Many of you may feel an affinity with the pathway of Faery, having felt the call since childhood. The Faery follower has come, in this lifetime, with a purpose to awaken the magic of the old ways, of the days when magic was abound, when humans and the Faery world respected each other and worked together in harmony, to ensure the natural balance in all things.



 This month's question to the Faery Docteur
Dear Faery Doctour

I have been suffering with ill health lately and wondered if the faeries could help me to heal.



Dear Kat

We all know that Nature in itself is healing. Whenever we go outside and smell the fresh air, hug a tree or sniff a flower we benefit from the healing properties that nature naturally emits.

The colour green is associates with healing, it is the colour of nature, after all and the auric colour of Archangel Raphael, who is the healing angel of all angels!

So you can imagine my surprise when I first connected and met the Healing Fairies. Instead of being the deep emerald green I was expecting, I suddenly became surrounded by an iridescent blanket of bright electric blue, when I called for some healing assistance one night. The colour is deep and intense, matching the restorative qualities of these magical healers.




Whenever you are feeling under the weather, depressed, lacking in energy or inflicted with pain, you can call upon the faeries to help you heal. The faeries are natural healers and know how to instantly bring about relief and cure to your dis-ease.

All you need to do is lie in a comfortable position, preferably at night-time so that the healing faeries can continue to work with you as you sleep.


So feeling relaxed take a deep breath in and slowly release and say;

Faeries, I call you to come heal my pain

with your powerful magic, I ask not in vain.

Bring me cures from deep colour, and bright starlight made,

and let the discomfort and illness now fade


With eyes still shut, see in your mind hundreds of fairies, all glowing the brightest electric blue - these are the healing faeries. As you take a deep breath in, these remarkable healers come together and form an iridescent blanket of sapphire.

This magical jewelled cloak wraps around your body causing a surge of warm healing energy to pulse through you, filling every vessel, every artery, every part of your very being.

You are filled with perfect love, healing and strength as the fairies touch your soul and your heart with their magic.

Breathe in the healing energy - feel it. Breathe in the healing light - experience it. Stay in the moment - rest and allow, as vitality and wholeness are restored.


© Flavia Kate Peters

If you would like advice from the Faeries then send your questions to The Faery Doctour at quoting FAERY DOCTOUR

Flavia Kate Peters is a popular Mystic, Speaker and Best Selling Author of "Way of The Faery Shaman" (Moon Books) who, since childhood, has always communed effortlessly with the spirits of nature. She teaches others how to affiliate and work with these mystical beings and her authentic and honest approach makes her a most sought after elemental energy teacher.

"The Earth needs your help. The Fae are calling you to harness the power of Nature. In return they offer assistance to enable you to thrive in this very modern world, in balance and harmony, and with a sprinkle of very real magic. The Way of The Faery Shaman, gives insight as to who the Faeries really are, which element they are connected to, and how to work with that element in order to bring about the magic that is actually all around us."

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Thank you! Brightest FAE Blessings xxx



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