amazed at what it will reveal

Having now done over 1500 readings and worked with individuals, couples, families and businesses, I have been able to share some of the wisdom of this amazing system and have seen it make changes in people's lives. It fits so well with the essence of the work I do these days which is all about 'Helping you reach your full potential.' And I do this by using my therapy training and skills working on a physical, spiritual and mental levels helping people to realise they are a lot more than they initial see or believe and helping to find paths that will take them into often unexplored territory.

What do I do if I want my chart done?

If you are interested and would like to know more then you can get in touch with me and request a chart to be done which I will e-mail back to you with a few basic overview points I can observe from looking at the chart and interpreting it. Then you can decide whether this is enough and whether HD is for you. If it is, we can arrange a discussion either face to face, over the phone or on skype. An initial reading with take around 75-90 minutes and you are welcome to record it if you wish. The cost for this service is just £45 and you pay after the reading.

Michael Jackson's chart

What else can it tell me?

After you have had your own chart interpreted you may feel this is enough information (at least for now) or you may want to know more and we can add a Venus Sequence reading which helps us look at the inheritances at a genetic level we got from our parents and the relationship patterns we follow. We can look at partnerships looking at the two individuals and then how they come together and how over time this can become destructive and we can feel we may be drifting away from our partner and of course how we can find the way back. We can look at family dynamics especially as the children start to turn into young adults and start to exert their influences around the home. But do not leave it that long to get a reading done as if you know about them early in life you can work with them instead of against them and have a more harmonious home. You may, as mentioned previously, want to look at the area of teams at work or even at a business partnership and how these dynamics play out. Finally you could use it to look at your relationship with the business you are creating or have created

Interested in knowing more?

You can contact Jon or 07766 828072




Meditation for Raising Self-Esteem

So often we forget all the amazing things we have done, our many achievements. Most of us at some point will stop and wonder what we have done in our lives. Have you made a difference to someone? Have you created something beautiful? Have you learned to swim, to drive, to cook, climbed a mountain, earned a degree, learned to speak another language, given birth?

Any of these are superb achievements and I am certain once you start to think about it you can create a list of your own.

Here is a meditation to help raise your self esteem. Its important that we all feel good about ourselves. The angels love us unconditionally, can you honestly say that you do that for yourself?

Allocate about thirty minutes for this exercise, lighting a candle or some rose scented oils or incense, switching off your phone and find a safe and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. You might like to play some soft music. This is a visualisation but don't worry if this is not something that comes easily to you, just go along with the exercise and use your imagination. Affirmations are repeated three times so that the mystical power of three sets the creative belief in motion. Sitting comfortably begin by breathing slowly and deeply several times. Breathe down into your lower abdomen and hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then release letting go of all the tension in your body.

Imagine a bright light swirling into the room like a mist, and choose a favourite colour as the light gets brighter, surrounding you with its beautiful energy. Breathe the light into your body with each breath. Imagine filling every cell until it begins to seep through the pores of your skin. The light shines within you and surrounds you.

You notice the colour of the light changing to a soft violet colour and moving in a circular swirling movement around your legs as you say to yourself three times "I am safe, and I trust my connection with the Divine light".

As the light swirls around your lower abdomen feel and engage with the energy of this beautiful positive violet light and say to yourself three times: "I let go of all past negative experiences that no longer serve me, I release all negativity thoughts about my self into the light".

As the light swirls upwards around your middle (solar plexus) allow yourself to feel the energy as you say to yourself: "I have clear boundaries, I respect my freedom to be, feel and express my own truth."

Imagine the light now flowing around your heart. At this point your guardian angel comes closer to you and as he/she blesses you open your heart, allowing the love to flow between you and your angel. Say to yourself three times : "I am loved unconditionally, I do not have to do or be anything other than I am now."

The light now moves upwards and swirls around your neck and head clearing all negative thoughts and leaving only positive energy with you as you allow it to permeate through you. Thank the angel, yourself for taking part, and the energy of the light as you visualise the light fading and now leaving the room.

Breathe slowly and as you release the out breath bring your energy back into your personal space knowing you are truly loved and cherished.

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The Problem is ... You think you have time


You live in a world that works night and day to make you just like everyone else.

That way you can fit in and be just like the others.

Life's easy then, right? I mean you just show up and go through the motions.

How's that working out for you?


As you read this are you living the life you truly want for yourself or one that someone else has chosen for you?

And if it's the latter then how has that happened?

At what point did you accept that society or another person gets to choose your life-to determine your hopes and dreams?

Allow yourself a moment to consider how much energy you have given to being the person that others thought you should be.

How many times you've been swept along in someone else's flow.

How often you've not spoken up or perhaps said what you thought others wanted to hear.

And how, on some level you've always known you're not being true to yourself.

It's exhausting and there has to be a better way.


In fact one of the greatest tragedies of life is to lose your sense of self and become someone else's version of you.

Nature get's it, it doesn't waste energy on a false existence. It's knows it's truth and lives it.


Let me give you an example…

Cress just wants to be cress. It's so sure of who it is that it always becomes the best version of itself.

Imagine a spark of energy standing before the Divine source and at this point it can be anything it wants to be.

"So, what do you think?" asks the maker.
"I'm going to be Cress."
"Are you sure, you have many options?"
"I'm going to be Cress."

"One last chance." Say's the Divine "I'm obliged to mention that you may end up mixed with egg, an afterthought on a salad, grown on a nursery class window sill and forgotten."

"I AM Cress."

And so it is.


What does this have to do with you?

You too were once a spark of energy and you chose this life.
Your life has a purpose, and you alone decided what that will be.
You have a unique gift, and you alone decided what that will be.
You have a service to give to the world and you alone decided what that will be.


Cress doesn't allow others to deter it from its purpose, it doesn't fear lettuce, consider surgery to make it more coriandery or feel inadequate next to a massive cucumber.

As you read this you travel the Arc of Life, you and I have no way of knowing where our cross lies at this moment, the only certainty is that we shall return at some point to our resting place.

The Buddha said "The trouble is you think you have time."

So what's your thing? You're gift to the world? What are you putting off? For whom?

On behalf of a planet that is desperate for someone just like you, I ask you to find it and give it away.

Focus on what makes you feel alive, and be that.

Notice what helps others and do that.

Nothing energises you like being true to who you really are so follow your heart, not the crowd and live your life on purpose.


Ian Tucker is a British author and speaker-his first book titled Your Simple Path-find happiness in every step has become an Amazon bestseller.

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You are awesome - Yes, You

I was thinking awesome this morning.

I suddenly realised that two of the most awesome people I've known in my life were both almost completely uneducated, yet they both had a spark that people still remember. That spark was their ability to figure things out, be nobody's fool and therefore highly perceptive.

In today's parlance, they were creative, intuitive and authentic. They understood themselves, and therefore life, well enough to see to the heart of situations. Neither of them had high flying careers yet they excelled, and impressed everyone who met them because they were so 'real'.

If they could, why not us too?

Can we be more 'real'? We're already unique, creative individuals, so can we learn to expand our uniqueness?

Why might we want to?

One simple way to expand our uniqueness is to become more aware of the flow of life. Life is swirling and changing in & around us all the time, yet how aware of this are we? If we're 'in our heads' the answer is always: not very.

As soon as we engage with our embodied consciousness, awareness floods in, stress and tension ease, mood improves, life becomes more enjoyable, we communicate better, and relationships and effectiveness improve.

How do we do this? A simple mantra is 'feet, breathe, smile'.

When we put attention on our feet, especially the soles of our feet, we get out of our heads.

When we become aware of and focus on our breathing, we relax and calm down.

When we smile, we imbue our awareness with good-naturedness.

One of the cumulative effects is to deepen our connection with our knowing self, our intuition - including perceptiveness and ability to 'figure things out'.

I observe people entering this state of embodied awareness, and every time they become more radiant and beautiful.

They become relaxed, empowered and confident.

Without fail, they know what to do next, what their next step is and how to take it.
They become aware they have the resources to do what needs doing.

They do it.

They activate their zest for life.

They become awesome in front of my eyes.

Get out of your head and go for full awareness.

Use the mantra and practice: 'Feet, breathe, smile'.

Give it a go. Get more awesome.

Tell me how you get on.

'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within'



Ascension and the Holidays


As the holidays approach, we all have much to be thankful for. Even if you do not celebrate the holidays, we all still have much to be thankful for.

When one is far enough along on the path of ascension to higher consciousness, they are eventually thankful for all that they have. No effort is required on their part to be thankful. It is an automatic appreciation for all that results from transcending third dimension Earth consciousness to a higher consciousness state of mind. A higher frequency of energy pervades their very being.

Although thankfulness automatically exists at a higher state of consciousness, no matter whether we celebrate the holiday season or not, let us all take the time to consciously give thanks for the roof over our head, the food in our stomach, and the clothing on our back, and let us especially give thanks for our families and the love that we share.

If we all make a conscious effort to give thanks for all that we have during this holiday season and throughout the rest of the year, we would help to uplift not only ourselves and our loved ones, but we would also help to uplift humanity as a whole.


About The Author:

Trish LeSage is a best selling author of books on metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension to higher consciousness, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four books: "Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates, and Beyond", "Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology", "Traveling To Parallel Universes", and "How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness". More information about her work is available on her website at



Bearing gifts…


Children all over the world are writing their letters to Santa, asking for their Christmas presents. As a young girl, I used to love Christmas and would write long lists with all my favourite things: dolls, coloring books, animal cuddly toys. My lovely mum would make sure we had all the presents. I believed it was Santa of course.

Gifts are part and parcel of Christmas. As adults we stress about when we are to begin the frenzy of shopping. As children we count down the days hoping we will get everything we desire.


When did the tradition of bearing gifts begin?

Most modern day celebrations have their roots in pagan rituals. The tradition of gift bearing was taken by Christianity and weaved into Christmas with the story of the Three wise men who gave gifts to the infant Jesus.

The wise men came bearing gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold. These gifts have a spiritual meaning: gold is a symbol of kingship on earth, frankincense is a symbol of deity, and myrrh (an embalming oil) is a symbol of death.


Is this the reason we give gifts to each other at Christmas?

In the Bible, the gifts that were bought to the infant child Jesus, were gifts fit for a king. It was tradition to offer such gifts to kings. There is no exchange of gifts, but an honoring of a king.

Following is a reference suggesting that giving gifts at Christmas is more to do with Jesus being the gift:

'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.' (John 3:16)

Some aspects of Christmas traditions have their roots in the Roman custom of Saturnalia, a harvest festival that marked the winter solstice-the return of the sun-and honored Saturn, the god of sowing.

Some scholars suggest that Christmas replaces the worship of the sun with worship of the Son.


Then of course there is Santa Claus. When did he come into the Christmas story?

Santa Claus and his many other names for example, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle etc is an important figure in many Western cultures. He is the long anticipated jolly man with the long white beard who is said to bring gifts in his sleigh, to the homes of good children on Christmas Eve.

Again this is derived from elements of pagan celebrations such as the German tradition of Yule, which is associated with the midwinter.


Does it matter where the tradition of bearing gifts comes from?

Aren't the festivities of Christmas a chance for humankind to practice good will toward each other?

Is this too idealistic? Especially in the light of what we see in the media which does not reflect this.

Whether Christmas is a Christian tradition, pagan or a commercial holiday, as with all situations it is always a chance to give more love and joy to each other.

It is an occasion to share food, gifts and spend time with friends and loved ones; a time to contemplate and reassess the past year.

It could also be an opportunity to see the 'gifts' that experiences and situations of the past year have brought us. As we eagerly await the 'gifts' the New Year will bring.

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Christina is currently setting up a writing group in Quinton, Birmingham every Wednesday evening. She is also organising regular Cafe Meetups in Birmingham with writing tips and hot drink included, on Saturday mornings. Get in touch by email.

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

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Nature's Golden Crown - A message from Jophiel


Aren't the trees beautiful as all their leaves change colour? I love every time of the year, every season, but Autumn certainly adds a golden crown. My son remarked that in the city the trees still change colour, but it is when you drive down the lanes filled with trees in the countryside, and play in the woods among the falling leaves that Mother Nature's beauty really speaks to the heart and soul. The yellow/gold of the lanes reminds me of the attributes of the second ray and the Archangel Jophiel. His message is one of tremendous light, of loving wisdom and co-creation.

When I was teaching my Educating Heart and Soul course in Chelmsford a few years ago one of my students, Dan, an NLP practitioner, found that he had a very special connection with Archangel Jophiel and to his surprise brought a beautiful message to me.

Sometimes the angels bring deeply personal messages that we are unable to share, so they remain a secret, held within our heart forever. At other times they bring a message of love for us to pass on to others. Even when the message is for someone else, the angels' presence fills us with an indescribable sensation of personal bliss. This phenomenon is expressed by Dan, in the following:



I felt very connected to the energies of Archangel Gabriel. So I was meditating and listening to my MP3 player on my way to work: it was the beautiful music accompanying your visualisation with the Archangel Jophiel, for light and creativity. As I finished the visualisation, sitting on the train with plenty of time, I switched off my MP3 player and relaxed with my eyes closed, enjoying the sensations that the meditation had brought to me. Suddenly I became aware of an overwhelming brightness. It not only completely engulfed me and where I was sitting, but seemed to be lighting up the whole carriage. As I opened my eyes there was a vibrant light shining all around me. I wondered if anyone else could see this, too, but judging by the blank expressions in the morning rush hour, there was no evidence of this.

I knew that I was in the presence of angels. There was a bright white light to one side of me and a bright golden light to the other. I believed the light to be coming from the Archangel Jophiel, with whom I had just been communing. I was filled with awe at such beauty and overwhelmed by the love flowing through me; it was amazing and I knew everything was good. But then I realised that the feeling I had was of two angels, and I had an inner knowing that the presence of Gabriel was with me too. I became aware that they were communicating with me and then I heard a message for you, Chrissie, "Let it be, just let it be. All will be well."

One fascinating aspect of Dan's message was the timing. I had been feeling particularly frustrated by interrelated issues, which I had been trying to resolve all at once. Even though I had been asking for, and trusting in, angelic assistance, human nature had got in the way. when we allow emotional attachment to block our spiritual connections, the angels may use other, clearer channels to get their message across. "I knew I was given that message for you," Dan puzzled when he told me. "It definitely wasn't meant for me, and yet I was completely filled with love. What an amazing side effect of being useful!"

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My brand new start
How to be reborn in the freezer of the Earth

I was coming out of an acrimonious divorce that lasted two long years and I was emotionally and psychologically destroyed! I had just had the final hearing at court and all I wanted was taking time off to gather myself together again and think about my future …



At such pivotal times of our lives sometimes remarkable opportunities show up and it is up to us to take them. I heard of an Australian taking people to Antarctica from a friend of mine and thought I would go to the event he was talking at and check him out. I did and before I knew, I decided to join an expedition to Antarctica!

Antarctica is a wilderness of extraordinary beauty where nature rules fiercely and unconditionally; a store of information about our Planet's history and one of the very few places on Earth where people of all countries live peacefully with the sole aim to improve and exchange scientific information. This frozen paradise on Earth would be the playground of my adventure in March 2008.

I would go on a trip with Peter Bland, an Australian explorer, and Nik Halik, an Australian motivational speaker and mentor, to the Antarctic Peninsula to face my fears and limiting beliefs. I took this decision so quickly that it took me months to realize completely what I had done! I was excited and felt alive again, therefore I was very happy after a long period of hardship where I felt my life was suspended in the nil by a legal process.

During my time in Antarctica I did different activities and each of them made me become more aware of myself. Imagine waking up in the morning on board a relatively small ship, looking out your cabin porthole and seeing the shore of the Antarctic Peninsula. Its mountains fall abruptly into the sea with their tops covered in century old ice, so thick that the white fades into light blue, ice blue! Seals were lying at rest on the ice floating on the sea or on the cliff looking at me with curiosity, whales were swimming alongside the ship, escorting us for some time while I was observing speechless, taken aback by their sheer grace and beauty.

How about going vertical, tackling an ice wall which was leading me to heights only limited by my stamina and resilience; as hostile as it felt, it got warmer and warmer by the time I got higher and higher; I became the wall and the wall became me, I was suddenly becoming aware of the infinite possibilities awaiting me.

Success is the result of determination, perseverance, curiosity, passion and the ability to hold on to a vision: if I can see myself at the top, I will be able to climb smoothly and enjoy the warm, soothing and all encompassing exhilarating and satisfying feeling of victory on reaching the top.

Have you ever considered spending a night on the ice? Looking at the bright stars of the Milky Way in the Southern hemisphere in an inky black sky, listening to the silence and sounds of the wilderness and observing the thoughts passing through your mind? When I went night camping on the ice I entered a completely different reality that I never thought could exist and I was part of its magic.


What drives adventurers of all times?

It is pushing oneself to the limit to see that extra bit of land that nobody has seen before, to sail on that part of the sea where no seafarer has ventured before, to listen to the ultimate sound that mother Nature creates only in particular conditions and in a specific part of the globe, to conquer the top of that mountain that is so high that fellow humans didn't even dare to look at, because they thought it was unreachable and the seat of the gods.

The ultimate quest though is stretching one's limits, seeing what is beyond everything else and discovering one's inner guide and wisdom. I shared my inner most thoughts, fears and events that happened to me during that expedition in a book: 'Antarctic Odyssey, a New Beginning'. I wrote the book with the hope that other women like me would dare to think and do the 'impossible' to show themselves that they too can do it!

The book is available on

Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

Author, speaker and Feminine Cycle Consultant
Tel. +44 779 630 6774


Gabriella was born in Italy and studied foreign languages at the University of Turin, her home city. She is a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has travelled around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Antarctica. In 2012 she published a book, "Antarctic Odyssey: a New Beginning", about her

adventures there. She is learning to fly gliders in order to gain a different perspective on the world and become a real 'Flying Inspiration'!

She is an author, speaker, visionary and coach who helps women to gain confidence, authority and fulfilment in life by knowing better their body. She also helps couples improve their relationship and find a more satisfying way to communicate to have better intimacy. Women often experience a loss of identity, lack of direction, disconnection from their body, lack of libido and intimacy with their partner and themselves at some stage of their lives. This can trigger physical problems like PMS, cravings, mood swings, weight gain, low self esteem, lack of energy/libido, direction and cause relationship issues. In fact, our body is trying to get in contact with us through these symptoms which can create mental and emotional states that can be very challenging to say the least.

Gabriella has a solution for all these problems and helps women to reconnect with their body and feminine cycle to improve the quality of their lives.

© Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel


The M
iracle of Reiki

Reiki is about Love and Light

"I believe in Miracles!"
Julie Chipperfield-Carr
Reiki Master/Teacher

What does a 'Miracle' mean to you? My miracle occurred when I found Reiki back in 2000; I was at an all time low.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is simple, natural and safe.

Reiki works by treating the whole person including the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

The process of a Reiki treatment is very simple … the person will either lie on a massage couch or sit in a chair... it's that easy. The only thing they have to take off is their shoes!

A Reiki treatment
The positive effects of Reiki

Reiki is:-
♥ Gentle
♥ Harmless
♥ Natural
♥ Healing
♥ Balancing
♥ Relaxing
♥ Energising
Create your own miracle and give Reiki a go!

What do you need in your life?

♥ A new/better job?
♥ A relationship?
♥ To be released from stress?
♥ Or perhaps you wish for Reiki to produce a miracle for someone else?

If you would like to receive a Reiki treatment or learn Reiki, give me a call:-
Julie 07818283365

The Birmingham Holistic Centre

I do my Reiki treatments in the Birmingham Holistic Centre, run by Stuart Morris.

Julie, Stuart and the Centre's Teacher Lorna Gray.

Stuart Morris won his battle with cancer over 20 years ago, using natural therapies. Now he spends his time motivating others to heal and empower themselves.
Tel: 07734459908.

Lorna Gray is Head of Training. She offers a wide variety of courses.
Tel: 07730484209.

We warmly invite you to come and spend time with us in our healing sanctuary. It's quite unlike any other centre you will have visited before.

A little piece of heaven nestled in Kings Norton Birmingham
Wishing you love and light

Julie, Stuart and Lorna x



Do not worry - have faith!


22 … Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. 23 For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. 24 Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them… 25 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life ? 26 Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?

27 "Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 28 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you-you of little faith!

(Luke 12:22-28 New International Version)

Nature seems to know something we don't. As the above quote from the Bible suggests; animals and even the wild flowers have an inner faith that what they need will be provided.

I admire the natural order of animals especially within their own species. They 'know' what to do to teach their young; to hunt; to avoid danger to look for a mate. They don't think that they are wasting their life by not doing something else. They do not worry when they do not have what they need - they move to another place to find it. They do not give up even on the verge of starvation.

In contrast, we do not equip our young with strategies to survive in life. Maybe when we lived in caves this information was passed down, but in our fast paced life of technology, we are preoccupied with endless worries, most of them involving lack of time.

The flight or fight effect of natural survival is still running riot in our bodies. We may not be running away from a Saber tooth tiger or hunting for our food anymore but we are under constant stress from running after time. There seems to be a shortage of time.

This running after time has adapted us to become multi-taskers. Instead of just being present in what we are doing we are lost in a collection of activities.


Who said it is a good idea to multi- task?

Do you see animals multi- tasking?

Do they suckle their young whilst hunting for their meal?


I remember when my children were young, I would be holding one in a sling whilst I was entertaining the other as I peeled the potatoes. If I had another hand I would have been sweeping the floor too.

You may argue this is what makes us more superior to animals - the ability to think and do at the same time. Personally I think this is where we have a disadvantage to animals, we are not more effective because we can think and do at the same time. We are not less stressed because we have mod coms or the ability to multi-task.


More importantly we are not happier.

Animals are not happy or sad they are just being…

Exactly they are just being and being is what we are meant to be being.

Yet we are constantly doing.

What if we took note of how nature lives?

What if we had more faith in our existence?


I love the changing seasons; especially how trees show this in their changing attire. Autumn offers us a feast of warm hues. It is like we are given a chance to soak in the warmth before the chill of winter approaches.

Trees stand there in all their glory, whilst the seasons come and go. They do not stress that they will lose their leaves, or worry that they will be standing bare in the winter wind. For inside they are still a living furnace of life. Their roots are deep in the earth drawing in the nutrients and sustenance from their mother earth whilst the branches reach to the heavens absorbing energy and light.

We have lost this natural state, of being in synch with the seasons. We have everything when we want it. This gives us a false sense of plenty. For instance we can buy fruit and vegetables that are out of season. Yet, the natural order was to eat plants at certain seasons. This was what gave our ancestors their vitality. For example, root vegetables are a winter plant to keep us rooted and fulfilled for longer.


We have everything yet we are stressed. We know more yet we are in the dark.

When did we become so separate and bereft?

When did we give up our natural connection to our source?

When we lost faith in the natural order of life, we allowed worry to take over.

How do we reclaim this natural order?

We can begin the process by releasing control; not worrying what tomorrow will bring and having faith.

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Christina is currently setting up a writing group in Quinton, Birmingham every Wednesday evening. She is also organising regular Cafe Meetups in Birmingham with writing tips and hot drink included, on Saturday mornings. Get in touch by email.

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...


The acquiescence of All Hallows eve through to 11-11 Portal

We are now entering the magical sign of Scorpio, where the mists of alchemy, reign supreme over all of us. It is the one sign, where souls can transform from the Scorpion (lower self), Eagle (Higher Self) and Phoenix (Creator Self). It is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and brings the infinity energy through it's cosmic teachings/remembering.

A warrior sign ruled by Pluto (governor of the shadow self), where the depths of the soul, can be felt in all its glory on both the positive and negative poles of duality. Speaking from my own experience as being a Halloween born Scorpio. It hurts like hell and is ecstatic in equal measure when surfing the realms of the soul, in the constant reunification process.

This time for all Scorpios is a time of empowerment and for all other signs a deepening of ones path onto the next level of intensity that the soul needs you to realign with.

The Full Moon on 27th October, will bring up the Scorpio wounds of sexuality, relating through sex, power, control and the usual scorpion bag of tricks for you to allow and surrender in the letting go of.

Halloween/All Souls Day/All saints day - This triple energetic brings us an opportunity to accept the magic within and let go of the ghosts of the past. Haunting & nightmares may surface in some so that they can be cleared from their soul, in others magical aspects long forgotten may return to assist you and there may be chance to raise up relationships of loved ones whom have passed to the next level for the benefit of all souls involved. Can you transform from ghost to wholeness into the gates of heaven.

On Halloween the witches & warlock archetype will be stimulated and brought into a state of acquiescence. Where we silently accept all that has gone before and allow ourselves to move fully from that program and into our new selves.

Then we have a few days to integrate until the 11-11 portal. Which is my favorite portal of the year alongside the 12-12 as I always feel so good and full of soul. The energetics 11 days after my birthday never fail to amaze me. This year is pretty special as its 3 years since the 2012 energies, which uprooted all of our lives. I feel this is the start of incredible things, which we originally received in 2012.


until next time - Much love - Ryan

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What's your next step
? 'Be the question'


In a quandry? At a crossroads?

Frustrated, dissatisfied, stressed, suffering, angsty, antsy?

Solution: get out of your own way, you know exactly what to do.

Last weekend I spent a fair bit of time helping people realise they know exactly what to do next in their life. Time after time, we'd chat for 3 or 4 minutes and then it became clear, crystal clear, what their next step was. The only 'problem' was them being in their own way - and once they saw this, they had their 'A-ha' moment and with a bit of help saw exactly what to do next, and how.

It's a different step for everyone, but we always know. Always.

  • Sometimes it's asking ourselves the right question.
  • Sometimes it's accessing body wisdom.
  • Sometimes it's shedding our 'story'.
  • Sometimes it's starting a new practice.

It always involves change & growing through resistance, and yet we always know it's right because our knowing side, our still small voice of calm, just knows.

The knack is getting out of our own way - through breakdown, addiction, meditation practice etc - and using outside help.

This 'help' comes in many forms, for as Wayne Dyer said beautifully:
'We're all just walking each other home'.

So this 'help' can just as easily be a dog or tree or a child, it's not necessarily adult or 'professional'.

Ask, in the sense of 'be your question', and your helper and your solution present themselves. Always. Without fail.

This is the most empowering and solution-focused mindset we can have. I've seen it get people into their new groove time after time.

We know. We always know.
Be your question and ask for help.
Ask me, if you like.
But just ask.

'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within'

ndra's Net

It was a beautiful clear night here in north Essex last night and I was very taken with how beautiful the stars were shining through the period of the Autumnal equinox. I reflected back and remembered being very touched by a story told during a lecture at university. It was at the end of the session on Buddhism. The vision of the story has stayed with me and I tell it often, however the original context and some of the detail has faded away.


It refers to Indra, the great God of the skies who threw a large net out into the heavens of infinite size and infinite beauty in order to protect and nurture everything below. At each knot in the net was sewn a large jewel. All the jewels hang there for eternity suspended like all the stars in the night skies. The beauty and light of every jewel reflects back the light and beauty of all the others.

We are just like the precious jewels in Indra's net, as we shine our light it is reflected back by someone else, and then someone else, and someone else, on into infinity. Every small act of kindness, every smile in passing, is meaningful and carries an energy of loving light which just like the jewels of Indra's net will be reflected around us in the present and continue on into the future.

The groups of lovely people attending my workshops are like stars shining heart felt energy behind warm smiles. One of my passionate wishes is that I'd love to help create a whole galaxy of small star-filled satellite groups of spiritual students and like-minded people wherever I go. This would form a network of support for people to meet for sharing enthusiasm and empowerment, and to reflect this wonderful light in all corners of our country, even the world!

If you've been to one of my workshops you'll know exactly what I mean. If you feel you would like to host a home group, either for studying the Educating Heart & Soul course or to share your spiritual journey with others in your area do let us know and we will (with your permission) put your details 'out there' in a newsletter so that those around you can find you, and another cluster of stars will be born. Lets work at making this happen, creating the space to shine our brightest everywhere.

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858


Are you connecting with your womb wisdom?


We are all taken by so many things nowadays in our daily life that most of the times we feel torn apart by different interests, commitments, duties, hobbies, desires, etc.

We are also bombarded 24/7 by so much information that at times we feel overwhelmed and tired just by the thought of having to read another email, newsletter, letter, magazine, etc...

As women we tend to have a natural instinct about what to do, when and how and this help us in our business too, not only as mothers, wives, friends, partners, colleagues or whatever might be our main role in life.

Have you ever wondered though, where this instinct comes from? Or why?

Well, whatever might be your experience as a woman, I do think that women have an extra gear! Nature did gift us with some extra tools that probably most of us forge to use, maybe just because we are not aware of them. One of these extra tools is the menstrual cycle, the so dreaded monthly event that many of us call 'The Curse'. Even if we live in the XXI century we tend to ignore or avoid the subject especially in social conversations, unless it is really necessary and, in that case we tend to lowe our voice and look around before starting talking about it!

Why do we do that? Why is it a taboo subject that still carries such a stigma, concern or embarrassment?

Isn't it a natural process that allows all of us to be alive?

Why do we ostracise it so much, either we are men or women?

If we look into any taboo, we can see that there tends to be a link between a taboo and the sacred or something carrying some power, so could it be that this is the case for the menstrual cycle too?

Willing or not we have been living for several thousands of years under the rule of patriarchy, therefore the cycle has been considered as something pertinent to the female gender and therefore not of major interest for society as mainly run by men. After millennia even women have convinced themselves that it is an inconvenient aspect of life that women have to put up with and, if you can repress it or numb it, the better your life is going to be.

Are we really sure of this?

Couldn't it be that this mysterious phenomenon has been dreaded or misunderstood so much because in fact carries some special powers with it?

Could it be that we sit on a gold mine and we don't know?

What if I told you that your main source of inspiration is actually residing in it?

How would you feel?

Would you reconsider it and look at it with at least a curious eye, rather than label it as a drag?

Have you ever noticed that at times in your life you are full of inspiration, energy, determination and have all the answers to do whatever you want?

Have you ever thought that there might be a link with your menstrual cycle?

If you want to find out more about the menstrual cycle and your womb wisdom, check "Flying Inspiration" website.

My purpose is to help women fly in life and feel great in their skin by honouring their body as a source of wisdom. Our bodies are amazing and I invite every one of you reading this right now to take a moment to listen and hear what your body is asking from you


Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

A Woman of the XXI Century, Author, Speaker & Feminine Cycle Consultant
Flying Inspiration

I was born in Italy and studied foreign languages at the University of Turin, my home city. I am also a qualified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and have travelled around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and to Antarctica. In 2012 I published a book, 'Antarctic Odyssey: a New Beginning', about my adventures there. I have also learnt to fly gliders in order to gain a different perspective on the world and become a real 'Flying Inspiration'! I am an author, speaker, visionary and coach who helps women to gain confidence, authority and fulfilment from their body and in life. I also help couples, to understand each other and to find a more satisfying way to communicate and relate, to have better intimacy and improved satisfaction from their relationships.

Women often experience a loss of identity, lack of direction, disconnection from their body, lack of intimacy with their partner and themselves at some stage of their life. This can trigger physical problems like PMS, cravings, mood swings, weight gain, low self esteem, lack of energy and libido, lack of direction and relationship issues. In fact our body is trying to get in contact with us through these symptoms which can create mental and emotional states that can be very challenging to say the least.

If you want to get out of this vicious circle and understand more about yourself as a woman, get in contact and find out the joys of being an empowered and aware woman of the XXI century.


© Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel


Excalibur Grid Activation (Equinox through to Eclipse Tetrad)


The Month of September (9) always brings with it the opportunity to wrap up many energetics which we have experienced and NOW need release from. It's a fast paced energy month where we purge much from our colossal experience banks.

For myself it has been a month of ripping apart old structures and programs (Earth programs, Solar System Programs & Star System programs) which has brought much pain (ouch) and also huge swathes of inner peace & knowing that all is well. I have been connecting with my wisdom from past lives and following the abundantly flowing synchronizations which have been helping me to lay a new energy grid for the planet.

To cut a very long story short, the New Grid which I'm calling Excalibur (As Excalibur resembles to me the blue divine power of truth) will be fired (which means fully active) on the Equinox of 23rd September 2015, which is a 22 day in numerology (the number of the master builder).

It is a grid that has been extended out to cover all influencing energies which have had relationships with the Earth over all time. *When the time is right i'm sure ill write a book with all of the details of what I have been working towards*

After the grid is fired there will then be a period of recalibration which will last for 10 days (the eclipse and full moon is in this 10 day period). A recalibration period means much change and re-aligning. This can cause discomfort as our physical bodies are letting go of so much outdated emotions, thoughts and programs.

It is essential at this time, whatever your level of awakening, that you can access your still point. This is your centre and the silence within. The power of peace is the band aid that soothes and takes away all that is not needed for the new you and new world. So in these days before the Firing of Excalibur, what are the inner yearnings,things or tools that bring you PEACE.

If any of you during this time are in need of some external assistance then please do book a session with myself, either in person or through distant correspondence (which is equally as effective and powerful).


until next time - Much love - Ryan

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When your 'It' hits the fan (Hide? Smile? Run away?)

At times, we all have 'It' in our lives, that uncomfortable, troublesome, inconvenient piece of life that disrupts our calm or harmony.

It usually involves emotion and therefore means feeling something we'd rather not - hence the uncomfortable, troublesome, inconvenient quality.

It can appear as stress, anxiety, anger, and make us ill.

It often makes us afraid.

We're often afraid because we know we've got to do something we'd rather not - face our fear, speak our truth, accept something about ourselves we wish wasn't true.


Face it. Feel it. Don't flinch. Embrace it.

'The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek' - Joseph Campbell.

Every time I see someone do this, enter their cave and face their shadow, I see beautiful transformation occur. I see the shedding of a bit more 'story', a growth in authenticity, an inspiring vulnerability. I see people get stronger by owning their 'weakness'.



To do this, we need courage. It has to be more important to do this, to enter our cave, than to cower, flinch or run away - however enticing these false friends appear.

How do we find our courage?

We all have our own ways. My preparation includes the ancient insightful worldwide tradition of smiling. I put a genuine smile on my face, feel the inner warmth this generates, connect with my zest for life, and open myself to feeling whatever 'It' is. I feel it as deeply as possible.

'It' can be a wild ride, and having set off and started, 'It' might take you across some jagged unexpected inner terrain. Hang on. Hang in there. When you have a pause, take the time to breathe, smile and regroup. Smile and reach in for your stillness. Keep going till the ride is over.

Always remember: the purpose of 'It' is to bring about self-healing, an increase in kindness, compassion, authenticity and connection.

Also remember: it's a never-ending journey.

Smiling helps. That's why it's such an ancient recommendation.

'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within'



Creating a still and sacred space


All faiths and cultures since the birth of humanity have created sacred spaces. Areas of peaceful prayer and tranquillity, music or chanting, dancing or the beating of drums, they can be as different in language and design as their diverse beginnings. You can 'feel' the energy in those sacred spaces created naturally in landscapes such as rock formations, mountaintops, waterfalls and even Hawthorn bushes like fairy rings; and others built on 'Holy' consecrated land sites like our temples, churches, synagogues and mosques. And whether we are creating rituals for birth, death or marriage; meditating for world peace or connecting with angels we human beings have a need to create a safe and 'sacred space'.

It is in these sacred and often very beautiful places where we may first connect on a deep and profound level with the great universal forces of the spiritual world. It is here where often we feel the presence of others, either human or angelic, hear voices or music, experience physical sensations, and sometimes see clear visions. Even if none of these apply to you, you may have experienced a sense of deep calm when standing in a stone circle or sitting quietly in an old church or beautiful temple.

Angels bring joy and healing but their magnificent energy is Divine. Their energy and power can be overwhelming, so calling them in to create your space shouldn't be approached flippantly. Although you can call upon guidance from any of the angels, your guardian angel, spirit guides and ancestors to help you, it is Archangel Raphael who is the Angel of Consecration, and whose role it is to assist in creating a truly sacred space.

With constant updates from all areas of science we are gathering information about this wonderful, awesome world in which we ~and all our cells~ are a part. We are beginning to understand the bigger picture. It seems almost bizarre nowadays to imagine a heaven somewhere else, above the clouds, where God sits on a throne surrounded by his angels. But I certainly feel there is some truth in the idea of a 'paradise', whatever or wherever that is. An energetic field, beyond the veil of our understanding, where there is only love, light and peace. If this is where the angels reside… then surely it makes sense for us to create a calm, beautiful and loving environment of our own in which to welcome them closer.

How do you create your own sacred space for connecting with the angels?

Personally I love a little ritual. I like to include crystals, and at least one candle burning, and sometimes essential oils in a burner as well. Then I call upon the angels to guide my work. If I am giving a healing or consultation I clear my room with incense and ask for Divine guidance, creating a sacred space to work in. Then by taking a few minutes to calm my mind I create my inner, personal sacred space so that I can be used as a channel of healing or guiding energy for angels to work through me.

Creating a Sacred Space
  • Choose a place where you feel most calm and peaceful.
  • Clean the space, from any extra clutter and dust.
  • Using either a sagebrush or incense, waft the smoke into all corners.
  • Say your favourite prayer, chant or poem dedicating the space to the angelic realms and inviting the angels closer (by name if you wish).
  • Place pictures or other representations of angels you feel drawn to.
  • Choose your favourite crystals to enhance your angelic connection.
  • Light a candle representing divine light and the element of fire.
  • Put fresh flowers, or a healthy pot plant in your space (water & earth).
  • Burn two drops of essential oil, such as rose, rose-geranium or lavender in water (or on cotton wool over the radiator) to fragrance the air.
  • Play and enjoy some soothing music of your choice.
  • Lastly, you can protect your sacred space by calling in the energy of Archangel Michael.

Your personal inner sacred space is always within. With practice you can go to there in just a few moments, even when chaos is happening all around you!
  • Sitting comfortably close your eyes.
  • Take a few deep breaths down into your abdomen, and relax.
  • Ground yourself by paying attention to the area of your body around your navel.
  • Look into the darkness behind your closed eyes.
  • Imagine walking down a flight of ten stairs.
  • With each step become more comfortable and peaceful.
  • At the bottom of the steps you are in a safe warm and comfortable space.
  • Allow yourself to smile, and take the smile down into your space.
  • (take three or more slow deep breaths and stay here as long as you like) 
  • When you wish take the ten steps back up into the moment bringing your warmth, calm and inner peace with you.


The Importance of Exploring Our Past Lives and Healing Them


Did you know that many of the issues that you are experiencing in your current life may have their root cause in your past lives? Our subconscious mind (our soul) records and remembers everything that we have ever experienced, not only what we have experienced during our current life but also, everything that we experienced during lives that we may have lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago or more. These stored memories can reappear throughout our lives and may even cause issues during our current lives unless they are released.

We have experienced many traumatic and upsetting situations throughout our many lifetimes. The traumas that we experience often create blockages in our energy bodies. These past traumas and blockages can lead to a host of issues in our current lives, including but not limited to: fears, phobias, health issues, aches, pains, illness, disease, allergies, mishaps, accidents, problems in relationships, being overweight, and even financial problems, and many other issues.

For example, if one were to experience a serious blow to the head during a past life, they may experience headaches, sinusitis, etc. during their current life. If one were to experience an injury to the leg during a past life, they may experience pain, charlie horses, or a limp in the leg, or they may experience difficulty with walking, etc. during their current life.

Since our subconscious mind (our soul) remembers everything that we have ever experienced, the memories of our traumas continue to accumulate layer upon layer until we release them. The more traumas that we experience, the more issues we may have during our current lives. Sometimes simply viewing a past life is sufficient to heal from past life traumas. However, sometimes one may need to release the traumas through healing.

Regression therapy is one such healing technique that may be used to heal our past lives. The healing takes place at the root cause of the issue and also heals all subsequent issues that have occurred after the root cause that are related to the issue leading all the way up to the present moment.

Remember, the person that you are today is a combination of everyone you have ever been. Your current life, as well as, your past lives shaped the person that you are today. Exploring who you were in the past is a window into a part of who you are today!

by Trish LeSage


About The Author:

Trish LeSage is a best selling author of books on metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension to higher consciousness, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four books: "Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond"; "Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology"; "Traveling To Parallel Universes"; and "How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness". She also helps people to explore their past lives. More information about her work is available on her website at


Dressing with Confidence

What colours suit me?

Have you ever caught a look in a mirror and thought "OMG, I look washed out" and at other times you feel what you wear drains your energy? Or have you thought "why did I buy this colour?" Well I am here to tell you that you are not the only one.

We all go through these thoughts and some of them rightly so. We don't consciously look for and buy something that we think is going to make us look washed out or not flatter ourselves. We are only human and we make mistakes! Maybe it is because we don't know what actually suits us.

Colour can help to make us look glowing and vibrant. It can also affect our moods by helping us feel energised, relaxed, excited, confident, angry, annoyed, withdrawn and happy amongst many other feelings. Looking and paying attention to the colours we wear can help and influence our personalities, moods and how we look to be the Best Vision of ourselves.

Let's have a look at what we can do about that.

In my last article (if you haven't seen it then you can go back and look at it 'Stop Right Now' July issue) I talked about body shapes and fitness and how to be the best vision of yourself by looking at your wellbeing and then flattering your body shape by the style of clothes that you wear.

We can also do this with the colours we wear and how we wear those colours.

Most of the time when we look at colours that suit us we look at our skin tones and our skin tone will generally determine which colours will enhance our look and make us look vibrant where as others will completely wash the colour out of our skin and can make us look drawn.

There is no doubt that if you get the correct colour of make-up and clothing to suit you then this can have a great effect on your energy and either make you feel more energised.

Are you a Warm tone or a Cool tone?

