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– a unique 75 card deck for use with any numerology system

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Every artist needs to prep their canvas. This luxurious makeup primer glides on to visually diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores, creating a smooth surface.

  • Lightweight, smooth, creamy formula preps skin for more flawless foundation application
  • Minimises the look of skin imperfections, delivering a diminished appearance of fine lines and pores
  • Helps makeup last longer throughout the day
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested
  • Vegan certified

Easy to use…Using fingertips, smooth on a layer of primer after applying your daily moisturiser, or apply onto clean skin

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If you would like more information and to try this product contact;
Jan Jones 07855 465426


Flavia Kate’s Faery Godmother Oracle Deck

with Solarus Publishing

Artist: Julie Dhemiah-Meacham


Everyone’s heard of a Faery Godmother, and at some point has wished they had one to help them through a difficult time, or to grant a wish at the flick of a wand.

Now you CAN have access to the assistance and wisdom of your very own Faery Godmother through the vessel of this Faery Godmother Oracle deck. There are 40 beautifully illustrated cards depicting a faery godmother who will turn up in only a shuffle to give advice where needed, depending on your situation at the time. From bringing about protection, strength, comfort, abundance or granting a special wish, each card shines with a faery godmother to suit each purpose. Suitable for all ages, genres and gender – you are never alone when your faery godmother is nearby!

Founded in 1978, and operating in over 150 countries, Forever and its affiliates have become the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera and bee products in the world. Avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides, our patented stabilisation process ensures our aloe vera is essentially identical to the inner leaf gel. And because we are not dependent on any other supplier, we can guarantee the quality of our aloe.

The key to our success is therefore a commitment to quality and purity. We start with 100% inner gel, adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products. The versatility of this product means that aloe vera can be taken as a drink or applied to the skin. Not tested on animals, the Forever collection is a testament to nature’s capacity to help us look and feel our best.

– a unique 75 card deck for use with any numerology system.

As learning tool and visual aid these cards take numerology out of your head and put it right in front of you – where you can feel it, see it and touch it.

Numbers are all around us. Wherever there is a number there is also a shape, a pattern, a colour, a sound and ultimately a Tarot card. The associations and correspondences of numbers are endless and highly revealing.

Why a deck containing Numbers?

In addition to being extremely insightful, numerology is itself a high quality spiritual practice. By occupying the monkey mind (the part of us that constantly looks to make connections) and immersing ourselves in pattern we can magically experience intuitive leaps and start receiving – from seemingly out of the blue – unexpected information. This is the gold that we are really looking for, the insights that takes us beyond what any man made system can provide. We explore the patterns of numbers in order to transcend them.

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Back in touch:
A Journey of Relaxation and Self Discovery.

With 5 separate relaxation sessions and over 70 minutes of playtime this cd helps you to ignite and maintain a calmer, peaceful and deeply relaxed state of being.

Learn how to become present, breathe properly, tap into a state of deep calmness and connectedness and reclaim a sense of health and wellbeing in your entire system.

Track 1: Calm and Relax
Track 2: Becoming Present
Track 3: Awareness of the Breath
Track 4: Reclaiming Health and Wellbeing
Track 5: Peace from the Centre of your Being

Available in MP3 download or in a packaged case.

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What makes�Mirrorstone Crystals
so special and unique?

Health & Happiness interview with Adrian Edwards,
owner of Mirrorstone Crystals

I’ve known Adrian for years and always admired his determination for expanding his business and his passion for the crystals and fossils that he sells, so when I was invited to his shop to hear what makes him tick and see how his business has grown and developed, I jumped at the chance.

Adrian was born in London, but moved to the North Yorkshire Moors as a young child, where his love for nature and the great outdoors began. “I was always exploring the countryside. We enjoyed such freedom, being part of the vast landscape of the moors, collecting rocks, stones and looking for fossils” Adrian explained. “It was an idyllic childhood until the age of 11” when, through medical negligence, Adrian became blind. This was a totally devastating time for Adrian. He lost all confidence and struggled for two years to gain the courage to walk again. His teenage years went by in a blur of unhappiness but in his early 20’s, he was introduced to crystals and instantly felt a strong bond to their energy. Adrian told me “I became so obsessed with crystals and the benefits I gained from them”, an obsession which has developed into a way of life, and a business for Adrian and his fianc�e Claire.

