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Dear Wendy: I would like to see energy fields around people. What is the best way to do this? Joe

Dear Joe: Some people can see colours surrounding a person, especially around their head. These colours can vary in intensity, hue and tone, and sometimes can move and mix together. Generally, the clearer and brighter the colour, the healthier the person. Dull and weak colours, often show ill-health. Very dark patches, like deep blobs of muddy colour, can reveal poor judgment, addictions, and other dangers. Stand in front of someone who has the light behind them. Look for colours about six inches surrounding their head. In addition to seeing, it is also possible to ‘sense’ the aura’s vibrations. With your hands, feel the energy that surrounds their shoulders and throat areas, approximately one foot away, then about eight inches away from their body.

Dear Wendy: I have a number of issues but I would like some career advice please. I am at a crossroads and have lost my way. I am self employed, work in the fashion industry and live in London. I would like you to draw a card for me. Kay

Dear Kay: I have chosen Sun from Motherpiece Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble as an upright card which foretells happiness through understanding. In this light and warmth, everyone has a sense of what their purpose is in life and there is delight in this realisation. There is also pleasure in expressing one's individuality and uniqueness. The House of Dior has a new Creative Director who is a spiritualist and feminist. Her name is Maria Grazia Chiuri and her new spring/summer collection has been inspired by the Motherpiece Tarot which is based on peaceful matriarchal cultures and Goddess myths and legends. Using my inspiration, I suggest you work with natural textiles and dyes, and with wood and especially Mother of Pearl - but to avoid fur and leather. Wishing you well in a new road that will take you to places which add to your contentment and satisfaction

Dear Wendy:
Can you explain to me the theory behind the energies in colour? Pat, Somerset

Dear Pat: The ancient Egyptians painted the floors and walls of their temples in bright colours. The Greeks, Romans, Asians, Orientals and the Aboriginal peoples of Australia have always loved colour and used it in their pictorial language to create effects that were both pleasing and powerful. The colours of the clothes that people wore reflected the natural dyes of their country and some were highly sought after and extremely expensive, such as the purple dye made from molluscs and worn by Roman emperors. Cleopatra was said to have loved the colour purple. Temples, churches and mosques have always been places of colour, with stained glass, mosaic tiles, paintings and embroidered cloth.

The colours of the prism were first recorded by Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and the colour wheel of harmonising and complementary colours was shown in detail. Goethe wrote a book on the theory of colour.

Healing energies and knowledge of colour is relevant because it affects mood. Prisons are decorated with pink as this reduces violence. Hospitals, especially operating theatres, are decorated with green to induce the idea of being surrounded with nature and therefore this colour helps with relaxation and health. Yellow is thought to reduce depression and is used for psychiatric wards, though babies do not like it. Weightlifters lift best in blue rooms. Red tends to stimulate and motivates action. It can raise the respiration and pulse rate. A restaurant with red décor will send a message that it is not vegetarian. Colour associations in art are quite traditional. For instance, the Mother of Jesus, Mary, usually appears in royal blue to denote sadness. Colour is very cultural. Yellow for Westerners signifies Spring and energy whereas to those from Indonesia, it is associated with funerals. Therefore it is the opposite of what we would expect. In the West, we wear white to weddings and black to funerals. This shows that the healing nature of colour is cultural, although the general meaning of white throughout the world is a sign of purity and innocence.

Preferences in colour are not only cultural but can also be very individual. A colour associated with healing might produce stress in a certain individual depending on their associations and their level of health and vitality. It is best always to consult with a person and learn what their individual preferences and association are. For more information about the uses of colour, visit:


Dear Wendy: I know you are a mind, body and spirit book reviewer, I am looking for a self help health book. Can you suggest one please? Kerry

Dear Kerry:
I would like to suggest 'Matrix Healing' by a successful New York doctor Dr Raphael Kellman, who is founder and director of 'the Kellman Centre' which, in addition to traditional medicine, offers complimentary remedies for illnesses that other doctors find are very difficult to treat, such as auto-immune illness, chronic fatigue, etc. The book is well explained and useful, and has some traditional Jewish tales that run throughout. I liked the contents and appreciate Dr Kellman providing information which contains many years of his extensive wisdom and knowledge in the medical arena.


