Colour is uplifting and brings beauty, interest and energy to our life. Colour is infinite in its variety of hue, tint, tone, shade, texture and intensity. We communicate messages about our personality through our choice of colour in clothes, decor, vehicles, logos, etc., and is an interesting talking point. Our love of nature is strongly based on our appreciation of its magnificent displays of colour, constantly changing and reflecting light. Though the meaning of colour is cultural, and personal, we offer some colour posts here with a short write-up, expressing moods, ideas, perspectives. If you enjoy the page, please share the link for others to enjoy it too. This page, with regular updates, is provided by Wendy Stokes with the offer of a free app from the Colour Institute which provides a personal colour test, courtesy of Mycoocoon, the Colour Specialists:

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Your Life in Colour - Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Colour

by Dougall Fraser,

published by Hay House in paperback 12.99

Dougall Fraser is a Los Angeles intuitive life coach and workshop facilitator. He has an ability to see auras and has interests in meditation, chakras and colour healing.

This book explains how to incorporate colour into your life with exercises, affirmations, meditations and suggestions on how to align yourself with colour energies.

Colours can create positive and negative reactions so we need to find which colours work for us and he provides a simple course to work with a different colour each week. Dougall Fraser provides examples from his personal experiences and those of his clients.

Each colour can help us to meet our goals, increase energy, influence and wellbeing. We can imagine a beautiful meditation such as imagining a ball of colour above our head which bursts into a shower of sparkles which rain down over us. He has a radio show on Hay House Radio and offers a blog on his website.

White, gold, silver, blue, emerald green, purple, ruby red, orange, pink, mint green, I liked this book and I gained some excellent ideas from it. It improved my awareness of the beauty and power of colours and gave me an increased ability to enjoy nature and everyday objects. What a joy! You can find your gold aura for independence, your purple for leadership and destiny, mint green for enthusiasm, red for empathy, orange for balance and perception and lots more to enjoy and learn!

Reviewer: Wendy Stokes


The Colour of the Year, chosen by Pantone Colour Institute, will be this bright, luscious, green colour. After the greys, browns and blacks that have dominated the fashion world over 2016, this is an exciting colour to major with throughout 2017. We do not allow the fashion world to dictate to us! We choose the colours that uplift our mood and enhance our life. What do we say when we choose this colour? The colour is that of new leaves, so that statement we make is about the importance of new life and health, of freshness and vitality.


Gem stone of the Year for 2017: Peridot is a high quality bright green crystal which has been known since the times of ancient Egypt. The stones are formed deep within in the Earth and brought to the surface by volcanic activity. Out of the black lava comes a fabulous stone like fresh green grass, as though it is alive and juicy enough to eat! Sometimes, peridots are found in meteorites but these are as rare as hens' teeth and are very highly prized! It is thought that many stones which have been labelled as 'emeralds' are, in fact, peridots, such as the stones in the treasures of the Three Magi in Cologne Cathedral. It is thought that the Emerald Tablet of the Greek God Hermes Trismegistus (also the Egyptian God Thoth) was a peridot and the stone that fell from Lucifer's crown may have been a peridot, not an emerald as once thought.


Colour for February

Everyone loves a dynamic colour to brighten their day. Orange is a wonderful colour that performs that function! We can almost taste its tang and sweetness and it gives us energy to look upon it and to meditate. Reserve some time to sit comfortably and relax, clear your mind, this is your time to enjoy and savour this moment. Ask the angels who wear this colour to throw their robe upn you, encircling you in its vibrancy. It is life enhancing. It has a power that motivate and energise. Imagine you are floating in a lake of orange coloured water. The sun shining and adding brightness and light to the depth of its colour.

Your morning treat: Carrot juice is just what we need at this time of year! This drink contains carrot with mango added and with a squeeze of lemon and lime, and a sprig of mint. This combination ensures you have a wide variety of vitamins and minerals for you good health at the same time as having a very pleasant drink to waken you. Do you always take your drinks iced? Try your drinks at room temperature. Cold drinks tend to reduce the taste buds ability to fully experience the taste, so drinking at room temperature enables the taste buds to receive the full flavours. Always use a glass, preferably a glass that pleases you. Never drink from plastic or polystyrene which are harmful for the environment.


Colour for March

For March I have chosen a deeply spiritual colour. During my childhood, purple was a colour that elderly ladies wore. It was considered the colour of dignity because for millennia the dye was so expensive that only royalty could afford to have cloth dyed this colour. These days, the colour is enjoyed by all age groups and is seen everywhere. The Guardian Angels Cards allot the colour purple to the quality of balance. Everything is comprised of opposites which together create a whole. The middle path is the preferred path to that of polarity and extremist. If you light a candle in a room which is already lit, you cannot distinguish the light of the candle. If the room is in darkness, the light of the candle glows bright. Ensure the light of your life glows brightly during this month which welcomes the spring at the vernal equinox on 21st March.


Colour for April

For April, I have chosen the colour Amber as it reflects the gold of the sun which we anticipate is arriving in greater strength each month. The card is from Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar and it carries the angel, Merbayel, and the anchor of laughter. Amber is fossilised pine tree resin and it often contains plant or insect material buried within its luminosity. If you feel trapped in life, the sunlight reflected within the amber will lift your spirits and will show you new paths, and give you the strength of endurance to remove yourself from any sticky situation. Amber is a link to the Egyptian God, Bes and also the Lord Buddha, both in their roles as laughing deities. Use the affirmation: I laugh; it is the voice of my true spirit!

The full moon is on 11th April 2017. If you have any amber stones, leave them in the light of the moon to recharge. Easter falls on the 16th April 2017, a suitable time to take stock of your energy levels. The Buddha invites us to be passive and poised, balanced and meditative. If you feel you have been excessive in any way, lighting a candle and asking the Buddha to guide your mind towards health and harmony is the answer. Often springtime is a busy time for everyone, animals and birds too. if you are doing too much, a time of rest will provide resolution to many of life's problems. Sometimes, all we need is to stop what we are doing for a short while. Many people take a short break at this time. Focus is important and will lead to a break-through of inspiration.


Colour for May

From Universal Prophecy Cards by Julie McKenzie, I have chosen the card titled ‘Colour’ which shows a vortex of rainbow light.

The instructions are: Visualise rainbow colours surrounding you as you breathe in their healing energy. From a calm mind and peaceful heart, the truth you seek will emerge!