Warm colours are those with a yellow undertone. Think of walking in the park on a beautiful sunny autumnal day - rich shades of gold, orange-brown, yellowish-green (khaki), burnt red, camel and beige. Celebrities with a warm skin tone include Dannii Minogue, Anne Robinson, Jessica Biel, Sarah Ferguson and Chris Evans.

Cool colours are those that have a blue undertone. Imagine a crisp and stark winter's day with pure white snow, enhanced by crimson sky, icy shades of grey, blue, pink, fuchsia, purple, burgundy, slate-grey, black and white. Celebrities with a cool skin tone include Naomi Campbell, Anne Hathaway, Liz Hurley and Simon Cowell.

Easiest way to test this out.

1: Take a white shirt or sheet, and a cream one.

2: Sit in good natural light

3: Sit in front of a mirror (with no make-up, your hair tied back away from your face, and no jewellery on your neck)

4: Place the white or cream sheet under your chin.

5: Look at the clarity of your eyes and see if they lighten up?

6: Repeat this with the other colour shirt/sheet.

If you are a warm colour, the cream sheet should make you come alive, lighten you up and give you a glow. The white sheet should make you look drawn and pale.

If you are a cool toned person then vice versa should happen. The white sheet should make you glow and lighten you up, where as the cream sheet will make you look drawn.

However there are other factors that we need to consider when choosing colour to wear that can help you to be the Best Vision of You.

Colours have an energy and as such have a vibration. If we can pick the colours that match our vibration then we will feel at ease and comfortable with what we are wearing and how we look which will give us confidence and the happiness knowing that we look and feel great.

Many colours also have meanings to people and have a certain resonance about them.

Red for instance can be seen by some people as being a colour of Danger or Anger, yet for some it is a symbol of Love, Vibrant passion and Energy.

Purple has been used in the past for Religion, Nobility and Wealth, but for some it can conjure up feelings of depression and sorrow.

So we need to be aware that all colours have both a -ve and a +ve resonance. So when we look at colours to wear we may get it wrong as there are many influences in our decision making. Some are conscious and some are definitely unconscious.

So start to play around with colour.... Go now and check out your wardrobe...

Are the colours all in the same spectrum, or tone?

Are they the colours that make your complexion glow, or are they colours that make you look drawn?

Have you chosen colours that are dark or muted, hoping they will cover you, make you go unnoticed and blend in so as not to draw attention to yourself?

My challenge to you today and the next coming weeks is to try and experiment with colours. You don't have to go and buy anything new. Just go into the shops with the idea of the colours that could suit you and have a play around. Have some fun with it!

On the fashion side of things, when dressing for your body shape it is generally seen that if your lower half is bigger you should tend to wear darker colours on the lower half of your body that way drawing attention to your upper half with brighter colours. Colour blocking can also deflect where the eye looks, so can highlight areas and avoid others that you wish to not be as visible.

Depending on the situation we are in we might be expected to wear a certain colour (for example in a formal setting or office meeting etc.). Fashion might also say that the colour of the season should be a particular colour that may not suit you. These colours may not particularly make us feel fresh, vibrant or even confident. So what you can do is accessorise with a hint of the colour that you know resonates with you. For example, in a formal situation you wear a colour that suits you and you highlight with the colour of the season.

So don't be scared of colour and making mistakes, for every mistake is a lesson learnt.

Ulitmately you need to go for colours that you feel comfortable in. I ask you to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone, and be bold and beautiful.

Until next time.


Author Bio

Jonathan Copp a bespoke fashion designer and personal trainer works with women to enable them to be the best version of themselves. Taking a holistic approach, Jonathan addresses all areas of fitness and says, "Fitness is about being happy with your body, and with yourself. It is about making the best of your body shape in order to feel relaxed and comfortable with who you are, which in turn impacts on self-confidence. Women who feel good about their body and the clothes they wear, exude an air of confidence, and turn heads whenever they enter a room.……..for all, the right reasons."

Jonathan works with women from various backgrounds and is increasingly attracting women entrepreneurs, as well as women involved in senior positions within the corporate world.

If you would like to know more about Jonathan and how he may be able to help you be the best version of you, or if you would like Jonathan to help you dress to flatter your body shape, feel free email him at to arrange a no obligation chat. Please include a telephone number he can contact you on and advise when would be the best time for him to call you. He has that human touch ... and YOU deserve to be and to look your best. Contact him NOW.


Happy Talk

"Happy talkin, talkin, happy talk, talk about things you like to do. If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?"

I listened to these words as sung by Ella Fitzgerald, whilst driving to Alicante airport to pick up some friends returning to Spain to live after having 'gone home' to the UK before Christmas. They realised after a few days that they missed Spain and decided to return.

The words of the song got me thinking. We all talk to ourselves each and every day, whether it is in our heads/minds or out loud. (I cannot be the only person who talks to himself and has voices in his head/mind. Sometimes these voices even make sense too!). Anyway, as I said it got me thinking. How many people I wonder use 'Happy talk' when talking to themselves? I know I do, but then again I am a happy person who really appreciates life (especially mine - even though I have been through a lot of ups and downs).

I figured, that as there are a lot of unhappy people in this world then they would not be using 'Happy Talk' and may not even have a dream; that is to say something to work towards as we travel along life's path.

It is that projection into the future that keeps us going and keeps us buoyant. Dreams provide direction. When I refer to dreams I mean goals and aspirations - something to aim for. After all, if we have nothing to aim for or work towards how do we know where we are going? And secondly, how would we know when we have reached there?

Now, if you are the kind of person who constantly beats themselves up (metaphorically speaking) as in putting yourself down with your self-talk, how do you know where you are going in your life? Or is it that in your life the answer is always nowhere? If you are a 'nowhere person' reading this you may well be thinking and saying, "Huh, it's alright for you Mr Happy Talk with your dreams and your goals!" And I wouldn't blame you if you are.

Here's the thing. I haven't always been this way. It wasn't until I grasped the following truth that I was able to turn my life around. It is a truth I have used many, many times in the past to the point that it is now something I do automatically.

So what's his truth?

Quite simply that, feelings and emotions belong only to the person feeling and experiencing them, and no-one else. Therefore, nobody on this earth plane (or any other as far as I know!), can 'make another person feel anything.' Even if someone smacks you in the head. The pain you may be feeling is your pain, no-one else can feel your pain only you!

Pain be either physical or emotional (if could even be spiritual pain, however we will not be going there for the moment).

Once you grasp this idea, you suddenly realise that life is all about choice. Yes - we make choices every day, several times over.

So bearing this in mind, that is to say, you and only get to choose how you feel and what you are experiencing, in your life. Would you prefer to choose a happy life or a miserable one?

Think for a moment - how do you feel about your life right now?

Here's another thing. If you are a miserable, sad person for whom nothing seems to go right, and you choose to think that your life is going nowhere, think about this for a moment - perhaps you are now here! You have actually arrived at that point in your life when you suddenly get to realise that your life can be anything you choose!! What are you going to do? Keep calm and carry on? Or. Are you going to accept responsibility for the rest of your life and start by owning your own thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Are you going to re-programme your negative self-talk to happy talk? Are you going to choose to set yourself free?

As a health and wellness professional I can help you to turn your life around, however I cannot do it for you. That, is up to you!

What will you choose I wonder? I chose happiness .........

As an experienced Personal Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach I have two passions in life - one is food and the other is to enable others to be the best that they can be and to live their best life! How? Simply by showing the way to their happiness!

Also passionate about a particular technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) I work with individuals and groups either face to face or online, I also work with solo-preneurs to enable them to reach their business goals.

Working online and using the latest technology enables me to help people from all over the globe. This is borne out by some of the Success Stories on my following

People often ask me what I do for a living and I have always found this hard to explain. I guess for now I will have to go with the phrase; "I am a life changer. I help people to positively change their lives in order to be where they want to be in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To the best that they can be and to live their best life!! I help them to be happy by showing them the path to happiness"

I remain dedicated to continual growth and self-development in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and the needs of my personal clients.

How may I help you?


Lionsgate Portal 08-08-08


We now have entered the star sign of Leo, in this infinity year of 2015 (8 numerological value). It is the 3rd such portal since the Opening of the 2012 new harmonics and represents a completion of energies and experiences, which we have all been working through since 2012 blew up (quite literally) in our faces.

This Portal energy which peaks, on the 08-08 and ends on the 12-08, will bring to our attention huge energies to realign with. Many soul groups during this time, will take the next shift towards unified awareness, with telepathy and pure sight becoming clearer by the day. Gnosis and the higher mind will take more precedence in your lives, revealing much to each individual, about their path and the next steps which are to be taken to enact the group plan.

Purging of Fear - During this period and especially at the Leo Full Moon at the end of July, your remaining shadow aspects will show themselves, in all of their Dark glory. So breath deep and go through this integration with as much grace as possible. Or use any means necessary (that doesn't create more karma) to let this out and let more love in. This will only be temporary and is needed to prepare you for the 08-08 receiving of harmonics.

Unity is very much a theme for this portal. It is of paramount importance that the manifestations now, are working with the group mind for the highest good of all. The inner child blue print within you, will be most successful when you are engaging in the group plan. Alongside physical souls in your sphere of influence, this also means the off planet souls whom are assisting your from above.

Daily meditation and journaling is recommended during this period, as much information will flow that may not make sense now, but will in the near future.
Empathy for other souls will also increase alongside a loving detachment. As it is important that you do not drop into the drama, karma and pain bodies of those whom are starting to awaken. If you are still in the mode of the rescuer/saviour, then you know that there is more work to be done to ensure that you remain centred in your heart and influence only what feels right to you.

Kundalini activations will continue to increase and upgrade the circuitry within you physical vessels. This can feel incredible alongside feeling horrendous, so make sure you stay centred and follow your intuition always. Low impact Body work and stretching will become more important, as you try and assist your body with the new energies.

The day of 08-08 where Harmony Descends - On this auspicious day many downloads will happen and they are all Coded harmonies (sonic codes), which will enrich your lives and bring much acceleration to your path. During this day try to do as little as possible, going into your heart deeply. Become vulnerable to your higher light and let love in. This energy feels very liquid in its nature, feeling deep and expansive. The message here is to go with the flow.

During this Lionsgate period I am offering a series of 4 distant sessions period for those who need some cosmic assistance to clear the way for this great day. Please do see for full details of this 4 part distant energy series which starts at the beginning of August.

So whatever you do, open up and just BE.

Much love - Ryan

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Re-Activating your Star Gate


Many of us on this winding/narrow/rollercoaster/awesome/horrendous (choose appropriate word for your mood right now) path of remembrance, talk of empowerment, freedom and how we are supreme beings of light choosing a human experience. We all follow the synchronicities in our days, introspecting and reflecting, until there is nothing left to reflect.

At this point the inner shine starts to explode from within, we start to exude light! Whereas previously, all that could be felt were the constant implosions from within! This luminosity is a remembering from the deep. It is where you have reached a specific frequency of light which there is no going back from. This frequency is able to hold steady, the light which you are becoming.

You have started to remember your own star origin, the Stellar gateway is starting to open. Heart energy within has opened enough and your energy field has enough clarity to allow the stellar gateway frequencies, to be received from above.

What is the Stellar Gateway? Your stellar gateway is a transpersonal chakra, existing outside of the auric field. Its the energy centre that connects you to our sun (star) and the Great Central Sun where the divine intelligence is transmitted from. Some call this chakra 12 and others call it chakra 13. It doesn't really matter about the number! All you need to know is that, it is a part of your heart that currently exists at the outermost edge of your perceived aura. In time once it is fully activated, it comes into the centre of your energy field and resides within the heart.

This is your Star Gate - It is where you can enter and leave the matrix to visit other realms and dimensions. It is if you like the foundation stone of your stellar temple. The ultimate lock which has to remain locked until you have a consciousness which can work with this energy.

How can you connect with this energy? In meditation you can bring in this energy and get a feeling and a view of where you are at with this energetic, much wisdom can be gained on how to take your next step to opening up this awesome energy.

It is extremely important that when working with this energy that you have incredible connection to the Earth and the crystalline core of the planet. This energy is so high in frequency that you really need incredible roots! If you think of the fastest broadband connection that is available right now, then that is the connection you require with the earth


Much love - Ryan

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Interpreting Your Dreams


There is much to be learned and gained from our dreams as we sleep every night only if we take the time to interpret them upon awaking. In fact, dreams are full of valuable information that we can apply to improve our daily lives. Dreams can often be premonitions of future events, solutions to life's problems, alternate solutions that we never thought of while awake, warnings, guidance, creative ideas, issues being brought to the surface for release such as fears for example, etc. Even Einstein valued interpreting his dreams. Some of his theories came to him not while he was awake, but rather, while he was asleep and dreaming. If it wasn't for Thomas Edison realizing the value of interpreting his dreams, the world may still be in the dark. A solution to a problem that he was having with inventing the light bulb came to him in the form of a dream.

Dreams are usually symbolic. The symbols are tailor made for each person. In other words, they are based on whatever each individual's perceptions are of the symbols. For example, a dream about a white cat could mean something entirely different to me than it does for you. I may have been attacked by a white cat as a child and may be afraid of them. Therefore, if I were to dream about a white cat, it would be about a fear that I have or about being attacked. If you have only had positive experiences with white cats, on the other hand, such a dream could mean something entirely different to you.

Some people do not remember their dreams upon awaking. However, I once read a magazine article written by Laura V. Hyde, the author of the books, "Gifts of the Soul" and "The Intimate Soul", that offered some wonderful suggestions in helping with remembering our dreams. Laura's suggestions are as follows:

- State the intention to remember your dreams before falling asleep each night.

- Ask a question related to what you want guidance on over and over in your mind before falling asleep. Our dreams are usually about what is currently affecting our lives. Therefore, asking for guidance on our current issues is a good way to start remembering our dreams.

- Keep a notebook or tape recorder by your bed, and write your dreams down or record them the first thing when you awake each morning. Even if you awake in the middle of the night, write down your dreams.

- Ask your higher self or pray to our Creator, your spirit guides, guardian angels, or whatever you believe in to remember your dreams and for help with interpreting them.

Our dreams are full of valuable information. If we analyze and interpret them, we could solve many of the issues in our daily lives, and we could even avoid pitfalls. It is simply a matter of taking the time to do it and asking for guidance.
To all, farewell and sweet dreams!


About The Author:

Trish LeSage is a best selling author of books on metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension to higher consciousness, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four books: "Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond"; "Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology"; "Traveling To Parallel Universes"; and "How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness". More information about her work is available on her website at


The smiling mindset
- 7 tips for more happiness - part 10


It's all in the smile


Whenever possible, whatever you're doing, do it with a smile. This simple-but-not-easy practice is the antidote to over-seriousness. Who needs over-seriousness? It is not only a joy-killer, it hampers our communication, how we connect with others and limits our effectiveness. It tends to creep up on us, and makes us stressed, anxious and even depressed. If nothing else, over-seriousness limits our enjoyment, whether at work, home and in life.


Besides Eeyores, who consciously chooses not to enjoy their life?

Why smile more?

When we develop a smiling mindset, we enjoy life more. We find more enjoyment everywhere - at our desk, at our computer, with colleagues, while travelling, even in meetings. This simple benefit that we enjoy life more is good enough reason for many people to develop their smiling mindset and smile more.

In this vein, beware of Botox! When we limit our facial expressiveness with anti-wrinkle treatments, we might also be limiting our happiness.

Smiling improves our mood, eases our stress, and makes us happier. It is also good for our health as it tends to lower our blood pressure. We think, focus and concentrate better. The list of benefits goes on and on.

'On the first day I woke up with a headache with general cold symptoms and was reluctant to start. Even though I felt ridiculous, I still smiled and by the end was genuinely laughing; it was a great start to the day and I actually made it to my lecture. It's amazing how such a simple task can have a positive effect on your day. By the end of the week I did feel slightly happier and found that any task I was going to do post exercise became easier. I was able to write up lecture notes quicker and found it helped clear my mind and thus, improved my cognitive ability.'


The smiling mindset - smile with your eyes smile sparkle

While it is true that smiling is contagious, so are good vibes. The smiling mindset is an attitude and it can be learnt. More importantly, it can be felt, and so it flows naturally into a mood and energetic communication. The key to this attitude is to soften the muscles around our eyes (orbicularis occuli), the muscles that we use in a genuine ('Duchenne') smile. When we relax these muscles our whole face softens, we promote facial expressiveness and so communicate more authentically, and we naturally & genuinely build positive emotions in ourselves and others.

It is a simple yet profound practice, like mindfulness. It is a natural antidote to stress, anxiety and more, also like mindfulness. It is also inherently enjoyable.

Activate yours

You can activate yours while sitting, running, walking, driving, waiting - wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Use the power of your mind. Think 'smile' to yourself. Loosen up your body, and send it 'relax' messages. Start to move and swing your arms. Get up and stretch. Be as physical as you can. The saying from Dr Kataria and laughter yoga is 'motion creates emotion' so use all the resources available to you, and this includes your body.

While doing all this, smile. In particular, feel the quality of your smile from the inside out, your inner smile. Keep your face soft. Twinkle. Allow any feelings of good-natured enjoyment to arise, and welcome them. Allow all feelings to arise, be aware/mindful of them and welcome them - just keep the inner smile attitude going.
Make this a daily practice. Do it several times a day. Do it as often as possible. Keep practicing, diligently. This can change your life.



Symbols for Change


I have just been asked to write a few words to add to a picture of a Lighthouse for Spirit & Destiny, and it got me thinking about the huge amount of spiritual symbolism around us everywhere.

The Lighthouse sends out a strong, clear beam of light to warn passing ships against hitting rocks in the dark. Our guardian angels work in the same way to keep us safe by sending clear warning signals that connect with our internal radar beaming guidance through light-energy to us. We learn to pay attention to signals such as strong intuitive feelings, sensations in the body, vivid dreams or strange coincidences all to attract our attention.

Signs come to us in all shapes and sizes and when they are unusual it prompts us to reflect a little deeper. For example, last night a good friend called to say that a snake had suddenly rushed out from underneath a tree in his garden. This coincided with several other significant 'symbols' he had been noticing and he was asking my opinion of the significance of the snake. For me the snake represents two major things in our life. Firstly the opportunity of change. Just like the seasonal shedding of skin of the snakes it grows we can take the opportunity to peel off the outer layers of ego and personality. Many of our 'outer' layers are unreal and not authentic but we have picked them up as learned behaviours. As we become more aware we may decide to clear these non-essential false aspects of who we 'think' we are, to reveal more of our true spiritual nature. This then leads on to another very significant symbol of the snake as an element of healing often represented by the Caduseus. This is the staff with intertwining snakes, sometimes shown in art as being held by Archangel Raphael, and used as a symbol in medicine.

In my workshops I sometimes say that when we agree to work with the angels and learn to tune in to our intuitive guidance it is like putting on a 'miner's hat'. Once switched on and connected the light shines clearly ahead from our brow, and as long as we follow that light we will be on the right path.

If we don't follow our intuitive guidance we may find ourselves floundering in dangerous waters. We really must learn to trust … after all we would never ignore a Lighthouse!

If you are interested in symbols, especially those received during meditation, you might like to look at my A-Z guide called Gifts From Your Angels which includes a guided meditation CD -

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858



Ten steps to what truly matters in life

We live in a mad, crazy world, and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the pace of life and expectations placed upon us by others.Bestselling author Ian Tucker takes a look at how we can slow down and begin to take care of ourselves. Here are ten simple steps towards a happier and more peaceful life.


1. Live just for today

Your past is now your story, nothing more, it has gone forever - regret is a total waste of your time, see that what came to test you is an opportunity to grow, be kind to yourself and focus on cherished memories. What of the future and it's total uncertainty? Well, 99.9% of anything that you and I have ever worried about has never happened, think about that for a moment, all that worry sometimes to the point of illness and for nothing, worrying is like praying for things you don't want. Once you realise that the current moment is all that you can be certain of you will unlock the shackles that keep you tied to the past or worried about the future and liberate you to live each day.


2. Remember all that you have in life

In a world that tells us everyday that we need more to be happy, it becomes easy to focus on what we don't have, The latest model becomes dated and the "must have" purchase will gather dust, but consider this, "The simplest things deliver your deepest needs." Anything that has truly meant something to me in my life very rarely has a monetary value. Try this very simple "gratitude" excercise and let it remind you of all that you have in life. Take a piece of paper and in the centre draw a heart, within the heart place the name of someone or something that you are grateful for, now around the heart fill the page with why you feel blessed to know this person. At the bottom of the page and with a smile write thank you. We have so much to be grateful for, sometimes it's just a matter of stopping to remind ourselves.


3. Find the gift

Life isn't about some kind of flat line clinical existence, we can't truly appreciate happiness until we have felt sad, or know how fortunate we are until we have known lack.

Something or someone who comes to test you in life is no different, you can either let it define you and hold you back or find the gift and embrace the lesson. Use the gratitude exercise from above, but now place the issue within the heart and find the gift.


4. Practice Kindness


The pace and turmoil associated with modern life sweeps us along and lays down markers to how we are supposedly measuring up against everyone else, we seem to often be in a race against time and it can begin to feel like we are simply existing. This approach to life can stop us truly connecting with other people on a deeper level, and this is a basic component of developing a positive and happy outlook. A sense of concern for others gives our life meaning, it is at the root of all human happiness. The easiest way to show we care is to be kind, this may be easy with those we love but what if we could extend this to all living things? I would like to introduce you to a wonderfully inspiring concept, it will loosen the grip that society places on us to fit in and constantly achieve. "Every day show a random act of kindness to a stranger", what may seem nothing to you will change someone's life, a kind word, a smile, a simple act. We live in a world where "what's in it for me?" seems to be the mantra. Try "what can I do for you?" and you will be amazed at what transpires. The world is desperate for someone just like you, there is a catch however, what goes around comes around, so expect to get it back!


5. Enjoy the silence

Find time each day to become silent, just ten minutes or so to consciously quieten your mind. Develop a simple practice where you can be alone, close your eyes and gently deepen your breathing. In creating a space between the noise and stress associated with our everyday lives we have an opportunity to remind ourselves that all is well.


6. Use the F word

What is it about forgiveness that frightens us so much? Begin to see forgiveness as a way of freeing yourself from an emotional tie to a person or situation, forgiveness never condones another's behaviour it simply confirms that you choose to travel light and are not going to let it define or control you any longer.


7. What goes around …


Give as you wish to live. If you want honesty, be honest, if you want respect, be respectful and if you want love, give love. It all comes back to you and that's without exception.


8. Follow your heart and not the crowd


Studies show that when we look back at our lives (and we will) it's the things we didn't do that hang heavy, imagine suddenly realising that you've never truly lived. This is YOUR life so don't live another's version of it, you're the only person who can stand in your way.


9. Take care of yourself

Trust your instincts. Say exactly what you mean. Don't be a people pleaser. Never put yourself down. It's OK to say yes. It's OK to say no. Let go of what you can't control. Dare to dream.


10. And so to what really matters in life

As you get older you will begin to understand more and more that it's not what you look like or what you own, it's all about the person that you've become, and that how at peace you feel is your true measure of success in life. Ian Tucker is a British author and speaker - his first book titled Your Simple Path - find happiness in every step has become an Amazon bestseller.

For more information on Ian and his work visit and come along to Ian's workshop 'Your Simple Path to Happiness and Inner Peace' on Friday 11th September from 10.30am - 12.30pm at the Birmingham Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival.

Buy tickets. RSVP to our Facebook event, read interviews with our presenters and follow us on Twitter to stay connected.



The top 5 crystals for a karmic detox

New to the Mind Body Spirit Birmingham Festival Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible (volumes 1-3), past life therapist, crystal worker and karmic astrologer for 45 years share her top 5 crystals for a karmic detox.

I've been facilitating releasing karmic baggage for over 45 years and to be honest I'd become rather tired of what could sometimes be an infinitely slow process. Fortunately crystals came to the rescue providing a rapid personal, ancestral and environmental detox, and calling in the karmic credits from past lives.

My top five for clearing out karmic dross, the toxic residue carried forward from life to life, are:

1. Flint
2. Chrysotile
3. Dumortierite
4. Brandenberg Amethyst
5. Ancestralite

Rising of the ancestors


Cause and effect. A soul-growth tool. An on-going process that can create 'good' or 'bad' results in every moment. It's never fixed or unyielding and can be transmuted.

Karmic dross includes:


  • Past-their-sell-by-date beliefs and soul imperatives
  • Old vows and soul contracts
  • Outdated soul purpose
  • Entangled relationships
  • Toxic emotions
  • Unresolved ancestral issues
  • Imprinted environmental or racial memory
  • The karmic treadmill - the 'hamster wheel' effect
  • Addictive patterns and habitual responses

And so much more that I have explored in The Book of Why: understanding your soul's journey.


Soul is ancient, immortal, indestructible - although it may fragment and leave bits of itself in other lives and other dimensions. The whole soul rarely incarnates in one life or one place at a time.


The forgotten karma

Karma. There's a lot of it hanging about. Some of it is yours - and some of it is mine. Huge chunks belong to the ancestors and pass down the ancestral line. But some has attached to the land, to a racial group or the collective. It's the forgotten karma. No one person is responsible for creating it. It's part of history. But it needs to be cleared. If we are going to shift into a 'new age' - literally into a new vibration - we need to be shot of the karmic past, personal or otherwise. There's no way we can drag it with us into the expanded consciousness of the Age of Aquarius. Shame and guilt, bigoted minds and outdated beliefs belong to the Age of Pisces and that's passing into history. This is a pivotal, axial moment. It's time for a revitalisation. That's what my workshop at the Birmingham Mind Body Spirit festival is all about.

If you're on earth right now, you've volunteered to be part of the clean-up squad. Sort your own karma, dump your baggage, detox your ancestral line, and the collective can only benefit. As will you.


Ancestral line

Not just DNA! The ancestral line carries your family history. The beliefs, experiences, dramas, traumas, dominant emotions and assigned roles that stretch back into eternity. Lineage breakers incarnate to break the chain and start a new trend.

The karmic clearing toolkit

1. Flint: the portal stone


Michael Illas The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

A much overlooked crystal - literally. In many areas Flint is strewn beneath our feet. In ancient times it was interred with the dead. A portal to another world, it also gave a cleansing scrape-down to the soul before it passed over. 'Combed' over your aura, it rapidly clears karmic dross and tunes up the chakras.


The subtle biomagnetic sheath around the physical body that holds the energetic imprint of your present and former lives, and those of the ancestors.

2. Chrysotile: keeper of the soul's secrets

Chrysotile accesses the Akashic Record and links it to the Causal Vortex chakra (see Crystal Prescriptions 4: the A-Z guide to chakra balancing crystals and kundalini activation stones if you haven't heard of this important chakra). Like a vast metaphysical internet, the Record holds all possibilities, past, present and future. All timelines and each and every timeframe. The multidimensions and multiverses of the soul's experience. With Chrysotile you can step onto a different timeline, freed from karma, or call in the gifts and soul learning from the past that will assist you in the present.


3. Dumortierite: the karma of grace crystal



The karma of grace says that you only have to do enough. You do not need to keep banging your head against a door that will not open. You can step away and choose another route. Dumortierite gives you gentle access to the past to gain an overview of why you are here. It shows you the outdated soul imperatives that have held you trapped - and facilitates their release.


4. Brandenberg: the 'does it all' crystal



Jeni Campbell

My favourite crystal. A ladder to higher consciousness, Brandenberg Amethyst holds the record of all lives and karmas whenever and wherever they evolved. And offers release. It brings in the perfect blueprint to replace old imprints, patterns and imperatives, facilitating the soul's evolution. The fills the physical and subtle bodies with transmuting light. This crystal is helpful for retrieving and reintegrating soul fragments left in other lives.


5. Ancestralite: 'The buck stops here' stone



A brand new stone that is only just reaching the market, I'm still researching its full potential and will be for some time yet. This stone literally sinks down through the layers of the past to reach the core. Ancestralite clears the ancestral line of trauma, dramas, ingrained emotions and imperatives that have passed down the family line for generations. At the same time it preserves the soul learning so that it can be incorporated into present and future actions. Ancestralite assists lineage breakers to cut the past, so that toxic karmas do not carry forward into future generations. But there is much more to learn about this most ancient of stones.

Author of Crystal Bible (volumes 1-3), Judy Hall has been a past life therapist, crystal worker and karmic astrologer for 45 years

Catch up with Judy at the Mind Body Spirit Birmingham Wellbeing Festival on Saturday 12th September from 3.30-5.30pm for her workshop 'Clearing Your Souls Energy with Crystal Energy'.

Buy tickets. RSVP to our Facebook event, read interviews with our presenters and follow us on Twitter to stay connected.

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Stop right now, thank you very much!

I need somebody with the human touch!


The immortal and unforgettable words of the Spice Girls ... put that together with iconic words from Yves Saint-Laurent "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress, is the woman who is wearing it."

In our everyday lives we are bombarded with images of skinny sleek women who are amazingly dressed, have a perfect figure, skin and hair and who look like they have never seen a cream cake let alone have one pass their lips!

Add to that, the messages we constantly receive about the need to get fitter, to eat this and that (normally some form of 'fad diet') and to do exercise programmes that will drop you 2 dresses sizes and more ...

What does this all really mean? How can we bring meaning to these images and messages that can actually challenge and motivate us to change for the better?

I want to begin by talking about what we mean by 'being fit' and then move on to 'what we wear'.

Most of the time when talking about 'being fit', it is the physical side of fitness, body image, lack of fat, toned muscles, speed, strength and or stamina that is being thought of or worked on. However this is just one small component of fitness. Total Fitness is a completely different matter. There are actually seven components that make up total fitness:


  • Social fitness - is as simple as friendships or getting on with people
  • Emotional fitness - is keeping ourselves happy, respecting others and being aware of our feelings
  • Nutritional fitness - is a healthy, balanced diet
  • Mental fitness - is positive thinking of self, others and peers
  • Medical fitness -is being free from illness and disease
  • Spiritual fitness - is your faith or belief system and a conscience that helps guide you through life
  • And obviously Physical fitness - is the ability to cope with life's physical demands.


Let's think of these components as forming a wheel with each one being a spoke in that wheel; helping to keep a perfect circle so the wheel will turn evenly and give a smooth ride.

If any one of these is less developed an imbalance in the wheel is created and our journey will have some bumps along the way. None of these components stand alone, they are linked and can effect each other. Improve your physical fitness and it can help to improve medical conditions, and could help you become more confident and sociable. Working on your spiritual or emotional fitness can help you to become more sociable, and therefore willing to change your eating habits or even take up exercise.

Many personal trainers will only work on the physical and nutritional components, which will still affect the emotional, social and mental components. However, a personal trainer that works with you to get all components to be their best is more likely to get you a smoother ride.


So now let's look at 'what we wear'.

Your body shape has a significant influence on what you can wear and what will look good on you. Retailers tend to make clothes for a 'norm shape', obviously not every woman is that shape, hence the reason you may find it hard to buy clothes that fit you perfectly or flatter your body shape.

There are ways to change your body shape through physical, nutritional and medical routes. However I do not believe that women should be influenced or motivated to change their body shape just to 'fit in with the trend'. Everyone is an individual and should never try to be somebody or something they are not.

As a bespoke fashion designer and personal trainer I like to look at, and work with the whole person, and help that person to become a better version of themselves. I work with women to enable them to dress to flatter their body shape, which has a knock on effect with their mental, emotional, and social fitness.

I look at the woman as a whole and we discuss what styles of clothes would suit her body shape. Then I design a dress that goes with the trend and also works with her body shape to flatter them.

I believe it is all about the woman underneath the dress. Therefore, when working with a client I look at and work to improve not only their physical fitness: I also include how we can improve their overall wellbeing and how they feel too. This incorporates all the other areas of fitness outlined earlier and so promotes a smoother ride on her journey to become the best version of herself.

The dress then, is the icing on the cake so she will feel even better about herself, which shows through increased confidence and self-esteem, bringing out her internal and external beauty.

Author Bio

Jonathan Copp a bespoke fashion designer and personal trainer works with women to enable them to be the best version of themselves. Taking a holistic approach, Jonathan addresses all areas of fitness and says, "Fitness is about being happy with your body, and with yourself. It is about making the best of your body shape in order to feel relaxed and comfortable with who you are, which in turn impacts on self-confidence. Women who feel good about their body and the clothes they wear, exude an air of confidence, and turn heads whenever they enter a room ... for all, the right reasons."

Jonathan works with women from various backgrounds and is increasingly attracting women entrepreneurs, as well as women involved in senior positions within the corporate world.

If you would like to know more about Jonathan and how he may be able to help you be the best version of you, or if you would like Jonathan to help you dress to flatter your body shape, feel free email him at to arrange a no obligation chat. Please include a telephone number he can contact you on and advise when would be the best time for him to call you.

He has that human touch ... and YOU deserve to be and to look your best. Contact him NOW.




Passion and motivation


In this month's article I thought we could explore passion and motivation, as I consider that they go together hand in hand as it were.

Let's first look at passion. What exactly is passion? Passion is, as described in the Oxford English Dictionary, amongst other things, (that is to say, leaving sex out of the equation!), as a strongly felt emotion or a strong enthusiasm for something, or, the object of an intense desire or enthusiasm: some of you might choose football as this desire, or dancing, or food.

When you are passionate about something it is easy to get excited about it and this often inspires you to do something about the passion. In other words to feel motivated in to doing something - it may well be going to watch or even play a game of football, to dance or to cook. People can be passionate about all sorts of things, what 'floats my boat' may not necessarily float yours. If you have a deep desire about something then that desire or passion alone, may well be enough to motivate you. What if it isn't? Or what if there is something you need to do for instance, like lose weight for health reasons, some area where there is little or no passion. How can we get motivated?

If you are a self-motivator, then you can usually come up with a reason to do the task or challenge at hand. This may involve a lot of self- talk, visualisation or the promise of a 'treat' when the 'job' is done. Whatever it is you can usually come up with something. But what if you can't? Who do you turn to and what do you do?

Some people of course don't do anything, especially those who always need to be motivated by someone. This someone could be your best friend or, it could be a therapist, sibling or parent. The point is this 'other person' needs to be someone who can inspire you sufficiently in order to motivate you. So who inspires you?

A lot of people I have talked to with regard to passion and motivation are motivated by someone who has achieved what it is that they themselves want to achieve. For example, (and following on from last week's discussion around weight), people with a weight problem are often inspired by class leaders who have had a weight problem or who still have a weight problem they are a working on. As you begin to lose weight on a regular basis your passion AND motivation is increased. Once motivated into doing whatever is required the 'doing' becomes easier.

Let's look at motivation. Again quoting the Oxford English dictionary, motivation means, being inspired or having a reason for a course of action. Now this I find a little difficult, in that having a reason to do something or to follow a course of action may not be enough to get you moving or motivated. Think of the smoker who has just been told to give up smoking or risk even more serious lung damage to already damaged lungs. Well this should be enough to motivate any smoker into giving up smoking, I hear you all cry!!

Apparently not is my reply. You see, I know several smokers who would benefit enormously by giving up the old weed, however despite being told that, they cannot get motivated to do it. Why? In the first instance I believe it is because they have been TOLD what they SHOULD do. For some reason it would appear, as adults we have an aversion to being told what to do, to being controlled, as in the word should. Far better to be inspired to do something or motivated into doing something.

Now finding a link for the smoker to latch onto in order to be inspired or motivated into, quitting the habit, is where the fun starts! Why? Quite simply because we are all different! This is where the second instance comes into being. It is important to find or work out what 'floats yer boat' as previously stated. Because, unless a sufficient amount of passion can be aroused or raised, (no I don't mean the sexual sort!!), then it is more likely that the smoker will continue to be just that - a smoker. Now I'm not picking on smokers here, what I am doing is highlighting that it is easier to do something (be motivated into doing something) that you are passionate about. With regard to being a smoker, being told to stop for health reasons is not always sufficient. After all, smoking or the act of could well be the smoker's passion!

To conclude, passion and motivation co-exist. Maybe if there is something you want to do but are not doing , then maybe you could work on finding out how to become passionate about whatever it is you want to do. Ask yourself empowering questions with regard to the benefits of what it is you want to do. Are the benefits sufficient to get you motivated and doing? Or, maybe, whatever it is you think you want - you may not want enough.

If any of the above resonates with you and you would like help in either exploring your passion or what motivates you, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Email to or call me on 0207 0784871 or + 34 660326194.


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My Experience with Spirit and Our Kid - a true story



The day I lost my brother to cancer was the absolute worst day of my life. I felt my heart sink so low at the moment of passing, as I held his hand when his last breath left his body. He was my best friend as well as my brother and for me it was like losing two people. It had such a devastating effect on my life.

At the time of his funeral the night before I lay awake worrying about the coming day. I did not think I would have the strength to get through the service. My nephew wanted us to carry the coffin with some of my brother's closest friends and I really felt I was going to let my nephew down.

That night I awoke to the feeling of someone standing over me. I lashed out instinctively but then got this overwhelming feeling of calmness come over me. In front of me I saw what can only be described as an opaque swirling ball of fire. I felt like this was my brother. I have since read it could be angels in your hour of need but I still feel this was my brother. That calming effect seemed to help me get the couple of hours sleep left of the night and gave me the strength to get through the following day.

His service went just as he would have liked it. The weather had been terrible but on his day the sun came out and it was like the universe had his day set aside. I've never seen so many people at a funeral and it made me realize just how many people loved and respected my brother. There were tears and laughter during his service and it went just the way he would have liked it.

Sometime after the funeral my grieving was still very painful. My brother came to me in a dream. I've read about dream visitations and wondered if it would ever happen to me. My brother came out of the wall in my dream and I jumped up excited speaking his name 'You're here' I said as he hugged me. He said no words just hugged me and smiled, then disappeared back into the wall. This experience was wonderful for me but I found I missed him so much I just wanted more.

Quite a while (2 years) after that my girlfriend was awake one night in bed and said she witnessed me having a conversation with my brother as I slept. I was telling him how much I missed him in tones like we were talking to each other in a soft conversation. When I awoke in the morning I remembered nothing of this.

Some three years since my brother passed over he came to me again. This time I was awake in the morning on my own. It was around 0700 and I just lay in bed. In my room my brother appeared and I spoke out 'Hey I can see you and you are naked'. My brother replied he would put some underwear and shorts on. I told him I could still see him and he had orange shorts on. He came and gave me a hug and spoke to me telling me that life was for living and I had to live my life. He said he was lucky as they had told him it would be five years before he was allowed to speak to me. Then he went on to say I was not meant to go back but I was not sure if he meant work/UK or something else. He hugged me again and said he would whisper in my ear. As he did his words got all muddled. He died because of a brain tumour and it was as if he was back to his last days where he could not be understood. I'm not sure if spirit are not allowed to tell us what to do and he was being pulled back because my brother was trying to give me direction. He just smiled and hugged me again then disappeared.

I was still in my room and looked at my watch. Some forty minutes had gone by and I wondered had I been dreaming in a dozing state. My feeling was still there from the hug so it most definitely did not feel like a dream. I felt so good that my brother had visited me.

Until that moment I had felt like I did not care if life ended each night I went to sleep. I showed classic signs of depression. My brother is trying to help me pick up the pieces and move on. I am grateful for the experiences I have had where he has come to see me.

I am just starting to open up to things spiritually now. The door has cracked open and little things here and there are happening. I hope I can read the messages I am getting from spirit and head in the direction I am meant to go.

I am convinced life does not end when our loved ones depart this world now and my grieving is perhaps coming to an end.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Author Bio

John Dodgson is a talented artist and an aspiring author and his third ebook (a novel), is now available on Amazon and is called The Iberia Validation. John also has a blog at which houses various blogs by other writers. Feel free to address his question above on his blog page.



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The Union of Generosity & Gratitude

The essence of generosity is beautiful and expansive as it comes straight from the heart, allowing unlimited flow from your being. When receiving generosity (masculine) you activate the receptive quality of gratitude (feminine). The two together allow a union of the masculine and feminine energies and the energies rush back and forth between the two, to create an infinity portal, which allows more of the same to follow. Your frequency when in this flow of energy lifts up, where you engage with your soul and allow a greater stream of love to come into your being. The feeling that is emitted is unmistakable and will not be forgotten in a hurry.

So before being Generous make sure that your in your heart and it feels right to give. Ensure that you have not slipped into your head energetic. Head based giving has many guises, but the highs that it gives are short lived and often followed by an energy slump. Discernment and monitoring the feeling in your heart, is the only way to work this out.

Also we must discern that when we are giving from the heart (masculine), the person receiving is truly grateful and that the energy you have given has been matched with a similar frequency of reception (feminine). If you feel low afterwards from doing this heart filled deed. It means that the person receiving the energy, has taken much more from you, than was given. This energy depletion, usually takes place on the more subtle layers of the aura. It's often called energy vampirism. So your discernment here, is to take stock of the people you are being generous with and refine your audience. Remember that you don't have to give to anyone! It's totally under your control, whom is in reception of this gift.

Empowerment is the key word here! Do you feel empowered when you are generous and does the gratitude, which is reflected back, match your vibration in your current NOW moment!

Most people think that being spiritual is just about being fluffy, loving and totally open! In one sense this is true, but for where we are energetically on the planet right now, there are too many lower energies still releasing. Discernment must be used until we are all lovely fluffy and light!

Much love - Ryan

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What Fairytale is hiding in you?

CINDERELLA - 'You SHALL go to the ball!'


Fairytales are full of promise where extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people. It gives hope where there only seems darkness. Strange forces change the mundane day to day life into something magical. For example, Cinderalla was transformed from a scullery maid in rags, to a beautiful princess who married the handsome prince.