Dear Wendy: Do you have an oracle card to share with us for the month of March? Kerry Ann

Dear Kerry Ann:
Yes, I have chosen this card for Health & Happiness readers from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and it is titled, Kuan Yin (pronounced kwan yin) and she is the Oriental Goddess of Compassion. The information booklets tells us to 'release judgements about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone. The message from this goddess is: Gentleness is the strength behind true power and this comes from feeding yourself and others with nourishing actions. Shield yourself from harshness and seek gentleness. Be happy, be kind, be sweet, but most of all be true to yourself. Kuan Yin is the Eastern goddess who hears all prayers. She is the essence of purity, nurturing love and gentle power. She has vowed to stay close to the earth until all people are enlightened. She is the protector of women and children and she awakens musical gifts and abilities as well as psychic understanding".


Dear Wendy: Can you decipher this dream for me please? I am standing on a balcony, the air is warm and there are soft lights. Suddenly, I am flying in the night sky. The stars are above me and I am sucked up so I become part of them and they are all around me. I feel I am part of the pattern of the constellations. TL

Dear TL:
This is an amazing dream of unity and power. It describes a period where your spirit is uplifted to the Heavens. It is offering you great freedoms and pleasures. Perhaps others have elevated you with special attention or welcomed you into some privileged society. Well done! Without wanting to bring you down to Earth with too much of a jolt, it is important to keep your feet on the ground at such a time as this. I suggest you work hard on consolidating your assets and beware of looking down on others. Meditate on the ability to enjoy status and staying realistic. Use the affirmation: I am grateful for everything.


Dear Wendy: Is there an angel for the month of February, I would like to know this as my dear friend Cally is going to be in hospital for surgery during this month. Sally B

Dear Sally:
Barachiel is the Angel of Compassion and Patience and the colour of the gown that this angel wears is pale blue.

This angel will give you the understanding that your friend needs during her hospital stay and for her recovery from surgery, which will take time. She might feel impatient and want to do more than is good for her, but you can advise and guide her. You can also help her as there are things that she should not be doing at this time, which you can do for her. The Angel Barachiel is the angel for February, a time of year when the weather is cold and the nights are dark and who creates a stillness and rest period, when we can love and look after our energies before the bursting back to life and activity. in springtime. Mehriel is also an angel for February and this angel supports those who study and those who work with new ideas and their imagination. If you are wanting to study or research this year or develop new ideas, now is the time to do this.

Dear Wendy: I am interested in having a spiritual celebration this month for a few friends and would like to know what you suggest. KK

Dear KK:
I suggest you celebrate either of these which fall on the first or second day of February. They are best held after dark.

The first of February is a celebration to Brigid, the fire goddess of the Celtic peoples and the date is known as Oimelc (a word for sheep's milk). From Roman times, a group of women kept a flame alive for the entire town. In fact, women kept a flame alive in the convents of Kildare in Ireland until the time of Henry VIII and they have recently revived this very ancient tradition. This is usually a celebration exclusively for women. Ask your guests to wear the colours of fire, light candles, eat bread with eye's milk cheese. and sit in a circle to tell of life experiences of love and kindness.

The second of February is a Christian day called 'Candlemass', a time of lighting candles. The candle is a symbol for the sun, and when we light a candle, we call the sun back to our country, to stimulate growth of plants and to increase our own energy. Men and women can both attend. It is a time of cleansing. The word 'februare' means 'purification'. This festival remembers Jesus as a baby being taken to the temple. Get together in a circle and ask each person to speak about something they have planned for the spring and summer. These festivals fall on a new moon, so, if you can, and the weather is good enough, look up at the sky to see the new moon as this is a time of new beginnings where you can manifest closer friendships and aspirations and ambitions for the future.


Dear Wendy: Can you choose an oracle card for January please? I'm sure Health & Happiness readers will gain some insight and learning from your choice! JJ

Dear JJ:
This is for you and other readers: I have chosen from the Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti card number 11 titled Harmony, Balance and Being in Tune with Others.

