November Moon Flow -
Riding the Waves


Hello Health & Happiness readers, I'm Cassandra Eve, Whole Woman astrologer and creative facilitator. I'm really inspired to be joining Health & Happiness magazine with a monthly column on the Moon's flow. I hope my offering of universal rhythms will impassion you to explore deeply your role as a universal co-creator.

Everything on Earth is living to the pulse and rhythms of the Universe. Becoming conscious of those natural rhythms, and our part in them as human beings, is one of the keys to self-understanding and fully creative life expression. Astrology is a map-making system for universal flow and rhythm, charting the cycles and energetic patterns of the planets and their effects on the human psyche. We know that the Moon, as the nearest planet to Earth, governs the ocean tides, plant growth and animal body clocks, also our natural rhythms of sleep, menstruation, moods, emotions and cycles of inner growth. Her waxing and waning through each of the twelve zodiac signs over 29 days also signifies the changing modes and flavours available for self expression, and the activation of larger cycles of growth potential available to us. She's a guiding light for a deeply intuitive feeling connection to Life. In exploring her journey we may embody that connection, becoming more intimate with our place in the universe as co-creators.


November Moon Flow - Riding the Waves

Hello beloved Health & Happiness readers. As we move into darker days and longer nights here in the northern hemisphere we enter the Scorpio season. The focus is moving from light and airy Libra with focus on friendship and harmony into the deep emotional connection of Scorpio. Scorpio is the water sign that rules the hidden, mysterious and taboo areas of life: birth, death, sexuality and money. It’s the sign of the Great Mystery. Scorpio energy is drawn to what is hidden behind the veils. It’s no wonder Halloween falls into this season, for Scorpio holds the gifts that make for the good psychiatrist, detective, researcher or surgeon. This deep water sign wants to get to the core, to uncover what is hidden or repressed, to delve into the motivations, obsessions and compulsions of life. Expressing through three very different symbols – the scorpion, the phoenix and the eagle – Scorpio’s journey is to uncover the inner darkness and use it as fuel for growth. Its purpose is transformation; its gifts are perception and insight, magnetism, passion, purpose to the point of ruthlessness, resourcefulness and authenticity. Its polar opposite sign in earth, Taurus, active at the Full Moon, rules the senses and body, material comfort and values. Together Taurus & Scorpio represent our experience of being in the body and our emotions, comfort and discomfort, sensuality and sexuality, attachment and separation, and the inevitable major processes we face through life from birth to the final letting go of death.


This month’s Full Moon is on 4 November at 05.23GMT at 11 Taurus. With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus this is another relationship-orientated lunation, exposing and exploring relating dynamics. Events and experience from the Libra New Moon on 19 October are coming into their next phase. It’s a time of gathering understanding about what’s needed to grow connection, intimacy and deeply honest relating. Venus, Goddess of Love, opposes the Great Awakener Uranus in Aries at this Full Moon, reactivating the themes of ‘me’ and ‘we’ highlighted at the New Moon. Surprises, reactions and change are the order of the day when Uranus is active. Change is the great awakener; we may not find it easy but how we respond is crucial, for it brings events into their next phase of challenge or flow. With both Sun & Moon in a tense T-square aspect with the Earth Mother asteroid Ceres in Leo at this Moon, we called to stay heart –centred at this time. Scorpio, Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, focused on stabilising & maintaining rather than action and change. Flexibility is essential if your boat gets rocked. Time to discover what deeper fears are lurking behind any resistance to change. Neptune sextile the Full Moon, highlights the blessings of simply of letting go, along with the qualities of compassion, forgiveness and kindness. With resistance to ‘what is’ as a potential issue as this Full Moon, perhaps it’s about finding a bigger context for surprises or change? Seeing where you might be entrenched, needing to drop reactivity and deal with change with good grace? The long term square between Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius and Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces, active at this Full Moon, show us there is much more unfolding than the current experience. We’re involved in an evolutionary field that is cultivating true response, wisdom and humility through life’s ever-changing experience. Highlighted signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Pisces


This month’s New Moon emerges at 11.42 GMT on 18 November at 26 Scorpio, the sign of passion and intimacy. The Scorpio New Moon calls us deep into our motivations, emotions, secrets and hidden places. It’s where we may catch a glimpse of what’s really going on behind the scenes …. and this dynamic lunation may bring more than a glimpse. It may blow a few covers off with its volatility. Both rulers of this Scorpio lunation, Mars and Pluto, in an applying square from Libra to Capricorn suggest inner tensions are brewing. Warrior Mars is most comfortable expressing through direct action. In airy Libra his fiery energy dissipates and is without direction. It may express in passive-aggressive ways, or build up through unhealthy compromise. The square to Pluto adds force to Mars seeming ineffectiveness in Libra. Emotional energy needs to move or may erupt. It’s like a balloon being inflated; if it goes beyond its stretch capacity, it will burst. Relationships are highlighted once again at this New Moon. Some issue is looking to emerge, perhaps forcefully. A wise choice may be to speak before energy builds. Positive aspects from the New Moon to Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces open doors to vulnerable sharing where there’s a true desire to connect. There’s a lot of passion in this aspect so physical connection may blow away the cobwebs. Choose your moment wisely though. A need to make your point or dump your stuff may only escalate any relating challenges. This New Moon is more about finding ways to weather the storm for a few days until calmer waters emerge. Or to ride the waves of passion until the moment arrives for a gentler connection. Highlighted signs: Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.


With many blessings and love



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