There is a sense of justice in fairy tales and as children we soak up all the stories of good overcoming evil. The wicked characters give us some excitement and mystery and even though we want the good guy to win, it isn't fun without all the twists and turns of the chase.

Fairytales are full of symbolism each character is an archetype which may be a character, a theme, a symbol or even a setting. The readers can identify with the characters and situations as they are drawn from the experiences of the world, on a subconscious level.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, argued that the root of an archetype is in the "collective unconscious" of mankind. For instance love, death, birth, life, struggle, etc. exist in the subconscious of every individual and are recreated in stories including Fairytales.

Could Fairytales be tapping into something deeper?

Did the early writers of these literary works know another way into the soul?
As a child I loved the story of Aladdin. What captivated my young mind were the colours, the magic, the flying carpet and of course the magic lamp and the Genie. How wonderful to have what you wanted…

What is your favourite Fairytale?

What are the archetype characters, theme and situation saying about you??
Fairytales are a wonderful way to work with the psyche to help break habits and overcome obstacles. They are a safe way to really look at yourself, acknowledging the dark and light of the soul. For in life nothing is one dimensional, nor are we.

As in our childhood memories of Fairytales, even though we wanted the hero to win we may have also been intrigued and even beguiled by the trickery and cunningness of the villain.

Start by noting what captivates you about a certain story and which character you are drawn to? Think of why this is your favourite character. Do you identify with the character? Or is there an overall message that resonates?

For me, the overall message of the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp is really about being careful what you wish for. Also, that wishes only come true once you can let them go and not focus on them. In other words, if you want something so much and all you think about is of not having that thing, then you will not notice the magic that is right in front of you - or when your wish has already been granted.

If you want to go deeper to explore the symbolic meaning of a Fairytale, you will find much wisdom. For instance, Aladdin is adapted from ancient Eastern philosophy, so here we can understand that the body is full of wishes and desires - it becomes attached to the external and longs for material things, forgetting that the body is just a temporary home for the soul.

Stories, Fairytales and folklore have central themes which are repeated over time and different cultures. For instance, when Aladdin goes to the Cave of Wonders in order to find the magic lamp, he is advised not to touch anything, despite all the gold and sparkling gems he finds in there.

This is a metaphor also used in the Bible, when Adam and Eve are told not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In both cases this is symbolizing that 'all that glitters is not gold.'

Each character in the story can be further used to understand their part in the symbolism. For example, the wishes, when used wisely, can make a person excel in all tasks and reach goals. But used for personal gain which is not aligned with soul, can create misery.

As a personal development tool, Fairytales can help you understand what is going on in your own mind. You can even align with the character and put a positive spin on it helping you change the way you think and behave.


Open your heart and see what Fairytale is hiding in you!!

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...

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Holding on to Rainbows

Do we want a life of meaning or a life of happiness?

A friend was talking to me recently about an article she had read which posed the question of 'What is more important in life happiness or meaning?' The inference was that people chose either a life of happiness or a life of meaning. The article she described considered these two were separate and conflicting choices. People either worked towards securing one or the other.

This raised an interesting repose from me. As a Buddhist and having studied many of the texts explaining the path to enlightenment, it was very clear to me that the question in itself was flawed. It showed a lack of understanding, that meaning and happiness are not conflicting and contradictory terms, in fact, they were co-dependent and inter related. One was not in possible without the other. The fault in this line of questioning in my view was mainly in understanding what happiness is, and what we mean by the expression a meaningful life.

In the extensive teachings Buddha shared to help humans achieve their potential for both happiness and meaning, he asked the question of "what is the most meaningful thing one could do with a human life?" When he encouraged humans to contemplate deeply the point and purpose of their life, he asked "what is our deepest wish for ourselves?" Expanding on this further he asked "when we think about others that we care for, what are our deepest wishes for them?" He concluded that as humans we share a common wish, a universal wish, as humans our deepest and most consistent wish for ourselves and those we cherish, is that we wish for happiness.

He went on to explain that the most meaningful thing we can do with our life, the greatest meaning in human life was to achieve our potential to be happy. In this way we could help others to never be separated from their happiness. Therefore meaning and happiness were dependent related and one was not possible without the other.

It was from this understanding and motivation that he went on to give one of the most extensive and comprehensive discourses on human happiness known as The Four Noble Truths. In this he explained that if we understood the true causes for happiness we could develop it. In order to do this he focused on the need to understand the things that stand in the way of our happiness, the nature and origins of human suffering. Through having considered and understood these, then through developing wisdom, it was possible to follow inner methods that would eventually release all living beings from these sufferings. In this way we humans can overcome the inner obstacles which stand in the way of our happiness.

If we want success in our strive for happiness, according to Buddha Compassion and Wisdom are the two key principles to cultivate.

Compassion is the mind that helps us understand suffering and is how we recognise our deep wishes for ourselves and others.

is a mind that helps us consider truth and the true nature of things, which helps us overcome our mistaken views, so we can relate better to our self, others and world.

Compassion in Buddhist philosophy is defined very simply as 'the mind that wishes others to be free from suffering'.

Love is defined as 'the mind that wishes others to be happy.'

Behind these simple definitions there are extensive method practises explained in order to understand and cultivate minds of love, compassion and wisdom. These include the teachings on the six perfections.


In 'Eights Steps to Happiness' and 'Universal Compassion' the author Venrable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso explains the methods Buddha outlined in developing love and compassion, he explains how we can consider suffering in ways that are helpful in developing both our own good qualities and our potential to be happy. The key messages in these teachings are that there are many good qualities in suffering and through deeply contemplating these, we can learn more about the mind of renunciation, affection, cherishing and love. It is love and compassion that will both protect us and motivate on this path of finding happiness.

Wisdom and Compassion are described in 'Modern Buddhism' as like two wings of a bird, just as a bird needs two wings to fly, we humans need both wisdom and compassion if we are interested in actual happiness, an enlightened mind that is free from suffering and its causes. We may be able to develop the best intentions through cultivating compassion however, compassion alone is not enough for us to be truly happy. We also need Wisdom.

In the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, Wisdom is defined as a mind that realizes the ultimate nature of all phenomena. The Wisdom teachings explore truth as a concept and the true nature of all things. Generally speaking there are two divisions in truth, conventional truths and ultimate truths. The former relate to how things appear and the later relate to how things exist.

Buddha explained that as humans we make a fundamental mistake as we go about our daily lives, we believe the things that appear are real and true and so we relate to this appearance accordingly. That is why we get confused, continue to create suffering and in our search for happiness we are actually often destroying our chances of achieving it. We are mistaken.

It is only through understanding our mind, that we can consider deeply the conventional nature of all things and understand what we see, how the things that appear to us differ from how they actually exist.

The wisdom teachings are as easy as they are complex. The easy read version concludes, things do not exist in the way they appear. Everything we experience is created by mind. There is no creator other than mind. Everything is dependent on the mind that perceives it. Our experiences and perceptions are simply the result of causes and effect. Conditions coming together and conditions dissolving.


Once we understand this profundity, that things do not actually exist in the way we perceive them, that the way things appear and the way things exist differ, we are close to understanding the distinctions of conventional and ultimate truth.


Once we understand this, we will no longer hold mistaken views. Our happiness will then be possible as we will be able to relate to our world and all things in it correctly.

Ultimate truth as set out by Buddha, is that all things lack inherent existence, there is no permanent phenomena to be found in the world we inhabit. All things are in a state of change, conditions are changing moment by moment. Things appear when the conditions come together and then dissolve or cease when the conditions change.

There is no permanence. Everything is simply a transitory experience of conditions, causes and effects, things coming together, arising, appearing and dissolving. This is the essence of the teachings on emptiness; things lack the solidity we ascribe to them. Once the causes are created, we experience the effect; therefore everything we know is in a state of coming and going, either arising, appearing or dissolving.

We do in part understand this, but also as humans we have a great skill in ignoring or denying this. This is our fundamental mistake in our search for happiness, meaning and real freedom. We have a tendency to think this logic applies to some things, but we deny this applies to everything.

We know for example that when certain causes come together certain appearance will follow, on a sunny day when it also rains it is quite likely that a rainbow will appear in the sky. Although we know that the rainbow is simply a transitory appearance, appearing through certain conditions coming together, what appears is a rainbow. A rainbow appears to anyone who may happen to be looking in that part of the sky at that time, for those in other places or not looking at the sky, no rainbow appear for them. The rainbow will only appear to those who apprehend it and it is simply an appearance caused by certain conditions coming together.

If we are looking at the rainbow and it appears for us, we also know that the rainbow will dissolve, as soon as the conditions change, we recognise it is not permanent it is transitory, it will dissolve, disappear as an appearance, at some point it will no longer appear.

We also know that if we search closely for the rainbow we will not be able to find it, it is just an appearance to the mind that apprehends it. If we are trying to take a picture for example of the appearing rainbow and we zoom our camera lens in very closely, we will not find the rainbow, the closer our lens takes us, the more elusive the appearance becomes.

The more obvious it's lack of existence becomes. Yet when we take our eye from the camera, again a rainbow may vividly appear. It is the same with the blue of a blue sky, the closer we get to it, the more we realise we cannot find it, it is but an appearance.

In understanding the way the rainbow appears, due to causes and conditions. We also understand that the only thing for us to do, is consider the appearance as it manifests, enjoy it whilst it appears, and understand it is temporary and will dissolve.

We do not get sad when the rainbow dissolves, because we understand that is it's nature. We do not think we could put the rainbow in a box and take it home to enjoy whenever we fancy, because we understand the rainbow only arises from certain causes and conditions.

This is how it is with all phenomena. There is nothing in our appearing world that is exempt from this. We can only realize this with Wisdom. Wisdom helps us to overcome ignorance, and gives us confidence and logical methods to understanding the nature of truth, this truth and all truth. The true nature of all things. Ultimate Truth. With wisdom we understand that we do not need to be angry or afraid of what we might loose if we accept the true nature of things.

With wisdom and compassion, happiness and meaning are not only possible but inevitable. There is no contradiction between happiness and meaning just as there is no separation. With both we are more like a person seeing a rainbow and smiling, enjoying it while it appears. Knowing and appreciating it for what it is.

Without wisdom and compassion, we are more like a person wanting to take the rainbow from the sky and keep it for ourselves, foolishly thinking we can claim and hold on to it, put it in a box for own pleasure, only to be surprised and disappointed, feeling it unfair that someone else had stolen our rainbow, when opening the box find it empty.

Michelle E Grimwood MA Crg FCIM

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Laugh - and be mindful (7 tips for happiness, tip 9)

Laugh - and be still. Express, and then feel.

Take a moment to breathe and be still - relax, breathe, smile, and feel.

The practice of laughter is a joyful path to mindfulness. Why is there so much attention on mindfulness nowadays? Benefits include:


- Become more resilient to daily stress

- Improve your health and well-being

- Improve your relationships

- Become happier



The apparent contradiction between the explosiveness of laughter and the calm of mindfulness dissolves when we feel the stillness after the laughter. When we develop our laughter meditation practice, through nls: natural laughter skills, laughter yoga and/or laughter therapy, and use it to become more aware, we are experiencing a mindfulness meditation practice.

What are the benefits?

Why use laughter practices? Benefits include:

- Energising

- Physical workout

- Improved breathing

- Produce natural painkillers

- Relaxing

- Antidote to the 'blues'



The laughter meditation technique has two parts. First is to develop the ability to chuckle in a good-natured way as we exhale, on two or more consecutive out-breaths. Four consecutive chuckling out-breaths is a good number to start with.

The second part after this laughter practice is to stop, smile, breathe and feel. When we focus our awareness in this way, we are using classic mindfulness awareness. We are developing our present moment awareness.

As a practice, the more we use our awareness in this way, the more mindful we become and the greater the benefits we experience.

Why laughter practices?

The attractiveness of laughter practices as a form of mindfulness practice is enjoyment.

Some people find the laughter practices enhance mindfulness without having to go through the mindfulness process. They immediately start to experience the benefits through their smiling and laughing practices alone.

The psychology, science and medicine that underpin this are becoming better known all the time. It is not a coincidence or a fluke that these practices work. There is an ever expanding evidence base which supports it, from positive psychology, hard science, and psycho-neuro-immunology.

How do I use them?

The basic practice is to maintain a genuine good-natured smile for 10-15 seconds, and then relax, breathe, smile and feel.

You can extend this into a full-blown inner smile practice.

The more advanced but still simple practice is to chuckle in a genuine good-natured way on 4 consecutive out-breaths - and then relax, breath, smile and feel.

If you already have a mindfulness practice, you can explore doing it with a smile. The smile can be almost invisible as long as it softens your face and you experience this effect on your awareness. Meditate mindfully, with a smile.

If you are already very experienced, you can explore adding the good-natured genuine chuckle to your mindfulness meditation. As you are already experienced, no doubt you are comfortable with exploring new qualities in a non-judgemental way, just to see how they affect you.

There is a tribe for whom these additional practices bring unexpected benefits.

What I have learnt in the process of awakening my inner laughing Buddha is being able, at any moment, to choose to enter the state of having a genuine warm smile and that this has a transformative effect on me. It is as if I have found the last piece of a jigsaw, which holds everything together, a magic key which enables me to access, without effort, those qualities that I have been 'working' towards.

Namely, acceptance, peace, lightness, playfulness, joy in living, connection being more centred, and being able to inhabit my body more. It is so simple, yet so profound, it's laughable!

Do let me know how you get on!

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Sat-nav of the Soul

We all need some idea of direction to travel don't we? Once we have decided where we'd like to go we might need a map, or at least some advice on the best route (and people love to share their favourite directions). First though we need to know where we are starting from, and how we reached here. We need to stop, get our bearings, orientate ourselves with the destination, and prepare.

Some years ago my husband bought me a 'satnav' to help me find my way to and from workshops without constantly glancing at a map as I drove up and down the country - and I could see the sense in that. However, I'm not a great one for technical gadgets and so I hadn't read any instructions, done any research, and really hadn't a clue what a 'satnav' was, save to say I felt sure it was going to be useful.

After a very hectic day helping friends move house to Norfolk, I suddenly realised I was short of time and I'd invited neighbours for dinner. I still had various bits of shopping to do on the way home and a dinner to cook before they arrived. I called home and asked for instructions. "How do I set this thing?" I asked. "You don't have to set it, you just switch it on and press 'home' I've already put in our address."

"But it can't calculate the journey if I don't put in where I am now, and actually I'm not sure exactly where that is. It can't know where I'm going - if I don't know where I am" I replied, with a clear picture in my head of the AA route finder on my computer screen and the usual details it required of 'from' and 'destination'.

"Chrissie, it's a Sat Nav - satellite navigation means it knows where you are. It picks up your location as soon as you switch on and then guides you to where you want to go." "Hm, clever stuff! … Wait a moment, so at any given point a 'satellite' knows exactly where I am? Hm, let's hope it works then!" As we all know the Satnav often takes a different route, takes you round and round a new motorway junction, and sometimes won't allow you to make a 'U' turn. Very frustrating. (I do know people who constantly argue with their machine).

It's so like the journey through life isn't it? We so often struggle along independently not quite knowing where we are going. If we are not careful we might waste time getting lost and take the same wrong turning time after time. On some journeys we might take so long getting to where we intended to go that we've completely missed our whole reason for going in the first place! To make things worse there are those of us who can neither map-read, or follow instructions. And, what about all the 'free-spirits' who resent any form of instruction any way!

When you stop, and take a moment to review how you came to be here, would it have been an easier or a more challenging journey if you had 'asked' the way do you think? I know my life changed dramatically once I had learned to follow my intuition, and the angelic guidance that came to me once I had learned to tune in. The beauty of spiritual practice is that once we learn to 'switch on' by opening to Divine energies, and listen, and observe the signs, we are always given a clear route. We might not always agree with the route we are asked to take - but thats why we have free will to choose. I know that when I listen and read the signs on my own it can take me longer to get to where I am going. If I tune in and ask first, the going is smoother and the journey often less exhausting.

Happy travels!

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858


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Teenagers and Anxiety

A Record number of teenagers between the age of 16-18 have sought professional help this year in the lead up to exam results. Children as young as 9 are worrying about results and how it will affect their future.

In 11 year olds leaving primary school their biggest worry seems to be what their peers will think of them if they are not in the top classes once they get to secondary school.

On top of these worries tweens and teens have a need to fit in, to be part of the crowd. Their hormones raging with feelings they don't understand, trying to figure out who to be and how relationships work, they are extremely vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression and these conditions can have grave consequences such as self harm, eating disorders or even suicide.

The work load of children from 11 upwards has the potential to course extreme stress alone, and that's without anything else going on in their lives such as bullying, parental break up, worry about body image, friendships, university and jobs.

Children who have been subject to neglect, abuse, death of a close family member, constant moving or parental fighting maybe particularly vulnerable at this time in their lives as they begin to compare their lives to others.

Teenagers today have so much more stress than they did in the last generation. No I hear you say - the problems have always been there ... Really have they? Did the generation of parents today have social media in their bedroom 24/7? Whilst it has its place social media also constantly reminds teens of what they should look like, how they should act, and gives access to bullies even in their own homes. Thank you social media

As parents we think with our feelings when it comes to our children. Trying hard to make them feel better can come across as critical, dismissive or negative if we don't quite get the balance right. Tweens and teens don't always know what's wrong and getting them to talk openly about what's bothering them can be hard.

The following tips may be helpful.

Ask don't Judge
Assume your teen has a reason for their behaviour that they find perfectly valid. Show them that you respect their judgement and ask if they need any help figuring things out. They are far more likely to open up and ask for help if they feel valued and trusted to make their own decisions.

Don't Assume you know
If you feel that your child may be being bullied they are more likely to open up if you own your feelings. For example instead of asking "Are you…….." try, "I've been worried that you don't seem to be yourself is there anything I can help with?"

Be Honest
Don't pretend to be perfect. As parents we are quick to point out to our children the behaviour we don't find acceptable but a lot of the time we do it ourselves. For example, we may be quick to tell them not to get so frustrated or angry when they are struggling to understand something, only to find ourselves doing the same thing if it happens to us. Teenagers will not listen to you if you are asking them to do something that you are doing or not doing yourself. Be honest about your short fuse and tell them how it makes you feel.

Don't sweat the little things
Irritating as it can be, resist the urge to tell your teen how they look in the clothes you don't like, what that make up looks like when they are wearing more than you would like or how "lazy" they are for not tidying their room. These small criticisms will stop them from listening to the bigger issues as they feel "nagged and judged" When it comes to bigger issues such as sex, drugs, drink and relationships they will take the assumption that you "won't understand" or, they will close down for fear of being judged.

If you're worried about the effects stress is having on your teen and the tips above don't seem to work, don't lose heart. Maybe they just don't want to upset you or worry that you may be disappointed in them? Where possible offer them the opportunity to talk to a professional, someone who 'gets them' but isn't emotionally attached. Once they have sorted their feelings out they will be more likely to open up and let you know how they're feeling.

Sharon Fereday
Sharon is a fully qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Counsellor who specialises in counselling young people with anxiety, as well as adults with relationship issues. Sharon has helped many other people, from young to elderly, and from all walks of life. She firmly believes that no matter how old you are - it is never too early, or too late, to bring about change and enrich your life with self- understanding and discovery.

Sharon has also worked with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape, depression and bereavement. She is very passionate about helping other people suffering with life issues to achieve a more fulfilling life. Working in collaboration with her clients, she helps them with the journey of their self-discovery and helps them pave the way forward to a brighter future.

Refresh Therapy Counselling Services Warwick

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Relationships: To be or not to be, that is the question!


Last month I shared information about relationships being either for a season, reason or lifetime. This month I will be expanding upon that article by sharing valuable insights on karmic relationships. To understand karmic relationships, maybe it's best to first understand karma itself. The Law of Karma is equivalent to Newton's Law of 'every action has a reaction' which means that every time we think, act or speak, an energetic force will react accordingly and return to us.

So how does this relate to relationships? Well, if we experience a loving, free and unconditional relationship, then we will attract more of the same. Fabulous! However, if the opposite is true and we experience a manipulative relationship, where we lose our voice and personal power, then energy will return to us mirroring loss of voice and personal power, generating more relationships and circumstances that replicate this.

It is my belief that all relationships are karmic in nature so therefore offer us valuable opportunities for soul evolution. When meeting someone for the first time, we are not consciously aware of what a relationship has to offer us in terms of spiritual growth and evolution and we simply notice whether we are drawn to a person or not. We can refer to this initial feeling as the 'Karmic Magnet'.

Life offers us two types of karmic relationships; healthy or unhealthy. Healthy karmic relationships are positive and supportive in nature; provide unconditional love, as well as aiding our spiritual development so that we may become self-realised. Unhealthy karmic relationships on the other hand are toxic in nature, destructive to our inner sense of SELF and lock us into negative cycles which affect our emotional, mental and physical health.


How to recognise a healthy karmic relationship:
  • Unconditional love
  • Mutual respect
  • Feel secure and protected
  • Instant trust that you both share
  • Possess matching significant life values
  • Readily resolve problems as they arise
  • Beautiful, peaceful and joyful experience
  • Patient and encouraging
  • Space to grow as individuals

How to recognise an unhealthy karmic relationship:

  • Abusive
  • Anger or rage
  • Arguments
  • Restrictions
  • Jealousy
  • Selfishness
  • Strong magnetic pull to a person, maybe regular break-ups

Karmic relationships don't just show up in our personal relationships but also other areas of our life. From the moment we are born we experience karmic relationships within our family, at nursery, school or college, with friends, and also at work. This is wonderful news as it means that we are offered numerous opportunities to evolve and grow.

When we view our relationships in terms of their karma, I believe that we are able to detach ourselves emotionally, enabling us to see the bigger picture. We can assess the 'rules' around a relationship to establish whether we feel the relationship is healthy or not. These rules may never be spoken of, but all relationships have unspoken rules in operation. For example, through actions a person may demonstrate unconscious relationship rules of 'I love you when you do as I ask' by only giving you praise or acknowledging you when you do something for them. Or maybe the opposite is true and you receive acknowledgement and praise unconditionally therefore, the unspoken rule is 'I love you no matter what'.


What rules do you have in your family relationships?
In addition to how people behave in a relationship, we can reflect upon how a relationship makes us feel about our SELF. Does a particular relationship make you feel good enough or do you feel inadequate? Maybe you take actions to please the other person on a regular basis putting their needs before your own? Or do you do what pleases you? These can be key questions to ask about the effect of a relationship on our sense of SELF.

Think about a particular friend. How does the relationship feel about your SELF?

Once we establish the unconscious 'rules' surrounding a relationship, we can begin to understand what lesson(s) that particular relationship has to offer us personally. I love this quote from God in the movie Evan Almighty:
"Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?"


So with that in mind, I would like to refer back to the example of a person not feeling good enough in a relationship. What learning do you feel is offered here? For me, these types of relationships offer opportunities for an individual to heal self-belief, self-worth and self-love wounds which may be developed in childhood. In the example where the individual puts another person's needs before their own, I believe there is an opportunity to heal self-worth, equality and people pleaser wounds.

Maybe you would like to take a moment to reflect upon your relationships, the lessons you have learnt and the personal growth that occurred as a direct result. Celebrate your personal transformation and take a moment to thank all those people who were great teachers. Whether you had a positive or negative experience with a particular person, the result is the same; a journey to self-realisation!

To learn more about relationships and the effect they have on our life, you can purchase Helen's debut book 'The Silent Sufferer'. To order your signed copy, simply go to www/

By Helen Courtney
Self-Realisation Expert at Evolving You

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Are you living your life in balance?

Living a balanced life means different things to different people, simply because we are all different. Similarly the areas of our lives that we bring into our own equation of balance can differ too.

To explain, some people may view having their work and home life in balance as sufficient. Some may want to balance work, home and leisure, whilst others may want to include health, wealth and spirituality.


So how do we get that balance and what does balance mean exactly?

Image a set of balance scales, the older type with a central fulcrum (a balance point), with a set of equally weighted pans suspended at either end of the arm that crosses the fulcrum. When in balance these pans are exactly the same distance from the surface they are standing on and are still, they are equally balanced. Add a weight to one pan and the balance shifts.

Now imagine getting all areas of your life in balance - equally.

Well you can with ease using an energy procedure called simply The Balance Procedure.

A relatively new and exciting procedure The Balance Procedure (TBP) is the up and coming tool that therapists all over the world are clamouring to learn! Its simplicity belies its power: its power puts individuals back in control of their lives. It as beneficial tool in any therapist's toolbox!

Developed by multi-disciplined therapists and trainers Jenny and Alan Cox, TBP is the new kid on the block in the world of energy psychology and energy therapies. Strictly speaking it is not a therapy, a treatment, nor a form of healing; it is a tool for transformation.

TBP works on transforming learned energy patterns that no longer serve and draws on both heart energy and the power of intention. It works to transform individuals from 'victim mode' to that of a powerful creator. When in balance you are in a state of relaxation, this makes it easier to move forward to create a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

As a firm believer in the power of thought and the power of the mind, I further believe that our mind is our most valuable asset. To use a famous quote from the Buddha, "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world."

Given that we operate at a subconscious level 90% of the time, only operating at a conscious level 10% of the time, it can be argued that we spend most of our time 'in this world but not of this world.' In other words we are not totally conscious or indeed actively taking part in our lives and or this world. This means that we operate at a subconscious level almost seemingly unaware of how we are creating our lives! How scary is that? It is only when disaster strikes in some way, shape or form; that we begin to wonder and question how the hell it happened!

Now, the law of attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" whereby, focusing on positive or negative thoughts you bring about positive or negative results. This belief is built upon the concept that people and their thoughts are made from "pure energy", and like energy attracts like energy. The thing is, we literally have thousands and thousands of thoughts, somewhere between 60,000 and 120,000 on a daily basis, (I have no idea of the poor soul who monitored and counted these by the way), and a lot of these thoughts are at a subconscious level and as a result, keep us creating and developing the same patterns in life.

The upshot of which. is that negative beliefs become quite ingrained to the point where choices have been made without any conscious thought, creating a never ending stream of bad luck or other negative patterns. (Victim mode). Have you ever wondered why you keep on repeating the same mistakes? Well hopefully this has to some extent answered that question for you.

So what can be done about this? How does one get out of this seemingly constant state of victim mode?

The only way to stop being a victim is to become aware of your thoughts and the emotions or feelings that go along with these thoughts. Being aware and operating at a level of consciousness puts you in a powerful position whereby you can change your thoughts and your beliefs, after all a belief is just a thought that has been thought of over and over again. As such, because your thoughts are exactly that - your thoughts - you and only you can change them. You can change the beliefs that you have rooted deep within your mind, your subconscious. In other words the distressing negative beliefs and thoughts that you hold on to, that serve only to disrupt your complex energy system, creating stress and tension and inhibit your development, can be changed! How awesome is that?

What that means is you no longer have to subconsciously adapt to continuing stress, you can get off the stress treadmill!

When operating continuously for long periods of time from the point of negativity, your body is under massive stress. This means that it is difficult to operate normally. To explain, your body goes into the 'fight, flight or freeze mode'. When this happens your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate all rise as the sympathetic nervous system springs into action creating stress in all areas of your body preparing it for action. Now whilst this may have served primitive man (or woman) it does not serve modern man (or woman). All of what the body goes through when this happens, happens in milliseconds and ordinarily wouldn't last long. However, in this very stressful world that we have created, for some, the body and the mind is in this state continuously. The result is the body and or the mind, 'breakdown'. No longer functioning at our best, changes in behaviour occur. This negative behaviour has the potential to become somewhat destructive, and overeating, reliance on alcohol, and withdrawing from family and friends are some of the signs that this is so.

How then is this reversed? How can positive change be manifested?

This can be brought about by becoming aware of your thoughts and acknowledging the emotions that accompany those thoughts. By doing so, you can learn to control your thoughts. Furthermore, being aware that different emotions vibrate at different energetic frequencies; (the better the emotion the better or higher the vibrational frequency), the higher the vibrational frequency the easier it is to align with the Universal Energy of Life. To be 'in the flow' with this energy means that you are in a relaxed state and because of this life is perceived as being easier. When relaxed you are able to think more clearly, to act more clearly and to create your life from a totally conscious perspective and with intention. This means you are living your life to your true potential because you are 'in balance'.

So what has this got to do with TBP?

TBP used on a regular basis - daily or even several times a day, helps you to attain this state with ease. Drawing on ancient philosophy and modern quantum physics (science) and using cards combining geometric symbols, colours, numbers, chakras, the masculine and the feminine, the planets, crystals, the elements and the signs of the zodiac, TBP bridges the physical and the subtle bodies or energies to bring us back into balance. How?

This occurs by placing the cards on the balance centre, the thymus/heart centre; the body's own communication centre through which all messages are communicated to and from the brain to the rest of the body. The aim of TBP is to empower using positive thoughts and beliefs and communicating them to your thymus and heart, which in turn communicates with your brain that then instructs your DNA to influence every part of your body to the cellular level.

TBP is a practice that requires no understanding of psychology, Chinese Medicine or other disciplines. It is easy to use, and draws the mind, body and spirit together to bring about balance and harmony within.

I believe that this procedure because of its simplicity and power to bring about transformation without the need for theoretical knowledge, or delving into painful memories, is the perfect procedure for everyone, young and old alike (and everyone else in between!!) to use on a daily basis, to realise their full potential by being consciously aware of the choices they make and the reality (life) they create.

By using intention coming from the heart - the centre of love, you can, not only create a better life for yourself, you can help to create a better world, by the very fact that you will be operating out of love and good intentions. I know this to be true simply because I am using it and I am aware of the sometimes subtle changes within that have enable many positive changes in my business, my health, my relationships, and my life in general.

It has been widely recognised for centuries, that when all areas of your life are in balance you attain physical and emotional wellness. TBP is designed to help you create that balance.

Are YOU ready to transform your life and /or business by learning and using this simple procedure to enhance your life?

Drew Ryder is a Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach and a qualified trainer in The Balance Procedure.
Passionate about TBP he works with individuals and groups either face to face or online, he also works with solo-preneurs to enable them to reach their business goals.

Working online and using the latest technology he trains people from all over the globe to use this technique either as clients or, practitioners of other disciplines choosing to add to their therapy 'toolbox.'

When asked what he does for a living, he has always found this hard to explain. For now he usually answers with the phrase; "I am a life changer. I help people to positively change their lives in order to be where they want to be in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To the best that they can be and to live their best life!!"

He remains dedicated to continual growth and self-development in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and the needs of his personal clients.

Both clients and practitioners of this technique are in awe at how easily they can transform either their lives, or help others to transform theirs. If you would like to know more and to be amongst the growing realm of pioneers of this procedure, then email him at or call him on (+44) 0207 0784871. Workshops can be arranged all over the globe.

Are you ready to transform your life and/or the lives of others? Contact him now at

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On-Guard! It's Archangel Michael's sword


Working with angels and becoming more compassionate doesn't have to turn you into a doormat! There is nothing 'soft' about angels. Take a look at the representation (throughout history) of magnificent power portrayed in the many pictures of Archangel Michael. He is often depicted as Saint George slaying the dragon, and is always adorned in a breastplate for protection, and for good measure carries a sword. But is there more significance to the sword than simply as a weapon of defence? Certainly. The sword in Michael's case is to protect us from harm, to cut through the dross, separate the wood from the trees, and release all the ties that bind us.

Let me explain what I mean by that. Think of all the self limiting thoughts that creep into our mind everyday. Reasons (and excuses) for not allowing ourself to be true to our purpose. The things in life that prevent you from doing what you would really like to do. For instance taking up an exercise or yoga class. How about re-training for that therapy you've always felt you'd like to learn? Keeping a journal, attending a workshop and so on. So many nudges we receive from our soul, that we push aside because we limit ourselves by finding reasons why not to succeed at something we would love to do.

These 'excuses' are real (in your head) aren't they? They range from time constraints, child-care, expectations of others, job restrictions, too many responsibilities, money worries, and so the list goes on. Then there are those little niggles from childhood that remind us that we would probably not be very good at it anyway. Oh believe me, I know how it is, I've done it too!

Then as the messages become more frequent, the nudges more profound, we finally hear that call. Our soul cries: "Enough" …and we may suddenly find that we have no choice but change the situation, or become unwell.

Once we have decided to change, one of the most powerful tools the angels offer us as well as their love and support, is Michael's sword of Truth. There are so many ways in which you can call upon Michael's sword to help in everyday circumstances. All it takes is a few moments away from noise and distractions and the use of your imagination.

Think of all the marvellous opportunities and possibilities. You might like to take a moment to list ways you could use a sword in real life if all your restrictions were presented to you as real objects rather than abstract thoughts. If you think of all those 'ties' as ropes around your ankles would you use the sword to cut through and release them? If you were sitting in a hot air balloon but couldn't rise up into the beautiful blue sky due to the weight of sand bags (your own limitations) around the sides, would you cut them free so you could rise up and soar above the trees? If all your baggage was being dragged behind you in a weighty fishing net tied to your waist, would you cut through it and set yourself free? There are lots of metaphors we could use. Maybe you'd like to pause at this point and reflect on some of your own?

Remember that we have been given angels to take care of us. That means take care of us body, mind and soul. Why not call upon the great sword of Michael now, and ask that he helps set you free from the ties you have created.

Don't to forget that I'm always delighted to hear from you if you'd like to share your experiences. Just email me with your story.


By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858

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7 tips for more happiness, tip 8: don't try to laugh

Never, ever, try to do something. Either do it, or don't.

If you want to be happier, be happier.

If you want to use laughter, use it.

How do you laugh more? You breathe in, hold your breath for a second, and breathe out willingly with a good-natured chuckle.
It's not about a loud laugh, nor a big one, just a willing one.
Do it now?
There, you've just laughed.

Note how you feel. Be alert for any changes in your feelings, mood and overall consciousness. Repeat this process three more times so that for four consecutive exhales you've chuckled, willingly. This is a basic nls: natural laughter skills practice.


'I've managed to do the exercises every morning (apart from today) since the class! I've found that each day after I do them my mood definitely improves and I tend to have a better day because of it. I think it gives me a more positive view of the day and makes me wake up a bit before I go to lectures etc ... My mood and energy levels have definitely improved each time I've done the exercises, and my resilience has also improved.'


This simple practice changes lives. When we separate our laughter from jokes & humour & funny and just laugh as a practice, like breathing or stretching (eg yoga) as a practice, we start to liberate our consciousness from a culturally conditioned prison, as well as improving basic qualities like mood, energy and resilience.


This liberation is always an uplifting experience, and always induces happiness.
Among other things, the process being activated by this practice is freeing our awareness from the bullying domineering and often nagging voice in our head.
'Don't believe everything you think' is advice which comes from many cultures. This nls: natural laughter skills practice gives you an effective tool.

  • It changes lives.
  • It inspires, encourages and motivates.
  • It energises and builds resilience.
  • It helps overcome stress and ease depression.
  • It helps you think more clearly, and for longer.

As a one-minute morning practice, it sets your day up well like a Louise Hay style affirmation. When you combine it with an inner smile practice, you have a quick, simple and extraordinarily effective way of getting on top of your life in a continuosly improving way.

'On the first day I woke up with a headache with general cold symptoms and was reluctant to start. Even though I felt ridiculous, I still smiled and by the end was genuinely laughing; it was a great start to the day and I actually made it to my lecture. It's amazing how such a simple task can have a positive effect on your day. By the end of the week I did feel slightly happier and found that any task I was going to do post exercise became easier. I was able to write up lecture notes quicker and found it helped clear my mind and thus, improved my cognitive ability'.


Remember, all you need do is breathe in, hold your breath for a second, and breathe out with your good-natured chuckle.

Repeat as often as possible but at least 4 consecutive out-breaths.
Enjoy your practice.

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Season, Reason or Lifetime?

By Helen Courtney
Self-Realisation Expert

Life is a journey in which relationships come and go. Imagine for a moment your life as a train journey with people hopping on and off your personal carriage at various platforms or stages along the way. Have you ever taken the time to ask why? Why some relationships are nurturing and flourish, whilst others are challenging? Why some connections stand the test of time, whilst others wither and fade? Why some people come into your life for a season, others for a reason and some for a lifetime?

Life blesses us with a kaleidoscope of relationships in order to help us learn, grow and evolve as a human being. In the movie Evan Almighty, God says "Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?"

Every relationship we experience offers us a wonderful learning opportunity, even though during times of stress and trauma, it can be difficult to view them that way. Believe me I should know, as I was subject to psychological abuse for over fifteen years. What I learnt from personal experience, as well as through spiritual development, is that all relationships are karmic in nature. I believe that when we incarnate or re-incarnate, we are destined to meet the most appropriate people that will help us to become self-realised in every aspect of our life including our relationships and career. People show up in our life for various reasons, however irrespective of the purpose, they can all be considered as our teachers, here to educate us about our 'SELF', our 'LIFE' and 'OTHERS'.

'Season relationships' come and go, like the annual seasons and transform with the cycles of our life. Whilst at school, college or university we form friendships with individuals. Some we may remain in contact with, making them lifetime friends, whilst others we won't see again once our time there is complete. Some season friends we may acquire whilst living in a particular house, working for a specific business, visiting a certain pub, being a member of a health club, or socialising with a particular peer group. These are the relationships which often come to a natural conclusion.

My 'season relationships' have taught me much about myself and others. I have learnt not to form hasty first impressions of others, as when we meet someone, we only know them from that moment and are unaware of the chapters in their life story. I have established healthy relationship boundaries, as a result of learning that people have different morals and values to me. I listen to and trust my gut instinct, so that if I meet someone who doesn't feel genuine to me, I keep my distance.

Q: What have you learnt from your season relationships?

Other people may come into our life for a reason. At the time of meeting someone, we are often unaware of the purpose behind the relationship. Over time however, this may become evident. 'Reason relationships' teach us important life-long lessons which highlight some aspect of our 'SELF' that needs healing on a deeper level. Some are negative reason relationships and lower our confidence, self-belief and worth. Others are positive reason relationships and encourage us to recognise our TRUE worth and be our TRUE self. The duration of 'reason relationships' may vary from just a few days, to weeks, months or even years. It can be difficult to let go of negative 'reason relationships' due to the powerful karmic pull which draws both people together. Positive 'reason relationships' are a real blessing and will most likely last a lifetime!

From my 'reason relationships', I have personally learnt many life-long lessons. I can now discern who deserves my trust and who doesn't, to process instead of suppress my emotions and to be honest with myself and others instead of being a people pleaser. I honour my innate skills and abilities, as well as live life as my authentic 'SELF'. I have no doubt that I will encounter more 'reason relationships' on my journey through life and look forward to the lessons and experiences will bring.

Q: What have you learnt from your reason relationships?


'Lifetime relationships' last just that, a lifetime, and can be defined by a strong, healthy bond, equality and support. In these relationships, we experience an inner knowing that we will always be there for each other and this is the reason, why these relationships weather all storms. Lifetime relationships are balanced, fair and nurturing for both parties and create memories which last for years.

In my 'lifetime relationships', I have discovered the meaning of true friendship, how to support others and be supported by them, unconditional love and to live by my core values.

Q:What have you learnt from your lifetime relationships?


We are all unique and our relationship experiences and the lessons we learn through these will be different for each one of us. It may be difficult to detach yourself and objectively look at what has or is happening in your life, in order to find the deeper meaning in your past or current relationships. Upon reflection, some experiences may seem negative, stressful or even soul destroying but be assured that there will ALWAYS be a positive underlying message or lesson to learn. You simply have to take the time to look for it!

So I invite you, to allow yourself the time you deserve, to reflect upon your relationships. Is there a relationship that is coming to the end of its season? Are you struggling to understand a difficult or challenging relationship? Are you experiencing a relationship which doesn't nurture you or allow yourself to be true to your SELF? Look a little deeper and you will find the answer you need. Whether negative or positive, let's celebrate the lessons that we have learnt from all our relationships and be grateful to our life's teachers for helping us learn, grow and evolve!

By Helen Courtney
Self-Realisation Expert

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Emancipation from Time

For myself it has been a particularly turbulent Eclipse Cycle which I am now rising up from once more. If I was writing this just a few days ago, it would have been full of many words which I would not have been able to publish to any audience. So hooray for not being able to do anything, whilst you are in the pain throws of transformation.

As the smoke is clearing within, my guidance system feels much more grounded and stronger than it has ever been before, which it feels GOOD. Not in an ecstatic way but in a way that I have not felt before, that feels more balanced, sustainable and whole. I know that many of you reading this also have been through another huge tumult of energy during the eclipse period, which has been incredible tough to work though and seemed like it was never going to end, But end it will!

For those of you at the front end (the up and overs) of the transformation, you are all ending timelines in your own specific way. Many of you through the facility of your past lives have the spiritual reach to bring into alignment the karmic imprints and sacred geometric control of the ruling energies & dynasties of the Earth which have been prevalent upon the 4th dimension for many ages. It is through your reach of all of your specific past lives, that you are pulling through all of this lower vibration so that it can be realigned in this now moment.

It's not that this process is new to you as you have been doing this for many years and lifetimes but this eclipse cycle, was about bringing through all that had not been dealt with. One last push if you like! Specifically we have been dealing with the original separation energies that took us from our place of oneness in the first place. I see this a the classic battle of good vs bad or your own inner christ vs inner antichrist. These two absolute polarities which both have feminine, masculine and inner child aspects have had to be experienced in order to be balanced within and returned to the higher octaves from where they came.

So for those of you whom have been through the mill over and over again, we now reach this point where time holds us no more! The pioneers of the race have had to clear all levels of self and Earth, in order for us to create from a blank canvas (zero point). It had to be this way and no seeds of polarity could have been left in the Earth, before we were allowed to unite our inner king and queen in order to create our pristine domain.

