September Moon Flow -
Natural Rhythms as Our Guide


Hello Health & Happiness readers, I'm Cassandra Eve, Whole Woman astrologer and creative facilitator. I'm really inspired to be joining Health & Happiness magazine with a monthly column on the Moon's flow. I hope my offering of universal rhythms will impassion you to explore deeply your role as a universal co-creator.

Everything on Earth is living to the pulse and rhythms of the Universe. Becoming conscious of those natural rhythms, and our part in them as human beings, is one of the keys to self-understanding and fully creative life expression. Astrology is a map-making system for universal flow and rhythm, charting the cycles and energetic patterns of the planets and their effects on the human psyche. We know that the Moon, as the nearest planet to Earth, governs the ocean tides, plant growth and animal body clocks, also our natural rhythms of sleep, menstruation, moods, emotions and cycles of inner growth. Her waxing and waning through each of the twelve zodiac signs over 29 days also signifies the changing modes and flavours available for self expression, and the activation of larger cycles of growth potential available to us. She's a guiding light for a deeply intuitive feeling connection to Life. In exploring her journey we may embody that connection, becoming more intimate with our place in the universe as co-creators.


September Moon Flow - Natural Rhythms as Our Guide

Hello beloved Health & Happiness readers. We're emerging from Eclipse season into the natural cycles of Virgo this month. The focus is on earthy Virgo with its polarity, water sign Pisces. In the zodiac wheel Virgo expresses the creative heart energies of Leo through focus on work and service. Ruled by the Messenger Mercury, Virgo, the second Earth sign, represents how we use our minds in organisation and planning, refining and purifying all types of systems, from analytical to health, in order to be of service. As we would expect with an earth sign, Virgo is about the practicalities of how we organise energy through the body or with physical responsibilities. It's where we notice the details - our beliefs and habits that make up 'me' - and where we refine and purify to ensure a functioning healthy system. It's where we find the errors in any system in order to make it work efficiently. With a focus on service, Virgo is the sign of the nurse, the secretary, the accountant; she's the one with her finger on the pulse of competence. Yet Virgo also holds the Earth Mother energy, revealing how the Earth's harvest of food and herbs can nourish our human system, where remedies such as flower essences can support our health, and systematic therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy and reflexology work through energetics to heal imbalance in the body. With Virgo ruler, Mercury retrograde (11 Virgo to 28 Leo) still retrograde until 5 September, and the Full and New Moons featuring strong Virgo energy, it's a good time to cleanse and reorganise on every level.


This month's Full Moon is on 6 September at 08.03GDT at 13 Pisces. The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces point towards the synergy of mind and emotion within our self. It's the left and right hemisphere balance, how the ways we use our mind can support and nourish our self, or cause imbalance through being overly rational or critical, escapist or unfocused. It's where spirit meets mind and body, the synergy of our energetic and physical systems. With Virgo ruler Mercury station direct (changing direction from Earth perspective) just before the Full Moon right on the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse (28 Leo), this period heralds a gathering up of events and experiences from around 21 August. This opens deeper insight and understanding of what's needed to move forward. Mercury is re-activating this summer's Grand Fire Trine energies so previous opportunities open up in a new way, or you may see your way forward more clearly due to inner shifts of perspective. With the Full Moon conjunct its ruler Great Dissolver Neptune (strong in its own sign Pisces) its vital to believe in the power of new beginnings. Don't listen to your old victim stories or self-doubts, or allow emotional confusion to cloud your mind. With the Sun and Moon in positive aspects to Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn and Goddess of Wisdom Pallas Athena in Taurus, we're being called to deep understanding of the processes of change on Earth, the wisdom of timing, patience and rootedness in what you know to be deeply real. With Goddess of Love Venus in Leo quincunx the Full Moon and Neptune, there's a tension between what you might want life to look like and how it actually is. The demand for demonstrations of love or to be centre spotlight, are potentially conflicting with the deeper need to trust your self and the power of your own heart centred self-confidence to guide you.

Highlighted signs: Leo, Virgo and Pisces.


This month's New Moon emerges at 06.30GDT on 20 September at 27 Virgo. August's eclipses and the Mercury retrograde period finally fall away and begin to open up a new field of potential. Yet it's a case of cycles within cycles within cycles. Messenger Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, is crossing his retrograde shadow zone and opposing Neptune as he did on 12 August. Events and experience from around that time will reach their next stage now. Yet all is not as it seems. We may be looking for clarity and movement but it's necessary to realise that, as with nature, we can't push the seed to grow. Instead we are called to nurture vision and expansion through detail focus, planning, organising, small steps in the right direction. A quincunx from the New Moon to Great Awakener Uranus in Aries means adjustment is needed between what you might want and what is ripe. Frustration and impatience may be evident but not useful. This earthy New Moon in the flow of a Grand Earth Trine with Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn and Wisdom Goddess Pallas Athena in Taurus, points towards nature as a mirror. Allowing rather than pushing, preparing and refining rather than leaping. Wisdom shows us everything has its season. Planetary aspects on 28 September really open up the field for action; meanwhile patience is a virtue and Virgo is its sign.

Highlighted signs: Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces



With many blessings and love



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