Many of you may feel an affinity with the pathway of Faery, having felt the call since childhood. The Faery follower has come, in this lifetime, with a purpose to awaken the magic of the old ways, of the days when magic was abound, when humans and the Faery world respected each other and worked together in harmony, to ensure the natural balance in all things.



 This month's question to the Faery Docteur
Dear Faery Doctour

I love this time of year as nature comes alive and grows in abundance. I feel I need the faeries help to manifest some good into my life. What can I do to tune in with this energy?


Dear Chloe

Spring is a good time to work any Faery spells, for this is the season of new beginnings. When you call upon the faeries at this time of year, your manifestation abilities become heightened, as the magical energy of Spring runs through all that you put your focus and vision into. Your gift to bring about what you desire, is strong, and will grow as your understanding of the elements, herbs and candle magic unfolds. But remember to be careful what you wish for, as you could blinded to any unseen factors if the action you take is not for the highest good. The universal law of manifestation asks you to heed the Three Fold Law and to remember that whatever you send out comes back to you. Be completely clear about what you wish for, and remember to take into consideration any consequences that may occur to all living things, as an outcome. Live accordingly in harmony with a level of consciousness that will harm none and be aware of your thoughts and words at every moment. Master this, and you will be in a position to receive all that you ask for.

If you want to bring about the gifts that the Fae have to offer then you should invoke them in order to incorporate the element of Air into your world. Connect with them by taking long walks in the hills and feel the Sylphs, the faeries of air, as they blow through your hair. Talk to the Sylphs as you connect with the breeze, and listen to their answers that come to you through your thoughts or in signs that they send to acknowledge your connection with them.

You can connect with the Sylphs through the sounds of wind chimes or instruments, such as the flute, which are all associated with the element of Air. Introduce music, dance and song into your life and as the Sylphs draw to you, you will find that you become healed in many ways, opening up a new world of creativity, opportunity and inspiration.

In magical terms Air is in the direction of the East, it is the time of Dawn, and the season of Spring that brings about freedom and new beginnings.

The magic of Air stimulates the power of the mind, enhances the intellect and brings about mental clarity - enhancing your focus.

During this season go out into nature to find a feather, that has naturally fallen.

Face the East at Dawn, light a yellow candle, and say;

"I make a wish, now cast a spell.

Fae magic works so very well

I vow to keep the Three Fold Law.

Gifts will abound all the more.

This magic is worked, with harm to none

So mote it be. There, it is done"

Now infuse your wishes and desires into the feather and then throw it in the direction of East, so that the Sylphs will pick it up and carry it through the air, to bring about your wishes into fruition.

Blow out the candle and give thanks to the Sylphs by feeding the birds.


© Flavia Kate Peters

If you would like advice from the Faeries then send your questions to The Faery Doctour at quoting FAERY DOCTOUR

Flavia Kate Peters is a popular Mystic, Speaker and Best Selling Author of "Way of The Faery Shaman" (Moon Books) who, since childhood, has always communed effortlessly with the spirits of nature. She teaches others how to affiliate and work with these mystical beings and her authentic and honest approach makes her a most sought after elemental energy teacher.

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