From now until Ascension Day in May you will still be processing this huge tumult of energy and assimilating many many soul fragments, which are reuniting themselves at light speed. So as always be gentle on yourselves, as you are in a place of no mans land right now! A place which has never been experienced before and a place with no guidelines! We are learning as we go. Love is the only way to respond and create now, as all other methods will bring instant blocks and karma, to stop you from using these old ways of creating.

This is an exciting time to be alive and your wellness will increase to levels never felt once the energies have integrated within.


Much love - Ryan


Copyright © 2015, Orion Diamond. All rights reserved: Please feel free to share this content with others - post it on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. - but keep the integrity of this article by including the author/channeler. 

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What should I do with my life??

Imagine you are 100 years old with one minute to
live and your great-great-grandchild asks you:

'What should I do with my life?'

What would you say?

Just pause for a moment and try and

answer this within just one minute.

According to Prof Steve Peters in his book the Chimp Paradox, he says that,

'Answering this question will identify what is important to you…it is what life is all about to you. It is your 'Life Force'.

He continues to explain that whatever advice we give to our great-great grandchild is the advice for ourselves. Furthermore, if we are not living by this advice, we are living a lie…

After trying this exercise for myself I sat back and looked at what I had written,

'Live, Laugh, Love'

I expanded on each word which came from a deep place. It made me re- evaluate where I was not doing the above and more determined to become more aligned with my true self.

We live, or we think we are living, going through the motions of day to day life: Getting up, going to work commuting, shopping, cooking, chauffeuring children, cleaning, watching TV and going to bed. Until the weekend comes with some free time for some.

Most feel happy with their life. Some are content at work, or studying what they want. Some feel life has dealt them an unfair hand, with no job or a dead end job, unhappy relationship or no relationship and it goes on.

We all have our life story, which we feel gives us an identity and a purpose. We are a parent; spouse; child; employer; employee etc.

Identifying only with your life story is not living.

Your life story is the day to day experiences or components that make up your day. You can do all this on autopilot. You may need to stop and think to make some decisions. You will also experience emotions, many of them under the umbrella of stress.

But is this living?

I love to watch my cats and envy how they know exactly how to BE ... other than becoming grumpy when hungry, they are content with their lot. As long as there is a lap to sit on, a hand to give them a rub and a warm spot to have a snooze - they are living.

We can also BE. We can exchange the rub for a hug, sitting on a lap for closeness and snoozing for relaxation.

But we as humans are complex beings.

We are human beings, who are doing more than BE-ing.

Whenever I ask others what they do to relax, many tell me they watch TV or go on social media, play computer games etc.

Is this relaxing I wonder?

It is recreational, but does it allow us to BE??

My cats love it when the warmer weather arrives. They instinctively know that being outside is good for them. They lie in the sun or under a tree, content and at peace only stirring when their belly rumbles (which is too often).

How many times have you being more like a cat? Doing nothing but breathing and BE-ing. Yes, we breathe all day long, but do we stop to marvel at this amazing involuntary process which we can use to calm our bodies and mind?

When we become conscious of breath we can close our minds off to what is happening outside and inside our mind.

Breath is living. Breathing is in the moment. It is now. It is constant. It is life.

Have you noticed how our breath becomes shallow, fast and uncontrolled when we are trying to fit in the components of our life story? Have you felt how tight your chest becomes when you are doing something you don't like, but feel you have to?

I examined the other word that popped up in my 'advice'-Laugh. We've all heard the saying 'Laughter is the best medicine' and also we have experienced that deep, belly laugh at some point in our lives, where our sides feel they will snap in half. We also know how good it feels to laugh.

So why don't we do it more often??

We're too busy experiencing our life story. Which is fine. I am sure we could make time to include laughter in our schedule too. We can watch a comedy, or even smile more instead of frowning.

Finally we come to Love.

We love our families, our friends our work, the world etc…

But do we love ourselves?

Again we know the sayings, 'before you can love others you need to love yourself' and also the famous bible quote, 'love your neighbour as you love yourself'.

If we are loving our loved ones then that must mean we already love ourselves…

Why doesn't it feel so?

Can a car run on an empty tank??

No, nor can we. We can only give what there is to give. We give rushed hugs; half-heartedly listen to our child's conversation whilst rushing to make the tea; sit together as a family whilst everyone is using their gadgets.

Do we love our neighbour as ourselves? Let's suppose your neighbours are grumpy and abrupt. Sometimes they greet you, Most times they ignore you. How can you love these people?

How much love are you showing yourself when you are less than perfect? Love is unconditional no matter how your life story is going.

My life force therefore is:

'Live with all your breath, laugh with all your soul, love with all your being. If you feel anything other than joy and love for yourself and others then you know you are living a lie.'

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...

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'Living with Disability' a training course for therapists

I was 17 years old and about to start college when my life was changed in an instant - I took a corner too fast on my motorbike and crashed into an oncoming car; it was a simple error of judgement which led to me becoming a wheelchair-user, having irreparably damaged my spinal cord.

I spent 4 months in hospital and returned home to my mother's house, to start relearning how to be an independent young adult. I had no counselling or other support, and my family was hopeless at communicating on an emotional level, so I kept nearly all of my emotional turmoil hidden from view; I didn't want to upset my mother and she didn't want to upset me.

I was in a state of emotional shock for a long time, made worse by having no-one to talk to. And what added to that was that everyone seemed to treat me differently than they had before. My friends were upset and confused, and didn't know what to say, and adults seemed to treat me as if I'd suddenly become a child again.

Mind you, I too felt like I wasn't the same as I had been before my accident; I didn't know who I was anymore, in a body that looked and felt different, and which didn't behave the way it had.

I remember one day going shopping with my mum, and while she popped into the newsagent for something, I waited outside enjoying the sunshine. Two women walked towards me, and one of them smiled at me, leaned down and patted me firmly on the top of my head: 'What a shame!' she exclaimed and walked on. I was completely stunned!

That's only one example of how people seem to act differently around disability. I've had people do the classic "Does she take sugar?" question, asking people with me rather than asking me directly; I've had people refer to me as an object rather than as a person ("You can't take the wheelchair through there!"); I've had people express astonishment that I work and, good grief, have a husband more often than many people have hot dinners.

So what's behind these attitudes to disability? Writing my training course for therapists on 'Living with Disability' has brought it home to me how deep-rooted the stereotypes and stigma around disability really are. From fairytales (where the evil characters are often physically disfigured or deformed) to Biblical mentions of disability as a punishment for sin, disability is frequently associated with being 'sinful', 'dangerous', 'other', or 'morally tainted'.

We might like to think that we're beyond all that now, but the Holocaust (during which tens of thousands of disabled people were gassed to death) is still just within living memory; we still allow the termination of unborn babies diagnosed with a disability right up to full term; disabled people are still more likely to have a lower level of education, to be poorer, and to be the victims of crime than non-disabled people.

I think at a deep level there's still a great deal of fear and misunderstanding around disability, in part because it could happen to any of us at any time. It happened to me out of the blue and changed my life forever.

When that happens to a person, it's not just the individual and their physical impairment that are the 'problem'; it's also the physical environment they find themselves in, the way their relationships change, and also how they feel about themselves. The images they see (or don't see) of themselves in the media influence that self-perception, and the perceptions that other people have of them. Like the woman who patted me on the head all those years ago; a one-dimensional view.

Becoming disabled is of course a life-changing experience, and it's what led in part to me becoming a counsellor all these years later. I believe very strongly that disabled people need to feel truly heard and understood just as much as able-bodied people and that even therapists - as empathic and non-judgemental as we all try to be! - can sometimes miss the nuances that affect the way disabled people experience the world and the people around them. This was my motivation for writing my course - it's about so much more than just the name of a person's medical condition; it's also about how they see the world and how the world sees them. And I hope that my course helps therapists to understand that a bit better.


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7 tips for more happiness, part 7: laugh at your fears


When you're afraid - or stressed, or anxious, or angry, or unhappy - laugh.


The ability to laugh under duress, when circumstances are hard, is a route back to sanity and inner calm.

The ability to laugh at ourselves in these circumstances is a path to psychological freedom, emotional intelligence, professional effectiveness, and personal liberation.

It helps us be more mindful, become more resilient & able to cope with life's 'slings & arrows', and better able to find peace of mind under duress.

Fear is an example of duress. How do we face our fear and not let it rule us?


Laughter practices are one way.

In both laughter yoga and nls: natural laughter skills we learn to laugh for the sake of laughing. We learn to laugh for the psychological, emotional, physical, whole-person benefits. With practice this becomes an effective technique for dealing with pressure and regaining our equilibrium.


In group and organisational settings, it a classic way of raising morale. Watching 'World at War' footage of both Monty and Nye Bevan giving wartime speeches, for example, one theme they both tapped into was the morale-boosting effects of good natured laughter and humour.

Fear, which often combines with stress, anxiety and worse, is debilitating. It is, as Frank Herbert said, 'the little death'.


Until we overcome them, they blight our lives.

When we overcome them, miracles happen:

'At the weekend I only touched on the pain and trauma I have been through in the last six years. Over that time I had completely forgotten how to laugh, lost my confidence and self-esteem along with trust in others - all the negatives.

I think I had reached rock bottom - anti depressants from the doctor, high blood pressure, IBS all, I believe, caused by my ego dwelling on the past and going over things like a long playing record. Thankfully a visit to the doctor made me realise I had to begin to take control. I needed to laugh and find the fun in my life and also live in the NOW not the past. (ie mindfully - Joe)

I read and researched Eckhart Tolle and then wondered whether there were any clubs that actually taught you how to laugh - that was when I happened on laughter therapy and it looked amazing ...

The content, participants .... were uplifting, stimulating, thought provoking, certainly sowing the seeds and giving me strategies to help put my life back on a positive path ...

Obviously I realise it is early days but I am sure with my inner strength and determination I will succeed. In fact my doctor, whom I saw today, has agreed to gently phase me off medication.' (Retreat delegate)

The content she refers to was based on smiling & laughter practices, developing the genuine ability to smile and laugh at will, no matter what the circumstances. Like all practices, these have to be done diligently and consistently to be most effective, but hers is just one story of many.

On an organisational level, this approach helps empower people and generate enthusiasm. Who wouldn't want a delegate coming out saying:

'Thanks for the conference at the Victoria Hotel on Friday. I haven't had so much fun at a conference ever. I still chuckle at the idea of the "respectful bowing laugh".' (Conference delegate, Healthy Living Initiative, Cornwall).
We all have to find ways to survive and thrive, to get through hardship & loss, and overcome fear.

We all need good tools to help us practice our mindfulness, become more resilient, be more emotionally intelligent.

We all want to raise our level of effectiveness for greater life satisfaction and happiness.


As ever with these things I learnt some things that I never could have imagined I was going to. I am practicing! (Retreat delegate)

Perhaps it's time to develop your smiling and laughter practices?

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Know Thyself - Where are you now?


There is a great universal spiritual teaching that has been passed along through many different religions and belief systems. It was inscribed on the Temple of Apollo, in Delphi, and we are often told that it was first established in Greek philosophy and attributed to the teachings of Socrates. However Greek legend tells us that it was the seven sages of ancient Greece (made up of philosophers, law-givers and statesmen) who gathered together to lay down the foundations of western civilisation and inscribed 'know thyself' at the entrance of the sacred oracle of Delphi. But the idea crosses all religions, ideals and cultures, both sacred and secular, and can be found in ancient Egypt as well as in the Hindu Upanishads dating back thousands of years. So we have to assume that the Indian culture had developed the same philosophy far earlier than the Greeks.

Humanity's quest for self knowledge is timeless and all-encompassing and Know Thyself has been adopted and placed at the foundation of all knowledge. What we learn on one level crosses over into many levels of understanding and all ages. It would seem that despite the passage of time, across the millennia, the human condition has essentially remained the same: we humans have always been in search of our identity and our reason for being.

It would seem to me that the first stage of knowing ourselves is to find out where we are and how we arrived here. We cannot go on any journey without knowing where we are. We need to know how we got here, where we are going and which is the best way to reach our destination. Would you agree? In our spiritual life it's exactly the same. We need to establish where we are on our spiritual journey and how we arrived at this point of belief and practice.

Bear in mind that wherever we are is exactly where we are meant to be. Whether we understand the process yet doesn't really matter. The point is that by showing an interest in this discussion you have chosen to move from this place. Wherever you are, right now, and in whatever circumstances, you have made the decision to take a journey of self discovery.

The probability is that, since you are reading this, you may not actually believe in coincidence and may you feel you are being divinely guided to make moves or changes of one kind or another.

My job is to encourage you to trust your intuition, your inner guidance, with a sense of knowing that you are not alone. Throughout your life you have been watched over and helped by unseen forces that we have come to know as 'angels'.

In the first chapter of my new book "Seven Steps into the Angel Light" I'm looking at all the ways we can find our direction - our 'soul purpose'. I believe that each and every one of us has a spiritual purpose here on Earth. It may be a vocation, a service to the community, a calling to teach or some other practical application of your spiritual values, or it may simply be a regular offering of prayer, meditation and love that you radiate outwards as part of being the person you are.

Maybe you know your soul purpose, but if not, how do you begin to discover the reason you are here, and move forward on a new life path? The first step is to connect with the essence or energy of the great Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is the great Annunciator, the one who brings messages, the communicator and instigator of new beginnings and new direction."

I'm looking for stories and questions relating to the qualities of Archangel Gabriel to illustrate this first step. If you feel you can help by telling me your story or experience, or if you have a question - I'd love to hear from you. Just email me - I will do my best to answer as many as I can, and if your story is featured in the new book, I'll send you a signed copy after publication. It could be YOUR story that helps others on their journey of spiritual self-discovery!



By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858


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Belief (part 2)

It is important to bear in mind that your thoughts are the beginning, or the first step in the manifestation process, and which through consistency of thinking, helps to form beliefs. For example, as a child if you were bitten by a dog you would believe that all dogs bite; from that would emerge a fear of dogs. This signifies that beliefs can be formed as a result of past outcomes.

When words are combined with thoughts, additional energy is fed to whatever the belief may consist of and the manifestation process intensifies and becomes even stronger. Subsequently, the power of belief moves to a higher level based on the emotion that is experienced. As a result of the original thought and belief and through the unfailing and unwavering process of perfectly conceived manifestation, the process literally manifests in physical form.

To change limiting beliefs means engaging both the conscious and the subconscious mind. In order to do this it is important to understand what is meant by the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. It is thought that our mind operates on three levels the conscious, the sub-conscious and the super-conscious.

To explain, the conscious mind is our alert or awake state, it is orderly and factual; it is associated with the present and linear time. It thinks in terms of cause and effect. The subconscious mind on the other hand is our automatic mind, sometimes known as our intuition or feeling mind, it stores every event of our lifetime as a past experience. It accepts all input as if it were true; it accepts everything at face value. It cannot reason or analyse; and is not subject to the confines of linear time it exists within and beyond. This means that any belief ingrained in the sub-conscious mind of a person will repeatedly produce the same effects over and over again throughout that person's lifetime.

The sub-conscious mind is unable to reprogram itself; it can only work with the information given or received by the conscious mind or super-conscious mind. This is why thoughts and beliefs are so very important. The sub-conscious mind has the capability to make your life what you believe. For example, if you believe life to be hard and full of hard work, guess what? Your life will be like that. You can change that belief and therefore your life by reprogramming your sub-conscious mind. Before exploring the options as to how this can be achieved, let's first look at the third level of consciousness, the super-conscious.

The super-conscious mind is often used in relation to spirit and is considered to be in direct connection with the infinite. It is the storeroom or stockroom of infinite knowledge and truth. Not associated with reasoning or analysing it is thought to be the light of spiritual awareness. Furthermore, it is believed to be outside of time or space with no constraints. It is said to be a repository of knowledge of all that is, was, or will be. It is from the super-conscious and the conscious minds that the subconscious mind receives its input. How then can the subconscious mind be reprogrammed?

Reprogramming the sub-conscious can be done in many ways such as through hypnosis, prayer, and affirmations (positive affirmations); however, it takes time to change deep rooted beliefs and patterns. Repetition therefore, is seen as instrumental in changing old patterns and beliefs.

Repetition of positive affirmations is considered the basic tool to reprogram the subconscious mind. Quite simply it is a repetitive process to instil new beliefs or goals within the subconscious mind. Put another way it can enable limiting beliefs to be disabled and replaced with limitless beliefs. This can be done in a variety of ways such as writing, saying verbally or mentally, listening to or acting out your belief statement until that statement is fixed into your subconscious mind.

For example:

- repeating your affirmations aloud or mentally; when you talk your subconscious listens. When you grumble about your life, your subconscious listens and obediently follows your instruction by giving you the kind of life that you keep on grumbling about!

So from now onwards, watch what you say, especially what you say repeatedly!

- writing down your affirmations; putting things in writing it is believed, makes what is written more believable more real

- listening to your self-recorded autosuggestion tape; the auditory sense is drawn on by the subconscious mind to instil what it hears,

- pretending to be the person whom you want to be. (i.e. putting yourself in the shoes of someone you admire and pretend that you are the person); or, 'fake it until you make it' as the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is believed.

If an affirmation comes from you, it is called auto-suggestion. If it comes from other people, it is called hetero-suggestion. For example, given that you hear on a daily basis from your friends, relatives and acquaintances complaints such as, the economy is bad or it's hard to pick good stocks and shares these days, or simply that life is tough. Then simply because you have listened repeatedly to these suggestions, means that your subconscious mind starts to believe them as true. This is then manifested in your reality as guess what? True!!

Therefore, if you do not want to be a victim of hetero-suggestion, it is important that you use positive affirmations on a daily basis. It has been argued that the best time to use autosuggestion is at the beginning of the day when you awaken in order to 'programme' your mind positively, or at the end of the day when you are ready for sleep. This is because the brain is known to be in an 'Alpha state' at these times of day.


Alpha state?

Alpha is the bridge between your conscious and your subconscious mind. But what is it exactly? Alpha is a term used to describe the frequency of brain waves of which there are four levels or states; alpha, beta, theta and delta. When you are in alpha brain waves, you are relaxed and calm; your creative juices flow faster; you can recall things better, such as where you left your keys; you can learn things faster and you absorb information faster.

When you are in beta, you are conscious and alert. Too much beta frequency can make you feel stressed and breathless. When you are in theta, you are in a twilight state. You are not conscious. When you dream in your sleep, you are in theta. When you are in delta, you are sleeping. You are not aware of what's happening because you are in an unconscious state of mind.

Everyday your brain state moves from delta (sleeping) to beta (alert) and then from beta back to delta. In between, you will experience alpha and theta. Alpha can best be described as the bridge between your conscious and your subconscious mind.

It is this bridge that serves to feed the subconscious mind, to enable past experiences to be re-written, to enable new goals to be attained. Along with repetition another proven formula is visualisation. This draws on all five senses to create something that is imagined as something that IS. Remember, the mind cannot differentiate between what is imagined and what is real. Therefore, what is vividly imagined and repeatedly imagined becomes a reality. That is to say, visualization is not just seeing what you desire in your mind's eye, it is about living your mind's eye. In other words, use your five senses to make the images as real as possible. As you visualize, hear the sounds, smell the smells, touch the textures, taste the tastes! Make the picture complete! See yourself IN the picture experiencing what you are imagining! Feel it, breathe it, live it!

This is a technique so often used by top sportspeople. Roger Bannister, not only truly believed he could run a mile in less than four minutes, he created his own 'video (or rather film, I don't think video was around then!)' in his mind - it showed him running and winning, it showed him running a mile in just under four minutes, he viewed it frequently, he lived it, he breathed it and he DID it!! It became his reality. Furthermore, because he had done it, barriers had been broken for others who went on to do the same, the year after and the year after that and so on.

The mind is a powerful tool. Your mind and your subconscious mind work together and they mould your reality. Consider this analogy to help you visualize how this works. Your subconscious mind power is similar to fertile soil that consents to any seed planted inside it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are the seeds which are being continually sown and they will eventually produce a crop. So if you plant weeds you will get weeds, if you plant fruit, you will get fruit. In other words, you reap what you sow. If, the conscious mind is the gardener, then just as the gardener has the power to choose what to plant in the garden, so your mind has the power to choose what reaches your inner garden - the subconscious. Therefore, it is important to be aware through our conscious thought that our subconscious mind has the power to manifest failure, ill health and all kinds of misfortunes just as effortlessly as it will manifest success and abundance. However, it cannot manifest both at the same time. It therefore becomes important to 'weed' out negative thoughts, and to replace them with positive thoughts in order to constantly actuate the positive until the fertile soil of your subconscious mind power reaps only abundance.

Yes, it can seem like a mammoth task! Especially if you seem to have had 'nothing but bad luck' or negative experiences for a number of weeks, months or even years. Nevertheless, just as that 'negative reality' was created by the power of your mind, so too can a 'positive reality' be created. The techniques of affirmations, visualisation and repetition are easy to use with repetition being the key. How many of you learnt your 'times tables' through repetition in primary school? How many of you can remember them now? Amazing isn't it! Yet it proves that repetition works.

Whether you choose to use affirmations or visualisations the key is repetition.

To recap, the mind operates on three levels, or to put it another way, the mind can be 'split' into three; the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind and the super-conscious mind. The super-conscious mind is said to be a repository of knowledge of all that is, was, or will be; a direct connection to the infinite. On the otherhand, the conscious mind is our alert or awake state, it is orderly and factual and is associated with the present and linear time. It thinks in terms of cause and effect. Whereas the subconscious mind is our automatic mind and is aware of everything else, including our breathing, which is automatic and continuous; it is our storehouse of knowledge and experiences; it accepts everything at face value. It cannot reason or analyse, nor is it subject to the confines of linear time, instead existing within and beyond. Unable to reprogramme itself, the sub-conscious mind can only work with the information given or received by the conscious mind or super-conscious mind. Hence the importance of thoughts and beliefs.

Beliefs and thoughts can be changed at a conscious level and then reprogrammed into the mind at the subconscious level in order to manifest. This can be achieved through a variety of methods with affirmations, visualization and above all repetition, being the key tools. It is argued that you are where you are in life because of your thoughts and beliefs. That being the case, it is possible to change your life by changing your thoughts and beliefs. Are you where you want to be in life? Are you living the life of abundance? Do you want a life of abundance? Whatever you choose, you have the ability to manifest. Your subconscious mind is like a magnet - what are you attracting?

Remember, belief systems are built from an early age, and are often instilled into us by well-meaning parents, relatives or friends, from what they themselves believe to be true; which in turn, was more than likely instilled into them using the same or a similar process. As demonstrated by the examples above, beliefs can be empowering or limiting. Whether we harbour a positive or a negative belief it will surely manifest. If you are not attracting or manifesting into your life that which you desire, then perhaps it is time to examine your beliefs.

This incident was reported in a New York newspaper. "She met him in a singles' bar and they talked for a while. He offered her a drink and she enjoyed his company. Then he offered to drop her back home. While driving back, she realised that they were moving through narrow and strange roads. 'Oh God where is he taking me?' she thought but did not have the guts to ask. She cursed her decision to get into his car. All of a sudden she saw him taking a turn back into the highway just near her house. Smiling, he said: 'I took a short cut'."

Did this story end the way you thought it would?


Maybe you need to take time to evaluate your beliefs to find out which ones are empowering and which ones you need to change. Remember, 'The person who sends out positive THOUGHTS activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.' - Norman Vincent Peale.

What do your thoughts emit?............

Do you believe you are living your best life?

Is it time for change?

Would you like help with this?


If after reading you realise your beliefs system is holding you back from living your best life (and we only have one chance at this life to my knowledge), then perhaps we need to connect to see how we can work together to move your life forward. Please feel free to connect me via email at in the first instance to arrange a meeting to discuss how you can become a 'change agent' beginning with yourself.


Drew Ryder is a Personal Wellness Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Energy Psychologist, Advanced EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master. He uses all his skills including NLP and Counselling to enable people to become the best that they can be.

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Big decisions and left field curve balls

The past month for many has been challenging one way or the other, whilst helping to bring things into a greater focus. Aided and abetted by the Solar Eclipse (20th March) falling on the Equinox along with a super moon, with a soon to follow red moon lunar eclipse on 4th April.

The sun has been yet again particularly active with X-Class Flares, and for many of us created the usual symptoms of when these occur including extra sleepiness, headaches, body aches, more emotionality, although in some cases it can cause you to become wired and unable to sleep. In fact the aurora borealis had been seen in the UK as far down as Worcester, and giving amazing light shows. These energies impact us as they do the Earth, along with high tides due to the very close proximity of the super Moon, therefore those more sensitive amongst us may have felt it more than most.

Hearts have been fluttering if you have been one of those experiencing an expansion and opening in this area especially, but also deep grief, and a reset - as many of you may have also encountered a deep awareness of where you are stuck in your life and where things need to change (although not necessarily knowing what to do about that yet, but aware of the shift nevertheless).

Illness may have shown up for you, it did for me, and I had a heavy cold and upper respiratory issue occur, which I understand again many others got affected by this type of symptom. For me it was a reminder however of where during much of my life my lungs and chest area has been a weakness, to the point that in the past almost dying from them, including after I was born, and before I turned 30, where flu turned into something dangerous and saw me hospitalized due to being unable to breathe. So it felt a little like residual energy clearing for me also, but this meant I needed to surrender for a week to healing, as I was pretty much out of action and needing extra rest.

As the reset occurs some things are coming left field, and although in my case I had a inkling with one of them, it still surprised me when it did occur (and how it was delivered) because it really brought up for me some vulnerability issues and a need to take a step back and look to creative solutions. I say this now as indeed we are being shown areas where we need to strengthen up and understand, learn and grow and evolve from, so where is the gift in your challenges also?

This will include looking for creative solutions to financial challenges, health challenges, location, home and work issues, relationships and your own evolutionary journey. Whilst also looking at all the capacities and capabilities you have, and seeing if you can use them but perhaps now in a new and more soul-aligned way.

Indeed we have to be creative to find solutions as the world forever changing, is seeking for us to further grow and evolve in ways that now may need extra grounding and bringing in. You may find ideas are flowing and are great, but the action of them may even now be urgent. I would also say however you are not alone in this, and as I often tell my Soul Evolvers, put all of these worries, concerns, ideas and solutions etc.. in to a sacred container of Divine Love, Angelic Assistance and surrender it to God and for the highest good, for there is also the higher mind, and a greater intelligence in the Universe that wants to help and assist you.

I attended an event on the International Women's Day which occurred on 8th March, during which I received quite a powerful soul message during a meditation. Part of it spoke of living more as an instrument of Spirit and God, serving with open hearted surrender and trust, allowing for a feeling of deep peace and gentleness. Then a message that made me tingle "Allow for the expansion of where the messages now need to go, for it is time".

I was serene as I got this message, and felt held in such grace and gentleness, it was beautiful when I was able to share it with the group of women gathered. I share it for you now as indeed these are words we can all seek to align with, and become more the vibration of.

I know some of you may truly be feeling raw and bruised by recent events, feeling the aftershock and a little lost even, whilst still processing and may even be here fresh and new after a dark night of the soul and seeking answers, and I get that, for indeed my own path and journey is as a result of often such experiences that created that in me.

So know you are not alone, help is there if needed and maybe even a session of spiritual counselling from me or someone whom you already know of, may be in order to help you at the moment.

I also feel the need to connect to my tribe, as scattered now as some of my tribe already are across the world, it is now more important than ever to start coming in with those whose vision and purpose, values and capacities align and resonate with yours.

So for now I shall leave you to contemplate this thought - what is the one thing you know you are able to bring into the world today, tomorrow, this week, next month, next year .... etc... that is so resonantly you and the fullest expression of you, that doing it makes you feels like you are the freest and most flowing?


Until next time sending you my love and wishing you many blessings
Sarah Page

Sarah Page is offering Psychic and clairvoyant readings, spiritual and personal growth sessions, mentoring and counselling, workshops, courses and gatherings. Please see for further details. For a £5 reduction in readings and sessions via phone or Skype quote H&H offer, available during April 2015.

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The Blue Diamond - Out of the Blue

My belief is that The Blue Diamond Is The Creator



We cannot begin to imagine the absolute brilliance of the light shining from the Divine Intelligence that created everything in our World. We can only from our own limited intelligence compare it to the dazzling Blue of a Diamond however it would also be inaccurate to undermine the Blue Diamond Vibration for it is our gateway to the Divine at this time.

The Blue Diamond Vibration holds everything in The Universe In Divine Order. Stop and imagine that for just a moment. This magnificent Blue Diamond Energy holds the perfect timing and co-ordination of every planet, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the oceans, the mountains, night and day, every animal, every bird, every insect, every blade of grass and of course, the humanity of Planet Earth. All of this is as a result of Pure LOVE.

It is a testament to how far humanity has come; how lovingly and fearlessly we have travelled the Path of Ascension since 2012; the compassion and empathy we have shown; the random acts of kindness we have given; that has enabled us to reach the point of accessing the Blue Diamond Vibration of The Divine Intelligence, The Creator, The Source, God.

The Blue Diamond Vibration is, in my belief, the ultimate Gift to Humanity in this most magical year of 2015. Together we have created the opportunity to receive this wondrous gift.

By meditating upon the Blue Diamond regularly and inviting it into your life, you will create the Magic and the Miracles in your life that your Heart and Soul desires so passionately.

You entered into a Soul Contract prior to returning to live on Planet Earth for this life time. When you are following that Soul Contract Path, your Mind, Heart and Soul are vibrantly alive with the endless possibilities and the certainty of the magnificent being that is You. When you detour from that path and being human it is so easy to do so then I don't really need to say how separate you feel from your truth. We have all been in that dark place.

By meditating upon The Blue Diamond Vibration of The Creator, you will create your own Magic and Miracles. You will coordinate and co-create your World lovingly and miraculously just like The Divine Intelligence, The Creator, Source, God for you will be perfectly aligned to the same vibration. As your mind can comprehend anything that you wish to create, any condition you wish to heal, any situation you wish to change, so you will do so.

Imagine now the most magnificent vibrant dazzling Blue and White combination swirling, turning, sighing all through The Universe with a unique vibration that perhaps you have never encountered. There is a unique God Vibration or tone to The Blue Diamond also ... it is mysterious, magical and beautiful. It touches your heart through to your soul as you remember past times when you have been as one with this most delightful and delicious Blue Diamond Vibration of Pure Love.

Embrace yourself in this dazzling Blue Diamond Light and envisage it merging with every chakra in your body, it doesn't matter whether you envisage it coming from your base chakra to your crown chakra and merging with the Blue Diamond Vibration or from your crown chakra through all your chakras to the base, they are all vibrantly spinning wheels of energy and will blaze vividly with the Blue Diamond Vibration.

Then turn your attention to your aura and envisage the Blue Diamond Vibration spinning wildly throughout your aura dispelling any imbalances or weakened areas. Continue to do so for a little while until you feel content that your aura is bold, powerful and completely aligned with the loving Blue Diamond Vibration of The Divine Intelligence. Remember also that you are raising your frequency to align with The Divine. Imagine this elevation rather than bringing the Blue Diamond down to you.

To send healing and to also manifest your hopes and dreams by using the Blue Diamond Energy, build a bridge by visualising the Blue Diamond Energy entering your Pituitary Gland at the top of your spine flowing through to your Pineal Gland (Scientists call this the God Gland) and out through your Third Eye to blend and merge gracefully with the Blue Diamond Energy of The Universe which holds all of Creation in Perfect and Divine Order.


When you have completed your Blue Diamond Vibration meditation and believe me it is difficult to take yourself away from this beautiful energy then seal yourself in a Blue Diamond Coat of Protection which will help to prevent the heavier aspects of Planet Earth penetrating your aura and your chakras.

I love the fact that this vibration is Blue Diamond as I associate this colour with Archangel Michael and a most perfect ally from the Angelic Realm.

My blessing to each and everyone of you is that you Shine Bright Like A Blue Diamond as we collectively and individually co-create a World that we love, we admire and that we are proud to leave as a legacy.


Love Magic and Miracles

Dianne Pegler
Author of The Sacred Order of the Magi

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Belief (Part 1)


"Whatever the mind can conceive and BELIEVE it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill.

What an incredibly powerful statement! But what does it mean? Remember the four minute mile? Nobody believed that running a mile in less than four minutes was possible. Back in 1954 Roger Bannister BELIEVED he could do it - and he did! The following year, 37 runners broke the belief barrier and the year after that, 300 other runners did the same thing! Roger Bannister conceived in his mind running a mile in less than four minutes, what is more, is that he firmly believed he could do it and he did! It was his belief and achievement that spurred on other runners. It is our belief therefore, that determines how much of our potential we are able to tap.

In fact belief or non-belief in a thing, whatever it might be, is the determining factor as to whether you are able to accomplish a thing or not, it has nothing to do with the size or scope of the event or circumstance being considered or what country you may live in, or what your religious preference (or lack of) might be. No belief is right or wrong. It is either empowering or limiting.

It is the Power of Belief (or non-belief) which causes any condition, event, or circumstance that you experience in your life to manifest, and its outcome is only dependent on whether you believe that the thing can manifest or not.

In other words, there is absolutely nothing that can be conceived within the human mind that cannot or will not be brought into physical manifestation. A result is, and must always be manifested 100% of the time, the outcome of which is based only on the belief of the thinker.

To explain, regardless of what you may believe in, whether it be that you can or can't accomplish something, an outcome is always, 100% of the time, experienced. This experience is based on the belief that you hold with regard to its outcome.

The only way a belief can be stopped from manifesting in the physical form is by the person who first conceived the belief to begin to shift that belief from the positive to the negative, the result of which is no manifestation takes place. In this case the experience of the opposite of the initially intended results; it is often referred to and 'perceived' as failure.

However perceived, it cannot be considered as failure! Why? For the simple reason, (and so eloquently put by Napoleon Hill), 'whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.' In other words by shifting the focus of the belief to that of a non-belief or negative belief the achievement will be just that. Why? Because as previously stated there will always be an outcome.

It is through and due to The Power of Belief that amazing things can be achieved. What are your beliefs? For example, do you believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to? Do you believe that life is full of problems? Do you believe other people like you, or do you believe that other people don't like you? Where do our beliefs initially come from?

Initially we start building our belief systems as children. As children, our belief systems are open and non-judgmental or non-limiting. However, as time passes and we begin to grow and we begin to experience life, our belief systems become limited and restricted initially, based on what we are taught by those we love and trust. In the beginning it is our family, later it is our peers and idols. We are taught to determine what's real. As a result we're taught to forget what we want or desire. We are taught what's 'realistic or 'logical'. This realistic and logical training is the first step in dramatically limiting the potential that the power of belief can provide.

As we grow and time passes and we begin to build our dreams and visions of 'The Good Life', such as living in a big house, with a flash car and loads of money or being the first person to land on Mars; we are told, often repeatedly, depending on the size of our dream or vision that our desires are 'far-fetched' or 'impossible.' We are told that we need to go to school and get a 'real or proper job' and to work hard for those things that we desire. We are told in many cases that those big dreams and visions we have are only for the 'lucky' and 'fortunate few.'

It is due to the creative power of belief that this self-limiting programming then becomes our reality and provides the confirmation or evidence that what we have been taught to believe is correct. This self-limiting programming is instilled in us by those that care most about us, and in the majority of cases it is done totally with the best intention in mind. Why is that you might well ask? Quite simply, it is because of what those that pass on these self-limiting beliefs were taught, and have come to believe to be the truth.

The result is, that our belief systems are affected and become limited, many times subconsciously, based on these traditional teachings, which we then perceive to be the truth and in turn eventually pass on to our own children.

For example, how many of these early teachings have you heard from well-meaning parents?......You're a bad boy (or girl); That was a stupid thing to do! Why can't you be more like your brother? You'll never learn! Each of these statements, however harmless they are thought to be at the time, can have a dramatic effect on the long term beliefs of small children especially during those most impressionable first years and can literally affect them for the rest of their lives!

Although there are many possible scenarios, the above examples can and often do leave a child feeling unworthy, and can stay with them for the rest of their lives unless they come to an awareness of the 'real truth' and overwrite the original 'false' programming.

There are many parents who are aware of what a negative impact the above examples can have on a child and may never use such terminology, but instead may say things like.....Being broke just runs in our family; Money is hard to come by; Don't believe it until you see it. Although each of these examples can have a huge impact on the power of belief, the last example can be especially damaging because one thing that is an undeniable fact is that you will never see any significant events in life until you first believe that they can happen!

Also many learn falsehoods from religion that can have a devastating effect on implementing the power of belief to work in a constructive manner. Such as.....It's spiritual to be poor; The less you have, the closer to God you are; Money or wealth are evil. These statements, untrue as they are, can and will affect, in a very detrimental way, the power of belief in not only in children, but adults as well!

So what advice should we giving out? Perhaps some of the best advice for what should be allowed to be formed as belief comes from Buddha ...

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." - Buddha

If you or anyone you know is struggling it is possible that limiting beliefs are underpinning the struggles. Feel free to contact me at to see if I may be of help to you in setting yourself free. Please also feel free to pass on my details to anyone you feel may benefit from my services.

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Who do you want to change for?

Browsing the library the other day I found a charming little book by James Caan, one of the Dragons from the popular T.V. programme - Dragons Den. For those who are unfamiliar with the programme, it is where entrepreneur hopefuls come in front of a panel of millionaire entrepreneurs hoping to receive money for their business idea.

James Caan's book is called 'Get the Life you Really Want'. It is a little gem containing common sense ways of goal setting, using examples from his life and people he has helped.

Two things stuck out for me which made me stop and reassess my thinking:

'If you ask the right questions, the right decisions will make themselves.'


'Who do you want to change for? That is more powerful than changing just for you.'

I could see how the first concept could be applied to the law of attraction. If you are asking the right questions, your focus is on what you want. As we get what we focus on the most, It seems conceivable that the 'right decisions will make themselves.'

The second concept of 'changing for someone else' left me perplexed. All along I had been working from the premise of 'you change for yourself.' Of course the decision to change involves other people, especially if you have children and want to become a better parent etc that goes without saying. But James Caan was advocating that to change for someone else is more powerful than just changing for yourself.

After much mulling over this idea, I could see where this could apply and how it could be more powerful. If an individual has low self-esteem and self-belief, using the premise of 'you must change for yourself' will be futile. If you do not think much of yourself, there is little impetus to change for yourself.

There is a huge pressure on the already depressed person, who feels they are not good enough, to change. How can this happen if change is tied in with how you see yourself in the world? How can you become a better functioning individual if you don't know how that feels?

No amount of reading books, attending workshops or having therapy will get you to that better feeling place. Of course therapy can help, to an extent, but change needs action and action requires resolve.

On the other hand, changing for a loved one; parent, child or partner gives more meaning. For example, if you have children the best way to teach them about life is by example. If your life is not going the way you want, more than likely the children have already picked up your bad habits and beliefs.

This alone can be the catalyst to want to change. If you are telling your children to be one way and you are not congruent with what you are saying, guess what? They won't be listening to you. Is it surprising how history seems to repeat itself in families? Do we want our loved ones to struggle a life time undoing the 'damage' we unwittingly did?

If you don't have children you can change for someone you admire; your parents, an aunt, a teacher or even your God. If you are changing for someone else your motivation is higher. You most probably don't want to let them down. Also the desire to earn their praise and love are powerful reasons to push you to change. By making another happy, you can find your happiness.

This still felt uncomfortable for someone who believes that change starts with yourself. I didn't want to dismiss this idea, especially when James Caan seems to have done pretty well for himself with this belief.

So, I took my trusted journal and wrote a heading,

Who do I want to change for?

I thought for a while, then an image of my soon to be 17 year old daughter jumped in my mind. All of a sudden this made perfect sense. Of course. I then wrote my dreams and hopes for her. I pictured her happy, balanced emotionally in love and all aspects of life.

I looked at my own life and wrote down where I could change to be those things I wished for my daughter. I felt empowered, motivated and excited at the prospect of being a better role model.

I decided that if I want my daughter to follow her dreams, I must be actively following mine. If I want her to be kind, I need to consciously show kindness. If I want her to be assertive, I need to practise being assertive. I need to be all the things I am 'teaching' her to be by being those things. This leads me back to the first idea of 'If you ask the right questions, the right decisions will make themselves.' I was asking the right questions, and the right decision had made itself- I had decided to change for my daughter so that I could change for myself.


Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...

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Huge Cosmic Energies!
and Solar Flares

Greetings friends

In my last post I described the March energies as "Mad as a March Hare". Well I think I hit the nail on the head as we approach the equinox and Solar Eclipse/NEW moon on Friday 20th March. We really are traversing such huge cosmic energies that it's a challenge for most to stay centred right now.

For the past few weeks the Sun has been extremely active and releasing high energy solar flares. We have had many X Class (strongest) and M Class flares in the past few weeks. The symptoms within us when receiving these high energy blasts are different for us all but in general. Emotional outbursts, confusion, not feeling in our bodies, extreme tiredness, wanting to hide from the world, skin irritation, incredible thirst and lack of appetite to name but a few. This solar energy goes right into the atomic core of our cells and assists in the letting go of many old energetics that need to be let go of, in order for us to feel the new energies which are available to us. So during this time being gentle with yourself is the only way to get through them. Make sure you stay well hydrated and lots of water based activities which really do help.

DNA Activations - During this Solar High period much of your latent DNA will be activated and you will start to change at a cellular level. This process has been occurring for many years, but in the past month or so we have moved into the fast lane of this transformation. Personally I am going through such shifts within, that I actually have no words to describe them right now. I'm going with the flow, but this flow is like riding a waterpark death slide which has incredible highs and mind altering turns Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Inner Child - Many of you reading this whom have been doing this inner work for many years, are finally dealing with the CORE (ouch) Wounding of your childhood. Which has until now been unaccessible. This was for a very good reason as you would not have been able to deal with it until NOW. So drop into that inner child and see what final tweaks (colossal energies which have influenced our life from day 1) need to be made to ensure you are in full alignment. Remember NO stone can be left unturned!