It comes with the pertinent message 'you don't get harmony when everyone sings the same note!' This is the traditional time to visit the circus (we hope no animals are taking part). To understand what something is, it is a help to understand its opposite. Harmony is not achieved in isolation. It requires resonance or participation with others linked by time, rhythm or agreement. To be out of sync implies discord, disharmony and conflict. These musical metaphors can be applied to other actions and relationships that require us to live, work and relate to others in the world around us. Adjusting our perspective and modifying our position allows us to disregard differences and move forward in tune with others, make allowance, be unselfish! We can see here the jester produces a rainbow of melody, her dress and the musical score sheet work together to tell the same message of good will. Be wary of always making adjustments for the common good. There will be occasions when you should take the lead, sometimes a solo performance is productive.


Dear Wendy: Is there a specific angel for the month of January? I would like to include this angel in my meditation. KA

Dear KA: There are ways in which angels have been allotted particular months, but you can also choose an angel most suited to your circumstances, for instance Michael for protection, Raphael for healing, and Uriel for upliftment. For January, many angelologists (those who study angels) think that Gabriel is the angel most suited to this month. It is a time of new beginnings and Gabriel oversees the start of new projects. Gabriel is also dream interpreter and can help you with aspirations, hopes and ambitions as well as understanding your nightly dreams. In some traditions, Gabriel blows the trumpet that is heard on the last day of our life, so is there at the beginning of new life and at the end. Gabriel is often seen carrying a white lily in his appearance in artworks showing the Virgin Mary being told she would bear the child, Jesus, and is dressed in white with golden hair over which can be seen a beautiful halo. The voice is a low whisper so you need to listen hard to the words. The scent is of cloves and honey and the music in the background is the harp. Wishing you a good meditation for the month of January.


Dear Wendy:
Is there any truth in the theory of reincarnation? PR

Dear PR:
I'm a believer in reincarnation but there are many schools of thought on this subject, some of which are controversial. The most common belief that relates to reincarnation, and one that I always contest, is the Hindu 'Law of Karma' which suggests the constant return to physical life and where the poor, traumatized and disabled are blamed and punished for some suspected wrong deed in a previous life. This blames those in distress for causing their own suffering and suggests the rich are due their good fortune. It is my belief that the strong and affluent are given their riches specifically in order to assist those who are deprived, and that our reason to return is to gain wisdom and insight in order to be a more enlightened person. There are some reincarnation theories suggest we can return to live in this world as an animal, but some say that animals do not have a soul and therefore humans cannot reincarnate as an animal. In hypnosis, investigating a past life to gain information about this one, and to heal current life problems is very popular and also very convincing. I have spoken to therapists who explain that these ''remembered past lives' might be related to subpersonalities within the unconscious mind. If we do return, it will be an opportunity to help or heal someone and to use our life wisely to create a better world.


Dear Wendy:
My daughter's friend's mother is a spiritual teacher (or advertises herself as such). Their friendship began as school-friends to overnight sleep-overs, then a holiday friendship and now she accompanies my daughter to private after school classes. I pay for everything and this little girl has increasingly expensive tastes while her mother has private yoga classes, botox, hair extensions and false nails, all of which I could never afford. I spoke to her mother and asked her to contribute to expenses for her daughter. Her reply was "Everyone gets a pay-off for what they do, or they wouldn't do it!" I was shocked and angered by her comment. It's put me in a bind. Shall I stop paying for her daughter and allow my daughter to lose her closest friend? KO

Dear KO: I am sorry to hear of your predicament. A self-centred sentiment is popular amongst many New Age teachers, many of whom think that being 'spiritual' is about impressing other people with conspicuous wealth and endless youth. This mentality has progressed to a ruthless level in some places where true spirituality is not understood. A true spiritual path is one of concern for others, tranquility, humility, justice, compassion, wisdom and equality and caring for the dwindling resources of our planet. Spiritual people are altruistic and will often inconvenience themselves for others, putting others before themselves. We think of a person who is late for an appointment who stops to assist someone in need or who gives money to a charity whilst going without themselves. Our entire society depends on kindness. A disregard for the feelings of others is the opposite of a spiritual path. I feel for her daughter who has such a cold and cynical mother who boils down all actions as being self-serving. I hope you find more deserving and appreciative girls in the school who you can introduce to your daughter as a replacement friend.

Wendy is a London based counsellor and coach. She holds workshops on a variety of topics, including dream interpretation, how to read cards, the goddess, angels, colour therapy, shamanism and other related mind, body and spirit topics. She is on the expert panel of Spirit & Destiny Magazine and Psychic News. Please visit: for more information.