The 2016 Results

Health & Happiness Awards

A celebration of the awesome work of organisations
and individuals who want to make our planet a better place to be

Thank you for your votes and stories of how your lives have been improved by these wonderful all-giving people

These awards were designed not only to recognise the winners, but also to celebrate and appreciate the magnificent, totally awesome work that thousands of people working in the holistic health and spiritual field achieve each day.

Congratulations to our winners!


WINNER - Most inspiring public speaker

Ian Tucker


"A man who walks his talk and is the most humble yet inspiring speaker I have ever seen"




WINNER - Most Inspiring Person

Helen Courtney

"In just 6 weeks she established "Helping Handbags West Midlands" encouraging local women to support women in crisis by donating an unwanted handbag filled with sanitary items and hygiene products. The response was immense, and Helen set up over 85 local donation stations, collected and distributed over 3000 handbags to in excess of 50 charities locally. This included going out with various outreach organisation for the homeless on the streets in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Helen always works from the heart and looks to help those less fortunate than ourselves or those struggling at certain points in their journey. Helen is a true inspiration and she has a great ability to champion and encourage others to help."




Best School of Natural Therapy

Justicia School of Complementary Therapy

"Justine provides a variety brilliantly structured and detailed courses. She is kind and will do anything in her power to help her students night or day! She is fairly priced and the small groups maximise learning potential! She inspires me to complete more and more courses with her!"




WINNER - Best MBS Event Organiser

Tree of Life

"They organise two super festivals each year as well as many workshops and speakers at their Friday evening meetings. All beautifully brought together in their quarterly magazine."





Best Healer, energy healing, reiki etc

Justine Thornton

"She has a natural way and you feel so relaxed,
refreshed and at one when she has worked her magic"




WINNER - Best Massage Therapist

Susan Tapper

"Lovely massage and she is always giving her time to
massage for charities and careers groups"




WINNER - Best Medium

Darren Brittain


"I have never met a medium to give such minute details ... names of Roads!"




WINNER - Best Natural Health Centre

Birmingham Holistic Health Centre

"There is no other place like it in the UK!"




WINNER - Best Self-Help Author

Tom T. Moore

"His Most Benevolent Outcomes have changed my life!
Thank you."




WINNER - Best natural product

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel

"The benefits are life changing, I no longer have problems with my stomach, and all my aches and pains have eased, as a bonus I no longer pick up viruses, and am loosing weight. To me the miracle wonder medicine in a bottle."