GOLDEN Kundalini - Also the seasoned light beings (The Forerunners) are at the beginning points of accessing the Golden Kundalini energy. By this I mean you are ready to be GOLDEN (christ like) in your Activation of this divine energy. That you are ready to access this energy held in the temple of the sacrum chamber BONE and use it responsibly, now that you have cleared out most of your spinal blocks and clutter. This is such an exciting topic for me! I worked very deeply with the Kundalini energy in 2010 and had some incredible experiences, so I'm very excited that it feels like its time again to raise our GOLDEN Serpent within.

IT's an exciting week, with lots of things going on. Speak soon and have an incredible time. REMEMBER to do your NEW moon intentions on the Eclipse as the power is amplified like a flaming collosus!

Much love - Ryan
Copyright © 2014, Orion Diamond. All rights reserved: Please feel free to share this content with others - post it on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. - but keep the integrity of this article by including the author/channeler.

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Angels Without Limits

An angel is like a mirror that reflects the truth kindly, for in its reflection you can see who you truly are.

Have you noticed how many different masks you wear? Each mask is a personality trait you have created to show the rest of the world what you assume they expect of you. Masks are often the tools of insecurity and are worn to please someone else.

By developing different masks for all occasions you are pretending to be someone else. Have you forgotten who you really are? By ignoring your true self you dilute your own energies, your personal magnetism and diminish your potential for growth.

Establish a routine in the mornings. Affirm your ability to be true to yourself. Call on your guardian angel, who knows you better than you know yourself, and ask to be given the courage and honesty to be who you truly are.

The thoughts and actions of angels are not limited by time and space. Angels are not tied to our three dimensional reality. They have no concept of manmade restrictions of time and space, moving freely and instantly between our world and theirs. An angel's movement is as quick as a thought. The great Archangels can be in several places at any given time.

Don't be afraid that what you are bringing in your personal dilemma is too insignificant to an Archangel, or that you will not be heard. Yes, there are the major catastrophes in the world and these need great shifts of understanding and human intervention. They are being over-lighted by archangels at every given moment. But so are you. The archangels can do both. The energetic loving energy they emit is way beyond our human capacity for understanding.

A true request, for the right reasons, is never too simple or too small to be heard by the angels. You are loved and important. Please never forget that.

Taken from 'Advice from Angels' by Chrissie Astell

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN

Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858

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7 tips for more happiness, part 6: Don't be so serious


'But seriously …..'

Are you serious about your happiness?

In the west, there is a presumption, a conditioned response, that the most weighty and important things in life are the serious ones. 'But seriously ...' is the comment we often use when wanting to make a point or be listened to ... or be taken 'seriously'.

But where's the evidence?


One recurring comment from people who experience nls: natural laughter skills & laughter yoga is how much they enjoy a break from their seriousness. They start to enjoy life more. They become more present & mindful, more aware of the present moment. They become more joyful. Spontaneously they smile and laugh more, openly and genuinely.

We all communicate & connect better in this state. We also feel happier.

Are these sufficient reasons for engaging with our light-hearted, playful and good-natured side? Perhaps they should be because communication & connection are perfect antidotes to stress, anxiety and depression.

However, we often want the reassurance we feel from scientific & medical studies especially when we venture into the workplace arena of increased productivity, resilience and endurance.

Positive psychology is producing & highlighting streams of studies linking happiness with improved communication, resilience and productivity.

So how do nls: natural laughter skills & laughter yoga overlap with positive psychology to make us less serious, happier and more productive?

3 ways are:

They encourage playfulness.
There are excellent TED talks on why playfulness matters. Almost every aspect of our lives improve when we incorporate playfulness into it.

They get us active. The right kind of physicality not only relieves stress & tension but also improves posture, and refreshes our creative thinking.

Smiling & laughing are natural mood-enhancers, for ourselves and others. Done appropriately they are a personal and team tonic.


How can we become less serious? Besides reading the previous blogs for tips (!), make a point regularly of using senses other than just your head.

Mindfulness practices happen to work well here - sit or stand and be aware, using as many senses simultaneously as you can. Smell, touch, taste, feel, sense, listen, look, see - and smile.

Combining these practices adds an uplifting and connecting quality, with surprisingly long-lastig effects:

'Just wanted to share with you that when I got home, talking to a friend on a phone many hours later, I notice last night my cheeks where rosy and sore from so much smiling. The same feeling has been all day today ... My thoughts of the event itself was 'yes. Great fun. Really good' ... 24 hours later it is now 'yes. Great fun… truly amazing'.

(Martin Schofield, Sales Executive)


Do your smiling exercises. Both the pencil in the teeth and the 15-second smilining exercise from the book 'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within' generate profound changes in people.

'I just wanted to let you know how I have been getting on since I came to the last Laughter Club meeting in September. I have been following your instructions to smile first thing every morning and last thing at night. Wonderful!

 I have to say that I have felt a real change in me. My face seems lighter and I feel more positive.

Last week whilst reading the news on Bristol hospital Radio my fellow news-reader read a funny story and I laughed until I cried and neither of us could finish the news through constant giggling. I do not remember the last time that I laughed that much and I wanted to thankyou for giving me courage to laugh out loud again.' (Jonathan Fifield)


When these practices make us less serious, more relaxed and happier, and happiness even makes us more productive, what are we waiting for?

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Soulful Living

Truth always wins out, and your soul only knows truth, whereas your ego will believe many lies.

It is something in this world to discover more your soul's truth and to see through any egoic lies for the illusions that they are.

Often conditioned and programmed behaviour, thoughts and beliefs, attachments, social and societal norms do little to help acquire more a feeling of the soul truth, however it can certainly be the polarity stressor that helps you seek it.

Indeed it has to be sought in my humble opinion, not because you don't have truth without it, but that you can discern more with a deeper connection to it all the distractions that are in and around you.

When I hold any Soul Evolve group gathering, or in many of my one to ones, it is one of the many things I wish to help impart and empower people more with. It is the ability to hear and connect with their own soul voice and its innate wisdom and truth.

It helps to work from the heart and more your physical being - intellect gets in the way of the soul knowing, for indeed it is often communicated to you through your intuitive feelings. Whilst seeking to allow for your energy of awareness to expand so beyond your physical body and feel more that part of you that is always eternal and ever was and ever will be, are you moving beyond the limitations of this physical world, and seeing the bigger picture.

I know that the key to enable this connection more readily is to give yourself space and time for reflection as well as meditation and practices which help you focus more inwardly.

So often we are focused and distracted to everything around us, and I too allow myself to be distracted by my favourite TV programmes and the like. However, when you give yourself space to just be, and allow yourself to breathe into your heart and listen to that quiet voice within, something of a communion can begin taking place.

Of course it can be different for many how to "get there" and some may find it an elusive mystery, whereas others may have always had that inner voice and knowing from an early age.

We can also shroud our souls in so many beliefs and conditions, and our desires and fixations may mean it becomes hard to move into that open more trusting and expansive space.

I remember some years ago, overly directing my life, and where I did not much venture around other possibilities, other than what I felt had to be in order for things to work the way I felt they needed to happen, I also did not open to a more expanded view of my soul and potentiality.

It created in me often much tension and frustration and some controlling behaviours that now with my more aware self, I would not dream of allowing or doing.

I have become a lot more trusting and flexible, being in communion with the "Greater Spirit" and my with aims for being more aligned to my soul. Although I still have a will and certain areas of focus and wishes, I am open to something even better than even I can imagine becoming so, or for showing up and doing the best I can without being overly fixed on outcomes and what I think "should be", moreover, what is the best outcome for all concerned?

For indeed when aligned more with my soul wisdom I have noticed that although life does indeed have its occasional challenges and pitfalls, there seems to be an innate lesson, synchronicity and method to .... dare I say the madness of it all?

For it is a madness really when I think about it. This world, its dichotomies and challenges, it's pure evils and what sometimes seems like pure lack of love and nurture for others and Mother Earth.

Of course we all hold within us variants of lack, negligence and even evil (depending upon your perceptions). So one is not judging here, only observing.

However it is not wrong to discern and decide what is right and good for you in any moment of time, and if you can act more from a place of soul wisdom, then it is like finding golden keys of unlocking more your pathway.

I feel that the soul will help you find the truth of it, or at least, find your truth. Whereas the egoic mind can throw up all manner of detritus if it is allowed, the soul voice is clear, gentle and to the point. I have never heard my soul voice speak words that are anything less than loving, supportive and direct, and from what others have shared with me, do they tell me similar.

So it is not a case of whether or not you can connect with your soul voice, so much as why would you not even try? Indeed I believe that if something so beautiful is sought, then there has to be a way, and your soul wants to communicate with you, it is only the blocks and constrictions that we build around ourselves that can block that communion.

This world requires soulful action and soulful communication - be the shining empowered soulful star that inspires others - let your soulful radiance shine.


With love and blessings till next time

Sarah Page - Soul Evolving Mentor


Book A Session with Sarah - For psychic readings and mentoring sessions via phone or Skype. Please check out for more details.


Soul Evolve Spiritual and Personal Growth Development Group

Meet from 7.00pm - 9.30pm

Location: Wylde Green Community Hall,

Emscote Drive, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5NE

Tuesday 10th March 2015

Tuesday 14th April 2015

Tuesday 12th May 2015

Tuesday 9th June 2015


In a supportive and nurturing environment we will be doing guided meditations, exercises to assist you discover your own inner wisdom, deepen your intuition and six sense abilities, gain insights and understanding, and so much more. Empowering and helping you to connect more deeply with your own Soul Voice with Divine guidance.

Price: £10 and invite a friend along for £5.00 (or share the cost of £15 between you), find more details at


In the meantime please also join us at - to keep up to date with socials and events as part of this growing soulful community

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Opening To the Body

Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear everything shifts
Bessel Van Der Kolk


Life in the Hills

For seven years I lived a simple life at a remote Buddhist retreat centre in North Wales. I was paid a simple allowance. Even simple everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking and budgeting were the responsibility of others. Every so often I would lead one of the retreats held there. My main role though was to spend silent hour upon hour in the meditation hall, guided by Buddhist teachings, being aware of my body. At times this was exquisitely pleasurable and at others almost torturous - but most of the time it was all pretty ordinary. Body sensations come and go, emotions arise and fall, all accompanied by the ever present process of breathing.


There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies
Friedrich Nietzche


Over years of practising like this, I saw what can happen when the body profoundly relaxes in deep meditation. My body was revealing and letting go of layer upon layer of tension. Nothing maybe particularly surprising in that. But the tension had been a bolted door to what lay behind. Lurking trapped behind a layer of tension was often a unprocessed emotional episode from earlier in my life. The American Buddhist Reginald Ray has described such holding as the unlived. The tension a sort of frozen habitual defence mechanism, formed against a rush of emotion, image and feeling that at the time was too overwhelming to feel. In a state of profound relaxation - the system can cope with whats been imprisoned and the doors open.

Although sometimes quite bracing - reuniting with these old forgotten parts or episodes felt exquisitely healing. I was retrieving fragments of a broken heart. As wounds healed, positive qualities such as kindness, creativity and openness seem to be shining through more brightly.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the
barriers within yourself that you have built against it

Back to the Smoke

After several years in the hills I felt the call of urban life again. My heart was piecing together and I wanted to be more in relationship and connection with others. I had benefited so much from the process of de-tensioning - I wondered how other could benefit from this too. Few can devote years to a meditative life, so I wondered if any of the newly emerging alternative forms of therapy - spoke in terms deep relief of body tension, subtle body energies and emotional release. And further if any could bring about the like of what I had experienced in those years of intensive meditation.

SHEN Therapy

After searching 'high and low' - I came across SHEN Therapy. Compared to spending years in disciplined meditation practice - SHEN is very direct. Through careful hand placement, the therapists own natural energy flows (which free up through years of training) are aligned with those of the clients. As a session progresses, relaxation deepens and deepens. When the body is ready, a layer of tension falls away, freeing trapped emotions to surface and release. I found the therapy was taking me to the place of deep embodied relaxation, that I had previously only experienced during lengthy intensive spells of meditation.

I decided to train in SHEN therapy and move back to urban life and to shopping, cooking and budgeting! Now in Birmingham, I'm a full time SHEN therapist. Each day I marvel at how much old 'baggage' our bodies hold. Sadly this emotional archaeology is often highly charged - and prone to being triggered in unconscious and unhelpful ways. Past pains colouring and burdening us in living life to the full today.

So much can come from past wounding bubbling up to release - safely and organically. As the wounds release - you is brought back to you. It feels deeply rewarding work.

07886 560161

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Homeopathy and IBS

IBS in its many forms is an increasingly common problem. Symptoms can range from mild stomach cramps or wind to severe diarrhoea. All too often people are given medicine which attempts to suppress the symptoms without addressing the cause.

As you may know the cause of IBS can be a variety of things such as emotional factors e.g. stress and anger to physical reactions to food.

One particular client that I worked with recently showed that there is an alternative way of dealing with this problem.

Mrs B came to me initially with sinus problems and, as often happens as that issue resolved then we moved onto a different symptom that had begun to cause problems. She had begun to experience IBS symptoms which were troubling her.

She found out that when she ate out at restaurants or had take aways she would develop stomach cramps and diarrhoea which would last for up to 10 days. By the process of elimination she realised that the culprit was vegetable oil! Unfortunately for my client, vegetable oil is often used by restaurants and can be found in many foods such as spreadable butter and some mayonnaises.

To work with this issue I decided we would do two things. Using the basic principle of homeopathy i.e. like curing like I ordered "Vegetable Oil" as a remedy. The theory behind this method was that the substance that was causing the problem could help when diluted following homeopathic principles. Alongside the Vegetable Oil remedy I also gave a homeopathic remedy to support her gut. After taking one dose of the Vegetable Oil remedy on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday for just one month she found that she had been able to tolerate consuming vegetable oil on 3 separate occasions with no ill effects. We continued in this way for 2 further months with no IBS symptoms and now she just takes one Vegetable Oil remedy pillule when she feels she needs one, such as before eating out and repeating the dose again afterwards.

As you can imagine we have both been delighted with the outcome as you will hear from Mrs B herself:

"This problem was both embarrassing and inconvenient as well as being painful. My GP's advice was to try eliminating various foods eg dairy, for 6 weeks in turn. I couldn't wait that long so I set about examining all the ingredients in everything I had eaten when I had the problem - which was most days although some days were worse than others. After just a short time I found the common factor was vegetable oil. Sharon, my wonderful homeopath, had a remedy made just for me, and in no time the problem reduced until one day I realised I had inadvertently eaten vegetable oil in a spreadable butter, with no ill effects at all! From there things just got better. I wonder now if many IBS sufferers just have an allergy to a certain ingredient or ingredients and need to track it down? We will probably never know! I just know that my homeopath has changed my life! I can go out without checking for the nearest loo! I know Homeopathy definitely works!"

Sharon is pleased to offer all clients suffering from digestive problems a
£20 discount off their first consultation (£5 for children)
for consultations booked in March and April 2015.

(This discount applies for new clients only and for
appointments at Birmingham Holistic Health Centre)

For more details please contact her on 0121 733 8520 / 07528 672 986

Or email her at

© Sharon Pick Homeopathy Feb 2015

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7 Tips for more Laughter
, Part 5

People often want to laugh more:

  • To be more cheerful, sociable, and appreciated
  • For resilience-building & stress-busting
  • To become more mindful and happier

Consequently, 'How do I laugh more?' is still one of their most common questions, in coaching, on courses, and in team sessions.
This is the fifth in the series of 7 quick tips on how to use nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga for more laughter in your life.

Tip 5: 'Use your head'

We sometimes forget our head is a good slave but bad master. Used right, it is a powerful psychological tool for resilience, mindfulness and happiness.
We can use our head to change our mind and improve our mood. Affirmations use, focus on and repeat particular thoughts so we to trick ourselves into feeling happier, more resourceful and more resilient, and therefore genuinely become so.
As recent research shows, "Practitioners who are interested in using self-affirmation …….might be interested to know that the strategy produces measurable neurophysiological effects."

I like the phrase 'I feel great'.

Particularly when combined with an upbeat posture, this produces profound effects. When I was in China, I used this phrase with stunningly unexpected results at a University, with both students and teaching staff. Within 24 hours, they had adopted it as their slogan and were using it publicly.

They were genuinely more cheerful, less stressed and happier.

The other fundamental way to use our head for mindfulness, stress-busting and resilience-building is to remember to stop occasionally in our pursuit of goals, and simply be aware. Research keeps increasing the list of known benefits, at work and more widely in life.

Using our head as a tool in this way is a never-ending practice. In 'Full Awareness' when we combine affirmation practices with other practices like breathing, relaxation, visualisation and other nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga practices, we start to develop a fuller range for our stress-busting, resilience-building and mindfulness toolkit.

An invariable consequence of this is that we also start to laugh more. In general the more we laugh, the better we feel. The better we feel, the more resourced we become, and so we build ourselves a virtuous circle.

Why not use your head to laugh more?

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Body Talk

Your Body is a Mirror of your Life
You are an Energy Being
Everything starts in your thoughts, your consciousness ...


Energy follows thought, thought creates action, therefore everything that happens in your life, and within your body, starts within your consciousness. This is who you are, how you experience your 'being'. Your experience of 'being' is energy which is not just in your brain, it is in every cell of your body. How you communicate with your body, through your consciousness affects every organ and every tissue. This you already know.

Throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood, as you decide what to believe, what to accept or reject throughout life some decisions leave you with residual stress.

We absolutely know that stress affects our health. Every magazine on the bookshelf will carry a topic on stress and its affects from time to time. The interesting issue is which stress affects which part of our body. (e.g. stress associated with type "A" behaviour patterns, people who are highly competitive and work to compulsory deadlines, has been linked scientifically to heart disease.) The way you are able to cope with stress, your mental attitudes and how your consciousness is communicated throughout the body will, needless to say, affect you in the moment, but also have a lasting affect on your future health.


How we each deal with emotional stress depends on the understanding that:


  • Energy follows thought
  • Energy can be felt
  • Energy can be changed before it affects the physical body.
  • We create our reality

To many of us these statements are overly simplistic. We have known that stress is carried in the body for a long time. Science proves this. We have learned that certain areas of the body carry memory in the cells of different areas of life; such as heartache and grief in the chest and lungs, anger in the solar plexus, (liver and gall bladder) and bitterness and resentment in the joints.

We may already have an understanding of the force flows through our body, whether we think of the Chinese meridians used in Acupuncture or the Indian chakra system. In Chinese medicine the flow of energy is called 'chi' and in Indian 'prana'. These ancient systems were brought to us from the eastern philosophies at the turn of the twentieth century but have become better known during the eighties and nineties with the popularity of yoga, Reiki, Thai chi, meditation etc.

This is one way of understanding how the energy circulates through our body and governs the important physical, emotional and mental well being. The vital energy centres, called Chakras (Chakra ~ pronounced with a ch sound as in church ~ is Sanskrit for 'wheel') are each seen as a cone shaped vortex of spinning energy from the front and back of the body. Each spins at a different speed, holds a different vibrational frequency, and relates not only to the area of the body in which it is situated, but the various sacred passages through life.

We can re-align our thoughts and energies to heal our bodies by deepening our connection with the Divine, getting to 'know' our angelic helpers, strengthening our spiritual practice and the regular use of affirmations such as "I am safe, happy and loved", "I am loving and attract loving people into my life","Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony" and my personal favourite "I am blessed".

(Taken from Module 4 of Educating Heart & Soul home study course)

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN


Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

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Gaining Clarity When the Fog Descends

Sometimes your path may be overgrown with the weeds and clutter you have built around you and this can overwhelm you and block the creative process.

It is enough to be aware of what is causing the overwhelm, but sometimes it can include unknowns which can arise as part of the healing, clearing and evolving process of life, and much more besides.

All these things can often get in the way of your clarity as to what is really going on for you, where you are heading and indeed, what is required further in order that you can carve more the life you wish or seek to discover. However the blessing in the contrast to what you don't want can assist in the clarity gaining process.

Fears that you encounter in yourself that you have to move through is also part of the path, it is part of your growth and even part of your soul agreements, and another reason of what you came here to learn and understand.

I often say that no experience if used wisely, will ever go to waste, everything has had some purpose, and often the most challenging things can be turned into gold, and that is the true alchemy.

So with that in mind when it all seems to be too much and your head is swimming in jumbled thoughts, and nothing seems clear and you feel stuck unable to move forward, what can you do?

Well get creative if you can - get writing, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, whatever rocks your boat, but when you allow for some freedom of expression, it can help you to tune into something greater than yourself as well as your more soul self.

Go for a walk in nature, or do some gardening, a walk on the beach, or just experience a change of scenery, preferably in as natural an environment as possible however, as this will be energetically more supportive for you.

Movement really helps to unblock energy and so anything physical to get you into the body is excellent for getting out of your mind chatter, so consider doing some Yogic moves or Tai Chi, Five Rhythms dancing etc, as these can also help with Chakra clearing.

Most importantly don't beat yourself up; any resistance you have will not assist in gaining clarity. I found it amusing that so many people due to the success of Frozen the Disney movie had been singing the song Let it Go. I wondered if many of those listening or singing it truly knew how powerful actually "letting it go" really is?

Notice physical aches in the body and stressors, and go into them, what are they aiming to express and show you? Our bodies hold cellular memory and are also where the intuitive kicks are felt. Make friends with your feelings and listen to the body more, it really is a great barometer of direction, truth and information if you can begin listening in to it more and making it an intention to be more aware and present to what is truly going on physically, you may well be surprised at the wisdom and insight that opens up for you.

Gestation is something that a seed goes through before the green shoots show, it takes time for a baby to grow in the womb, and your dreams, visions and ideas are like those seedlings that need time to emerge, be nurtured and grow into mighty oaks or flourishes of brilliance. In other words allow yourself space and time. Give yourself quiet moments to reflect and just be.

There is so much more I could add here, and I am sure you have found your own ways and ideas, but may this serve as a reminder that don't fret and worry if the fog has descended upon your path, and you don't feel your way is yet clear. Trust and surrender, and hold good intentions, and eventually you will be in the flow again.

Until next time sending you much blessings and joy.

Sarah Page -Soul Evolving Spiritual Mentor

Offering Spiritual Mentoring, Psychic Readings, Group Gatherings and Workshops.

The next Soul Evolve Group is on 10th February 2015 - check this link for details

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How Stress Can Impact Fertility

Stress affects our overall health and wellbeing and this is no exception with fertility

Stress, in its many forms, wreaks havoc with our hormonal and nervous systems and certainly impacts upon fertility.

Five main causes of stress

  • Age factor & pressures of time
  • Physical stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Financial stress
  • Relationship stress

Age Factor & the Pressures of Time

Infertility is the most common reason women age 20-45 seek advice from their GPs. Fertility declines with age in woman and more recently shown to be declining in men too

As couples start to experience problems, they feel the pressure of the time factor and the need to try to conceive as quickly as possible to avoid either missing out on funded treatment and/or to ensure that they do not further complicate the issue as age impacts on their fertility.


Physical Stress

Lifestyle factors affect fertility such as alcohol, coffee, weight, smoking, recreational drugs, some prescription drugs, exercise, nutrition, heat.

Many feel that after a prolonged period of 'trying to conceive' becomes 'on-demand', routine and pressurised, resulting in further stress to the relationship. Women particularly feel exhausted from going through a variety of tests, protocols, procedures, interventions, scans and drugs. There is also pressure from daily monitoring of their cycles or from repeated disappointment of failed treatment.

Emotional Stress

The pressure starts quite soon after couples begin to try for a baby. Healthy couples naturally assume that their fertility journey will be relatively straight forward.

However, after just a few months, doubt and concern starts to creep in, resulting in visits to the GP, a string of tests and finally being diagnosed with either 'unexplained fertility or a medical diagnosis'.

Physically the body is now struggling to perform or behave and the emotional stress is evident in many forms. Depression can affect both parties. Sadness, constant disappointment and total grief are most familiar to these couples.

One constant pressure for many women is the inability to share their infertility problems with friends, families and employers. The process is simply too raw and they feel too vulnerable, or they fear for their careers - something that they want to keep constant in case they do not become parents. Often they have to lie about their fertility appointments - all adding to the pressure.


Financial Stress

After trying for some time, couples often require medical intervention in the form of IVF/ICSI. Whilst they may be eligible for NHS funding initially, this funding soon runs. Multiple courses of ART, together with additional costs, can be phenomenally expensive and cause great pressure on the couple both jointly or can form a pressure between them. If they've had to take time off work, they may also fear for their job security too.


Relationship Stress

The pressures of trying to conceive affect relationships emotionally, and financially. Throughout their entire infertility journey, they make sacrifices and changes to their lifestyles and this can lead to relationship stress. There may be disagreement about their course of action, the reason for infertility may be specific to one or both of them causing feelings of guilt and inadequacy, it may be the stressful stretch on finances or the lack of lifestyle 'freedom' that finally leads to a difficult decision of when to continue, and when to stop, or when to look at alternatives such as surrogates or adoption.

At this point they begin to feel they have run out of options - the final stress in itself. All the time there are options then there is hope, but when they have exhausted everything, they finally have to face a decision to give up, or to adopt.
 ... and that is why many might consider alternative therapy to help reduce the impact of Stress.

Written by Manjeet Hunjan

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The Art of Allowing

On 30th November 2005 on Saint Andrews day, my precious Mum left our planet…

I distinctly remember through all the mixed emotions of grief that I would not allow her life or death to have been in vain. I made a vow to live my life and to change any patterns that had locked me into a similar path that she had travelled.

Mum had lived a difficult, mostly unhappy life, suffering from depression and an assortment of illnesses. My childhood memories of my mum are tarnished with darkness and tears. Her beautiful eyes always looked swollen from tears even if her face wore a smile for the outside world.

Children are very versatile and seem to function through adversity. Whilst mum was locked in her room crying, me and my siblings played, watched TV or did our homework. I don't remember being particularly upset or concerned that mum was crying, it was just part of our 'normal' life. I do remember being quite unsympathetic towards her as I reached puberty, feeling she was weak and even pathetic.

I cringe that I thought of her that way. It was not until I had become a mother myself, that I started to see what an amazing, courageous woman she really was. When my life seemed to be following a similar path that she had taken, my mother would say to me,

'Christina, you are educated, you don't have to live your life the same way I have. I don't know any better, you do.'

I remember being annoyed at her comment. Knowledge did not give me power. If anything it made me feel powerless. I knew too much about too much but didn't know how to escape the vicious circle I had inherited.

Is depression inherited? I believe you can learn behaviour just as you can learn beliefs. In neuroscience, brain imaging can show that there is more brain activity in the amydala, the emotional centre, in times of anxiety and stress. This brain activity is heightened in people who have had depression in the past even if they are not currently depressed.

Knowing more about depression and mental health I now understand that mum was probably suffering from undiagnosed manic depression. She was already on Valium which she had been on for many years. Even with all her medication for her terminal illness she still had to take Valium as she was addicted to it and would have dreadful withdrawal symptoms when she wasn't taking it.

Years later as a young, unhappily married mother I visited a psychologist. I was stuck, I had more low moods than happy moments. I hadn't the tools to change the patterns that I had assimilated as a child. I had many coping strategies but I had run out of 'plasters' and the 'wounds' were gaping. The psychologist gave me the following analogy;

'A pattern of abuse, addiction etc is like being in a dance with the other, or yourself in the case of unhelpful thinking. You are dancing the same dance, doing the same steps, mirroring the same actions. It takes one decision to change these steps by one of you, or yourself if it involves only you. Changing one step changes the dance. When the dance is changed, the rules change. The rules change and you are free to make a new dance, with or without the other, creating a totally new dance - with new steps.'

I had to change something in order to change my situation. At the time I was at a loss of where to begin…

The other day I remembered the vow I had made when my mother died, about living my life and changing my patterns. I have thought about this many times during the past 9 years. I have learnt ways to change, I have studied the psychology of change and also how thoughts create our lives. I have become very knowledgeable. But as before, I realised that knowledge does not necessarily give you power.

Last summer I realised this very fact when I was faced with a life changing 'situation'. I was left wondering whether all the tools I had amassed were enough. I started to ask more questions and finally, six months on I remembered that the missing link is the art of allowing.

This is nothing new for me. I had learnt about this, even taught about it. But I realised I had not practised this all the time. I had put the intention, I had done the work, I had even written the book, but I had not allowed the change to happen. I felt that I had broken my vow and my mum's life and death had been in vain.

Grief, not letting go of stuff and unforgiveness of self and others can keep our new life with new patterns stuck in the holding hall waiting for us to allow the new in. My life changing situation was letting me know that I was not allowing change.

In life everything speaks to us letting us know what is happening inside. You want the life you desire? You want to change those unhelpful patterns? You need to do the work, yes, but then you have to step back, get out of your own way and allow the change to happen - this is the art of allowing!

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...


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Vibrational Energy

OK so we are in to the month of February. Did January pass you by so quickly you feel as though you have lost a month?

January is a month that usually starts off with people feeling determined to break old habits .... somehow January invokes a feeling of new energy, however this new found energy is soon depleted .... does this sound like you? How do you feel now?

My guess is that you have spent some time beating yourself up because you haven't stuck with the plans you made at the beginning of January (or would it be nearer the truth if that read on the last day of December?). Well can I suggest you STOP right now!?

Beating yourself up is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot! Why do you do that? Is it because you dislike yourself so much? Or is it, it is what you know? It's an old pattern that you feel comfortable with?

Each moment of time is a chance to start anew - to begin to change those old patterns. As Albert Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

The incredible thing is when you choose to change those repetitive patterns, (everything you do is a choice); your life begins to change in a remarkable way!

Yeah great! I hear you say ... but HOW do I do that?

Your mind is your most valuable asset. Everything that you do begins within your mind - more specifically - with a thought. Thoughts become things. That is to say the more momentum we give to a thought and then begin to take inspired action, those thoughts then become a reality. It is how we manifest things, it is how we craft or shape our life!

Just as we are energy so are our thoughts, and depending on the energetic frequency we used to emit that thought depends on what we attract back! The higher frequency at which we vibrate the better, as that is when we attract the positives outcomes into our life. So how do we maintain that higher vibrational frequency?

Well that is very much connected to mindset. If you have a dark negative mindset then that is what you will attract into your life .... on the other hand .... you get the picture. To stay in a higher vibrational frequency requires you to be aware of your conscious thoughts and to instantly change those thoughts if they do not match what it is you want to attract. The more you do that the more you embed these thoughts into your subconscious and in time - hey presto! You will be vibrating at a higher frequency and thinking more positively! How fantastic is that? When you reach this point your life will change for the better!

All change begins with you, your mindset, your thoughts .... So if you want to change your life learn to master your thoughts. This applies to your personal and your business life.

To use one of my favourite quotes from a favourite mentor, Dr Wayne Dyer: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Drew is a Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach and uses and teaches a variety of techniques to help people live their best life! He is also a trainer of The Balance Procedure. Contact him via

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Angels of Change

It really doesn't matter how you believe in angels. Whether you see, feel, hear them or simply just know they are there you can call upon them to help you through some of the tough times, as well as work with them in service to others. Working with the energy of angels can be truly life changing!

Let's look at how we can work with the power of the angelic realms to help even in really tough life situations. No matter how mundane, the angels are always with us, and there is a way of working spiritually that will help us see our way through. Do not worry about remembering the names of particular angels, and in fact the name is not always essential. Your intention, and open heart will always connect you to the angels. Remember however, we are inviting angels closer to us to help with taking responsibility for our own lives in an effort to change by calling on them for their divine assistance. We cannot 'summon' angels to do the job for us!


Addictive behaviour:

Some of the hardest situations are those related to addiction of one type or another. We are not only addicted to food and become overweight or to certain foods like chocolate or coffee, alcohol, drugs (including miss-use of pain relief), or nicotine. Many of us are addicted to work ;even when our hours are finished we take our work home, or cannot leave a project until the early hours. Some people cannot resist being in constant contact with others permanently glued to mobiles checking for messages when eating or out with friends. In some cases it's not just physical, but we become psychologically addicted to being needed, or we may develop a sense of becoming indispensable. In all cases help is at hand.

The angel to help with addictions is Zadkiel, the bearer of an energy called the 'Violet Flame', and by learning to tune in with 100% desire to let go of your addiction Zadkiel will help you every time. The key is wanting to give up your addiction. (Of course in some cases you may also need medical help if the addiction is drugs or medication, or is linked to serious illness.)

Light a violet coloured candle, perhaps placing an amethyst crystal close by, dedicating the time to sit quietly, closing your eyes and relaxing, focus on releasing your addiction. Calling his name three times say: "Zadkiel, Zadkiel, Zadkiel … . I ask your help in releasing myself from any negative patterns which tie me to my addiction. I release my addiction to the powerful energy of the Violet Flame and I ask that all negative thoughts of myself and my addiction be melted away and transmuted into positive energy that will enable me to succeed. Thank you" Now sit and imagine a beautiful violet light surrounding you and clearing away all negativity associated with your addictive habits, leaving you strong and positive.


Angels and Money Worries:

Money is a symbol of abundance and prosperity in our lives. As contradictory as it might seem it is only once we adopt an attitude of plenty that we are able to let go of the fear of having too little in our life. Interestingly, because money is linked with the sacral chakra (pelvic area where pleasure, deservability, well-being and abundance are anchored in the body) it is also related to feelings of pleasure (and sex). We often find that people who have money worries are less able to let go and enjoy other areas of their life too.

The energy we are working with here is that of motivation, joy and passion, and so we need to choose a bright orange candle, a piece of cornelian crystal (or tiger's eye for abundance and prosperity) and call upon your own guardian angel and the angels of the Mother Earth for help with our abundance issues.

(This exercise can be very effective done outdoors, with your crystals in your hands or pocket and lighting the candle on your return.)

 Be still and allow yourself to connect with the angelic realms surrounding you by calling upon your guardian angel to stand close, then ask that he/she helps you to do this exercise. In your mind and imagination call out to the Angels of our Mother Earth and thank them for the magnificent abundance of everything we need in nature. Imagine a feast before your eyes, on a table decorated with multi-coloured fresh flowers. Think of sharing all your favourite foods, laughing with your favourite people, hearing your favourite music, all encircled by benevolent loving angels. Thank the angels for all they provide for you, allowing yourself to feel wonderfully happy, deserving and fulfilled. Imagine dancing round the table dressed in flowing fabrics, with no inhibitions, no restrictions, feeling only total joy and pleasure. This is what the angels desire for you and support you in. Joy is a heavenly gift and all of us are worthy. Ask the angels to help you develop an attitude of being and having enough, knowing that you deserve the life you say you want. Thank them, and resolve to make this a regular practice.

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN

Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

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+44 (0) 1223 969858

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Ascension then descending on the Spiritual Ladder

When we start upon the spiritual ladder we often find ourselves working from the level of our chakras to give as an understanding of the separate mini vortexes of energy which need rebalancing within us. This is a journey that many take working from the root chakra climbing the spine until they reach the crown chakra at the top of our heads. During this journey we rebalance layer upon layer of karma, separation and fear which have to be brought back into alignment with our true essence which is love.

Then usually for a few years or more (much less for the NEW children) we are in a period of deep excavation shedding the ways of old (fear) and aligning with Love in our lives. Bouncing from chakra to chakra working through our Head based patterning in a continual state of letting go and absorbing more love into our lives. After a colossal amount of realigning work we reach a certain quota of light within us and are able to hold a base level frequency, which you can't drop down from again. I liken this to playing a computer game where you reach a certain level and never have to start from level one again, your always starting from a higher base!

At this point your energies can reach up out of the crown chakra and absorb some of the cosmic vibrations which you came to Earth to deliver. This is different for each of us and can be life altering or very calm and peaceful, dependant upon what our cosmic energies consist of. This part of the process can take minutes or years which again is totally down to your souls instruction.

Now here is where the fun begins! You now have the task of grounding this energy into the Earth so that you can fully ground it into your reality to work with it in your lives. So it has to pass through all of your chakras on the way down. Again this can happen in any order and may even bounce around like a pin ball wizard game many times before the ball of energy drops right down into the Earth. This game of pinball wizard can produce incredible highs when you hit the soul gifts and it can produce staggering lows when you hit upon core vibration issues which still have to become whole within.

"Staggering lows" Now hold your horses! Your going to ask me why are we going to experience staggering lows when bringing this incredible cosmic energy into the world for the good of all??

Well here's my experience of it and again it's just my experience so please do use your own hearts discernment when reading this part.

In our souls plan we saved the deepest and darkest parts of ourself for Last! For a few reasons, the first is we wouldn't have had the energy within us to deal with them if they came up for realignment when we were in the first phase of releasing. Meaning we would have done serious damage to ourselves and maybe others around us if these core issues came up too soon. Secondly, we needed the opportunity to test our new love vibrations so that we could see how much quicker we can bring ourself back into the vibration of love after each core issue is released. Finally it's all a case of divine timing and we all are linked with the journeys of many souls and sometimes we have to wait until all the souls are in place for these energies to align.

Once we have fully grounded our incredibleness then the fun really begins! we start to embody and act upon our truth. It's where the energies engage with our feet and allow us to walk our talk. Something that we have all struggled with during this ascending and descending process due to the lack of grounding that existed within. This is where potentials can be actualised as they have been accepted within the earth and can now be delivered in a human and grounded way to all. Rather than a cosmic and flighty energy which we have all dealt with before which never really had any grounding or earth felt power behind it.

Many souls have been embodying the warrior energies to defeat the collective fear with this planet to bring us to this point, much has been surrendered and sacrificed to make this sacred task possible. So for many you are on the precipice of greatness as you start to walk in synchronisation with your truth. These are intense and magical days in which we live. The question is can you remain in your heart whilst the world transforms around you?

Much love - Ryan

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Communicating With Your Spirit Guide

Each and every one of us has at least one spirit guide. Spirit guides are souls that are no longer incarnated with a physical body on the Earth Plane, and they are usually highly evolved spiritually. They give us help when we need it through guidance, they provide us with needed information, and they may protect us. They also help us to grow spiritually and to fulfill our soul contract that details all that we are to experience and learn while incarnated on the Earth. Our guides can and do communicate with us. There are also numerous ways that we, ourselves, can try to communicate with them as well.

Their guidance can come through in the form of Telepathy (thoughts in our mind), especially if we have an issue in our daily lives that we are having difficulty solving. They may also communicate with us through symbols, images, colors, odors, auditory sounds, and in other ways. As a matter of fact, some spirits and spirit guides may allow us to smell something that was unique to them like the cologne or perfume that they wore when they were incarnated on the Earth Plane.

Of course a lot of people would like to see their spirit guides with their physical eyes, but this rarely occurs. It has been said that it is hard for them and even uncomfortable for them to manifest into the denseness of the Earth Plane, because they exist at a much higher energy frequency. If they do manifest so that one can see them with their physical eyes, it is usually only for a very brief moment. When they do manifest physically, they may appear as the human form that they were last incarnated into on the Earth Plane, or they may appear as a streak of white light, pinpoints of light, orbs, colors, shadows, symbols, images, etc.

It is difficult to hear the voices of our spirit guides with our physical ears, because they exist on a higher frequency than our Earth Plane. I have heard the voice of my spirit guide verbally with my physical ears on a couple of occasions. His voice was very high pitched and sounded almost digitized due to the high energy frequency that he was communicating at.

Sometimes people can hear the voices of their loved ones who have recently passed, because they have not ascended yet. Their energy vibration is still close enough to that of the Earth Plane so that we can still hear them. However, hearing them verbally becomes more difficult after they ascend, because their energy vibration increases.

Sometimes one can also hear their spirit guides communicate internally, within their mind, in the form of words as well. They can actually hear the voice of their spirit guide intuitively.

The messages that our spirit guides send to us are often like subtle intuition and are almost undetectable. However, our communication with them can grow stronger if we allow them into our life, and we ask for their help. The more aware we are of their existence, the more they tend to help. If a person is not ready to receive their messages and does not ask for help, however, they usually remain silent.

There are many ways in which we, ourselves, can communicate with our spirit guides. I will not touch on all of them, but I will elaborate on a few that I have found to be helpful. Automatic Handwriting, Telepathy, touch, Guided Meditation, and Hypnosis are a few of the methods that have been proven to work.

First of all, Automatic Handwriting is effective in communicating with spirit guides. Automatic Handwriting is when a soul who has previously departed the Earth Plane uses a pen or pencil to write. I learned how to do Automatic Handwriting from the book, Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers, by Richard Webster. The author suggests attaching a string with a piece of tape near the top of a marker, such as a "Sharpie" brand marker for example. The person holds the string in their hand and suspends the marker over a sheet of paper, letting the marker lightly touch the paper. Their elbow should rest against the table. A 90 degree angle should be formed between the person's elbow and forearm. In other words, the forearm and hand end up being up in the air, but the elbow rests on the table. Try to concentrate on something else while doing it so that your subconscious mind does not influence it. For example, one could watch TV or listen to music as they are doing it. If it does not work using the hand that you write with, you could try using the other hand. One could try asking questions to see if they receive an answer. I found that after gaining some experience with the method described above, I was eventually able to simply hold a pen in my hand and allow the spirits to write through my hand. Sometimes using Automatic Handwriting will not result in anything at all, and sometimes pictures or shapes may appear instead of words. The key is to be patient and be thankful for whatever is given.