I am intrigued by the healing power of crystals and asked Adrian “What benefits do crystals bring into your life?”, “They are very good listeners!” he stated. “They give me the ability to really relate to myself. Each stone is individual and therefore it’s energy is unique, and they help me to resolve problems that I have at any particular time. My passion for crystals and their beauty and energy lead me to really want to share the benefits with many others, which is why we decided to open our shop in Birmingham.” Adrian continued, “People need inspiration and I want them to aspire to owning and enjoying beautiful objects in their home”. Adrian and Claire have certainly created a positive, welcoming environment, where Adrian is always on hand to offer expert advice when choosing the right crystals for you.

Adrian and Claire have built up an impressive range of crystals, fossils and exquisite fossil jewellery – the widest range in the whole of the Midlands. As is their range of beautifully crafted silver crystal jewellery. They also offer a wonderful array of fair trade items at very competitive prices. “We want to be as fair to our customers as well as fair to the manufacturers of the fair trade products. We pride ourselves on running an ethically sound business.”

Adrian and Claire would like to invite you to browse around the wonderful little oasis in the centre of Kings Heath. Everyone is welcome to come and have a look around and we know that you will not be disappointed!” And I know that Adrian’s expertise will guide you through the process of choosing the right crystal for you. He knows his stuff!!! To coin a phrase.

The shop is open between 9am and 6pm Monday-Saturday and� between the hours of 6pm and 9pm, Adrian offers healing advice through readings and healings (by appointment).

Through his readings and healings, Adrian can show�you how to work with your own spiritual geography and help you to take the next right steps forward on your life journey.

Adrian�offers the following:
– Aura readings
– Psychic readings
– Crystal healings & readings
– Energy harmonisation
– House & space blessings
– Past life healing

Adrian knows that with�the right�tools�you can�create abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life. All readings and healing sessions are uniquely personalised to you, and Adrian tailors each session according to your needs.
If you would like to learn more about Mirrorstone Crystals pop in to 4b Heathfield Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7DB�or call Adrian on 0121 444 3003

Many times I have watched dogs and cats eat grass when they are ill, also other animals intuitively know that certain plants can assist them in their healing process.
��� Millions of years ago our ancestors, in the same way, would have known, if not intuitively then from experience that some plants were poisonous and others had the ability to restore health. As well as seeing, touching and tasting the plants they would have smelled them and been intuitively drawn to them.
��� These days we have moved away from “Nature Nurture” and tried to fix only the symptom. But another time is approaching us now where wenare now beginning to return to a holistic approach to health and
wellbeing and that means looking again within nature and nurturing ourselves within that process.
��� A total of 16 Healing Balms have been formulated each with a personality as different and as unique as each human being. All of them have a name that intuitively corresponds to their inherent qualities and individual personality.

For more information on each of the balms and to download an information booklet please visit

Balms are available to purchase online at

Stuart Morris & Associates
Birmingham Holistic Health Centre
Tel: 07734 459908

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce
Receive Inspiration and Healing from the Angelic Kingdoms
Illustrated by Richard Crookes
44 colour cards plus instruction booklet

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards are inspired by the Twelve Archangels of Atlantis. The cards, like the angels, appear as loving, wise guides providing powerful counsel in order to heal our lives. Presented in a box and lid package, along with a booklet with additional explanations and instructions.

Lotus Flame
Hand painted meditation accessories

Welcome to lotus flames spiritual art and design, hand�painted meditation accessories. Healing arts/therapies, spiritual guru�
enlightenment/teaching/awakening, animal communication and healing, books, aura sprays, workshops�and lots more. Lots that will bring enlightenment and stimulating the awakening of�the dormant spiritual rainbow warrior inside.

Introducing the Rainbow Kingdom

A fun way to help children learn about and be
encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits.

Created by Sharyn Singer, a local Naturopath and Nutritionist
Includes a story and colouring book, a multi-coloured refrigerator chart
and fun fruit, vegetable, wizard and fairy stickers.

Presenting the King, Queen, Wizard and the Fairy Sisters, who will explain why eating ‘a rainbow’ is so important by introducing the health benefits of the anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables and linking them with the colours of the rainbow.

The book encourages children to:
�- identify and colour in different fruits and vegetables
�- learn a variety of names of fruits and vegetables
� – try new fruits and vegetables

Having taken on board the value of eating ‘a rainbow’ of
fruit and vegetables every day, the children can then use the colourful A4 chart (ideal for the refrigerator, kitchen cupboard or notice board) and stickers to track how many different colours they eat on a daily basis.

Eat a Rainbow Everyday’ Pack
Introductory Price �7.99 plus �1.50 post and packaging
To order by post or to find out where to purchase
(Chipping Norton, Shipston on Stour, Oxford area only at present)
Contact: Sharyn Singer� 01608 664 757