According to Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the book, Conversations With God, another way to communicate with our spirit guides is to ask for divine signs. For instance, if we have an issue that we are dealing with, we could ask for our spirit guides to show us a sign for guidance. The answer is often given on TV, the radio, on the internet, in a song, in a book, something a person said, etc. There are many different ways that signs could come to us, and they are often repeated more than once to get our attention. Synchronicities may occur in which a person is in the right place at the right time for something to happen.

Our spirit guides can also communicate with us through touch. One may feel a breeze on their skin when they are indoors with all of the windows closed. Additionally, they may feel like someone is touching them lightly. Also, they may feel a tingle on their skin, warmth, or coolness. I have been able to feel my guides actually massaging my hands. I have had them massage my right hand for a "yes" answer and my left hand for a "no" answer. On a few occasions, my hand even turned purplish blue because of the cold energy from my spirit guide, as spirit energy is quite a bit colder than we are.

Sometimes one can develop their psychic eye/third eye in order to see their spirit guides. This is a form of intuitive vision. There are books and CD's that can help to develop this. Be patient. Sometimes things like this will not happen until we are ready for them to happen.

Hypnosis and guided meditation CD's can also allow one to see their spirit guides and to communicate with them. One can ask questions in this way and can often get the answers they need. I have found that making my own cassette tapes is highly successful also.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that our guides usually will not give us hard core data. They will not give us the winning lottery numbers for example. They usually will not give us information about our future neither. There are certain paths that our life must take for our soul's evolution, and learning about our future may affect the outcome in a way in which the soul lesson is missed.

It is always wise to ask for the protection of the white light of the Holy Spirit or whatever one believes in before they try to communicate with their spirit guides. One should also ask that only spirits that are of divine light be allowed to communicate with them.

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to communicate with their spirit guides. Being tired, stressed, and having too many thoughts on their mind could affect communication. Others may be skeptical or afraid. Also, it might not be the right time for communication, because the person may not be ready.

There are many ways in which we can attempt to communicate with our spirit guides. They do and will communicate with us. We need to want to be able to do it, believe that it is possible, and take the time to try. Be patient, as it will happen in perfect divine timing. As the saying goes, "The teacher will appear when the student is ready."

About the author:
Trish LeSage is a best selling author of books on Metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four books: "Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond"; "Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology"; "Traveling To Parallel Universes"; and "How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness". More information about her work is available on her website at

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Get rid of your excess weight once and for all!!!

Have you ever made a resolution to lose weight only to give up at the first hurdle? Have you ever lost weight and put it back on again? ... and more!?

Would you like to get rid of your excess weight once and for all? Then read on.

A new revolutionary approach to getting rid of excess weight for good has just been launched!

This on-line weight releasing club is designed to get results. It is more than a process. It is life changing. No longer will food control you ... you will be in total control.

Change takes time; lasting change can take a little while longer. This on-line club will put you in control of your eating habits and your life.

One thing I can guarantee is that you did not get fat overnight. And neither did I. I didn't get rid of my excess weight overnight either. And neither will you. Another guarantee I can offer you is that the techniques you will learn as a member of this club work. I know because I am living proof.

These techniques will enable you to get rid of the excess weight that has been weighing you down, physically and mentally ... probably for a long time.

Not only that, it will help you to discover what lies behind your excess weight ... there is always a reason and it is usually emotional.

This on-line club is about releasing your excess weight, it is about letting it go. The focus is on letting go and releasing your excess weight rather than just losing the weight. Why? What happens when you lose something? Take your keys for example, you lose these and you keep looking until you find them. The same thing happens when you lose weight ... nine times out of ten when people lose weight they put it back on again. They keep 'looking' until they 'find it' and put it back on.

This on-line club will stop this from happening.

  • This on-line club will enable you to discover the underlying reason why you are overweight.This on-line club will look into your eating habits - good and bad.
  • It will look at how you view food: it will do this by examining your relationship with food.
  • It will enable you to make the necessary changes to release your excess weight and to develop a better understanding of how food works with your body.
    This on-line club will enable you to have a better understanding of yourself. 
  • Just think how proud you will feel when you actually walk PAST that pastry shop or big bar of chocolate!

I have had a weight problem since my early twenties. I would put weight on, lose a bit and put even more back on. I was a yo-yo dieter! But not any more!

Using the exact same methods that I will teach you as a member of this unique on-line club, I have released over 35 kilos of excess weight - that is just over 78 pounds or just over 5½ stones! I have come down 8 trouser sizes!! I look and feel younger, I am healthier and I feel fantastic! And I have kept this weight off for a little over 4 years now! The new found attention was scary at first ... now I relish it!!

I have a great understanding as to what it is like to be overweight and to not be able do things ... simple things like putting on socks and shoes, my belly always seemed to get in the way!! Yes I would joke about it to overcome the embarrassment! And I bet you have too!

I understand the pain that being overweight can cause and the limitations it puts on living your life. I understand how easy it is to give into cravings and to give in some more. I empathise with anyone who is struggling with their life right now because they are overweight, I have been there!

With my help you will discover the underlying reason as to why you are overweight. By establishing this and dealing with the emotions that are attached to this, you will release the excess weight with a new frame of reference so that releasing the weight becomes easier and not quite the challenge it has always seemed to be.
I will guide, support and encourage you as you embark on your weight releasing journey.

I will be there to offer healthy choices with regard to what is best to eat.

I will be there for you to shout and scream at if you have a bad day or two, or even three or four!!

I will be there to add an element of humour as you travel along your new chosen pathway.

I will be there so you are accountable for choices and actions - good or bad.
This is not 'just' a therapy ... it is more powerful and produces faster long lasting results.

These amazing techniques that I am willing to share with and to teach you, will serve you time and time again. I am living proof that this revolutionary approach to being the natural healthy weight you are meant to be works! And yes I will continue to be there to support and guide you as you become accustomed to living life as the new you!

I can do this and more simply because I have been where you are now and have come through to the other side.

It is important that we are able to work together in order to get you to where you want to be with your weight and body shape or size.

If you are ready to 'tap into' this new on-line club and bring about more, or a sense of, 'balance' into your life, drawing on your own natural energies and the Universal life energies that support us, then contact me NOW to be included amongst the first to be informed of this life-changing phenomena!


I look forward to receiving your email, marked 'Tell me more' on

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Feeling can sometimes be everything

Not looking at the needle when you get an injection ... does it lessen the pain (or as I like to call it the physical sensation)? Does not looking at the challenges and suffering make it any more bearable if really you still know it's going on?

I just had this analogy that arose during a session with a client, and it reminded me how often in the past I had done this, and no doubt still occasionally do.

The fact of being unable to process and swallow upset and pain at really challenging times in my life, I also know delayed my healing and put me through so much more suffering. If I had known better would I have chosen differently? Or did this experience show me how you can do it badly, so as to help others not do the same?

You see each challenge and situation brings about an opportunity to perhaps view it differently, to change the way you process and deal with it. As a child receiving a jab from the nurse, I was told if you don't watch it the pain will be more bearable, but was it?

I also feel you get to points in your life where you no longer know what to believe. It is at this point that the illusion of this world is losing its grip.

What can you trust?

Well you can learn to trust in your own strengths, your own knowing, your own senses and feelings. Listen deeply to your hearts knowing, and become able to centre yourself so that any disturbance in your field is felt and can be processed by your intuition and awareness.

Choose for this awareness and knowing to be attuned and frequencied to the highest possible vibration you can muster (with continued work in this area). You can always call on your Angels and highest helper guides to help you in this.

You see no matter what is going on around you, what is being done or said, at the end of the day whatever comes to pass is ultimately your own self-responsibility for you to process and come to terms with.

Now that may sound harsh, and I am not saying one cannot receive help in doing this, in fact I would say gain help in this, come to me for some sessions, or find someone whom you find helps you come to this realisation. But ultimately the lessons you came to learn and understand in this lifetime are there for you to essentially evolve and be able to transcend much suffering and pain ultimately.

Becoming more enlightened to your truth, path and souls learnings, doesn't make for continued bliss and ultimate no more suffering, but what I have come to learn is, it certainly helps you deal and process challenges better, and help you move through them so that you can keep steady as yea go.

So as we come into another year, take time to really settle within and listen, truly listen ... put your hands on your heart, and breathe deeply, and ask what is soul trying to tell you, and how can you begin better listening?

Take back your power, be sovereign in your choices, and know that no matter what is going on, what may feel is being "done" to you, how you process and deal with it will be the making of you.

Wishing you and your families much love and blessings at this time of year, and may the light of eternal truth illuminate your path.

With love

Sarah Page

Have a 2015 year ahead forecast psychic Tarot reading with Sarah Page for just £40, available to Health and Happiness readers, available for January, via phone or Skype.

Or make 2015 your best yet with aid of Helper Angel Mentoring - with three 90 minute Skype or phone sessions booked costing only £175 in total (a saving of £50), Terms and Conditions apply to these offers.


Join us for our monthly Soul Evolve Spiritual and Personal Growth Development Group We Meet from 7.00pm - 9.30pm Location: Wylde Green Community Hall, Emscote Drive, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5NE

Tuesday 13th January 2015

Tuesday 10th February 2015

Tuesday 10th March 2015

With more dates to come ...

In a supportive and nurturing environment we will be doing guided meditations, exercises to assist you discover your own inner wisdom, deepen your intuition and six sense abilities, gain insights and understanding, and so much more. Empowering and helping you to connect more deeply with your own Soul Voice with Divine guidance.

Price: £10 and invite a friend along for £5.00

(or share the cost of £15 between you)
Call 07462 627 416
for more details or to book your place.

In the meantime please also join us at - to keep up to date with socials and events as part of this growing soulful community.

Call Sarah 07462 627 416 for bookings or email

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New Year

After the overindulgence of the Christmas period most of us are thinking about New Year's resolutions. Before the old year is out our mental lists are being written - lose weight, find a life partner, change jobs, get rich etc

We have a plan, however sketchy; enrol at that fitness centre, sign up to a dating site, write out job applications…

Why is it that we choose the beginning of the year to take responsibility for change? For change happens whether we want it or not, so what makes us wake up?
It is like we have an internal time bomb ticking, alerting us to get on with our life. This time bomb is our soul purpose clock, similar to our biological clock. The tick is usually on mute as we trudge on with our day, but sounds louder as the year winds to a close.

The New Year is just around the corner from the Winter Solstice - the shortest, darkest day in the Northern Hemisphere between 21-22nd December. From here on the days get lighter and lighter.

For people throughout the ages-from the ancient Egyptians and Celts to the Hopi-midwinter has been a significant time of ritual, reflection, and renewal. Winter can become a time of feeding the spirit and nurturing the soul, not just overindulgence in materialism.

It is not a coincidence that Christmas day is near the date of the winter solstice, which for many people is the return of the light from the darkness. In the same way Jesus is seen in Christianity as the Light of God coming to take the darkness away.

In the ancient cultures, people used to have feasts to celebrate this return of the light, just as we celebrate Christmas by our festivities. The difference being that where these people knew that they had to conserve their energies and produce, we seem to do the opposite and deplete our reserves and start on empty each year.
Is this why our resolutions do not come to anything because we are starting on a low? Our ancestors started the New Year with a rejuvenated state. They celebrated the coming of the light, honouring the dark which allowed them the time for contemplation and incubation. Whereas, in our modern lives the light only highlights what is missing, the time of darkness just adding to our distress.

There is an innate knowing that the New Year is a time of re-birth. Another chance to get back on track to what we are really here to do, live our soul purpose.

What is our soul purpose? Without getting too spiritual, our soul purpose is that which makes our heart sing. Be it work, relationships, activities. If you are happy with your lot, you are living your purpose. It doesn't have to be monumental like saving the world (but it could be). It is about bringing your internal world into the world you live in.

By internal world we do not mean the internal chatter (thoughts, worries, lists etc), but the authentic part of you that knows what your purpose is. How do you get to that part, how do you navigate yourself through the tangled forest of your internal chatter?

Firstly, you need to become aware of something in order to acknowledge it is happening. One way to become conscious of what is in your subconscious is to write down your internal chatter. As you write your tortured thoughts, not only do you feel lighter, but you have more space in your mind to think supportive thoughts.
Like an onion, as you peel the pain away, something new (yet familiar) emerges. You begin to have insights, ideas of how you can improve your life. Once this happens you may still become embroiled in the mundane but beneath the surface you start to feel a bubbling re-awakening.

You need to stay vigilant once those hardened layers are removed. Fertile ground needs tender care. For new seeds to grow strong and healthy they need light. In the same way, we need positive (light) thoughts to create positive situations in our life.

So, here we are with another year and the light has triggered our soul purpose clock to get back on track. Remembering that everything is energy and like energy attracts to like energy, we need to usher in all that is positive.

Firstly, we need to let go of the past year in order to move into the new. What would be symbolic of this release would be to write a letter to the past year, noting down your gratefulness for all the lessons, delights and joys. There may have been some difficult, painful times, mention them, write how you felt, acknowledge your fear and worry. Sign off and then let it go. You can tear the letter, burn it, bin it even bury it.

With the old year gone from your energy and mind, you are then free to write your New Year's resolutions from soul. Soul does not leave you, most of the time we cannot hear it from the noise in our heads. So now you can hear.
Sit quietly and take a breath in and pause then breathe out. The pause is where your soul resides. Do this until you feel calm. Now you are ready to write your new life, the life you were meant to live. It may be different from the initial list of losing weight, finding a partner, winning the lottery, or it may be similar.

The difference will be that you are writing from a positive place, a lighter place. Where there is light there is love and where there is love there is joy and where there is joy there resides your soul.

Happy writing your New Year!

Within Write Therapy, you will find all the above tools and techniques which can help you heal your past, by releasing self-limiting thoughts, and create the life you want. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to take control of their healing and their life.

As a New Year Gesture Christina has five signed copies for sale at £7.00 (postage included in price) with the book, She is also offering a FREE Discovery Session - which is a no-obligation mentoring consultation via phone or email to discover how Christina's methods can be tailored to your particular needs.

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...

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When Anxiety is your constant companion

When Anxiety is your constant companion, your life no longer feels your own. You wake up in the morning and upon realisation, it's a new day, your mind kicks in to remind you life is crap and full of fears. The dreaded sickly, nauseous feeling re ignites as you challenge yourself to kick off the duvet, place each foot down and head towards the bathroom. Today's a bad day so maybe this is all you can hope for.

As you look in the mirror, more like a habit then for vanity's sake, the image of someone you once knew looks back at you. Grey in appearance, drab, lack lustre. Are YOU there? Or are you still a visitor in no man's land? The place that all anxiety and trauma sufferers know only too well. It's the abode that holds memories of those dark fear-full thoughts, dramas and once-happenings. A place that is all too familiar.

You would love your life to be different, peace - full, happy (Is that asking too much? Do I deserve it?). Consistency would be a start.

But how the fuck do you do it? (You notice you swear alot these days). It's like living the life of a robot, carrying out the necessary bodily functions and responses but feeling a constant dread, fear yet numbness too. Is this how everyone feels? You ask.

Is all of the above familiar to you? This was once my life whilst trying to recover, heal and forgive. It was such a dark place to live, unreachable, unreal to those that LOVEd me but I found the route out. Thank God.

I simply started to listen to me, the whispers that rippled through me whilst crying out for help! ' Sit still, be quiet, now breathe, breeeaaathe!' So I did as instructed from the depths, well there was nothing else to lose. Eventually I became still, my lost friends 'hope' and 'faith' returned. I found stuff that I'm good at. They grew with my acceptance and constant nurturing. Now twenty years on, I LOVE life, even the challenges. The tools I discovered from the depths of my soul have continued to grow, develop and serve me well. Now the author of two books these tools are on hand for you to practice, maybe you will find some of your own. Go on I dare you, sit still, breathe and wait. It might be the best five minutes you ever spent.

LOVE Angel Alison Ward

I try not to remember too often what it felt like back then but I have been revisiting that place of no - man's land as so many of my clients are experiencing anxiety, it helps me become more empathetic and move them on quicker.

Are you one of the thousands WHO ARE SUFFERING WITH ANXIETY? If so, please do get in touch, I am living proof that the tools and practices work. Often when I work with someone new, we are given new practices 'just for YOU!

A new year can add to the anxiety so now is a great time to start your journey back to you. There are several options open to you:

  1. Buy Bringing You Back To YOU and practice the tools, see what ones work for you. Please note the ones you resist the most are the most effective. £12.97 plus Postage and Package.

  2. Book on the Anxiety and YOU webinar on Sat 3rd Jan 2015 at 10am. If you can't make it, don't worry, you will receive the live recording. All you do is email me at, I give you a telephone number to call for the webinar, you call it at 10am and YOU'RE IN!

  3. Book in for a one to one mentoring package with me - we are experiencing amazing successes of which I'll be posting soon. So for as little as £12.97 you can kick Anxiety's ass for good. Come on, get rid of this pesky fiend!


By the way if any of you would like the FREE Anxiety and You download, do email me at, it's very much in demand; a sad side effect of today's world.


Angel Alison Ward
Your Guiding Light Mentor
07876 330238

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7 tips for more happiness, part 4

'How do I laugh more?' is still one of the most common questions I am asked in coaching and on courses.
This is the fourth in the series of 7 quick tips on how to use nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga for more laughter in your life.

Tip 4: 'Get out of your head'

This is perhaps the best-known and least-followed tip for all of us on the wellness path.


The simple answer is that potentially our brain is an over-thinking self-aggrandising monster that wants to indulge itself forever. Unchecked, this is exactly what it does, and it causes us endless stress, anxiety, misery and even depression.

How do we break this cycle?

  • Practice being aware. Practice witnessing your own thoughts and feelings. As soon as we're aware, we have the possibility of choosing our next action.
  • As soon as you're aware, and want to make a change, do something physical. Stretch. Walk. Move. Hop. Jump. Hoover. Dance. Getting into our body immediately breaks the over-thinking cycle.

  • Do some facial yoga. Pull faces, stretch your face muscles, open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out, give your eyes and forehead a workout. Include the whole of your face and head so you loosen all your facial muscles.

  • SMILE! Having done your facial warm-ups, put a warm smile on your face, even if it's a small one. This smile triggers an almost-immediate mood-change.

  • In a good-natured, kind way, learn to laugh at yourself. Learn laughter meditation. Laughing at ourselves in this way gives us space to see the humour and quirkiness in our behaviour, and helps remove any sting we're feeling.
  • Practice becoming a professional laugher, like the Dalai Lama: 'I have been confronted with many difficulties throughout the course of my life ... But I laugh often, and my laughter is contagious. When people ask me how I find the strength to laugh now, I reply that I am a professional laugher.' (The Dalai Lama)

The Dalai Lama was an inspiration for the exercises in 'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within' because to become a professional, we need to practice.

When we practice getting out of our heads, we get out of our heads and into our bodies, we might also find we get into our hearts, just like he does.

And we might also find we laugh more, and become happier.

For more information, please visit

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Angels in Many Guises

What does an angel look like?


Many times over the last decade I have been given - and shared with you - beautiful and strange stories about the presence of angels. From shimmering light in the corner of the room to a blind old beggar in Crete, a Rastafarian who could see the future, a Sikh who held a ladder, beautiful beings dressed in white and soft feathery wings brushing sleeping faces. Just as many people describe in detail their positive encounters with our 'celestial messengers', as those who ask reassurance of their very existence.

I can't tell you how your angel will look, to you. But I do know that Angels and Ascended Masters can manifest in any form when required to do so, depending on the situation. My understanding is that they will appear to you in a way that is unique to you, within the realms of your personal perception and understanding. Sometimes in human form, or as lights and sensations or even in the form of animals; whatever it takes, to strengthen your faith in the Divine.

A young woman, whom we'll call Ann, wrote to me regularly, some time ago, whilst suffering depression in an abusive relationship. She could see no escape from the torment and despair. Her emails were heart-rending and at times I could fully empathise with her reluctance to have faith when their seemed no hope, no light in her darkness.

Although Ann said that she believed in angels, her self-esteem was so low that it was a mammoth task to convince her that if she called for help, it would certainly come. In her low opinion of herself and her plight, why would an angel be bothered with her? I managed to convince her to try asking for a sign from her angels that they are always there and love her. I encouraged her to call on Archangel Michael for protection and Archangel Uriel for strength of purpose.

I didn't hear from her for a while, until one day when she wrote to say that she had finally asked the angels for help after another terrible incident at home. This was the last straw and she prayed to her angels asking them to show her a sign of their presence. She felt she needed some space and went to a bench in a nearby playground to make plans. An old lady came and sat next to her on the bench. They sat together in silence for a while as Ann was consumed by her thoughts. Then the old woman stood up to leave. She turned and smiled saying "You will get through this my dear, you can do it. You'll be all right. You will be safe. You'll see".

Ann was stunned. How could the old woman have read her thoughts? Was she an angel in disguise? Could this be the answer to her prayer for reassurance.

To her delight and surprise there was a white feather on the bench where the old woman had been sitting. Ann had heard that feathers often appear as confirmation that angels are present.

The effect was astounding. Immediately Ann found the courage to leave with her son, she found work and a place to live through amazing synchronicity and her strength and faith have now enabled her to share her remarkable story with others, of her angel in human form. Guardian angels are ever present, you may be surprised when they appear when they are least expected, even as passing strangers, bringing comfort and fulfilling your prayers in the simplest of ways.

This and many more true stories are in my book Gifts from Angels (Watkins publishing, 2011)

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN

Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858

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w to Handle Anxiety Sufferers

Anxiety is a stressful and disruptive mental issue that many people across the country suffer from. However, it is not only them who feel the effects. Families and friends are a big part of the healing or coping process and many of them learn how to deal with their loved one as and when complications arise. The ways in which you handle them will of course depend on the severity of their condition, but there are a few basic rules which should always be remembered. Here we take a look at a select few and advise you on the best actions to take.

The Choice Is All Theirs

There are a select few individuals who live by the 'in at the deep end' ethos. This is fine for someone with the strength and courage for it, but for anxiety sufferers nothing could be worse. In some instances it could worsen their condition and make them a lot more miserable. They have to be the ones who call the shots as it liberates them and gives them the confidence they need to get better. They will say no to a large number of potential social events but occasionally they will feel bold. You also have to remember that they have the power to back out at any point, no matter how last minute it is. You should always have an 'escape plan' prepared just in case.

Patience Is Everything

It's said that time heals all wounds, and in this case it couldn't be truer. Anxiety isn't something that just comes and goes, it manifests itself and is difficult to tame. You have to learn to accept that everything you would normally do in five minutes will always take that little bit longer with your loved one in tow. Even something as simple as going to the corner shop down the road could take several minutes, if it even happens at all. You also need to consider that time goes a lot faster in their head as they tend to be fairly panicked, so you'll need to hold their hand a lot and help reassure them regularly when you're out and about.

Try Not To Question Them

People with mental differences such as those with anxiety can sometimes do, or want to do, questionable things that is not within their normal nature. In many cases this will relate to their appearance or the way they live day to day. As long as their ideas are 'within reason' then you should avoid any protest and let them see how they feel about it as they sometimes sleep it off anyway. Not only this, but you need to be mindful of their view of their condition as some people aren't keen on discussing their mental problems. You certainly shouldn't suggest a shrink every hour as they know they've got issues, and don't need to be reminded.

It's Not Going To Be Easy

For anyone who is dealing with a loved one who is suffering from anxiety they are in it for the long haul. It takes a lot of time, patience and experience to be able to sufficiently cope with such a condition and you'll be taking a slow and steady pace until they're ready to progress further. This can take anything from a matter of weeks to a matter of years. You will also likely have many arguments with them relating to their anxiety but you must remember that they can't help how they are, and don't mean to be a pain. Despite appearances their trying harder than you'll ever know.

For more information about how to manage anxiety or to find hints and tips from other anxiety sufferers why not look around online or have a chat with your local mental health professionals.

Written by Amber Waddy - KlearMinds

You are an Infinite Manifestor

'We are infinite specks in an infinite universe. There are infinite universes with an infinite number of copies of you. You are because you have to be ... '

Brian Cox, Human Universe.

What a profound, yet simple statement!

Just take a moment to think about the last sentence '... You are because you have to be ...' I think this paragraph needs exploring.

We are infinite specks in an infinite universe

The scientific meaning of universe is:
The totality of matter, energy, and space, including the Solar System, the galaxies, and the contents of the space between the galaxies. Current theories of cosmology suggest that the universe is constantly expanding.

So, a universe (and its contents) is constantly expanding. Energy is part of a universe ... thoughts are energy … are our thoughts the specks?

The law of vibration states that energy is in constant motion. Thoughts are in constant motion we think them and off they go and before we have finished thinking one thought another has jumped the queue.

Energy needs a vibrational match - like attracts like. Therefore, each thought, each action is seeking the same frequency.

Thoughts create our realities. If we are thinking all these thoughts all of our waking time (even in our dream time most probably, for what are dreams if not thoughts in images??) We are creating lots of different scenarios all of the time. Hence ... there are infinite universes with an infinite number of copies of you …

Do we believe that there are lots of copies of us having different experiences in different universes? - the things that Dr Who are made of - or do we believe that all these different scenarios are in the periphery of our mind looking for the matching thoughts to create their reality?

'... You are because you have to be …'

Another meaning of the universe is as follows:

'The universe is not hostile, nor yet is it friendly.'
Rev John H Holmes 1879-1964

It does not matter to the universe, whether you think good thoughts or bad thoughts, like attract like. The universe does not take sides it allows the movement of energy to do its 'thing'- go towards or bring forth what it resonates with.

We are here to create and experience. We cannot but manifest - we, with our thoughts, are magnificent manifestors.

It is this ability to think that creates different copies of you. All these 'lives' are not waiting to be lived, they are being lived as energy is constantly moving. The where doesn't matter, because you are because you have to be …

This changes the concept of the law of attraction - what we focus on is what we create-as the 'different copies of you' interpretation implies that we are creating despite our focus.

Thoughts are powerful and this is why if we want to have some control of our creations, we need to be conscious creators. We need to decide what it is we want and then put our focus on all the variables - thoughts, evidence of creation, following through and sometimes tweaking the results. If we take our eye off our goal, off the initial intention, this is where other 'lives' are created.

Before deciding the life you want you have to be clear about the life you don't want. In this way, you will know you are off course when you come face to face with what you don't want.

How do you move past the unwanted?

Allow the intruding thoughts which have created the unwanted to have their air time. Write them all down until you don't feel they are troubling you. Once you are clear of these thoughts you can add new thoughts, the thoughts you want, to create your reality.

Affirm your positive thoughts in the present.

Next build on these affirmations by writing the story of your chosen life. Write it with all the details, write it with the emotions. Give it colour, light and shade, add textures, smells and sights.

Now, you need to be on alert for this is where another 'life' on another 'universe' can be born. Notice your creations and tweak them if need be. Make sure you are in control (of what you want at least, we are not in control of the bigger picture).

If you don't get exactly what you want, trust that maybe, the universe knew better.
Just remember energy is constantly moving and you are because you have to be … enjoy the life you have manifested.

Within Write Therapy, you will find all the above tools and techniques which can help you heal your past, by releasing self-limiting thoughts, and create the life you want. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to take control of their healing and their life.

Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Find out more about Christina's book 'Write Therapy here ...

'Tis the Season!

Christmas is predictably one of the most stressful episodes of the year. The expense of buying presents, the tension of that last minute shopping, and the heightened expectations of family togetherness can all unite to undermine our best intentions.

Most of us suffer from stress at Christmas, but unfortunately do not recognise it.

It is fair to say that for a lot of people Christmas is a time for joy and happiness. This is not the case for everyone however!! Perversely it can be a sad time. Christmas is the time when all those things you've been keeping covered up over the year come back at you, such as the loss of a loved one. It's a nostalgic time. Ultimately, for some, Christmas is a time when feelings of vulnerability or loneliness come to the fore. It can be filled with family conflict, missing loved ones, bereavement, financial problems, broken friendships and high social expectations to name but a few. Any one of these issues can cause feelings of extreme anxiety, stress, upset, or depression.

According to research exhaustion, the usual overindulgence, the distinct lack of exercise, gritting your teeth through endless pre-Christmas parties and dreading having to spend the day with parents can all be signs of stress.

Christmas is also a time of extra responsibility, resulting in a radical shift in daily patterns. These usually consist of an overload of people, food, alcohol, spending and over-excited children, all of which can all contribute to increasing levels of stress, which is often passed off as tiredness or a hangover.

Added to the mix, as an adult being put in the role of the child, is very difficult. To explain, you visit your parents and (unknowingly) revert to being a child. Which means: you can't go and visit your friends, go on the internet, go shopping, or go for a walk without being aware of your parents' regime. Unfortunately, one of the signs of that kind of stress is losing your temper!

Another side to Christmas that can produce feelings of anxiety and depression are the copious amounts of food and alcohol that tend to be around. This is especially so for those who like their food and find it easy to overeat at Christmas and for those who like more than the odd tipple and consequently drink too much. Why does this happen?

Scientists say the season's hectic schedule and excesses of festive eating can wreak havoc upon hormones, driving even the sanest person slightly cuckoo come Boxing Day!

Arguing that it is inevitable that, once again, a large number of people will again, totally surrender to the effects of our Christmas hormones. This potent mix of 'Christmas hormones' can cause over-eating and fatigue, say experts. Indeed, they go as far as describing their effects as 'traumatic.'

Just how much those 'Christmas hormones' take hostage of our bodies is hard to say, except that, the season is fraught with hormonally-driven behaviour, driving irrational actions and thoughts. The result of which, means it can bring out the best and worst of us in every which way!

This is because according to scientists a potent mix of cortisol, serotonin and dopamine are at play over the holiday season.

Whilst the togetherness of Christmas (which ultimately is what the day has come to be all about) promotes surges in the happiness hormone, serotonin; the build-up is characterised by high levels of stress, or cortisol.

Contentment is then sought in quick fixes of food, for example, to boost dopamine levels albeit temporarily. Briefly, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centres. The more that dopamine is triggered, the larger the amounts of food that are needed to feel the hormone's pleasurable effects - which leads to over-eating, peaks and troughs of insulin and sugar highs and lows.
Whereas, high stress levels see rises in blood pressure, suppression of the immune system and increased sugar production. It is therefore, only to be expected that mood swings and arguments may ensue.

There are further health risks too at this time of the year. In terms of the physical health effects of stress, people who fret about Christmas can suffer a breakdown in their immune system, leaving them susceptible to colds and flu. If only because coming into contact with more people at Christmas exposes people to more infections.

Phew!! What can we do?

Rather than let the holiday's excesses defeat and traumatise you, make the most of your companions, family and friends over this period. Spend shorter times with them where possible and factor in some 'me time'. Even if this means hiding in the loo and using EFT (Emotional freedom Technique known also as Tapping) or TBP (The balance procedure I introduced to you last month remember?), to calm your nerves and stress levels and to bring you back to that point of peace, relaxation and balance!!!

(You can always contact me to find out how these two techniques can help you through what could be a potentially overly stressful time.)

You could get some fresh air and go for a walk as a family (or alone if you can or prefer); let the little people run around outside and make as much noise as they like or indeed can!

Give a thought those you know who are on their own (and lonely) at this time of the year and make a point of checking on them, or invite them to your festivities.
Most of all give thanks for making it through another (no doubt hectic) year, and remember those who are not as fortunate as you.

Be safe, be well and here's to a Happy Christmas!

That's it from me for this year! I look forward to meeting with you in the New Year!
OOOH! And if you do happen to pile on the pounds over the Christmas and New Year festivities and will be looking to reduce your weight in the New Year, I could well be sharing some fabulous news with you!! But for now………..Ssssshhhhhh.

You can contact me at

The Griffin Door into Uniqueness

The mythical energy of the griffin has been with us for thousands of years, appearing in many sacred texts and structures of ancient times. It's energy adorns many heraldic coats of arms and supports the energies of some of our major brands through use of its energy in a logo.

It is a creature of magic and mystery a hybrid if you like of 3 sovereign energies of the animal kingdoms which have individually their own spiritual lessons and energetics. It can take many years and life to master the energies of all three parts of the griffin and then the fourth (quantum) energy of the griffin itself.

Lets Look at the 3 individual aspects of the Griffin & then the whole:

Snake - (the tail and spine) The snake represents our primal creation abilities and hold within it our deepest emotions and sexual urges. Snake is the master of emotions and is closely linked with our sacral centres and our third eye (higher emotion). Can we master the snakes movement, flow, patience and knowing that all will be well? Can we release the deepest fears of human kind and shed them like old skins? Within our own physical bodies the snake represents the energetics between our root chakras and the earth. This is the third sacred line of energy that flows from the kundalini energy of the earth and into our root chakras, usually the most hidden aspects of ourselves as we have no physical point of correlation for them in the physical body. Work is needed within this invisible energy line to empower and become sound before it enters our foundation (root chakra).

Do you have a fear of snakes? What is it that is being mirrored by this fear? Snakes were used in many civilisations during initiation ceremonies (both light and dark) to test that the initiate had overcome their fears. An example is found within the snake charming shamans of the east, masters of their own snake energetics. Also we know that the King Cobra was adorned on the kings crown during the Egyptian era. There are many ways of working with the snake energy from taking a remedy in homeopathy, shamanic work and meditation.

Lion - (the body) The King/Queen of Beasts. Working with this magnificent energy to master the carnal nature of our lower selves. Are we ready to rise up and rule our own domain and not be subjected by anyone or any energy that is not our true self. Working on our Walking through life and connecting with the deep earth to remember divine heritage and the roar of our inner light.

It is well known in shamanic tribes that people with no fear can stand in the presence of lions without fences and remain unharmed. This is down to their clear energy fields and reverence for the divine meeting. Do you feel you are at this level of clarity?

Eagle - (the head) The King/Queen of Birds. Soaring to new heights we use our Sound to elevate us further, viewing situations from new heights. Using natures powers to support and guide our directions and flow. Our true sight develops and sharpens to penetrate even the deepest depths of our conciousness. Here we hone our energies and work out when to act and when to wait. The heights of the heart enable us to move without time influences and inter dimensional sight becomes normal. Attack changes to Accountability and then flows into Divine.

The Sound of the Eagle penetrates all levels of deception. I had the incredible experience of holding a Golden Eagle once. His screech definitely did clear all levels of my auric field!

The Griffin - The guardian of the ancient treasures, the keeper of the keys and the guide through the doorway into the realms above duality. The master energies of the snake, lion and eagle working as one new energy of Love. A Quantum energy which has made manifest from the perfection of the trinity. "Griffindor" was no accidental name in harry potter. To work with this energy you must surrender all fears and lower energies to raise yourself up into the Light. Your unique talents and gifts reside here!

Facebook - Oriondiamond Copyright © 2014, Orion Diamond. Diamond Light Worker, Shadow Specialist, Sacred Attuner & Soul Alchemist. All rights reserved feel free to share this content with others - post it on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. - but keep the integrity of this article by including the author/channeler.

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7 tips for more happiness in life, part 3

How do I laugh more?' is still one of the most common questions I am asked in coaching sessions.

This is the third in the series of 7 quick tips on how to use nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga for more laughter in your life.

Tip 3 - 'when feeling angry/stressed/'blue', laugh at yourself'

This classic reminder, used by both Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle, is an essential step towards happiness. We tell ourselves stories all the time, and being human we tend to believe them.
How can we break this pattern, and how do laughter practices help?

As ever, awareness and mindfulness are crucial. The more we practice being aware and living in the 'now', the easier it becomes to remember we're just telling ourselves a story. Consequently, the easier it becomes to break out of the pattern.

One way to stimulate this awareness is the laughter meditation practice of chuckling & laughing-out-loud on each out-breath.

When you develop this practice it becomes easier to use it when you're angry, stressed or anxious. You find that in the middle of the drama you can still have awareness, and with this awareness, you can take this laughter meditation action step - and laugh out loud at yourself.

To do this:
  • Breathe in
  • Pause
  • Smile
  • Breathe out with a chuckle
  • Repeat
  • Repeat again etc

This practice, combining nls: natural laughter skills, laughter yoga and the Barefoot Doctor's Taoism, is described more fully in chapter 2 of 'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within'.

It is an inherently mindful & joyful practice because laughter brings our attention into the present moment. It cuts through the drama of our story, and eases any anger, stress and anxiety.

Psychologically it helps because we start to exercise control over our state of consciousness.

Neurologically this practice works because our brain responds to our laughing rather than our worrying, so the more we practice this, the more we re-wire our brain for peace, calm and happiness.

'Thank you……not sure I could have gotten through the year……to laugh again at all the right and 'wrong' moments'. (private comment)

A note of caution - this is not an easy practice!

I find when I'm in the thick of an anger, stress or anxiety drama, it requires considerable effort to do my chuckling meditation.

A note of reward - just one chuckle is enough!

Once I've had the presence of mind to take this action step, it immediately starts to break through and provide perspective, clarity and calm. I experience an immediate easing of the internal pressure my drama was creating.

I also find it the perfect antidote to over-seriousness and use it whenever I feel this tendency encroaching - so I use it several times a day! I now find it an essential, enjoyable, life-enhancing safety valve.

I'd love to hear your experiences.

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Sweep Away Your Limiting Beliefs

The angels and ascended beings in the spiritual realms are pouring out their love and assistance, every moment of our lives, to help us all in our awakening process. To many of us it may seem that our progress is slow. But the angels assure us with the utmost confidence that this is most definitely not the case.
Our progress is proceeding, as perfectly and divinely intended, and will continue ceaselessly until we fully awaken. And all our spiritual guides and mentors who contracted to be with us at all times throughout this period of intense spiritual evolution are with us, whether we feel or see them or not.

What we are all doing by increasing our spiritual practice and sharing with like-minded friends and companions is of great benefit to all sentient life forms. We are bringing in enormous evolutionary change. Yet most of us remain unaware of the immense task that we have so willingly undertaken.
The angels are encouraging us and informing us that we are succeeding by increasing our light 'quite brilliantly'. It is by sweeping away the dark, the unreal physical limitations that appear so real and setting new affirmations - new beliefs of trust, hope and a clear vision that takes us forward.

Once, we all believed that the earth was flat, and that instant communication over great distances was beyond belief. We would never have believed that convenient travel across the world and into space was possible. Those were all limited belief concepts and they have now been permanently proved erroneous.
Do you have any self-limiting beliefs that will be proven false I wonder?
Do you believe you can do anything you set your mind to?
That you can heal your body and mind by changing old thought patterns?
Do you ever talk yourself down, instead of building yourself up?

Don't worry, we all do from time to time. But the angels encourage us now to step into our true Light. To release old patterns (which no longer serve us - or our planet) and move forward with them into a higher vibration, a clearer vision, a loving world. It is my calling and pleasure to shine a little extra Light through my own work with the Divine energies and the Angelic realms. If you feel that same calling, send me an email and let me help you discover your spiritual purpose and make it a reality -

The final few Autumn events are listed on the website here. I'll be in London and Northern Ireland. Do book your place NOW, as some of these workshops have been specifically designed to keep the group size small. I look forward to seeing you there.

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN

Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858

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How To Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

Have you ever had gut feelings about something that proved to be correct? Have you ever thought about someone, and then, they called you on the phone shortly thereafter? Have you ever dreamt about something while sleeping that ended up happening in real life? Have you ever felt guided and avoided danger? Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable with the room itself or the people there?

All of these are examples of intuitive abilities or our sixth sense. Although some are more tuned into their sixth sense than others, we all possess these abilities. If we hone our abilities, however, we can benefit greatly from them.

The following are some ways in which we can develop our intuitive abilities:
  • Practice being aware of your intuitive hunches and follow them. The more we pay attention to our intuitive guidance, the stronger it will become. Likewise, the more often that we follow our intuition, the stronger it will become, and the more accurate it will become.
  • Author, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, mentions in his book, Unleashing Your Psychic Powers, that scientists have used ESP cards since the early 1900's to test people's intuitive abilities. You can create your own ESP cards by drawing a different symbol on five cards. For example, a star could be on one of the cards, a circle on another card, etc. After shuffling the cards, one tries to determine which card will be dealt. Dr. Goldberg suggests doing this 25 times and recording the results of one's accuracy. Because there are five cards in the deck, anything above 20% accuracy is considered to be intuitive ability.
  • Once we practice with cards or other objects, we could further develop our intuitive abilities by practicing going within. We can do this by closing our eyes and asking for an answer to a question that we are seeking. We may see the answer before our eyes, we may hear the answer with our ears, or the information may simply come to us.
There are many fun ways in which we can develop our intuitive abilities. The key is to want it to happen, to become more aware, to follow our intuitive guidance, to practice, and to be patient. It will happen when we are ready for it to happen. As the saying goes: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

About The Author:

Trish LeSage is an author of books on Metaphysics, parallel universes, ascension, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four books: "Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond"; "Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology"; "Traveling To Parallel Universes"; and "How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness". More information about her work is available on her website at

The Science of Stress

How Stressing Out Can Affect Your Health

We all experience stress. Even the most seemingly Zen-like person, with not a worry in the world, has experienced stress. I can assure you that stress is an innate emotion, which everyone experiences from time to time. While there are many definitions of stress, I like to think of it as something that disturbs homeostasis.1

Stress is not something that we should try to avoid as if it were some sort of unhealthy food. However, similar to food, there are good and bad types of stress - and even bad stress can be okay as long as it's in moderation. The good type of stress, commonly called "eustress," can be caused by working out, getting a promotion, planning a wedding, meeting deadlines, or competing in an event. Bad stress, also known as called "distress," is the kind of stress usually brought on by problems at work or school, and major personal life issues such as a death in the family. Stress is most commonly defined as a psychological component of how an individual perceives a stressor. Of course, perception of a stressor varies from person to person. While the psychological component is huge, the physiological component of stress should not be downplayed either because it contributes more to our overall health.

Where Does Stress Come From?

Stress primarily develops from two sources: external and internal. External stressors include your job, getting stuck in traffic, personal relationships, and anything else (for the most part) you cannot control. Internal stressors, in simplest terms, come from within and derive from anticipation of upcoming events, fears, nutrition, memory, and sleep. Believe it or not, internal stressors are ones we can control, which is very important to keep in mind.

Stress and Time

Stress can come on quickly, like when you find out you have a pop quiz in five minutes, or it can linger in the back of your mind for weeks, like when preparing for an important business meeting. While a pop quiz may stress you out initially, life carries on and goes back to normal once it's over. A meeting, on the other hand, is an event that can be planned months or weeks in advance, which allows for more time to think about it and more time to stress. Due to the variance in these situations, the length of time stress lasts is into two categories: acute for short term and chronic for long term. While acute stress can occur every day, and sometimes multiple times a day, it does not cause many negative effects on the body. The stress we don't want in our lives is chronic stress. This type of stress causes many negative health effects.

Stress and Its Effect on Health

The Stress in America Survey found 66 percent of participants believe their stress has a moderate, strong, or very strong impact on their physical health.2 Cortisol, a steroid hormone, is like the sidekick of stress. Even though we know stress has a psychological component, it is the physiological component (due to cortisol) that we need to be most concerned with. First, stress is perceived psychologically in the brain, and is then transformed into a physiological component due to the release of cortisol. A simplified explanation of this process is that once stress is taken in at the psychological level, the hypothalamus signals to the adrenal glands to release cortisol into the bloodstream.3

So why is a high level of consistent cortisol release so bad? Cortisol can cause higher blood pressure, which may eventually lead to heart problems. Additionally, cortisol lowers your ability to fight off disease and infections and raises blood sugar levels, which may affect individuals with diabetes or those who have family history of diabetes. Finally, the fact that always seems to shock people is cortisol's impact on obesity.4

Cortisol causes an increase in fat storage, especially in abdominal fat, which has been found to increase the risk of heart attack by 25 percent and stroke by 50 percent.2

Perhaps even scarier, stress alone can increase your chance of heart problems by 36 percent.1

The health effects related to stress are not just caused by the elevated levels of cortisol, they are also caused by our responses to the feeling of stress. Have you ever thought of how you respond to stress? Our responses are oftentimes harmful to our health. We tend to sleep less and eat less healthily.

What to Do About Stress

Cortisol is not a bad hormone although it does have a pretty bad reputation. It actually plays a significant role in the "fight or flight" response. These days, cortisol is not used frequently to alert us to the presence of predators, but rather as a response to our modern problems. With stressors always surrounding us, and maybe not enough time to properly unwind, cortisol has become a problem the body simply does not know how to handle. Stress is not necessarily avoidable, but there are things you can do to mitigate it or even change how you perceive stressors, and that may reduce or get rid of the stressor altogether.

Ways to De-stress

  • Take some deep breaths This doesn't just mean breathe. Actually take your time and focus on each breath you take.
  • Exercise This is a great stress reliever and benefits overall health in more ways than one.
  • Eat Right Try to limit caffeine because it can negatively affect cortisol. Try not to skip meals, which can also kick up cortisol levels. Also, avoid processed foods and instead stick to natural, fresh ingredients rather than ones packaged in a box.
  • Limit Alcohol Limit using alcohol as a coping mechanism after a hard day at work, as a "stress reliever." It generally causes more harm than good, and can actually increase stress levels.
  • Find a Hobby Find something to take your mind off things. Pick up a new hobby to focus on something else. Spend some time doing something creative and fun.
  • Don't Bottle Your Emotions Try to avoid repressing emotions and instead communicate how you're feeling.
  • Get Some Sleep Sleeping only three hours a night can add to stress levels. Shoot for seven to eight hours of sleep each night.
  • Avoid Thinking About the Past Try not to dwell on past situations that didn't go your way. Instead use them as a learning experience and move on.

Understand that stress does not make you helpless. Like with anything else in life, it helps to have a plan when a stressor comes upon you. Having a plan may allow you to bypass a situation that usually stresses you out. The most important take-home message? You have control! Remember you have the choice of taking the reins in the situation, or allowing it to overpower you. If you have a plan of attack, you can help avert the health-harming effects of those taxing situations.

Article written by Rick Arora

Rick is an owner of the strength and conditioning gym The Ranch Athletics, in Loomis, California. He previously studied at The Pennsylvania State University where he graduated with a degree in kinesiology.

Article courtesy of


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Borglykke A, Ebstrup J, Jørgensen T, et al. Mental vulnerability as a predictor of cardiovascular disease and death. Presented at EuroPRevent 2013 congress. Final Programme Number P52 Brown, C., and Stoffel, V.C. (2011).

Write Therapy

Using the power of writing to heal the past and create the life you want
by Christina Christou

What if you could write yourself a better life - who would you be? Where would you live? Who would be there with you?

It is possible to create the life you want by writing the life you want. To do this you need to tap into your imagination, even using metaphor to help the creative juices flow. For example, if you want to be ridiculously rich living in an amazing house with the most handsome man, instead of just writing that, you could write it as a fairy story:

'I am a beautiful, rich princess with long, golden, flowing locks living in a magnificent castle in the magical land of Dreamland. I live with my handsome prince who adores me bringing me special gifts every day to show me his love.'

You might be thinking to yourself, why would I write what I want as a far-fetched fairy story?

Well, you must know the old saying seeing is believing, in the world of manifestation, this is reversed and it becomes believing is seeing. This is based on the premise that what we think of the most must manifest under the law of attraction.

Ok, I feel I am misleading you somewhat as writing a fairy story does not guarantee that you become a beautiful princess or even live in a magnificent castle or that a handsome prince comes to your rescue.

What writing a fairy story does is get you into the zone of wishful thinking. It allows you to be free with your dreams. When you dream then you can create whatever your heart desires - or start making steps to doing so.

It is not enough to dream though. In order to attract what you want you need to let go of limiting beliefs. We attract what we think of the most, so if you want to be like a beautiful princess but think that you are an ugly duckling, you will attract more 'evidence' to prove to yourself that you are that ugly duckling (not that others think that).

So the 'believing is seeing' thought pattern needs to be applied. Difficult when all you feel is plain and ordinary. Writing a fairy story is one way you can get into the creating zone but to create something concrete you need to tap into good feelings.
Good feelings are anything that makes you feel good without much effort. For example: spending time with a pet; looking at clouds; being in nature; spending time with people that make you feel good. When you feel good you are in a much better place to attract good things - like Attracts like.

Write Therapy is a little book full of tools and techniques that help release the old limiting beliefs in order to allow what we want to manifest. Releasing self-defeating thoughts allows you the space to focus on the positives in your life.

One technique to focus on the positives is to write your gratitudes - write what you are grateful for. For example: the ability to breathe, being grateful for the people in your life, being grateful for your health. Writing down your gratitudes not only helps you with your mood but keeps your focus on the present.

When you are focused on the present you are more able to create. Ruminating on the past keeps you stuck. If you are stuck you cannot create anything new. You will in effect be going round in circles, creating more of the same.

If you want your life to change you need to change. It is like dancing an old dance using the same old steps. The way to dance a new dance is to learn new steps - one step at a time.

Most times we are not aware that our thoughts are negative. We assume that voicing our opinion about how dreadful something or someone is, is just exercising our freedom of speech. It is exercising your freedom of speech, but in the world of manifestation, you are also attracting more evidence to voice your opinions and miss out the golden nuggets.

For example, if you talk about how glum the weather is, you will miss the parting of the clouds and the shining sun. If you notice the bad behaviour of the child you will miss how polite he is to your elderly neighbour.

Write down how you talk about yourself to others. Choose a few roles you play, i.e. Parent, employee, friend.

What are you focused on? It is quite revealing. Ask a close friend to tell you what they think and see if what you think of yourself matches with their opinion.

Another way of seeing what you are focused on is by seeing the symbolism in your life. What does that mean? Well, in the world of thought that believes that all is one and nothing is random, symbolism is like a mirror showing us what is going on inside.

For example, your teenage son's room is a mess: crisps and coke cans strewn across the bedroom floor, dirty clothes jumbled with clean ones ... you get the picture! Isn't that just teenage behaviour? Yes it can be but for the use to explain symbolism, being a teenager is a mixed up time, everything is jumbled up!

Another example, using inanimate objects this time. You have leaking taps. They are dripping, dripping, dripping all day and night. Water is being lost, this is probably costing you money as well. You call out the plumber who fixes it giving you some advice on how to look after your taps. Symbolically water is energy and emotions. Where are you losing energy? You call a plumber - could that be the doctor? Do you need to visit a doctor for their diagnosis or just check on your energy levels.

Everything and everyone reflects something in ourselves. Nothing is random! Using techniques to release limiting beliefs and focusing on your blessings puts you in a better place to create a better life.

Positive Affirmations - words or phrases said in the present - can help the process of manifestation. You want good health, affirm you have good health. You want a wonderful partner, affirm you have a wonderful partner. You want lots of money, affirm you have lots of money.

It does feel strange at first to say something or write something you want as if you already have it. The point of this is that the Universe brings to you what you focus on the most. So wanting a partner, the focus is on the wanting, therefore you will just carry on wanting.

Within Write Therapy, you will find all the above tools and techniques which can help you heal your past, by releasing self-limiting thoughts, and create the life you want. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to take control of their healing and their life.


Christina Christou is a spiritual mentor and crystal therapist. She works 1:1 and in groups to assist the healing process of past trauma, including depression and grief. Christina can also guide you with the techniques to create the life you want …

Get in touch for Workshop dates/information

Are you in balance?

Energy is all around us, it is within us. It is the very essence of who we are. Although unseen by the naked eye and therefore invisible, we can sense and feel energy. It is the blueprint or infrastructure and serves as the root or foundation of our well-being - our health - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Just as we have a physical anatomy consisting of our skeleton, organs and glands, muscles and connective tissue, we also have an energetic anatomy consisting of the acupuncture meridian system, chakras and nadis (energy centres and channels), and the human biofield. Without energy we do not exist.

Within your body therefore, is a series of interlinked energetic pathways (meridian lines) and centres (chakras or nadis) which have a direct connection with your internal organs, your muscles, bones, and every cell within your body and with your mind. It is this energy within that interacts with every cell of your being and determines your thoughts, your disposition (mood), and your overall health.

This innate energy can be stimulated by tapping, touching, or intention. Indeed this is what forms the basis of an emerging scientific field known as Energy Psychology.
Energy Psychology has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and qi gong and the work of modern pioneers such as George Goodheart, a chiropractor and the founder of Applied Kinesiology, Australian psychiatrist John Diamond, and psychologist Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Field Therapy and latterly Stanford Engineer, Gary Craig founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique.

These techniques have impacted greatly within the field of mental health and have contributed enormously to the changing face of medicine as a whole. More and more people are turning to modern Energy Psychology methods to heal their inner and their outer selves.

Utilising techniques from acupressure, yoga, qi gong, and energy medicine that teach people simple steps for initiating change in their lives, it is putting people back in control. Back in control of not only their health but their life as a whole. More and more people like you, are learning to be co-creators of their own reality.

EFT for example works by stimulating energy points on the surface of the skin which, when combined with specific psychological procedures, can shift the brain's electrochemistry to help overcome negative emotions, habits and behaviours, thus enabling individuals to create change in all of these areas. Although still a controversial area within the mental health field, evidence is mounting that these techniques are both significant and powerful tools for self-help and clinical treatment.

EFT has dominated this arena since the 1990's. However, a new and exciting procedure called The Balance Procedure is the up and coming tool that therapists all over the world are clamouring to learn! Its simplicity belies its power: its power to put individuals back in control of their lives.

Developed by multi-disciplined therapists and trainers Jenny and Alan Cox, The Balance Procedure (TBP) is the new kid on the block when it comes to energy psychology and energy therapies; although Jenny states it is not a therapy, a treatment, nor a form of healing. So what is it? According to Jenny it is a tool for transformation. But what does that mean and how does it work?

TBP works on transforming learned energy patterns that no longer serve and draws on both heart energy and the power of intention. It works to transform individuals from 'victim mode' to that of a powerful creator. As the name implies it is about bringing you back into balance and once in balance and consequently in a state of relaxation, it is easier to move forward to create a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Let me explain what I believe Jenny and Alan mean by balance.

I am a firm believer in the power of thought, the power of the mind. I advocate that your mind is your most valuable asset. To use a famous quote from the Buddha, "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world."

Unfortunately most people, including you operate at a subconscious level for long periods of time, for some it could be argued all of the time! That is to say we are 'in this world but not of this world.' By that I mean we are not totally conscious or actively taking part in our lives and this world at a level of one hundred per cent consciousness. Rather, we operate at a subconscious level almost seemingly unaware of how we are creating our lives. That is until disaster strikes in some shape or form and we wonder how the hell it happened!

Now you may be familiar with the universal law of attraction. The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" whereby, focusing on positive or negative thoughts you bring about positive or negative results. This belief is built upon the concept that people and their thoughts are made from "pure energy", and like energy attracts like energy. The thing is we literally have thousands and thousands of thoughts on a daily basis and as I have said a lot of these thoughts are at a subconscious level and therefore keep us creating and developing the same patterns in life. As a result of this negative beliefs become quite ingrained to the point where choices have been made without any conscious thought, culminating in a never ending stream of bad luck or other negative patterns. (Victim mode). Have you ever wondered why you keep on repeating the same mistakes? Well hopefully this has to some extent answered that question for you.

So how is this cycle broken? It is broken by becoming aware of your thoughts and the emotions or feelings that go along with these thoughts. By being aware and operating at a level of consciousness you can change your thoughts and your beliefs, after all a belief is just a thought that has been thought of over and over again. As such, because your thoughts are exactly that - your thoughts - you and only you can change them. You can change the beliefs that you have embedded within your mind, your consciousness. In other words the distressing beliefs (negative) and thoughts that you have that disrupt your complex energy system immediately, creating stress and tension and inhibit your development can be changed! How fantastic is that?

What that means is you no longer have to subconsciously adapt to continuing stress!! When operating at this level (or NOT, as the case may be) the body is under massive stress. This means that it is difficult to operate normally. To explain, your body goes into the fight, flight or freeze mode'. When this happens your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate all rise as the sympathetic nervous system springs into action creating stress in all areas of your body preparing it for action. Now whilst this may have served primitive man when it was deemed acceptable to beat somebody about the head with a club or to run like crazy away from a wild animal, society has evolved where this is no longer so. All of what the body is going through happens in milliseconds and ordinarily wouldn't last long, however we have created a very stressful world in which we live and for some the body and the mind is in this state continuously. Therefore, an immense strain is put upon both the body and the mind causing one or both to 'breakdown'. This means we no longer function at our best. This results in changes of behaviour, resulting in negative behaviour that can become quite destructive, such as overeating, relying on alcohol, withdrawing from family and friends to name but a few.

Now going back to becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions, by becoming aware you can learn to control your thoughts, by acknowledging the emotions that go along with those thoughts. Also you need to be aware that different emotions vibrate at different energetic frequencies. That us to say, the better the emotion the better or higher the vibrational frequency. The higher the vibrational frequency the easier it is to align with Universal Energy the Universal Energy of Life. To be 'in the flow' with this energy the better you will feel and the easier life will be. In other words you will be in a relaxed state. When relaxed you are able to think more clearly and to act more clearly and to create your life consciously and with intention, which means you are living your life to your true potential because you are in balance.
So what has this got to do with TBP?

TBP used on a regular basis - daily or even several times a day, helps you to attain this state. Drawing on ancient philosophy and modern quantum physics (science) and using cards combining geometric symbols, colours, numbers, chakras, the masculine and the feminine, the planets, chrystals, the elements and the signs of the zodiac, TBP bridges the physical and the subtle bodies or energies to bring us back into balance. This occurs by placing the cards on the balance centre, the thymus/heart centre; the body's own communication centre through which all messages are communicated to and from the brain to the rest of the body. The aim of TBP is to empower using positive thoughts and beliefs and communicating them to your thymus and heart, which in turn communicates with your brain that then instructs your DNA to influence every part of your body to the cellular level.

TBP is a practice that requires no understanding of psychology, Chinese Medicine or other disciplines. It is easy to use, and draws the mind, body and spirit together to bring about balance and harmony within.

I believe that this procedure because of its simplicity and power to bring about transformation without the need for theoretical knowledge, or delving into painful memories, is the perfect procedure for everyone, young and old alike (and everyone else in between!!) to use on a daily basis, to realise their full potential by being consciously aware of the choices they make and the reality (life) they create. By using intention coming from the heart - the centre of love, you can, not only create a better life for yourself, you can help to create a better world, by the very fact that you will be operating out of love and good intentions. I know this to be true simply because I am using it and I am aware of the sometimes subtle changes within that have enable many positive changes in my business, my relationships, and my life in general.

It has been widely recognised for centuries, that when all areas of your life are in balance you attain physical and emotional wellness. TBP is designed to help you create that balance. Are ready to transform your life and /or business by learning this procedure to enhance your toolbox and practice?

Drew Ryder is a Wellness Practitioner and Transformational Coach and a qualified trainer in The Balance Procedure. He trains people from all over the globe to use this technique either as clients or practitioners of other disciplines choosing to add to their therapy 'toolbox.'

Both clients and practitioners of this technique are in awe at how easily they can transform either their lives, or help others to transform theirs. If you would like to know more and to be amongst the growing realm of pioneers of this procedure, then email him at or call him on (+44) 0207 0784871. Workshops can be arranged all over the globe.

Are you ready to transform your life? Contact me now!

Friendships into Soul-ships

When we start to release the layers of dross, control, conditioning and systematic programming of duality, we start to see our current friendships from a new point of perception. We are shifting from a point of truth which was holding us tightly into these conditional friendships, to a point of elastic revelation about what is true in our heart now and the roles that they played to us.
Every friendship and way of relating has served us in the remembering our true self, by releasing karma's, behaviours, ancestral patterns, earth complexities and soul personalities, It has helped us to experience controls and fears that we were clinging on dearly to as we did not know what was outside our sphere of safety.  Steadily we grew through these friendships (control ships/rememberings) and person by person we started to work our way towards Unconditional Friendships.
Disclaimer - Now before everyone gets the cosmic knife out and starts cutting away at there stream of friends like a maniac, it's important to understand that each friendship has been relevant for specific reasons in your existence and some of them may still be valid for your experience right now. So please be solid within your heart before swiping at anything!
Once rooted in the heart the letting go of the old begins, of all these people, places, systems of belief which we have accepted until NOW. One by one we unweave the patterns of our personality and behaviours having many aha moments about what every single relationship was helping us to remember once more. Sometimes this can be painful and sometimes ecstatic with every feeling in between. Now this is a pretty huge thing to undertake and also exhausting as you are constantly delving into your heart allowing all of the old pains, strains, thoughts and emotions come to the surface. Letting go and feeling balanced and empowered is the desired outcome once each relationship is aligned with your growing truthful self.
All of us on the path of heartfelt truth go through this process, it's a necessary development tool which provides full alignment when you have mastered your past self. All of the sacrifices (making sacred from the heart) are worth their weight in Gold once this refinement has happened. I can guarantee at many points in this process your bed will become your best friend as recalibration after recalibration happens, which is just hugely exhausting.
It seems like a never ending process of refinement until at last you see the shining self which no longer needs anything from anyone else. It's a point where no one can hook any emotion, feeling, thought pattern into your energy field and you can actually feel your own flow of magnificence. This is not an ego magnificence but a loving magnificence that everything is "Just Fine" in the world and everyone is where they should be. 
At this point your soul-ships (unconditional friendships) come sailing into port and life just starts to flow with a magnificent ease, your soul group are grouping around you and forming the bridges of light that will enable you to carry out your soul group tasks which you chose to undertake. It's where you have solid Foundations into your Shining self (I Am Presence) but are aware of the collective and are now operating for the highest good of the collective, by totally loving yourself and caring for yourself with true abundance. Here is the sigh of relief that will never end! You have reached the top of the mountain and now the sky is Infinite.
Diamond Light - Ryan
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The Gentle Art of Blessing

Here we are in the first few weeks of Autumn and the Autumnal Equinox (Vernal if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) is already upon us. It's an opportunity to engage with the beauty of the time of year and to consider opportunities to raise our own vibration as we take time outdoors enjoying the Autumnal sunlight and vibrant colours. A sandwich on a park bench on a warm day in the middle of September is often a great way to make time for some spiritual reflection!.

On the subject of reflection I recently experienced a very difficult situation to deal with. Since this happens to us all from time to time when we have allowed someone else's behaviour to deeply affect us, for whatever reason, I decided to share a couple of methods of healing with you. No matter who we are and how far we may have travelled along our personal spiritual journey there are times when someone or something will 'press a button'. How we deal with it is an indicator of whether our spiritual practice is working!

One of my favourite spiritual practices of all time is the method taught by Pierre Pradavand, the Gentle Art of Blessing, in which he suggests that we simply bless each situation and each occurrence in its perfection, and not as we think or feel it ought to be… in other words we simply bless every situation or person in their absolute essence, knowing that in God's eyes 'all is well', and if we combine this theory with teachings from A Course in Miracles we begin to understand that our own perception is often an illusion. Whilst practicing these techniques I, like many of you, call upon the angels to strengthen me and hold me in the Light, that I may also be blessed and that my actions and thoughts towards the person or situation are coming from a place of love.

It never fails to fill me with awe that when we ask God and the angels for help in dealing with our difficulties something crops up and repeats itself in conversation with different people, or shows itself to us in three different ways. The mystical, magical number three is without doubt one of the most powerful ways the angels speak to us, or show a sign that they are guiding us. Three times over the last short while I have been reminded of another beautiful and effective spiritual practice: 'Ho'oponopono'. I had been discussing the method with a friend who was suffering from a sense of betrayal and looking for a way of dealing with the hurt. Then a second mention was when I was invited to an event where the speaker's topic was to be Ho'oponopono. Then the third sign came to me in an email from a lovely friend in reference to a future article and book review for a small magazine I edit.

Many of you may already be using this, but for the rest of us here's a reminder of how it works:

Ho'oponopono is a gentle yet powerful Hawaiian (Huna) method of healing. It is a statement meaning that we are all one and that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our lives. In fact, according to Quantum Physics everything we do affects everything else in the universe. Whatever we manifest we must sort out inside of ourselves and not blame the other person, however wrong they may be. When we are negative or judgemental then we are affecting the person who is causing us the problem. But in addition, all the universe will feel it, humans, animals, birds, plants and even what seem to be innate objects like walls and tables and chairs!!

So we begin by bringing the person whom we have had a problem with to mind and say "I'm sorry, Please forgive me." This clears everything on our side so that we are not feeling resentful and holding on to negative thoughts. Then as our hearts open we can say "I love you" and finally "Thank you" because it has given us the opportunity to clear. It is amazingly powerful and can be practised by using it silently as we meet people. We will feel a lot lighter even though most of the people will not have not done us any harm.

These four phrases clear our reaction to the situation and are just as much for us as the other person as ourselves. The effect spreads lovingly out into the entire energetic and cellular bodies of all those we encounter, the energy of our immediate environment and into the ether beyond. Wow! Every time I really pause to take it in I get a shiver of recognition at the deep truth of yet another amazing spiritual practice that works. One of the real benefits of our age is that all these teachings are available to us. Are we not in the most exciting times?

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN

Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

By email at:
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7 tips for more laughter in your life, part 2

'How do I laugh more?' is still one of the most common questions I am asked in coaching sessions.

This is the second in a series of 7 quick tips on how to use nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga for more laughter in your life.

Tip 2 - 'Be authentic: give yourself permission to have a tantrum'

Seriousness is an exhausting burden. It is an affliction of the spirit. No one gets happy by being serious. It often induces stress, anxiety and even depression, and blights our happiness.

We adults often feel we have to be serious, but are we dying inside sometimes when we do this?

Are we being authentic?

Carl Jung talked about 'making the darkness conscious' and its role in liberating our consciousness. Isn't childishness sometimes our 'darkness'?

Where does laughter come in?

Giving ourselves permission to be childish and have a tantrum doesn't mean this is how we're going to live. It does mean that instead of suppressing it, we are prepared to and dare to express it.

In this context, permission itself is a healing act. Clients invariably become lighter in spirit, and every time this is accompanied by laughter.

Laughter yoga and nls: natural laughter skills practices help us dare to be childish. Their meditation-style practices and are generally best done alone and somewhere you can be noisy - as with many laughter practices.

Give yourself permission to have your tantrum. Start by feeling it and expressing it in your imagination or mind's eye. See yourself doing it. Feel the feelings that arise - and at every juncture, be present and laugh - not in denial, but as a healing act.

Accept you feel this tantrum but don't blame yourself. Take responsibility for it, stay present with it, honour it - and practice releasing it through your laughing practice.

Doing this accomplishes several things:
  • You honour your all feelings and therefore become more authentic
  • You strengthen your ability to laugh at yourself
  • You become more emotionally flexible
  • Your honesty & authenticity make you more inspirational, beautiful and attractive
  • You become more mindful, relaxed and happier.

Besides using these laughter yoga and nls: natural laughter skills practices as a way of easing your way out of Jung-like 'darkness', you can also use these practices to help you access it in a healthy, balanced, robust way, as described in 'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within'. See our self help books page

You smile and laugh more to allow your childishness to release itself, which therefore results in you smiling and laughing more.

This is a double-win. Your quality of life improves. You become happier.

'The smiling practice technique you teach has transformed my life and I rarely walk around with a growly face these days. I am eternally thankful……for this.' (Jon)

How do you release your childishness? I allow myself to consider sulking! Having allowed myself the luxury of considering this, I breathe deeply & consciously, let my attention drop until it reaches my joyfulness, feel its gentleness, and smile softly.

What about you?

Loving our Depths

We Now need to plunge deeper, deeper than we ever have before into our being! This work is imperative to produce the impeccable self that we have to anchor in order to hold the new vibrations of creation available to us. We must open up into the deep recess's of our heart, opening up vital new channels of energy that will assist us on our path. We must encounter and release the blocks of our old selves to increase flow into each and every meridian and light pathway.

We must become adept in our daily lives at opening that heart centre and flooding each and every one of our 700 trillion cells with this deep love. A simple and easy way to do do this is - see light from your heart, allowing it to expand and flooding your body with light until each cell of your body is shining and you can see yourself as a luminous being of light. Each time you do this, something will shift in your life! You will become stronger each and every time you do this.

Every time we go deeper into our heart/core energetics, we access new truths to be integrated and old energies that need realigning with this supreme force of love. Sometimes this brings up challenges and fears to be purged, or waves of love like we have never experienced before. It's a little bit of a cosmic lottery what is going to come up each time you plunge deeper, but rest assured that if it's coming up it means that you are ready to deal with it and what it brings! Remember that it is our souls intention to be in total love and clarity, so all that is not love must be released.

Deeper we must go, Deeper we go, Deeper I go

When we become stronger from the heart level we are able to shift more energies and we are able to bring up old energies that so far in this life we have not been strong enough to deal with. These shadow energies are the undercurrents of your limitation and must be acknowledged and accepted then realigned into the light. These are parts of ourselves that have existed in the universe for so long, that they feel like they are us. They are entwined like a vine into our deepest recesses, living off of our life force as if everything is in order!

We must clear these shadows so that our energy reserves and vitality can increase. It is these shadows that are really a huge gift! Although the lower personality of ourselves doesn't like dealing with them. Because guess what's hiding behind these shadows? Your light! Those massive energies of light that are here to fullfil your Truth on this planet! These shadows may terrify you and shake you to your core but once they have been Loved back into Alignment and transformed you will have embodied the warrior of light stage in your journey.

We all have the supreme ability to deal with our own shadows, but for some you may need the help of a Light worker whom specialises in aligning the Shadow. Again there is no recommendation I can make for you here but tune into your heart and see what happens.

Diamond Light - Ryan

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Are you happy?

I mean really happy? Do you know what happiness is? Or will you be happy when …? Happiness is an amazing phenomena and often seen as 'relative'. That is to say, relevant to the person, occasion or object of desire. Or is it? Is it a feeling, an emotion, a state of mind? What is it, exactly? These questions will be addressed along with many more as we explore the concept of happiness.

Happiness is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as a feeling or expression of joy. It is also described in several other dictionaries as a state of mind or feeling characterised by contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. Various approaches such as philosophy, psychology, biology and religion have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. So, what is happiness and where does it come from?

Babies for instance have no past, (except for the time they have spent in the womb), and as far as we aware have no real notion of the future. Babies when they exhibit signs of contentment or joy are doing so at a specific moment in time - the now. Children when they are playing do so in the 'now'. They are happy or sad in the moment of 'now'. As adults because we have built up a past we often have memories of happy 'things' or 'events'. As adults when we talk about pleasurable moments in our past we often use phrases such as "he used to make me so happy"; or "I was so happy then"; and "happiness is short lived".

We use the future to look forward to happiness saying things like, "I won't be happy until John gets his promotion"; or "when I lose three stones I will be happy"; or, the "happiest day of my life will be…."

One of the reasons we cannot 'find' happiness is because we live in a fast, ever changing world wanting everything 'now'. We live in an egotistical world and selfishly pursue happiness, a pursuit that is fuelled by impatience, anger, greed and even violence. Everything we want to make us happy is out there it is outside ourselves; out there in the world, therefore it is the world 'that makes us happy'. Or is it?

One of the reasons we are always searching for happiness is because in this 'now' world in which we live we have forgotten how to 'experience the now'. By not experiencing the 'now' how can we experience happiness? By believing that it is the world that makes you happy, you are leaving yourself wide open to disenchantment, disillusionment, failure and frustration. Why? Because, by refusing to see or believe in your inner potential (yourself) that happiness is available now, you will not see it in the world.

This is best explained by the following story from the Zen tradition about a young, enthusiastic student speaking with his Zen Master who is especially noted for his continual grace and happiness:

"Master, I dream of an everlasting happiness. What is the highest wisdom you can teach me?" asked the student.

The master smiled. He took his brush and wrote as if for the first time, "Attention".

"Wonderful," said the student, "And what comes next after attention?" he asked.

The master smiled. He took his brush and wrote as if for the first time, "Attention. Attention".

"Yes," nodded the student, perplexed, "Anything more?" he asked.

The Master smiled. He took his brush and wrote, as if for the first time, "Attention. Attention. Attention."

"Okay, so what does 'attention' mean?" asked the student.

The Master spoke, "Attention means attention".

"Is that all?" said the student, somewhat dispirited.

"Attention is all," said the Master. "Without attention, happiness is nowhere; with attention, happiness is now here. Attention is freedom from all. Attention offers all."

The Zen school of wisdom and spirituality teaches you that now is the most abundant time in your life. Indeed, the bibles of the world and any spiritual text all have the same opinion that 'now' is an everlasting treasure chest filled with never-ending and everlasting gifts of happiness, love, peace, and joy freely available for all.

The journey to true happiness can thus be described not as a journey of physical time and distance but as a journey of personal re-discovery or recovery, in that, it is the self-realisation whilst living in this fast ever-changing world that, it is only by reconnecting and having faith with our inner self, that all that we seek is found. Only then, by looking within, can we find happiness. One moment it is nowhere, and the next it is now here.

Happiness then it could be argued is not something to be 'arrived at' it is something which is within you and is therefore with you at all times. It is not a destination but rather a mode of travel. Should you choose to see or experience it that is.

Happiness then is a choice, it is not in things. It is a decision only you can make. It is an attitude. Happiness is not something external that travels to and from you it is a potential that you always carry with you. Happiness then is only a thought away.

A thought, within your inner, or, unconditioned self. It is who you really are.
Your conditioned self on the other hand is the you that has been 'conditioned' by your parents, friends, school (teachers), in fact everybody else you have ever met and including yourself. It is your ego. It is the fearful you, the critical you, your lower self etc, you get the picture. The conditioned self is also the denier of happiness, your inner happiness. And ultimately only you can change that. Change your thought and you change your state of mind, your frame of reference.
Happiness therefore, is up to you.

So what has this got to do with EFT? EFT is an a fantastic tool to help you create change in your life, in you. So if you are not happy maybe EFT could be the tool to help you discover your happiness.

If you are struggling with being happy in your life right now, and feel your conditioned self is taking over your happiness, please do not hesitate to contact me; either by email at or by calling 0207 0784871 to arrange a FREE 30 minute session to see how we can enable you to embark on your journey of happiness.

7 tips for more laughter in your life

'How do I laugh more?'

This is the first in a series of 7 quick tips on how to use nls: natural laughter skills and laughter yoga to experience more laughter in your life.

It is a common question I get asked in coaching, workshops and conferences.

Tip 1 - 'Permission to Enjoy'

Often the biggest barrier is in our own mind.

When you take this immediate, simple and often overlooked step - giving yourself permission to enjoy - laughter usually starts immediately.

What is guaranteed and always starts immediately is a lifting and lightening of the mood.

'Permission to enjoy' means putting laughter and enjoyment up your priority scale. It means remembering to enjoy the ride, not just to head for the destination, seriously, glumly, in resentment or even fear.

It means to take occasional little bits of the most irreplaceable quality in our life - our time - and spend it on appreciating the journey we're experiencing.

'Permission to enjoy' means beating back stress, over-seriousness, anxiety and even depression, by flicking a simple mind switch.

Use it as a mantra.

Say it to yourself now, and see if you feel different.

Have a look round your environment, wherever you are, and see what you can find that brings a smile to your lips.

It's even better if you can find something, anything at all, that elicits a little chuckle.

Set a 'Permission to enjoy' alarm/reminder on your phone at least once a day.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your life.

It feels better.
You'll promote your own wellbeing.
You'll feel happier.

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Connect with your Inner Angel

There is an enormous interest in all things angelic. We are being called to work with the angels in great numbers, to bring healing, peace and love to our families and communities and our home, the Earth. Millions of gifted people are healers and Light Workers on a purposeful spiritual journey. But is there an angel within ALL of us? Many of us have a deep inner knowing that connects us to a divine consciousness. Imagine if you could connect to that 'angel within' that is available and willing to guide you every day.

Let's take it step by step: (If you would like to do this as exercise or simple attunement, you'll need perhaps half an hour so switch off your phone, take a pen and paper, and find a quiet place free from distractions and, if possible light a candle).

First take a few moments to focus inwards and breath steadily, relaxing into an internal sacred space. Do you remember the occasion when you first felt drawn to the angels? Maybe there was a definite occasion, or you may know that you have 'always' believed and felt a strong connection, since childhood. Note it down now.
Ask yourself whether an emotional state, such as sadness or joy, brought the introduction of angels, or whether it was just a natural process?

Have you had a wake-up call to embark on a spiritual path? Did it involve any of the attributes you might associate with angels, such as healing, teaching, or music perhaps?

Who were the mentors and guardians that appeared? Were they in spirit, such as guides, angels, ancestors or in physical form?

Do you recognize your inner demons, or reflections of your inner shadows? What steps have you taken to overcome them? This is a hard question and takes honest reflective practice. You need to step back, no fault-finding, just observe personal challenges.

Now think of the people you know around you, especially those you love or admire. What are the angelic qualities you see in others? List them, and why.
What are your angelic qualities? Yes you have them too! Qualities we admire in our best friends are often reflections of our own.
Now we are nearly there… you are slowly turning to inwardly accept the angel within yourself.

Visualize the gem that lies within your heart, reflecting the beautiful unique soul that you are. Greet your angel within with a loving embrace. Allow a warm glow to develop deep inside that spreads through your body and outwardly creates a broad smile. If you love the angels then you can love the angel inside you too. You are so full of love that it overflows!

Now you are in touch with your 'inner angel' how does this change your perception of the world around you? Imagine that as you look out into the world that you are seeing through the eyes of an angel, that everything is positively charged with loving energy.

Keep a diary of the feelings and experiences during this exercise and repeat it whenever the opportunity arises.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise in spiritual development. I've 'borrowed' it from my Educating Heart and Soul Home Study Course to share with you.

With my Love and blessings xx

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN

Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858

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Seven Reasons to Record Your Dreams

Tom T. Moore

Back in 1979, I started to record my dreams each night and morning as I awoke. About two weeks after I began, I had an extremely vivid dream of an explosion with awoman and men somehow involved. My wife and I, at that time, owned an international, wholesale tour company, and were planning a trip to Manila for a world congress of travel agents. We both decided to delete the Manila portion of the trip and added days to Taiwan and Hong Kong. On the first day of the congress, terrorists blew up a bomb near the front of the stage where we would normally have sat, injuring ten travel agents. Later, a woman that worked in the Philippines cultural office in Los Angeles and four other men were arrested. Afterwards, I vowed to record my dreams the rest of my life.

Below are seven reasons why you should record your dreams each day, one of which I touched on above.

Dreams are messages from our souls.
The dream state is much more complex than you might imagine. When entering that quantum state during dreamtime, most of the time our dreams appear symbolically. Some people are much better at interpreting these symbols than the rest of us. I found a paperback book titled The Dreamer's Dictionary by Lady Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett, which seemed to interpret my dreams better than other similar dictionaries. I've probably worn out six or eight of these paperback dictionaries over the years. Our souls send us messages couched in these dream symbols. They can be warnings of upcoming challenges, or encouragement when we need it that things are going to be better soon.

As noted above, dreams can be precognitive.
Besides many, many personal precognitive dreams, I've had a number of dreams about upcoming events, usually couched in dream symbology. As an example, in 1985 I dreamed about a delta-shaped aircraft crashing a week or so before Delta Airlines Flight 191 crashed at the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport. Shortly before the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on takeoff in 1986, I dreamed of being in a glass capsule high above the earth and then suddenly beneath the ocean. Before 911, I had three dreams: The first one was a biplane crashing-symbolizing two wings. The second one was a passenger jet crashing to the east of Chicago; and the third one was a tornado (my symbol that something bad is going to occur) going across an office building with a line of people sitting in invisible chairs following behind.

By the same token, we will also have many pleasant precognitive dreams, like money on the way, a great change of location, or the love of our life who will soon appear.

The practice of recording dreams will help in meditation.
It will help you to receive images in an altered Alpha state. I never really thought I would be able to communicate with "spirit" as I'm able to do now with my own Guardian Angel (GA) that I call Theo, and with Gaia, the soul of the earth. But I look back at the thousands of times I have recorded my dreams when I was in that same Alpha state before becoming fully awake, and I realize that staying in that "zone" is great practice for what I call my "active" meditations. It helps us to recognize images as they appear during meditation, or to receive "thought packets" as my GA Theo calls them.

We see whom it is that we assist in the dream state.
Theo tells me that when we are in the dream state, we travel all over the universe to help other beings in solving their problems, since we solve more problems in one day on Earth than many beings encounter in one universal year. There is a group of whole souls, that we call "dream angels," who receive these requests and assign one of us to solve the problem during our dreamtime. Only rarely do we notice that the beings we serve do not appear human. This is done so that we don't become frightened by their appearance. Most of the time we appear during their dreams to help them solve a problem.

Ability to view other parallel lives.
Have you ever remembered a dream where it seemed to be the present day, but perhaps you were in some different situation? When we sold our tour business in the early eighties we started an international film and TV program distribution business. Nevertheless, for years I would continue to have dreams of running tours and making those business decisions. Theo explains that there are twelve parallel lives going on for each of our lives on Earth. He calls them "time lines," with the 12 divided into four frequencies and then into twos. We're on Time Line 6-a middle frequency, tied closely with Time Line 5. He told me on Time Lines 4 and 5 I'm still in the tour business. It was the same for Time Lines 1 and 2, but I died of congestive heart failure. On the upper time lines, I became a science fiction writer right out of college, eventually writing esoteric books. Consequently, this all goes to illustrate that we can explore those other parallel lives during our dreamtime.

Ability to view our past and future lives.
When I first started recording my dreams, I had many violent dreams of past battles in history. Obviously, I was reliving some of these lives where I was in the Crusades, World War I and many other ancient battles. This went on for about a year, and after that the dreams became much more "normal," as I call them. But I've also had dreams of being on space ships and very futuristic settings. Theo tells me that my next life on Earth will be as a pilot on board one of 17 Earth starships in the 3400 era. Remember that we are in a special space-time continuum, and all of our lives on Earth are occurring at the same time as time is an illusion to us.

If you have a disturbing dream, you can say (or whisper) out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for anything this dream pertains to in my physical life, thank you!" I've even requested these MBOs, as I call them, in the middle of dreams. It will mitigate and lessen the challenge that perhaps is coming your way.

In many of these dreams, I've found that we mix past, present and future when we are in a quantum state. This is done to give us information-those messages from our souls that I previously mentioned. Even now, there are still dreams that I have no idea what they mean, but I write them down anyway; and I try and go back periodically and read them as the mere physical act of recording the dreams helps us understand the messages on a subconscious level.

Recording our dreams prepares us for an easy transition.
The astral body at death, I've been told, is the same as the one you use during your travels across the universe. You are just no longer tethered. Recording your dreams helps you to feel comfortable and not frightened when you transition.

Let's now look at the practical steps to remembering your dreams. I've heard many people say they don't dream, but that's not true-everyone does. It's just that they don't make it a priority to remember the dreams. First, go to your local variety store or supermarket and buy a notebook containing the largest number of pages. You are making a physical commitment. Next, use a penlight with brightness large enough to see in a dark room and a pen with ink dark enough to see on a dimly lit page.
Each night before bed, open the notebook and write the next day's date and what town or city you're in-again, reinforcing your desire physically to remember your dreams. I normally set my penlight on top of the dream dictionary. At this time, say out loud, "I wish to remember my dreams tonight," or even better, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to remember my dreams tonight, thank you!" This lets all your guides know you are serious about remembering your dreams.

Then, if you awaken in the middle of the night, get up and take your notebook, light and dictionary into another room so you won't disturb your bedmate, and write the dream, or dreams, down. Use the dictionary to look up the symbols. You might only remember an image, or a couple of words-that's fine, write it down. I still have nights where I don't recall any dreams, but the most dreams I remember writing down in one night were nine. Some dreams will be very detailed and you'll write a whole page about them, yet others, just a sentence.

Recording our dreams each night will open up a whole new understanding of the amazing world we encounter each night in our dreamtime.

About the Author:
Tom T. Moore is the author of the three The Gentle Way books and a frequent radio guest. If you would like to learn more about requesting benevolent outcomes and living The Gentle Way, visit his website at

The Path of the Diamond Light

In the early years of the new energies of Earth since the 2012 portal was passed, we are becoming aware of many new energies which we can utilise for our path back to love. One of those energies is the Diamond light of unconditional love. This is the path I have always known I would be taking back to the source of creation, but only recently did I start to feel the magnitude of the transformations that would be required to complete this task my Soul chose to achieve.

To take this path a supremely loving decision has to be taken if this is the path for you? When you make that decision from your heart and soul to follow the path of the Diamond your life will change forever! That decision means that you have chosen to let go of everything that is not Love.

Now this is a pretty big statement! Imagine how much energy this even involves? It means releasing every kind of fear we have ever chosen to experience, letting go of every conditional love we have garnered and all shadow emotions, thoughts, behaviours of all aspects of our soul!

We need to be fully complete and whole in order to BE this energy which is our undeniable truth.

Every aspect of our soul from all realms, dimensions and existences throughout creation has to be called back into wholeness. We require the sacred 144,000 energy back within us and be free flowing mastery with sacred geometry, frequencies, numerology, and colour ray vibrations. By doing this we become Sound and resolute in our truth which is immovable by all other forces. We become Sourcerer's of our own creation!

The Diamond Energy is 12th Dimensional and above. Most people on the planet right now are in the NOW moment of dealing with their 3rd to 6th Dimensional Aspects. It is vitally important to clear all 3rd and 4th dimensional misalignments in order for the physical changes to start to manifest in your life, which is the "EnLightening Process". Once you have balanced and empowered your 3rd and 4th Dimensions then Life starts to fill with love and things start to get incredible. Once you are beyond the 5th Dimension, there are no words created yet for how awesome things will get. We definitely will have to write a new dictionary.

The Diamond energy works at light speed and polishes the facets of your Diamond quickly! Old energies fall away quickly as each aspect is polished. This for some can be quite painful as the releasing happens as the Diamond only knows love and just pushes up lower/fear energies for clearing at light speed. You will only be given as much as you can handle at once though, your spiritual guidance system will make sure of this. So don't fear being given too much! Know that this clearing process must take place in order for the facet of the Diamond to become polished.

Some Souls choose the Diamond Energy straight the way as they feel that it is home for them. Others choose other energies to traverse and master before working with the Diamond Ray Frequencies. These other rays include the Silver Ray (Divine Feminine), Gold Ray (divine masculine), Platinum Ray (cosmic service, balance and communication ray), and Rainbow Ray (Blending Ray of higher truth). All of which are incredible energies which I have worked with for a long time and have devised Distant Activations which are available to assist souls in there remembering process. I will talk more on these other energies in Future Posts. Today though is starting at the highest love we can imagine "Diamonds Are forever"!

Diamond Light - Ryan

Copyright © 2014, Orion Diamond. Diamond Attuner and Master of the Rays. All rights reserved feel free to share this content with others - post it on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. - but keep the integrity of this article by including the author/channeler.

Our Remembering picks up pace

Remembering - is where we begin to undo all of the karmic knots through many lifestreams that we have become entangled in, work out whom we have temporarily given our power to or contracted to them, clear our time streams of all residual energy not yet transmuted, remember the shadow by loving it back into alignment which purifies the masculine/feminine and inner child and we remember the higher aspects of ourself within the stars and galaxies which are all working on behalf of the Oneness of all.

It's a pretty colossal task! which takes many many layers of releasing cycles! Where all of the lower energies need transmuting into Love. Sometimes these old energies disappear from our auric fields with ease and grace and other times they take forms of expression such as anger, tears, hysteria, shame, guilt, stress, distrust, fear! which can shake us to our very core, but it is only by total surrender of the held disturbance to express itself can we really let go of the lesson which we are remembering.

Firstly we need to Acknowledge the energy.

Secondly Accept it and forgive yourself and open your heart.

Then Allow it's expression to release the blockage.

Then Integrate it and allow love to fill the void which has been made.

This process has billions of outcomes dependant upon what our soul has chosen to clear and what indeed we need to remember. Sometimes it is our own baggage, sometimes ancestral/family karma that we chose to clear, sometimes it's much more than that.

We can learn many techniques to help us get through these releasing and remembering cycles which are great, but the one constant in all of them is that we have to open our hearts wider each time to love ourselves fully and unconditionally. The only healer is indeed yourself and you are the only one whom can heal. Now there are many people around you whom can assist and show support. Many light workers have incredible gifts and light codes which can assist you in this releasing process but they can't do it for you!

So in this colossus of awakening year of 2014 many already awakened souls are in their final releasing phases and millions of souls whom are starting to awaken are at the beginning of their remembering process. It's a time where negative emotions and patterns are flying are prevalent in our societies as everything is placed upon the table of the earth to release. Compassion and love is the key to assisting us all in moving more into our truth.

Discernment is key in everything that you do and only do it if your feeling it, don't be afraid to buck the trend and not go along with what someone says (even if they are a spiritual teacher) if your not feeling it! Remember you are unique and are following your own path, your heart is the only one that knows the best route for your path. Your heart will at times lead you into painful situations, but if your heart has led you there then it's the quickest way to release the blockage that needs to go in order for the good stuff to arrive.

So whatever stage you at in this process, hold fast to your heart and do your best to expand daily into your truth. After each releasing cycle you will be reborn energetically and feel like a new person. Many rebirths will happen in this year if you keep on following your heart.

Diamond light - Ryan

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Is it time to let go?

September signifies the beginning of autumn and the time for change - children go back to school, holidays are over, and whilst the holiday memories might be good, your waistline and general health may not be!! Or perhaps you now need to re-focus on your business, (some therapists take considerable time out to be with their children during the school summer holidays).

It is all too easy to relax and eat and drink more whilst on holiday or whilst your mind is in holiday mode. Furthermore if you have struggled for weeks before your holiday to lose weight to get into that bikini, you may well be beating yourself up now. Do not!

Losing weight is easy for some people and more difficult for others! Dieting becomes a weigh (sorry!), a way of life. The scenario goes a bit like weight on - weight off, weight on - weight off, weight on and weight off and so the story continues. I know because I have been there and done that (except for wearing the bikini!).

That was until three years ago, when I finally realised that if I didn't get down to not losing my excess weight, but releasing it (I will explain in a moment), I knew that if I were to have a second stroke - which was highly likely having had one in 2007, it would probably kill me. I was overweight with high blood pressure and had been diagnosed with diabetes to boot. I suddenly thought that I might not be so lucky 'next time'. I was extremely lucky following my stroke in 2007, in that I had no lasting noticeable effects.

Three years ago I made a conscious decision to release my weight once and for all. I chose to release it and let it go simply because when you lose something you spend ages looking for it and are only happy when you find it or if comes back! It occurred to me this is what happens when people lose a lot of weight! They find it and put it back on!! Sounds silly I know. I am not saying they do this deliberately - that is the point, it happens at a subconscious level.

Your mind is your most valuable asset - it controls your life and your body. The mind and body are inextricably linked. I knew this of course and had one of those 'light bulb moments' when I realised that if I was to conquer my weight problem I would have to change not only my eating habits, I would have to change my mindset. That was four years ago.

Since then I have released 35 kgs of excess weight, have come down eight (Yes!!! Eight!!), trouser sizes and feel so much better! I drastically overhauled my eating and drinking habits and I honestly believe that the changes I made have quite literally saved my life! I have kept this weight off for over three years now.

Now, you might not have that much weight to release, you may have more. Why am I sharing my story with you? We respond to success stories, they are motivational. And if you know it has been done before by someone else then there is a chance that you could do that to.

Changing your mindset is key to making such big changes; even little changes require a change of mindset. Change of any sort begins in the mind; get your mind (set) right and you can and will achieve whatever you want to achieve.
Are you ready to change something about your life? Maybe it is time for you to get off the dieting 'merry-go-round'? Or even time to re-focus and get back into business or work mode. I can show you how.

Part way through the summer I noticed I had found an extra couple of kilos and I was carrying them around, my sugar levels were all over the place and my blood pressure was rising. I decided that they had to be released, I had to let them go. It was a lot easier than you think.

EFT came to my rescue! EFT can help you to get to the underlying reason or cause as to why you are overweight. The underlying cause or reason is usually linked to an emotion. Once the emotional cause is identified and worked upon, any excess weight is easier to release.

EFT helped me to identify what my 'self- defeating patterns' were at that time, as they can change. Having worked to identify these patterns it was a case of changing these into positive patterns to enable weigh to be released safely and effectively. Moreover, EFT helped me to re- establish new healthier eating patterns using normal everyday foods. In short it helped me to change my mindset.

Could your mindset do with being changed? You mindset affects many areas of your personal and your business life. EFT is a great tool to be used in any area of life. You may not need help with eating healthily, perhaps a change of mindset would be helpful in your relationships or your work life?

I have recently been working therapists, coaches and trainers to help them change their mindsets in order to move their businesses forward. Could this be an area where EFT would be of help to you?

During the month of September I am offering 7 people a FREE 30 minute strategy consultation to see if by working together we can get you to where you want to be in any area of your life.

To take up this offer, please email me at with the words Health and Happiness in the subject box. Please include an indication when would be a good time to contact you to arrange for a FREE strategy call, supplying either a telephone number (preferably landline) or your Skype details.

A Channel for Peace

Each week I write a newsletter which we send out (usually) on Fridays. So today, as I see all the upheaval and devastation in one of our most sacred areas of the world, the so called 'Holy Land', I thought it might be a good idea to remind us all that Friday is over-lighted by the great Archangel Uriel.

Guardian of our planet Earth, Uriel is also the angel of the element earth too. His energy is powerful and specific. He encourages us to be grounded in our spirituality and to anchor the Divine Christ-Light through our physical bodies.

It should come as no surprise then to learn that it is Uriel and his host of angels that work for peace. He is the Archangel who calls us to Serve.

Are you ready and willing to offer yourself in Service to God and the angels by anchoring the Christ-Light as a channel for world peace?

Take in some deep breaths as you sit comfortably. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful gold, purple and ruby red light in front of your eyes. Call upon Archangel Uriel and the Angels of Peace three times and if you feel ready to offer your services for peace say:

Archangel Uriel and all the Angels of Peace,
I AM ready to be at peace in my body,
I AM ready to be at peace in my mind,
I AM ready to be at peace in my spirit,
I AM ready to be at peace in my soul.
Here I AM, willing to serve the highest good of humanity, and our planetary Mother Earth, use ME as a channel of Gods Peace.
So it is. Amen.

Then imagine a bright, white light shining through your crown as you connect with the Divine Christ Light. Breathe this down consciously, through your brow, throat, and into your heart centre. Hold this Christ-Light in your heart centre and register how that feels to you. Add your own love to the Light. Then breathe the love and the Light down through your solar plexus, your sacral and down through your root chakra imagining the Light flowing down through your body and through the souls of your feet into the Earth. When you are ready, take three deep breaths and exhaling bring your awareness into the present moment. Feel your feet firmly on the floor.

Having done this exercise I often like to imagine that I am leaving footprints of sparkling light - particularly in areas where I am aware of negativity.

Working as a channel for peace does not mean that you have to rush off and join a political group (though that may be how you fulfil your particular calling). We can all be channels for peace by practicing meditation, blessing and prayer, (we already have proof of how effective prayer can be) and by being consciously aware of our own thoughts, speech and actions. We have to learn to observe our reaction to negative stimuli, to notice which situations in our life bring out our shadows and result in behaviour patterns which no longer serve us. Are you able to stay in a calm place, breathe in the Light, and peacefully deal with all negative situations that come your way? Sometimes? Mostly, but not always? I agree it is not easy, but our intention and awareness makes all the difference.

If you're a regular reader of my newsletters you may remember that a little while ago I spoke of 'The Gentle Art of Blessing', a spiritual practice of blessing everyone, not just our own loved ones in their perfection. This includes blessing our enemies, people we dislike, and those we know and love who unwittingly hurt us by their thoughtless actions. I refer to it quite frequently in my workshops and talks. If this form of spiritual practice appeals to you I recommend the book of the same name by Pierre Pradavand.

After my own amazingly enlightening pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan I told you all I would be organising my own pilgrimage there in 2016. Initial enquiries are still being made, but due to the current uprising will be held 'on the back burner' until we can be sure that the timing is right and a visit would be safe.

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN

Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858


Your Pets and Your Guardian Angel

By Tom T. Moore

If you are like most people, you consider your pets to be part of your family. You love them and receive much love in return, and you distress when they become ill or lost for even a short time. Below I'm going to give you some unique suggestions on lowering your stress level when events seem to be worrisome, or even in crises situations, with those lovable family members.

About ten years ago, in reading spiritual articles and books, I kept noticing the word "benevolent" used in stories about angels and their relationship to us. As this is not a commonly used word in the English language, it was quite noticeable to me. One day I read a suggestion to request benevolent outcomes for events in your life. I decided to try it out, and was amazed how PERFECTLY it worked for everything, from small requests such as a parking spot next to a busy restaurant or a seat on the subway to the really important situations in my business and personal life. After having made these requests between 10,000 and 15,000 times over the years, I am firmly convinced that our Guardian Angels are there to assist us in living more gentle lives. We just have to ask.

So how do we utilize these requests with our pets? As an example, we found one of my dogs, Sandy, at a local animal shelter. They had discovered her on the side of a busy highway. A beagle-dachshund mix, she will roam the neighbourhood if we accidentally leave the gate open, which certainly at the very least could mean the permanent loss of a sweet, lovable dog. When this happens, I have immediately requested out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding Sandy safe and sound. Thank you." You always thank your Guardian Angel and make these requests with emotion, as that works best.

We always find her, although one time some workmen were holding her in a house being remodeled down the street from us. When they saw us searching the grounds of the house for the third time (I "felt" that she was nearby), she suddenly appeared. Another time she ran across four lanes of traffic on a busy street that we live next to. Most of the time we can find her socializing with other dogs within a block radius. Requesting a Benevolent Outcome always puts me at ease, as I KNOW that I'm going to find her. It takes the stress and worry away.

I will explain how to take the stress and worry out of caring for a sick pet below, but first let's back up a little. When it's time to add a pet into your family, you say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding the perfect pet for our family. Thank you." If you have definitely decided upon a dog, cat, or other animal or bird, you can be specific in your request, but if you have not decided, let your Guardian Angel and the universe assist you.

It works this way. Perhaps when you go to an animal shelter, possibly one of the attendants there points out a pet that just arrived that morning, even just a few minutes before you arrived. Or you will just be drawn to one particular animal that in your heart you know is the perfect companion for your family. Possibly even before you go out searching one of your friends calls and says their dog or cat just had a litter of puppies or kittens. They ask if you would be interested in coming over to take a look at them. Your Guardian Angel works in amazing ways, and I can assure you it's FUN to sit back and see how the pieces of the puzzle come together when you make requests for MBO's (as I call them). Just remember that requesting Benevolent Outcomes has to be benevolent for all concerned.

Next, you have to choose the right food for your new companion. There are so many foods on the market today that I think it's best to request a Benevolent Outcome for choosing the right food for your pet. Even your vet can make a mistake in recommending a certain brand. Let yourself be guided in choosing the right formula and the right amount to feed your pet. And don't forget to request a MBO when choosing vitamins to help keep your pet healthy and live a long life.

When your pet is sick, that can really cause you to be concerned and worry for their welfare. One lady that had previously read my articles on requesting Benevolent Outcomes told me how her cat was recently in distress; so she took her cat to the veterinarian and requested a MBO that the cat would be fine. She was greatly relieved to be told by the vet that it was an easy problem to treat.
Your pets normally are quite afraid of their trips to the veterinarian. I always say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for our (pet's name) visit to the vet." One of our dogs is so afraid of going to a vet (after being given up twice by other families) that I have to leave his leash off until we are ready to go inside. One of our previous female dogs had a parvo type disease that is fatal 99 out of 100 times. We requested a Benevolent Outcome for her recovery, and then had the "inspiration" to start feeding her large amounts of the same vitamin E we took for our health. Her blood count slowly increased to the point where she completely recovered.

I'm going to give you something else that works when you see an animal on TV that has been injured, tortured, or trapped. If you love animals (and you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't) you feel quite frustrated that you can't help that animal in person. You can do something. You can say out loud, "I ask that any and all beings come to the aid of this animal and comfort, aid, and assist this animal in any and all ways. Thank you." These requests are not acted upon by your Guardian Angel, but by other Angelic beings, and INSTANTLY. You do not limit the request to humans, as it could be other animals or Angelic beings that actually physically assist that animal in distress. You use the word "ask" instead of "request" as that is a more general request. Then you will feel better that at least you did what you could to aid that animal. This confidence will be higher if you have been requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life, so you know from direct experience and knowledge that making these requests really work!

So, a Most Benevolent Outcome for you life with those loving companions that do so much to make our lives more enjoyable! Your life with them will be much less stressful and worry-free when you request Benevolent Outcomes from the time that you wish to add them to your family and all through their lives with you. I wish you all a Good Life!

About the Author
Tom Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, who distributes motion pictures and TV programs internationally. His book, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels (ISBN # 1-891824-60-0, Light Technology) gives many more suggestions for requesting Benevolent Outcomes. Visit his website at

Strengthening Your Intuition

By Chrissie Astell

I wrote this just before setting off on another weekend of adventure. I was working in Belfast. I have been traveling to Belfast for several years it is becoming very familiar to me now. So why do I call it a 'weekend of adventure'? Well, because that is the nature of my work. Every experience is wonderfully different.

Whilst I might teach well researched and practiced topics I am also open to the flow of Divine energy working through me. The participants at my workshops are there, together, because they have been drawn to that particular connection - for whatever reason - and they will experience a shift in their own spiritual growth and connection at a level that suits them. I have a title for each talk and a whole plethora of information and knowledge gained from the sixteen years I have been working with the angels … but every talk is different. The process is one of inspired and guided energy that is hard to explain … but works every time! And so I have no idea 'what will come up' … or who I shall meet on the day. Many people from the audience have described lights next to me or behind me as I speak. I feel the presence, and although I don't often see these 'beings' I know they are with me while I work. So this is my adventure, another step into the familiar yet unknown.

I find that one of the challenges brought to me by my students and in 'one-to-one' sessions over the phone with lovely people who are seeking guidance, is that of trying to live a life true to their spiritual impulse, and yet work or live with people who do not understand them. Folk who quite simply are 'not on the same wave length' … in other words they are trying to walk with one foot in either camp. The sacred and the mundane. We all have to do it. It can be very wearing at times but there are so many ways of supporting this situation. Meditation is one tried and tested way, and calling on the power of the angelic realms is another. We have to learn how to choose between those things that make us feel depleted and worn out - and those that make our heart sing! It's all trial and error until we find the right practices for our personality type, something which really suits us.

Sometimes when we are presented with too many options we allow the mind - in our confusion of thoughts - to overpower our intuition. How many times have you had an 'instant' reaction and known what to do in a situation but then persuaded yourself out of it, only to regret not following your intuition in the first place?

Here's an exercise to strengthen your intuition, deepen your angelic connection and help you to read the signs and signals being offered to you.

Meditation exercise for increasing your intuitive connection with your angels and higher self (for decision making):

Resolve to trust your inner and angelic guidance, knowing that you are strong, and intuitive, and that the more often your practice your connection the deeper your insights will be.

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN
Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator

By email at:
By telephone:
+44 (0) 1223 969858



Pain is a feeling triggered in the nervous system. It can be physiological, or psychological. Pain can be dull, it can be sharp. It can be acute it can be chronic. It can be short lived or last for ages. It can nag at you, stab at you, annoy you, cause you to ache, to feel nauseous, it can at times be debilitating.

Pain may be felt in one area of the body such as the head, stomach, arm, leg or back; or, in the case of flu or fibromyalgia it can be felt all over. One thing for sure is that it usually hurts!

Pain can be divided into two main categories of which there are sub-categories. Pain is either chronic or acute. Pain that lasts a long time is called chronic, and pain that resolves quickly is called acute.

Pain can also be useful however, in that it can be helpful in diagnosing a problem. Without pain, it is possible to seriously hurt yourself without knowing it; without pain it is possible that you might not realise you have a medical problem that needs treatment. Once the reason for the pain has been identified and acted upon, pain usually goes away, if it doesn't then it usually comes under the `chronic category´. Chronic pain whilst it can be debilitating at times can ordinarily `be managed´.

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat pain and treatment varies depending on the cause of pain. For example a lot of pain relief can be obtained by medications such as analgesics, and sometimes surgery is either helpful or necessary. Another way to treat pain is through the use of the mind. Consider chronic back pain for instance; chronic back pain can limit your everyday activities and make it difficult to do every day mundane tasks or even to work. It can therefore also affect how involved you are with friends, family members and fellow workers as they may have to do more than their usual share of daily tasks, especially when you cannot do the things you normally do. This can cause unwanted feelings of frustration within you because you cannot do what you used to do; resentment because you resent others being able to do more than you can, and this ultimately, can lead to stress. These feelings and emotions can (and often do) aggravate or worsen your back pain. Why?

Because of the mind-body relationship. They work together - they are inextricably linked. The way your mind controls your thoughts and attitudes influences the way your body controls your pain. Both the pain itself, and /or the fear of pain, can cause you to avoid both physical and social activities. Over time this leads to less physical strength and weaker social relationships. It can also cause more lack of functioning and more pain. And so the cycle continues.

This can lead to depression which is very common among people who have chronic back pain for instance. Continual pain can cause depression or make existing depression worse and not surprisingly, depression can also make any pain worse. Even mild depression can affect how well you can manage your pain and stay active.

There is a belief that behind every physiological problem there is a psychological cause or issue. One of the tools in my therapy toolbox I use to ease or completely remove pain (physical or psychological) is EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Pain is very subjective; what is extremely painful for one person may not necessarily be so for another, and, what provides pain relief for one may not help another. EFT is so adaptable it can be used for virtually any pain, anywhere. When I work with someone who has a physical pain, once we get to the root cause of the pain we can use EFT to 'Tap away' that pain.

If you are in pain or think you may be depressed or if you are having a hard time controlling your emotions, it is best to get help sooner rather than later. If your pain is the result of an accident or emotional trauma, research has shown that some people are not able to fully deal with their pain until they deal with the emotional stress that their accident or trauma caused.

Please contact me for a FREE initial consultation to see how we can work together to control or take away your pain - psychological or physical pain.

Contact me by email at, or call me on 0207 784871 for an informal chat.

Location is not an issue as a lot of my work is carried out via Skype; being in the comfort of your own home often helps when it comes to dealing with pain of any kind.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Angels, Friends and Co-workers

About sixteen years ago I learned how to speak with my Guardian Angel and to often receive immediate feedback that the requests I made were answered. I found that this put me on a more gentle path in life, so I would like to give you some suggestions on how your Guardian Angel can assist you to live a more pleasant life with your family, friends, and co-workers.

For those of you who are seeking a person to share your life, you can say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding the perfect person for me to share my life with for both love and my spiritual growth. Thank you. " I have found that "Benevolent" seems to be a word that is used extensively in the Angelic world. Webster's Dictionary defines "Benevolent" as "A kindly disposition to promote happiness and prosperity through good works, or by generosity in and pleasure for doing good works." Doesn't that just sound like what your Guardian Angel would like to do for you? You just have to ask!

In the request above, what will occur is that your Guardian Angel will set up for you at some future date-whether it is tomorrow, next week or even in a couple of years after you are more mature-a situation where you meet that perfect person. And always thank your Guardian Angel when you make these requests. You are acknowledging their presence.

If you have a family with children, you wish to guide them to maturity so that they can "leave the nest" and become productive members of society. You can say to your Guardian Angel, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my assistance and guidance of (name of child) to make the best choices that will result in (his or her) growth and (name of child) becoming a productive member of society. Thank you."

Keep in mind that there are a few rules for requesting Benevolent Outcomes. They are: 1. They must be said out loud or in writing as this is a physical world; 2. You must request assistance. Your Guardian Angel will joyfully help you, but only if you ask; 3. When you request a Benevolent Outcome, it must be for something specific for yourself; 4. It must be benevolent for not only you, but for all those involved in the request; and 5. And keep in mind that you can never run out of requests! I estimate that I have made between 10,000 and 15,000 requests, so request assistance from your Guardian Angel for even small events such as a parking place in front of a restaurant, a seat on a bus or subway, or driving to and from work each day.

When you request a Benevolent Outcome for a safe drive to your destination each time, not only will you be safe, but your friends, family, or co-workers will also remain safe too. This is known as The Radiant Effect. Even other cars around you on the freeway will be safe too. And it's the same on the subway or bus.

Are you looking for more friends? Then say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to meet good, honest people who will become my true friends. Thank you." Again, this will work similarly to requesting that special person in your life.

If you are seeking a new job say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the perfect job for my personal growth. Thank you." Your Guardian Angel will start the machinations that will result in that perfect job. There may be someone in that position right now that has to move on, so don't expect this to happen overnight. In time, you will be hired for that perfect job where you will have a great boss and great co-workers.

If you are currently working in a position where you are having a personality conflict with a co-worker, you can request a Most Benevolent Outcome each time you must work with that person. If you work with them all day, you can request a Benevolent Outcome at the start of the day. If the person is just too nasty to work with, and you suffer verbal or sexual abuse and innuendo, then you must speak with your supervisor. You can say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for favorable results from my meeting with (your supervisor). Thank you." No one has a right to treat you in this manner-not in this day and age.

Requesting Benevolent Outcomes of your Guardian Angel will result in you becoming more spiritual, as you will absolutely know from experience and personal knowledge that there is a beautiful, non-physical friend that is always with you and will joyously work on your behalf. All you have to do is ask!



Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, author, and speaker. He is the author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels, The Gentle Way II, and The Gentle Way III, published by Light Technology. He publishes a weekly newsletter and blog. Visit his website at


Sacred Orgasms into Prosperity

We are all well aware of the birds and the bees and how our selves were initially created, but does any of us realise the power of propulsion which enacted the propulsion for our physical creation? With the recent Mercury and other planetary retrogrades (which make us go within to work out some stuff), I have been delving deeper into my being and unpicking those aspects which are still there restricting my prosperity and creativity, top of the list was how we were created!

I've pondered on how were my parents feeling when they made love to create me? Were they feeling true love or was there mind wandering? Were they living in lack consciousness at the time? Was this just stress relief? Was it through duty and not love? The questions in my head went on and on and by the depth of my feeling I knew there was some aspect of me that needed realigning. At this point I'm sure your inner cogs are starting to think about how this related to you and working out if you too are in need of some orgasmic realignment.

I'm well aware also that I chose my parents as being perfect for my experience this time around and I accept that my soul had lessons to learn from how they were feeling at the time of my creation. I then started to work out how my creation had influenced my orgasms throughout my life with many various partners popping into my head from various points of my life. It brought up a deluge of baggage which came up for clearing as it had not been energetically dealt with at the time of happening. This feeling of emancipation was flowing through my body as I just accepted, acknowledged and then released what had been show to me and I could feel more of my own energy returning to me. Parts of my separated soul were zipping back from many places in time where they had been left until I was ready to own them once more.

Finally after a few days of processing I was ready to realign back into the present the power of my own orgasm. A process of self love that removes all fear, all judgement and all conditioning to allow your creator self back in. Love, Love, Love!
This process is a very powerful remembrance that some of you will be able to do on your own and others will need the help of a healer or energy therapist. If you do trust in your heart to find the right person whom is filled with love and compassion, make sure they give you a good feeling and definitely make sure that they shine from within.

So if your feeling in lack, scarcity and poverty right now then this is a good place to start! Who knew 2 minute orgasms were possible (in a man). This is only the beginning for humankind once we really have a grasp of the power of love and creation through orgasm we will be enlightened once more and all that is will be within as it has always been.

Diamond Light as always - Ryan

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Connect with your Happiness Gene

By Chrissie Astell

Happiness and love go hand in hand. You know how it works, when you are happy, and smiling, that energy spreads into everything you do and everyone around you. I've been watching the Youtube video of the popular song Happy by Pharrell Williams and it's very addictive, makes me smile and has the added bonus of creating warm happy feelings in every cell! If you haven't seen it I'm sharing the link here for you to watch too.
One of the most powerful of all our emotions. More a sense of 'being' than just a feeling, the 'happiness' gene affects everything we do, say and think. When you are happy you can take on the world!
Now, here's an interesting thought for the day - is happiness, as A Course in Miracles teaches, inherently within each of us as an aspect of Divine Love? Is it part of our genetic make-up? And, if this is the case, how is it that we seem to need other people or external factors to stimulate the 'happy' emotion? And, how can we have an instant mood switch from feeling happy to miserable when influenced by the negativity of others, or circumstances, or even the weather!? Interesting isn't it?
How are you feeling now? Are you feeling wonderful? On top of the world? Full of the joys of Spring? Oh good. But just in case something has happened in your world that is creating an internal struggle with the 'happiness vibe', or sadness is creating a barrier for you, let me give you a brilliant exercise that lifts the spirits instantly. (Practiced, this definitely works, and I have been teaching it to my students and one to one clients for years). If you don't need it today keep it on the shelf for any times when you might find it useful, and please feel free to share with someone else if they need a boost.
Connect with your Happiness Gene
What is it that makes you happy?

First: Think of a place where you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed and where you love to be (this can be in the bath, the garden, lazing on the sofa, wherever you like).
Next : Think of your favourite person, someone you love and who makes you smile when you think of them.
Now: Think of something funny - like the comical antics of a small child or your pet for example.
Simply allow yourself to completely relax into that feeling of safety, love and humour and close your eyes for a moment, really let it sink down into your body and smile to yourself. Feel it and as you do so imagine your favourite colour as a warm and comforting mist filling the room. Give this experience, this sensation, a name. Any name will be fine but something you would recall instantly.
Stay in that lovely feeling of happiness, safety, love and humour - in your favourite colour-bath. Now pinch your first finger and thumb together tightly and say this name, or word, to yourself three times. Let go, and open your eyes. How do you feel? Try pinching the finger and thumb, say the word as you close your eyes for just a few seconds and reproduce that sensation instantly. See, it works!
Happiness is how I feel when I'm walking in the fields with my husband and our dog listening to the skylarks, watching my grandchildren playing and laughing, pottering among the flowers in my garden or I'm mixing with like-minded people connecting with all the lovely folk who come along to join me at shows and events. Studies show that when we are happy in our work we achieve greater results, gain more job satisfaction, enjoy a better home life and relationships and live a longer life. Lucky me!

By Chrissie Astell BA (Hons), RGN
Spiritual Author, Teacher and Qualified Facilitator


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+44 (0) 1223 969858


Emotional stress

Emotional stress has a tremendous impact on physical health. Whilst diet and exercise are essential for health and wellbeing, emotional health is more so. The mind and the body, as in YOUR mind and YOUR body are inextricably linked. Furthermore YOUR body is the servant to YOUR mind. When the mind is at peace, the body is able to function and heal. When your mind is not at peace - illness occurs. Your emotional health therefore is of the utmost importance.

Consider anxiety; anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all experience from time to time. For example, feeling anxious, nervous, tense, or uncertain and perhaps fearful, at the thought of sitting an exam, going into hospital, attending an interview or starting a new job or when faced with a problem at work, or when making an important decision, is quite normal. This in turn often creates worry around feeling uncomfortable, looking foolish or indeed, how successful you will be. These worries can affect your sleep, appetite and ability to focus or concentrate. However, if everything goes well, the anxiety will go away.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion, but as soon as panic and anxiety symptoms worsen into anxiety attacks and panic attacks, it may be then be an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders cause such pain and suffering that they interfere with a person's ability to lead a normal life.

There are quite a few well-known types of anxiety disorders, including: panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and generalised anxiety disorder.

Symptoms vary depending on the type of anxiety disorder; wide-ranging symptoms include:

How can EFT help?
EFT is based on the principles of acupuncture without the needles. It involves gentle tapping with the fingertips on particular natural comfort points on the body in a similar way to that when we are stressed or concentrating hard, in that we have a tendency to hold our heads or rub our temples. What we are in fact doing is accessing comforting points on our body that soothe our energies. Emotional Freedom Technique enables us to actually tune-in to our stress, anxiety, emotion, pain etc whilst we tap with our fingertips on these specific points. This then clears any blockages of energy, soothes our nervous system and enables us to think more clearly.

EFT does not involve the use of drugs nor does it come with any known side-effects, and, unlike conventional talking therapies you do not need to talk about your problems for months. EFT is a very gentle yet effective treatment.

There's no doubt about it - anxiety, panic attacks and anxiety disorders are distressing. You probably don't feel able to talk to people about it as you might feel embarrassed, ashamed or feel like you "should be able to cope". You may well have been told to "pull yourself together" or "get a grip of yourself" in the past. Well suffer no more, help is at hand; the Emotional Freedom Technique really can help you.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to find out more about how I and EFT can help you, please call me on 0207 0784871 or leave a message via my contact page on my website at, Please leave your contact details and I will contact you to arrange a FREE consultation to see how we can work together so you are living your best life!

Please note: Distance is not a problem, I work with people worldwide using Skype.

Summer of Love

by Tom T. Moore
June again launched another SUMMER OF LOVE. This phrase was originally coined in the summer of 1967 when a flood of young people traveled to San Francisco to experience communal living, free medical services, and free love. There was a second Summer of Love in 1969, forty-five years ago, climaxing (a little humour here) with the Woodstock Festival and Concert that August. If you ever watched the documentary, who can ever forget Wavy Gravy saying over the loudspeakers, "Good morning, what we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000 people!"

Years later people are still looking for that "special someone," or if they've found them, many will tie the knot in June. About seventeen years ago I found that I could request Benevolent Outcomes for everything from the mundane, such as requests for a parking spot in front of a busy mall or restaurant, all the way up to the important things in my personal and business life.

If you haven't found that special someone to spend his or her life with you yet, you can say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the perfect mate (here you can substitute husband, wife, or partner) for me, thank you!" When you make these requests a most amazing thing happens - your Guardian Angel responds with assistance (they're not allowed to assist you unless you ask). When you ask for something big like this, you may not see the results in one week, one month, or perhaps one year, but the wheels are set in motion for the two of you to meet, and most importantly, connect!

Of course, you're not supposed to sit in your home waiting for that special someone to walk in the door, so get out and mix and mingle! Each time you leave your home, request a Most Benevolent Outcome (MBOs I call them) to meet someone interesting wherever you go. And if you think you've met someone that you might be compatible with, say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that this relationship is benevolent for me, thank you!" It will quickly end if it isn't.

As an example, one of my newsletter readers, Tracey, wrote, "I was told about the MBOs and started saying it. I went to my son's boot camp graduation. I said I request a MBO for meeting a great guy on this trip (because I love military guys). Plus I've been single for 16years. I'm looking to get married soon. So I went to his graduation and met my son's Master Drill SGT. And now for my birthday, which is September 26 he's sending for me to come and visit him and I'm requesting a MBO for this to be something very serious. Thanks for this information."

So in what ways can your Guardian Angel assist you? Here's a question I asked in meditation of my own Guardian Angel for someone who wrote me:
Theo, Araceli wants to know if H.M. is right for her-a perfect mate?

"We don't normally give advice in love matters Tom. She should be receiving this advice in the form of intuition, inspiration or those "whispers in your ear" that each Guardian Angel for that person continually sends. What is her "gut feeling" about this person, Tom? How compatible does this person feel for her? When she asks these questions of herself, does she get a warm sensation in her belly? We are there to assist, but as I have said before, we cannot tell you directly to take this road or that road. You came to earth to learn how to do these things and to learn to recognize the feelings involved with such choices. So tell Araceli and all your readers to open up and feel. You will notice something that tells you to go this way or that way, or yes on that decision or no on this decision. Again we are there to assist. Just open up your hearts and trust your feelings. Don't try and override them."
If the person really excites you and you decide to have sexual relations with him or her, I would suggest, as I wrote in my books, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that I remain safe and disease free with my sexual partner (you can substitute their name here), thank you!"

After you've found someone, conceivably you'll want to move in together, but neither of your homes is sufficient or large enough. Then you can say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT home for me, thank you!" These requests always have to be for something specific for you, but there is what I call "The Radiant Effect" where other people are benevolently affected by your request. Naturally saying this request works EVERY TIME you decide to move to a new location.

Perhaps things have progressed to the point that you're being married this summer. What an experience, but what planning and stress! My daughter was married a few summers ago, and you would have thought that my daughter and wife were planning the Allied landing on the Normandy beaches. There are many different MBOs you can request as you proceed on your planning-for finding the right wedding and bridesmaid dresses, choosing the right tuxes, choosing the right caterer, choosing the right location for the rehearsal dinner and reception, choosing the right florist, and the right person to officiate your wedding. Oh, and don't forget requesting a MBO for your honeymoon to go smoothly and to be even better than you can hope for or expect! Get in the habit of requesting MBOs for everything in your life, even requesting a MBO to lose weight to look great in your wedding dress.

Each step of the way, there are Benevolent Outcomes to request so that your life will be less stressful, more successful, and more Gentle! By requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life, you will become more aware, the "veil" will begin to thin, and it raises your vibrational level-what a great benefit!

Have a great summer!

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Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, author, and speaker. He is the author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels, The Gentle Way II, and The Gentle Way III, published by Light Technology. He publishes a weekly newsletter and blog. Visit his website at



Why Everyone Should Learn to Lucid Dream
Imagine this: you're exploring things and emotions you never thought were possible. You have the opportunity to control anything that goes on, and have the power to change anything if needed. You're exploring these crazy ideas as if you were doing it in real life, however you're merely dreaming. Is there a monster chasing you as you lucid dream? No worries - with the power of your mind, you can dismiss that monster and completely modify the dream just the way you want it. So instead of being chased by a monster, you can talk with your favorite actor or be an actor yourself being chased by hundreds of fans! The act of lucid dreaming can be confronting, but can be an experience not to be forgotten or avoided. These endeavors can happen if you set your mind to it, and learn how to do it; or you may be gifted with this natural ability.
We've all experienced a nightmare; a falling dream; a daydream, etc. Imagine if you had the ability to be in complete control of what happens. Have the ability to fly through the sky, perceive a scenario from a different perspective. Sounds cool, huh? If you were able to live in your dreams, then wouldn't going to sleep every night be exciting opposed to an inconvenience? We all know that there aren't enough hours in a day, which is absolutely true. Lucid dreaming will make out as if you never sleep, but still receive the same effects. In saying that, whatever happens in your dreams will not (necessarily) happen in real life. For example, you may win the lottery in real life, but wake up as rich as you were the night before. Although lucid dreaming requires practice to ensure perfection, it is definitely achievable to anyone at most ages. It is not dangerous, nor will it physically affect you whatsoever. It's simply a dream that you're consciously aware of and able to manipulate.
Lucid dreaming can occur both accidentally or intentionally. It is not to be feared - it is to be honored as though you have a power; a sixth sense. It's not uncommon for people to lucid dream, and those who are privileged to experience a lucid dream should be proud of their experience(s). As you lucid dream, you can explore your inner mind and view what you never thought existed. Maybe you're anxious for a test, or fear public speaking: lucid dreaming is able to assist you positively to help you overcome this anxiety. So in theory, lucid dreaming is a perfect way to help assist some medical problems you may face on a daily basis. Whether or not you choose to use a lucid dream to help with your problems is completely up to you, but is something one should definitely consider. Does overcoming some personal issues in your life sound appealing to you? Never having to feel anxious to the same extent can be exceptionally relieving, and definitely rewarding.
Along with lucid dreaming comes things needed to be aware of. One of the most important things you must consider is whether or not you're actually experiencing a lucid dream. Think about this: what makes you think that as you read this article, you're not lucid dreaming? What makes it a reality? As you lucid dream, you can feel, see, read, smell, etc. just as you would in real life. It's a scary thought, but once you are able to distinguish a lucid dream from reality, you're able to feel more comfortable and begin enjoying your dreams. Remember that dreams are often illogical, which can be the first hint that it's a dream - however that's not always the case. Some dreams can make perfect sense, so don't completely rely on a realistic event to differentiate a lucid dream from reality. In saying that, with practice comes experience and perfection. It will not be an instant accomplishment, however will become easier and easier in due time.
Lucid dreaming is an encouraged act and should not be avoided and/or feared. It can be a time to explore things you never thought existed, and experience things which wouldn't be possible in real life. Why wouldn't you want to overcome your fears and live a happier, less stressful life? Why shouldn't you look forward to sleeping; now capable of controlling and experiencing your dreams as if they were real life? The exciting adventure you endeavor can be thrilling, and most certainly rewarding - and should be considered.
Bio: Kerry McGlone is a Lucid Dreaming enthusiast, and creator of
As a frequent researcher, she has attained knowledge and experience on lucid dreams, resulting in an enhanced understanding and having the passion to share knowledge with others. If you're interested in becoming a lucid dreamer, feel free to give Dream Lucidly a visit!

Debbie's story, Calm after Grief